World's Strongest RC CAR Sounds Like Fighter Jet On Florida Highway!

28. feb.. 2021
236 942 Ganger

The making of the worlds fastest Arrma.
In this video we are building a dual motor Arrma rc car together.
Shooting for another dual motor rc car world record.
Arrma Limitless GT / Arrma Infraction GT twin motor rc car.
There's some HOW TO in this video also.

My RC cars NOworld channel is mostly RC cars speed runs but lately I’ve been doing a lot of RC car “how to” videos where I share my RC cars tips & tricks, a lot of RC car speed run setup and speedrun builds.
I do make it a point to have some fun too with RC planes RC heli RC boats and drones here and there and enjoy sharing the content with my viewers just as much.
Currently my favorite RC car brands are: Arrma RC (Arrma Limitless & Arrma Infraction / Arrma Felony).
MY GPS (comes with app)
Favorite and in my opinion best RC car motors currently are : Castle Creations 2028 1100KV / Castle Creations sensored 1717 motor, Cordova Research motor, TP Power motor.
Best RC car ESC : Castle Creations Mamba XLX2
Thank you guys so much for being a crucial part of my success, journey and passion.
Yours truly,
Raz Shifrin.

  • Looks like Sanford FL

    Cloudburn FPVCloudburn FPV18 timer siden
  • Reelly like the idea of a single drive shaft. Looking at both your motor and differential mount, are you able to turn the mount upside down? This might require drilling and tapping new holes for screws but give you the ability for a single shaft. Instead of cv/ uvc joints drill out either end of the shaft . Maybe this helps ?? Anyhow Awesome power,Awesome build,Awesome job

    Scottie ForresterScottie ForresterDag siden
  • Watching this breakdown into a build gave me the boost I need to open up my car & try some things out. Thing crazy starting with some simple breakdown so I can get the hang of it. Thanks a bunch this video definitely helped me & that hour zipped by 😅 Laters 💥✌️

    basicsyphilis8basicsyphilis8Dag siden
  • Where do you put your screws as you dismantle this rc? So you know what goes where when puting it back

    Jesus IbarraJesus IbarraDag siden
  • holy shit thats 250 km haha you guys are nuts, but i like it . imagine that hitting you in to the legs

    Lethal_Pork_chopLethal_Pork_chop2 dager siden
  • You should buy a Wheelie bar

    Frosty JeepFrosty Jeep3 dager siden
  • that car is faster upside down and rolling than my fastest rig running properly

    Rick BrascheRick Brasche3 dager siden
  • this needs a FPV camera..:)

    Rick BrascheRick Brasche4 dager siden
  • I don’t think that any material wouldn’t break at these Revs after Spur gear. The main axle does how many revs? The forcees are so strong at these revs, that there is only two ways ways: make it of tungsten, titan and Carbon or lower them revs drastically by using bigger tires.

    Andyw1228Andyw12284 dager siden
  • חי טוב אתה

    penkin skypenkin sky5 dager siden
  • try hard steel set screws for pins. Dont grind anything use a end mill. I am a machinist that would be easy with a drill press and a end mill

    Atradies Inc.Atradies Inc.5 dager siden
  • Forget all the drive shafts, differentials and U-Joints. Set up 4 motors as direct drive!

    UnrealVideoDukeUnrealVideoDuke7 dager siden
  • What you do with these cars is absolutely amazing.

    Rustler Dreams 83Rustler Dreams 838 dager siden
  • How much. To build this for me

    RC SMOKE revisedRC SMOKE revised13 dager siden
  • World's strongest? based on what?

    428 Renegade428 Renegade13 dager siden
  • Did you even consider sweeping the track.....all that dust was doing you in man !

    John BullJohn Bull14 dager siden
  • "I think the downforce thingy....didnt work !"......."I dont think so" LMAO !

    John BullJohn Bull14 dager siden
  • Impressive -

    Péter BonnezPéter Bonnez14 dager siden
  • why did you put the nuts on the bottom.. your asking for trouble

    DoubleDeeGee FPVDoubleDeeGee FPV15 dager siden
  • I think the drive shafts are friction welding so you need a ball raced CV or a greese filled boot maybe

    Reedy777Reedy77715 dager siden
  • Love your work man do not even own a rc vehicle but your clean tidy work is impressive. A good watch .

