Worth Fighting For | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 126

22. feb.. 2021
423 601 Ganger

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Faced with unsettling visions and a leering countdown, the Mighty Nein take stock of supplies, of lingering wounds, and of matters of the heart.
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  • HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:15 The NordVPN saga continues 2:50 The ship nobody wanted 5:15 Get knuckle deep in Nord Lore 8:10 Laura’s merch corner 9:40 Intro cinematic 11:15 Episode Starts 14:00 Recap Ends 16:20 Don’t say G***** 19:45 Caduceus always smells good 25:45 Beau is a nerd 27:45 Fjord takes it off 30:30 Speaking in unison 32:55 Minimum tits 34:00 Rub it out 39:55 Jester puts some flair on Jester’s message 42:35 Actualizing Steve Napolean’s hat 46:00 TetsuBeau 50:15 Jester has plenty of idols 55:00 Pawning the ring 57:00 Caduceus would never say ‘smokin’ 1:01:55 Yasha and the potionmonger 1:08:45 The new nutter 1:10:20 Beau and Veth shop together 1:13:20 Are you gonna do it? 1:14:10 Xhorhassian ladies 1:15:30 Beau could be likable 1:17:55 The Zemnian zine scene is thriving 1:18:45 Beau and Caleb foreshadow so hard 1:21:25 Jester gets the ring appraised 1:30:20 Dancehall disguises 1:33:45 Caleb favors his fortune 1:38:10 Astrid and Caleb 1:49:55 Fjord is attacked by ghosts 1:51:45 Is Astrid conflicted 1:54:35 Beau comes out of invisibility 1:56:40 Lady D 1:58:55What else did she say 2:00:40 Jester drops an oops 2:07:30 Fjord’s pecs are still sore 2:12:25 Communing with Artie 2:14:30 Fjord gets god smacked 2:17:50 Veth goes off 2:24:00 The date night begins 2:25:25 Break Starts 2:32:55 Art Montage 2:41:25 Break Ends (Caleb narrates the date) 2:45:10 Shall we? 2:47:30 The Nestled Nook 2:56:25 The Picnic 3:04:00 Episode 1 nostalgia 3:05:35 The cupcake dog 3:09:45 She said it 3:13:35 Mutual consent 3:14:35 Roll initiative 3:15:45 The hottest thing Beau has ever said or done 3:20:30 Yasha battle angel 3:23:35 Steam’s Respite 3:27:50 Fireworks 3:29:25 Meanwhile, outside… 3:31:05 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 29th of Brussendar 836. Sam’s flask says “Missing! Magic Stone Description: Glowy Rock size of Cheesewheel/Big Butterscotch Worth: Like 40,000 Plat Last Seen: Snowy Woods?” The back is still a collection of moustaches. The Blizzcon one-shot was posted yesterday, and it was really good. I’ve never played Diablo, so I’m sure I missed some stuff, but they were sure not to go too deep into lore. Justice for Spell Slots! Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

    Flando MaltrizianFlando Maltrizian2 dager siden
    • @Captain Kokomo Gaming If you think that's a waste, then you are not a real fan of this show or these people as artists.

      ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire3 timer siden
    • 45 minutes wasted on the date? No thanks guys. Looking forward to next week's episode.

      Captain Kokomo GamingCaptain Kokomo Gaming4 timer siden
    • I have noticed that the art montage starts actually at the 2:29:00 mark rather than where you've got it now Mr Flando, sir.

      David ParkesDavid Parkes7 timer siden
    • You should play Diablo games. All of them.

      ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire8 timer siden
    • marisha ray said "sometimes we are so afraid of pain that we hurt ourselves just to get it over with" and i felt that, man

      Eliza LockhartEliza Lockhart13 timer siden
  • Top 10 awkward moments in dnd

    Datt DarknessDatt Darkness8 minutter siden
  • Did Caleb’s accent drop at the end when talking with Astrid? Or was that just me?

    Jeremiah WelshJeremiah Welsh47 minutter siden
    • Liam drops German accent when he speaks in Zemnian. Matt picked up on it quickly and does it too.

      Stephanie HoffmanStephanie Hoffman25 minutter siden
  • Guys! I just caught up! I started watching in march when the pandemic got real for everyone, and now, finally, I am caught up. I am going to miss being able to binge watching this while I do whatever

    GioFireheartGioFireheart58 minutter siden
  • This is the best disaster lesbian date in existence 😂

    ArrowToTheKneeArrowToTheKneeTime siden
  • No jokes about hacking off harder and faster?

