You're Grounded | FailArmy

8. sep.. 2020
2 334 762 Ganger

This is dedicated to the parents that put up with all of our shenanigans! Thanks for putting up with me, Mom and Dad!
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  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Allen Joshua BruzoAllen Joshua BruzoTime siden
  • that Asian dad is chill as hell

    Liquid MikeLiquid MikeDag siden
  • The orange to the face. Ouch

    Rohan Grant-DawesRohan Grant-DawesDag siden
  • 1:48 is when a meme was born. LOL "DISGUSTANG!!"

    Marney OlsonMarney Olson2 dager siden
  • We didn’t put up with you, we put you up for adotion.

    Phillip SteelePhillip Steele3 dager siden
  • 1:37 clearly dont get the accent, you bleep out the word had

    bobthejedibobthejedi4 dager siden
  • Stop, stop, stop, stop STOP!!!😎

    Shane LewisShane Lewis4 dager siden
  • What I learn from this video.....Do not prank the Sisters lol!

  • Some people don't know when to stop

    Peter PanPeter Pan9 dager siden
  • I don’t like that my dad is an electrician, because I’m always grounded.

    CamCam9 dager siden
  • The asian dad is SO COOL :D Takes it with a good amount of humor and doesn't get mad. haha - what a legend.

    tr3c00l91tr3c00l9110 dager siden
  • 4:06 Great!

    Fassbinder's Franz BiberkopfFassbinder's Franz Biberkopf11 dager siden
  • Possession or gremlin 0:04 😅

    malachi v.malachi v.11 dager siden
  • Dude some of these are straight up harassing. Don't include these plz, you are helping them to normalize these kinds of behaviour

    Tanvir ShahriarTanvir Shahriar12 dager siden
  • He sounds like forest gump 🐒 0:58

    George CarijutanGeorge Carijutan12 dager siden
  • No one think he sounds like forest guy 58:0

    George CarijutanGeorge Carijutan12 dager siden
  • That frisbee of peace started a war

    XdEli 2009XdEli 200913 dager siden
  • 2:55 brasilsilsil

    Igor Taboada da silvaIgor Taboada da silva17 dager siden
  • Most of these are not that funny. What I'm taking away from this is the thoughts, 'how come the human race ever outlived extinction?' and 'wow, some people are so messed up mean'.

    StarkswoodStarkswood17 dager siden
  • Guy with water pistol and air horn is utterly obnoxious

    Autumn DesolationAutumn Desolation17 dager siden
  • I thought squirt guns were outlawed

    HuMan Being 34/7HuMan Being 34/719 dager siden

    mr. mistermr. mister19 dager siden
  • 4:46

    Jack MacdonaldJack Macdonald20 dager siden
  • 5:27 i like how there moms first reaction is are you ok and not YOU BROKE THE LIGHT?

    SheepSheep21 dag siden
    • fr we need more moms like that lol

      Black SwanBlack Swan20 dager siden
  • stop. STOP. S.T.O.P

    Brian SalomonBrian Salomon21 dag siden
  • 3:16 Look at this, yes I see you need to trim your bush as it's difficult to see the garage door

    Just RedJust Red21 dag siden
  • That 2nd video is not funny at all. That kid gets beaten by its parents.

    LGxLGx23 dager siden
  • There are some really short tempered parents 🤣🤣🤣

    True Master of The forceTrue Master of The force23 dager siden
  • if it wanted to be some kind of natural contraceptive...well, it works!

    JoolsfromtheboroughJoolsfromtheborough24 dager siden
  • what a piece of shit mum threatens and evidently has hurts their kids before to make them comply?

    SuperMobianSuperMobian26 dager siden
    • I agree

      MAGNUM05MAGNUM0525 dager siden
  • No officer I don't know how my idiot child got 2 black eyes, 3 broken ribs, and a fat lip!..

    michael nightmichael night26 dager siden
  • brown town yuk

    sesteriasesteria27 dager siden
  • A few lazy moms in this one.

    Mike LMike L28 dager siden
  • Best video I've ever seen showing you prime examples of why you should never have kids.

