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3. des.. 2019
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I'm a beauty and lifestyle NOworldr now so I thought I'd share with y'all how I start my day :) Much love I hope this inspires you all!
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    Sheets & GigglesSheets & GigglesÅr siden
    • Okay i actually want a SnG now. Bravo on the ad

      doriot543doriot5433 dager siden
    • tbh that is smart

      DezzlogamerDezzlogamer19 dager siden
    • @Sheets & Giggles 😂

      ConziConziMåned siden
    • The void thing is a phone

      Fox's galaxy gamingFox's galaxy gamingMåned siden
    • @Sheets & Giggles “NordVPN doesn’t have sheet on us” lmao

      Dwight SchruteDwight Schrute2 måneder siden
  • “And what’s worse her and her friends have learned the power of friendship!” Son....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Christopher BarrChristopher Barr13 timer siden
  • "world is gonna end in 5 years max"

    Ezra BridgerEzra Bridger2 dager siden
  • Ryan: u have to stop breaking my window Other Ryan: no I don’t think I will

    Samuel St-DenisSamuel St-Denis2 dager siden
  • The "evil rectangle" predicted corona by saying the world was gonna end.

    glacial puppyglacial puppy2 dager siden
  • Ryan your void may have meant a different kind of 6 pack. 🍺

    Just Noped outJust Noped out3 dager siden
  • "everything would be okay if you had a six pack" I felt that. Sigh.

    TathDTathD3 dager siden
  • That poor window

    Jack JaworskiJack Jaworski3 dager siden
  • The funniest!

    David JordanDavid Jordan4 dager siden
  • Just found this channel after seeing him on screen rant. Amazing stuff! Also all the comments seem to be about the world ending but the coffee making him crap after 1 sip was the funniest part imo.

    Jason KochJason Koch4 dager siden
  • The orange rectangle thought he was in the right void because everyone looks the same in the ryanverse

    Human PersonHuman Person4 dager siden
  • How to become a great human: 1.burn all plastic 2.since you have made carbon dioxide plant 10 trees everytime you burn 1 plastic 3.enjoy the new eco friendly world

    Princess CutePrincess Cute5 dager siden
  • That was surprisingly deep

    Toby Won KenobiToby Won Kenobi6 dager siden
  • THE WORLD IS ENDING. it already has.

    clock masterclock master7 dager siden
  • 2:08 Tomska fans: _"the lore deepens"_

    A Man OnlineA Man Online7 dager siden
  • 1:40 Oh no ...........

    NotASpyReallyNotASpyReally7 dager siden
  • Did my man really just use fucking instant coffee in the filter at 00:58 like a monster?!

    MocileMocile7 dager siden
  • Most of you probably think the rectangle was anxiety or depression... Don't come after me oh great rectangle.

    izabella izabellaizabella izabella7 dager siden
  • then he snapped the blue rectangles neck and saved the day

    wisestviperwisestviper9 dager siden
  • The hell was going on with that Orange Rectangle? Reference wooshed over my head :(

    Andy MalikAndy Malik11 dager siden
  • The way you woke up suggests you were dreaming about your son.

    Jenifer R.Jenifer R.12 dager siden
  • He accidentally buys coffee pods on a regular basis? 😂

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV12 dager siden
  • Dreams are your subconscious going deeper into the astral plane.

    Kyle StraitKyle Strait13 dager siden
  • Do you still read these comments? If so reply yes I do

    Universal GamingUniversal Gaming13 dager siden
    • no i dont

      xavimacbash productionsxavimacbash productions7 dager siden
  • 1:40 Indeed

    ReedrexReedrex14 dager siden
  • shit and laugh

    Axolotl BoiAxolotl Boi14 dager siden
  • Which My Little Pony villain was the orange rectangle trying to talk to?

    DrFeelGood 121DrFeelGood 12114 dager siden
  • I should stop using my rectangle, but that won't be super easy, definitely an inconvenience.