    MauriceMauriceTime siden
  • That was beautiful.

    Lady MorganaLady MorganaTime siden
  • 2:12:00

    AL_emonadeAL_emonadeTime siden
  • I just realized: The Amber dogs are Caleb's oompa loompas

    Brad MolyneauxBrad MolyneauxTime siden
  • 2:10:00

    AL_emonadeAL_emonadeTime siden
  • Wow, that Sam's piece on the break was really cool :D

    OwlbeardoOwlbeardoTime siden
  • You know there is a lot of talk about bite size / quick content consumption nowadays, but here I am sitting down to watch a 3hr episode out of a 126 (and counting) D&D game

    Muscle Pig sMuscle Pig sTime siden
  • I’ve been rewatching the campaign and it made me think about something. This has nothing to do with this episode. It’s a bit odd to me that the Nein seems far more positive about Xorhas over the Empire, when Xorhas is an extremist theocracy that lays claim to any and all beacons outside of its borders that may not even be found yet, and also started the war. Whereas the Empire is firmly for scientific magical progress. And even the Assembly is a bit weird with their treatment when the only members that seem to be evil are Trent and Ludinous, while Vess was kind of an asshole but not really evil. Yet the Nein treats the entire assembly as corrupt. Tbh the Empire and the Assembly get a bad rap.

    MegaTyler93MegaTyler93Time siden
  • 2:21:13 "dick"

    Kanan HoodKanan Hood2 timer siden
  • most players: "I'll bring some chips and dip for game night". Laura Bailey shows up with a whole cake xD

    James Ter MeerJames Ter Meer2 timer siden
  • You folks are great! I watch this campaign and I wish I could join!

    James Ter MeerJames Ter Meer2 timer siden
  • I think that this is about the best episode I have seen thus far! ❤️ Best date ever!

    lena c.lena c.2 timer siden
  • As someone who doesn't tend to get emotional, nor am I generally interested in romance stories, I would just like to say, that date was the most beautiful and adorable thing I have seen in a long time. Fantastic job.

    Gizmo tddGizmo tdd2 timer siden
  • Jester says I'm gonna send a message. And just like that my day it that much brighter

    Augusto Massini PintoAugusto Massini Pinto3 timer siden
  • This is it. Obligatory "I've caught up!" comment. 3/26/2020 - 2/24/21. what a ride!

    Benjamin JohnsonBenjamin Johnson3 timer siden
  • Fjord and Jester talking about ring's price remind me a situation with Vex and Grog in Vasselheim. Good times.

    Hieronim ZmoraHieronim Zmora3 timer siden
  • I might be late for the party, but just throwing it out there... A Beau with a bow.. sounds cool!

    Miguel CamaraMiguel Camara3 timer siden
  • That the Assembly was spying on them was not surprising. That they were actually following them, a little more so.

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire3 timer siden
  • 2:40:48 Yasha in the style of Darkest Dungeon. Nice.

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire3 timer siden
  • Me last week: Oh god it's almost over! I hope it never ends!! Me this week: Oh ffs, GET ON WITH IT!! Conclusion: I'm a fickle bitch.

    godfreemoralsgodfreemorals4 timer siden
  • My standard for love is permanently damaged and will never financially recover from this

    Storyteller PianoStoryteller Piano4 timer siden
  • While I love all these guys... the episode ended at about the 2 hour 45 minute mark for me. Without any disrespect intended, 45 minutes for the date was excessive. Looking forward to next week!

    Captain Kokomo GamingCaptain Kokomo Gaming4 timer siden
  • Gotta love that "no character can have an intelligence of more than 3" rule they keep playing with. Arcane glyph removal? Let's just futz with it a bit and claim we don't know how our own spells work, even though it's well established, why else would you ever cast it at a higher level?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Fuck

    Mattias BergMattias Berg6 timer siden
    • They never claimed they don't know how their spells works. They don't know how the brand works. Subtle difference. Anyway, didn't you say you were done with this show a while back?

      DjangoDjango5 timer siden
  • Brother cousin? :'D

    Kristian9k3gKristian9k3g6 timer siden
  • 1:26:56 lol! Leave it to Jester to complement someone while also calling them out for being shady. xD

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire6 timer siden
  • 1:18:50 I'm guessing this is about the dogs... :P

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire7 timer siden
  • Damn, where can I find a Wizard best friend like Caleb to create an amazing date atmosphere like the one he created for Beau & Yasha? That was incredible & truly beautiful.