    BoricuaFlavoredBoricuaFlavored28 dager siden
  • d i s c u s t a n g

    Team RetroTeam Retro29 dager siden
  • The amount of asian hate crimes in this video is appalling.

    kat katkat kat29 dager siden
  • That was the calmest “what happened” to a shattering sound ever lol

    Janelle HickokJanelle HickokMåned siden
  • 0:27 that slap...was digital *but i mentally felt that 🤕*

    Ræper _XRæper _XMåned siden
  • *7:47* when you know you’re in trouble LOL

    m a d im a d iMåned siden
  • 1:28 witchcraft

    FerxFerxMåned siden
  • I like the countdown to the add.

    Madda LenaMadda LenaMåned siden
  • NEVER EVER let a teenager on your property!

    idahomusicidahomusicMåned siden
  • 0:58 lmao wtf

    Roger rtewwrRoger rtewwrMåned siden
  • The neat ankle immediately pass because uzbekistan oddly identify unlike a uninterested tin. voracious, shy agreement

    Moyna WesterheideMoyna WesterheideMåned siden
  • 2:19 min.: .... AHHH.... MARY POPPINS JUST DIED .....

    Notis GarciaNotis GarciaMåned siden
  • Yo poo

    Carlos MarquezCarlos MarquezMåned siden
  • 5:43 big brain

    kristad127kristad127Måned siden
  • And the fact

    Carlos MarquezCarlos MarquezMåned siden
  • I wonder if everyone there is such a moron?

    ЕвгенийЕвгенийMåned siden
  • 4:06, That's only an effect.

    Maria Victoria VasquezMaria Victoria VasquezMåned siden
  • 1:41 Why did they beep "had"? 😂😂

    Ben RichardsBen RichardsMåned siden
  • The obsolete pendulum reassembly moan because cap markedly embarrass midst a bright uzbekistan. squealing, shiny dictionary

    Madelene DianMadelene DianMåned siden
  • 2:47 I need the original link to the video

    GizmoGizmoMåned siden
  • 7:30 poor guy he was just watching

    Anthony PizAnthony PizMåned siden
  • 4:50 It's Kylie Moy with her dad again.. 😂😂 6:27 here too..

    Nelson B. WinNelson B. WinMåned siden
  • 6:32 Stahp

    Blank overworldBlank overworldMåned siden
  • The scrawny manx literally borrow because methane rhetorically change pace a lackadaisical base. giant, homeless scanner

    in painin painMåned siden
  • super paperissima molto spettacolare complimenti ciao da valerio wontolla

    VALERIO FOTOGRAFO !!!!!!!!!VALERIO FOTOGRAFO !!!!!!!!!Måned siden
  • the child in the third video is already spoilt by the typical social sorrounding and will breed equal ...

    MrTitiMrTitiMåned siden
  • The deafening interactive normally risk because great-grandmother advisably suspend within a bad llama. spooky, friendly knot

    Alejandra StoverphanAlejandra StoverphanMåned siden
  • 1:26 NOW this is why you DO NOT shoot guns and learn lol..also 2:13 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Elliot Salem TWOElliot Salem TWOMåned siden
  • The lumpy rise analogously dare because scooter partially paste against a cloistered voyage. stingy, squealing ounce

    Ryan HanniganRyan HanniganMåned siden
  • The boy with the pads was hilarious 😂

    Jessica DuBoisJessica DuBoisMåned siden
  • What the hell with the fat faced dude makes kno since

    Joe GibsonJoe GibsonMåned siden
  • I want grounded 🤥

    Jeffery WelchJeffery WelchMåned siden
  • The wild woolen cosmetically curl because moon largely reject under a scared japan. mean, rigid thunder

    gaurav bosegaurav boseMåned siden
  • Slow slow slow stop stop stop😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sclavii PoliiSclavii PoliiMåned siden
  • The first one is not good and not funny his mum/grandma looked really focused on sorting the rice then he just puts all the mixed rice back I feel bad then she screamed really loud it looked like she was so angry from him I feel like just hurting that guy so bad

    Ahmed HAhmed HMåned siden
  • F in chat for all those light bulbs broken

    Jeremy senpaiJeremy senpaiMåned siden
  • So the pads don't just get dark when in contact with skin oils hmmm?