    LinkLink16 dager siden
  • Ryan George:waking up is very important Me:without waking up none of this would happened

    Liam JosephLiam Joseph16 dager siden
  • This is probably the only funny “relatable humor” on the internet right now

    Um noUm no16 dager siden
  • I friggin love coffee

    AlexiaAlexia16 dager siden
  • i cant stop watching your videos tey are sooo good i can watch it for hours

    cyborgcatcyborgcat16 dager siden
  • Ryan morning routine is to: *Do a backflip, snap the bad guys neck and save the day*

    Hao Jun ZhangHao Jun Zhang16 dager siden
  • Imma just say that was instant coffee. I can't be arsed to check 2500 comments to see if it was mentioned already.

    Darrin BrunnerDarrin Brunner17 dager siden
  • Why you dont like this? A- I dont find it funny B- It was boring C- I appear in this video and I dont like it ✔

    Aj garciaAj garcia17 dager siden
  • 2020: 1:16

    SpaceLordSpaceLord17 dager siden
  • I have a remarkably similar routine.

    Qui pneu feuQui pneu feu17 dager siden
  • This channel is golden bro your authentically hilarious 😂

    Messiah XMessiah X18 dager siden
  • I'm not even insulted he spelled out that the square in the void was a metaphor for a smartphone, if anything we've proven we are in the dumbest timeline, so we need it all explained to us.

    GalaarGalaar18 dager siden
  • +

    Abhay SastryAbhay Sastry18 dager siden
  • Morning routine is TIGHT!

    Marbert John TCMarbert John TC19 dager siden
  • “Also the World is ending! I’d give it a five years maximum” Mid covid this is kinda funny but not at the same time

    Nektarios PiferNektarios Pifer20 dager siden
  • It's nice to see that the Adstronaut's brother is ok

    David KingDavid King20 dager siden
  • What was the big orange rectangle really?

    MrBeastEsMrBeastEs22 dager siden
  • Click on -> 0:35 and pause

    Cheesy bois BlessingCheesy bois Blessing22 dager siden
  • "The world is ending, I'd give it to years maximum" Well, 2020 was about to bust this theory lol

    Jon For shortJon For short22 dager siden
  • Four years left

    Technically Lego CrazyTechnically Lego Crazy22 dager siden
  • Trully curious, did he acquired the orbe?

    Rafael MarquesRafael Marques22 dager siden
  • Was it Sam Brission from Moving Mind Studios in the background talking?

    pamalamadingdongpamalamadingdong23 dager siden
  • The world is ending he said; That its close. FOR FUCK SAKE FUCK YOU 2020

    Jake SolomonderJake Solomonder23 dager siden
  • Hahahaha🤣

    The Ultimate 3The Ultimate 323 dager siden
  • Your the best lol

    Science Based FitnessScience Based Fitness24 dager siden
  • I mean the rectangle wasn't wrong the world is gonna end

    pro noobpro noob24 dager siden
  • I just realized that the orange rectangle probably got Ryan confused because everyone looks the same, and that perhaps the girl is special because she’s the only girl.

    E2B2E2B226 dager siden
  • rectangle u should have said 6 months not 5 years

    Henry KnightHenry Knight26 dager siden
  • So the blue rectangle is a metaphor for the smartphone... What does the orange rectangle stand for?

    AlresuAlresu27 dager siden
  • The world ends in 5 years max,actually in 1 year bc it’s 2020 in 1 year from when this video is made (in 2019)

    RexerRexer28 dager siden
  • This is just the morning???

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men Productions28 dager siden
  • Accidentally huh

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men Productions28 dager siden
  • The world realy started ending after this

    Nepster BoopNepster Boop29 dager siden
  • I'm a metaphor

    Jason WoodJason Wood29 dager siden
  • I l8ie your eyes while acting

    Wibi SonaliWibi SonaliMåned siden
  • "I'm a metaphor for smartphones by the way" I literally spit out my coffee.

    Jen Emits LightJen Emits LightMåned siden
  • Ryan better get working on that six pack so everything becomes okay. We only got 4 years max!

    Kaitlin MaeKaitlin MaeMåned siden
  • I do love My endless Void Rectangle, it helps me buy things to feel warm and fuzzy.

    IdunnoIdunnoMåned siden
  • My void rectangle just wants me to play video games

    Kay Plays TodayKay Plays TodayMåned siden
  • That rectangle is the voice in my head

    Aggro KingAggro KingMåned siden
  • NOworldr morning routines are tiiight 👌

    FuckBoy Slim Jr.FuckBoy Slim Jr.Måned siden
  • “Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense with me, to repay each one for what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” -JESUS ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭22:12-13‬

  • I like how the sheets and giggles ad continues the story of the last sheets and giggles ad.