    David ParkesDavid Parkes7 timer siden
  • 1:14:20 Which leads to the question: Is Yasha's armpit hair black or white or both? :P

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire7 timer siden
  • The episode should have been called the slapaning

    Chris MennegaChris Mennega7 timer siden
  • 1:48:00 - “Just know, there are eyes on you.” Girl, you don’t know the half of it.

    ravikkarravikkar8 timer siden
  • Laura smiling throughout the whole date xxx she’s the biggest Beauyasha shipper in the world xxx

    HedaLexaKomTriku85HedaLexaKomTriku858 timer siden
  • The date is sponsored by The Imaginarium of Dr Widdowghastus

    David HodgsonDavid Hodgson8 timer siden
  • I wonder if the spacing of the new Eye acquisitions is based on the number of the Eye. So the first Eye was the first night, then two nights later is Eye number two, so then maybe three nights from now is the third Eye for each of them and so on?

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire8 timer siden
  • Why are they still using the Xorhasian art for their character portraits below each player?

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire8 timer siden
  • ya'll shoud do a shadowrun oneshot

    nelson juniornelson junior9 timer siden
  • Nordiverse got crazy, and I always lose it at the cut back to ultra codex.

    The CinemagicianThe Cinemagician9 timer siden
  • Matt has gained a new respect for all the live action Batman actors who couldn't turn their heads. :P

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire9 timer siden
  • i'm really looking forward to Steve Napoleon.

    ThePerrperrThePerrperr9 timer siden
  • And than outside the mansion everything is going to shit.

    ____________________9 timer siden
  • This is it, gang! I started campaign 1 in March of 2020. Now I'm here. It's almost 2 am, and I work at 645... but it was worth it. I can finally watch Critical Role live tonight for episode 127. I can't wait!

    David ColtonDavid Colton10 timer siden
  • Marisha/Beau has been killing it lately.

    HitmanS45HitmanS4510 timer siden
  • To everyone who thought 'Nardwuar' when Matt said 'Nord Lore', keep on rocking in the free world!

    Ade AkiliAde Akili10 timer siden
  • 3:09:50 That sounds like a song title right out of The Cantata Pansophical

    KyleCorbeauKyleCorbeau11 timer siden
  • 3:29:27 "It smells like farts out here."

    MrDatandroidMrDatandroid11 timer siden
  • How are they sitting in relationship to each other in the new studio?

    Mark DierkingMark Dierking11 timer siden
  • 3:15:49 "Sorry, babe. Gotta handle these ninjas."

    MrDatandroidMrDatandroid11 timer siden
  • 2:45:17 "Sorry, I thought you were giving me something."

    MrDatandroidMrDatandroid12 timer siden
  • marisha ray said "sometimes we are so afraid of pain that we hurt ourselves just to get it over with" and i felt that, man also i appreciate ashley interrupting a sweet moment to make explicit that they did indeed fuck

    Eliza LockhartEliza Lockhart12 timer siden
  • That was the best date ever! Can't wait for tomorrows game.

    PrincessCrystalDreamPrincessCrystalDream12 timer siden
  • 2:16:24 "Byeeeee."

    MrDatandroidMrDatandroid12 timer siden
  • 2:00:49 "Excuse me."

    MrDatandroidMrDatandroid13 timer siden
  • This was a very satisfying episode to have be the one where I’m finally caught up 🥰 Great character moments all around!!

    Hallie MillerHallie Miller13 timer siden
  • 1:33:50 "To rub one out."

    MrDatandroidMrDatandroid13 timer siden
  • Sleepy balls

    Luke LottLuke Lott13 timer siden
  • 1:13:31 "Do you think you're gonna do it?"

    MrDatandroidMrDatandroid13 timer siden
  • I would have called 911 as a baby balls

    Luke LottLuke Lott14 timer siden
  • Does Liam run any games? I bet that would be amazing!

    Michael ChapmanMichael Chapman14 timer siden
    • he has done a few one shots on this channel, at least one for campagn one, curse of the loreley and a christmas special.

      Gabriel RognonGabriel RognonTime siden
    • He runs a game for his kids if I remember correctly

      Follow the howlFollow the howl8 timer siden
  • “Sorry babe, gotta handle these ninjas” is probably now my favourite line in Critical Role history.