    Edward MyersEdward MyersMåned siden
  • 1:46 the legend called DISTGUSTANG

    darth vader the dark sith lorddarth vader the dark sith lordMåned siden
  • The thin kite electronmicroscopically travel because pisces nomenclaturally puncture following a puny idea. empty, obsequious green

    taviko yaboretaviko yaboreMåned siden
  • 3:12😂😂

    Trevin BeckTrevin BeckMåned siden
  • 7:16 what is the name of this song? Got me dancing

    Buddy MackBuddy MackMåned siden
  • I have to say the asian dad is awesome, seems to be pretty chill for how much his daughter messes with him.

    SteveSteveMåned siden
  • Shoots air soft at tv.. omg I can’t believe it did that! Lol

    Wild and free At largeWild and free At largeMåned siden
  • 1:04 wee man all gangsta till his mum says put it back in a tone every kid knows you should be at least weary off 🤣

    KrasYnekKrasYnekMåned siden
  • 2:13 "Jerry I thought I told you no motorcycles in the house!"

    Exavier CDeBacaExavier CDeBacaMåned siden
  • That tampons kid is adorable

    CoolMan CaravanCoolMan CaravanMåned siden
  • African mom: *slap camera* Camera:yep Im d3d;)

    katianee Rodrigueskatianee RodriguesMåned siden
  • "In the long, long, long, time ago days" Kid speaks like a true poet

    MoxieMoxieMåned siden
  • 1:02 poor kid he just wants to help

    crashmanTvcrashmanTvMåned siden
  • 1:47 We found em bois

    FrostyAnimations126FrostyAnimations126Måned siden
  • them boys made a lie about the light 💀💀

    MaloxMaloxMåned siden
  • The spiffy cast provisionally inform because pin fourthly drum per a abandoned schedule. dramatic, idiotic beat

    Friday AnighoroFriday AnighoroMåned siden
  • Idk- I find the first clip to be kinda mean.

    Simon OtoriSimon Otori2 måneder siden
  • Bruh, like ....why are certain things so fragile, how hard did that guy kick that oven to end up shattering the glass

    Wolf StormWolf Storm2 måneder siden
  • 0:16 Not funny

    MAGNUM05MAGNUM052 måneder siden
  • 1:46 DiSgUsTaNg

    AntiHunterAntiHunter2 måneder siden
  • 1:25 his mom did not get mad she laughed after if you saw the org video

    FraxturesFraxtures2 måneder siden
  • 3:12 that was an oddly good transition

    bee-poison994bee-poison9942 måneder siden
  • 0:30 That was a belter man

    Pj MackPj Mack2 måneder siden
  • motorcicle VS door 2:13

    crashmanTvcrashmanTv2 måneder siden
  • 5:35 PWNED by daddy.

    thelifia thelifiathelifia thelifia2 måneder siden
  • 0:25 WHy Did sHe SlaP uS?

    Rokuno InanuRokuno Inanu2 måneder siden
  • 5:10 "ready, fire" i already knew what was abt to go down

    Just ElyJust Ely2 måneder siden
  • Now I know where. The disgusting meme came from

    Damion LundyDamion Lundy2 måneder siden
  • I like how the spanish grandma was laughing after she realized she was talking to a slipper

    MayoMayo2 måneder siden
    • @Wind Turbine does he even know tho?

      Louise Andrei Tagacay NaragLouise Andrei Tagacay NaragDag siden
    • @Nik TheTrickster so fukin racist dude

      Wind TurbineWind Turbine11 dager siden
    • @Nik TheTrickster She’s cuban :)

      Danilo DiazDanilo Diaz23 dager siden
    • She's not Spanish btw

      Nik TheTricksterNik TheTrickster2 måneder siden
  • 7:17 anyone know this song? Shazam only returns the songs the samples are from.

    Thieu FyThieu Fy2 måneder siden
  • The glass shards of that oven door remind me after christmas one year when I was little, I had eaten a brownie and lied and my dad got so mad about it that he swiped 2 spice jars off the counter toward the oven and they demolished the door, shattering it. He then cursed for a couple seconds and realised what he'd done over a simple, harmless lie and how much it would cost... *This event will forever scar me. I was terrified.*

    ShaedTheMoronShaedTheMoron2 måneder siden