    ErdiErdiMåned siden
  • If you would have gotten a sixpack all would be good

    JapezuJapezuMåned siden
  • 1:11 There's this saying "pading the runtime is tight"

    The LawThe LawMåned siden
  • Damn ryan really calling out the media

    Dabi Dance Dabi DanceDabi Dance Dabi DanceMåned siden
  • He was wrong the wod ended in 1 year

    Shepard Techau (student)Shepard Techau (student)Måned siden
  • 0:24 I call it giving in to needing oxygen and say fuck it I'm up, but sure we can call it waking up too!

    BopplesBopplesMåned siden
  • Twilight but every role was played by Paul Giamatti 0:35

    That Guy Over ThereThat Guy Over ThereMåned siden
  • 1:41 meh give it a year am

    Reese's PiecesReese's PiecesMåned siden
  • Ryan already saying the world was gonna end on 2019 This aged like fine whine

    2009Xavo2009XavoMåned siden
  • lol I kinda got scared when he said he gave the world 5 years 😂😂 so 2024 shit

    JamesJamesMåned siden
  • caught just a flick of the cat's tale in the background...

    Matthew GilmoreMatthew GilmoreMåned siden
  • Wow an adstronaught sequel

    Infinity Of NolanInfinity Of NolanMåned siden
  • The Rectangle didn‘t lie

    Derfrankster LuckDerfrankster LuckMåned siden
  • The evil rectangle talks to me, too. You would think the purpose of this would be to help in my life, but it is actually very disturbing. Mostly in the last six months, it has been about the impending civil war. I don't like the rectangle but it rules my life.

    Niki SquierNiki SquierMåned siden
  • 4 years to go.

    Sarah WolfSarah WolfMåned siden
  • Hey Ryan what is your morning routine?

    Ata BarAta BarMåned siden
  • I love this this is so wired I love it lol 😂

    Mister MiracleMister MiracleMåned siden
  • SLEEP UNTIL 12 AND GO TO BED AT 4!!!!!!!!

    Janelle'sGamingJanelle'sGamingMåned siden
  • Genius including your cat in the ad. Cat proof bedding is a must. Seeing the cat in background shots is totally welcomed.

    Adriana Julie BensonAdriana Julie BensonMåned siden
  • This is a joke right RIGHT

    Ranger ShakeRanger ShakeMåned siden
  • Ok but im going to need that brownie recipe

    Jake ScarJake ScarMåned siden
  • ah darn my yellow triangle is always asking me for food and she always says "im your girlfriend not a triangle" what a goofball

    finny is a qtfinny is a qtMåned siden
  • He knew about corona

    Siam TajSiam TajMåned siden
  • Tell us what your nighttime routine is

    Caleb GodardCaleb GodardMåned siden
  • Sheets and Giggles: they take less water to make! Also Sheets and Giggles: they get softer with every wash! Me: *using all the planet’s water* INFINITE SOFTNESS!!!!

    random pensamientosrandom pensamientosMåned siden
  • December 2019: THE WORLD IS ENDING! Us in 2020: ...we know

    random pensamientosrandom pensamientosMåned siden
  • close 1 year

    Ahmad CheemaAhmad CheemaMåned siden
  • You are a great entertainer. Have a subscription my dude.

    DeltaHardcoreDeltaHardcoreMåned siden
  • Still don’t know what the orange rectangle is supposed to be

    Mr. Stuff DoerMr. Stuff DoerMåned siden
  • Rectangle: the world is ending in like 5 years Me living in 2020: hahahahaha ohh you silly man

    Starwarrior 0012Starwarrior 0012Måned siden
    • @Morning Coffee that's pretty obvious right

      marvel fanmarvel fan4 dager siden
    • @marvel fan 2021 seems no good than 2020

      Morning CoffeeMorning Coffee4 dager siden
    • Poor you still suck in 2020 I feel sorry for you

      marvel fanmarvel fan11 dager siden
  • if only he had a 6 pack

    diamond dogdiamond dogMåned siden