    Dan GriffithsDan Griffiths14 timer siden
  • 0 copper all your secrets balls

    Luke LottLuke Lott14 timer siden
  • Travis' "YEAH Y'ALL HOOKED UP" at the end is honestly mood

    Devina SalmaniaDevina Salmania14 timer siden
  • 39:58 "I'll give it some flair." Classic Jester! lol

    MrDatandroidMrDatandroid14 timer siden
  • Caleb: mentions Fjord's muscles The shipping part of the fandom: *VIGOROUSLY MAKING FAN ART*

    AL_emonadeAL_emonade14 timer siden
    • (Btw no hate towards shippers practically none of them are hurting anyone)

      AL_emonadeAL_emonade14 timer siden
  • Fan art music needs to go back to the older version

    Andrew WebbAndrew Webb14 timer siden
  • This episode had the chaotic energy of a group pre-big boss fight

    PixelenPixelen14 timer siden
  • 27:49 Hahahaha!

    MrDatandroidMrDatandroid14 timer siden
  • I want Liam and Matt to narrate my next date.

    Michelle LeslieMichelle Leslie15 timer siden
  • The date was my favorite part @ ME.

    JonericoJonerico15 timer siden
  • @2:08:12 it's always the chair...

    SteinyAndTheJetsSteinyAndTheJets15 timer siden
  • Beau and Yasha's date is that wholesome content that everybody needs during this pandemic, cured me from 5 levels of Exhaustion.

    Wesley BrekelmansWesley Brekelmans15 timer siden
  • Do you think Laura would come car shopping with me if I asked her?

    Jonathan HarmonJonathan Harmon15 timer siden
  • oh no its the PAW ninjas!

    Kyle LaverentzKyle Laverentz15 timer siden
  • I think I could listen to Liam allllll day. His naration is just great!

    Chris BChris B16 timer siden
  • What an episode to catch up on! What do I do with my life until Thursday now?!

    BloodtapBloodtap16 timer siden
  • Wow, this love sort of.... came up suddenly. Almost no dialogue to indicate it until recently and then jumping into first date woopie. Well, glad the rest of the story makes sense.

    Anthony HaesslyAnthony Haessly16 timer siden
    • @Gabriel Rognon a fine view of it. But then it was still a drastic change is my point. If she wants to sleep around, that's fine. If she wants to say she loved Yasha while she was doing it, fine too. If thats what she wants to do. Not everyone likes those types of characters just like normal people. But to then conflate it with love when it was obviously going to be physical is my point. Honestly thought Beau was going to have a fling with her fellow monk / tutor, but after she made a comment about yasha once everything shifted. I remember Caleb and Yasha back in the swamps too. They had more interaction and bonded on emotional levels back then. But, a good friendship bloomed from it. Yasha and Beau just seemed rushed and more for the "look at us" than the characters' stories. It just feels a bit forced; especially since, again, they jump to love and claim it was from the beginning when it didn't seem to affect Beau and Yasha made no indication of it early. Then suddenly it begins with a comment and they both start talking about it to other party members as if it were coincidence (obviously it wouldn't be. I know its a game.) But as long as they have fun, great.

      Anthony HaesslyAnthony Haessly17 minutter siden
    • @Anthony Haessly I think beau wasn't willing to envisage a stable relationship at that point (and it was perfectly fine). Jester was the naif young who loved the idea of love, so she started flirting pretty quick, then hesitated as she matured before going back in with updated sentiment. Beau was to much of a looner with a harsh past to afford that. Pleasure was to be taken when offered and not expected to last. She wasn't going to admit her love before having no doubt on her intention tp stay with the group.

      Gabriel RognonGabriel Rognon32 minutter siden
    • @Django how is that not relevant? While yasha was in danger or when she was gone, Beau wasn't too concerned while warming someone else's bed. She honestly seemed more interested in her fellow monk than yasha for a long time. But suddenly they "love". So no. It isn't irrelevant haha. I get things change because its a game. And again, glad they had fun. Just not a good love story and was a big shift in their dynamic

      Anthony HaesslyAnthony Haessly56 minutter siden
    • @Gabriel Rognon yeah those were obvious after long travels and Beau slept and flirted around. But she obviously "loved" yasha. I get they liked each other as of the last months of sessions. While searching for Yasha Beau wasnt too concerned with love then. I'm happy they are having fun.

      Anthony HaesslyAnthony Haessly59 minutter siden
    • @Anthony Haessly I meant why did you bring up the part about Beau's sexual habits. It seems irrelevant and you didn't have an actual point If you're gonna make a comparison with a novel/film and say that it's not as good, you essentially are holding them to the standards of writers who get to do drafts, rewrites etc. This is D&D, it's on the spot. You don't have to enjoy it, no-one has said that. I didn't enjoy it, why does that matter? But you're ignoring the fact that this has been something developing since the start. You've been given specific examples. And you call it pandering. To who? What sudden changes were there? Hard to say there's been a quick push for it, they've struggled to find an opportunity for several sessions now. Did they allot too much time for it? Feels a bit that way but who are we to judge that? It's not our table. Seems like Ashley's friends wanted to give her more opportunity to take the spotlight and get into character, she's usually more of a background presence. If you didn't enjoy it then you can just say that, if it matters so much to you. But I don't understand why you're making stuff up in an effort to justify that.

      DjangoDjangoTime siden
  • Finally caught up, started back in 2017 with campaign 1 and now we're here! It's been YEARS!

    AlexbememeAlexbememe16 timer siden
  • Surprised they didn't suggest using Magicians judge to dispel Fjords chest sigil and stab him in the chest. xD

    Lothmar22Lothmar2218 timer siden
    • Ah right, I remembered the 'Skingorger, really?' and that she left a weapon so that's probably why I thought it was SG. Forgot the details.

      Lothmar22Lothmar2214 timer siden
    • @Lothmar22 She didn't leave Skingorger behind. She left Magician's Judge behind. Kima wanted the Skingorger but it got vetoed so she took Magician's Judge as the trade instead

      Hooly1010Hooly101015 timer siden
    • @Follow the howl Didn't get that far apparently when I wrote the reply. Huh, forgot she didn't have that anymore. I rememeber she left SG behind when she got the platinum blade on lend.

      Lothmar22Lothmar2217 timer siden
    • 🧐 They did lol But yasha doesn't have it

      Follow the howlFollow the howl18 timer siden
  • Y'all I can't believe it. It's taken me since March 13, 2020 but I have finally caught up. This has been a magical journey so far and I'm thrilled to finally be here. Now I just have to go back and watch Campaign 1

    JettnginJettngin18 timer siden
  • Sam shaved looks like Elon Musk

    Jacob SchlegelJacob Schlegel18 timer siden
  • I am SOOOO going to fucking abuse that soundbyte of Matt saying "Because why the fuck not?"

    Brave Hero GreenleafBrave Hero Greenleaf19 timer siden
  • Honestly, the look on Marisha's face as she watches her imaginary girlfriend fight even more imaginary ninjas on an imaginary date is absolutely adorable.

    Matt KittenMatt Kitten19 timer siden
  • yasha says she cant smell in this episode. and we all remember she said she smelled like a crayon that one time. i say she has a crayon stuck up her nostril

    Florez RojasFlorez Rojas19 timer siden
  • Been waiting for those kisses since episode one, hell yeahhh!!!!!!!!!!

    limorslimors19 timer siden
  • I've been rewatching the Blacklist recently, and now I can't unsee how Taliesin and Ashley look like Reddington and Keen, respectively.

    Aira Shanelle MañagoAira Shanelle Mañago19 timer siden
  • Seeing Tal react to Yasha talking about meeting Molly and the circus brought me to tears. I got through everything but seeing that... Dang.

    The DwarfThe Dwarf19 timer siden
  • at 3:20:32 please tell me WHAT IS THE SONG???

    Jacob ArnoldJacob Arnold19 timer siden
  • I'm not crying, totally not crying

    Valerio CoppolaValerio Coppola19 timer siden
  • Ah wonderful. I like how Sam snuck in his "I wear human faces as masks" segment into the break. That really woke me up when I was trying to fall asleep to the episode.

    deepstateflatmoonlizardcultistdeepstateflatmoonlizardcultist19 timer siden
  • 2:39:17 God damn. I thought that was cosplay at first. Props to Rachel McEwan

    SinanSinan20 timer siden
  • How can I get Liam to narrate /choreograph my next date night?

    TheGkizzleTheGkizzle20 timer siden
  • Mighty "Always a Little in Love with Your Friends" Nein

    Rowan BRowan B20 timer siden
  • 2:19:28 He has already done that Veth, didn't go well

    SinanSinan20 timer siden
  • Link to the fanart page for this ep? Lol

    HuckleberrydewHuckleberrydew20 timer siden
  • Loved the date! So great.

    TheVarulfenTheVarulfen20 timer siden
  • Lest give an applause to travis who managed to stand still and not laugh during the nord vpn add

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue20 timer siden
  • I was actually having an irritating day and than I watched the date scene and just about died

    Sierra2 Bork2Sierra2 Bork221 time siden