    Robert LashleyRobert Lashley16 dager siden
    • @Raz Shifrin yea i could digest what you were doing good vid thanks. I'm from Barbados. Extremely good vid.

      Robert LashleyRobert Lashley15 dager siden
    • Thanks:))

      Raz ShifrinRaz Shifrin16 dager siden
  • that kevin joker should probably pay attention. doesnt stand a chance!

    hoahhoah16 dager siden
  • me: down force thingy? experts: the down force thingy

    Alexis QuimAlexis Quim16 dager siden
  • Beautiful ....... work of art ... Do you wind test the body set-up? lucky you have such nice surfaces to do your runs.

    Timothy Gonzalez - Jalapeno'Timothy Gonzalez - Jalapeno'16 dager siden
  • Make it direct drive

    Richard MillerRichard Miller17 dager siden
  • 350lb ? :D DAMN BOI SHE THICC (about 150kg btw :D)

    ThePassword333333ThePassword33333317 dager siden
  • the snapping drive pins are probably an issue with dynamic forces (bumps and jostles from the tyres on the road surface) rather than straight torque, since the front is snapping more often, more dynamic forces from steering. You could try a few different things, some kind of friction or spring clutch right before the differentials, you could use gearing to convert that torque to speed (have the drive shaft geared up and then geared down directly before the differentials, or you could try splitting the motors to front drive and rear drive, that way the inertia of all that spinning metal is split up. If you wanted to get really out there you could use some kind of miniature hydraulic transmission? anyway yeah there are ways around the dive pin issue.

    Rose DunphyRose Dunphy17 dager siden
  • Why dont use FPV Camera like we DRL Racers use? Its easier to control than.

    OxizeeOxizee18 dager siden
  • Someone flipped a bathtub and coated it with carbon fiber

    Meow KaboOmMeow KaboOm18 dager siden
  • you need what they use in drag cars. They use an axle loop

    JOSH MUTUKUJOSH MUTUKU18 dager siden
  • Genuinely asking, are you looking to build something similar to the “something 8S” if you were to be paid? Because I’m looking to get my hands on something that fast

    Jeff KarikariJeff Karikari19 dager siden
  • Sell it to the army

    Miles CuñhaMiles Cuñha19 dager siden
  • Te felisito en bueno videos que hases..

    Victor ConcepcionVictor Concepcion19 dager siden
  • chromoly shafts is what u need

    Paul S.Paul S.19 dager siden
  • why don't you just put fpv camera on it

    Michał JędruszczakMichał Jędruszczak20 dager siden
  • I think you will need HICAS to control this at full speed.

    Jon CollinsJon Collins20 dager siden
  • just a mechanical suggestion, the drive shaft cups should be 90 degrees to each other. when they are both in line, the centrifugal force tries to throw the shaft out of alinement. This is how 1:1 car drive shafts are clocked.

    Monkey Knuckle RcMonkey Knuckle Rc20 dager siden
  • Looks like you are running minimum caster, surely for this application a lot of positive caster is the way to go for stability? It might also be worthwhile to separate the motors and have one driving only the front diff, and the other driving the rear, that way any single universal joint will only ever have to deal with half the total power. This will also allow you to vector the power front to back, a little less power to the front wheels might improve the steering precision.

    Gerald RossouwGerald Rossouw21 dag siden
    • With slightly higher KV motors and bigger wheels you might even get away with direct driving the diffs, doing away with the pinion and spur gearing and the central driveshafts.

      Gerald RossouwGerald Rossouw21 dag siden
  • I know you are disappointed, but this car is impressive and this video was highly entertaining

    xxx xxxxxx xxx21 dag siden
    • Thank you

      Raz ShifrinRaz Shifrin21 dag siden
  • wouldn't a blockable differential greatly improve direction stability? btw. what happens before Iran? I keep wondering about that since the eighties... listened more closely... never mind.

    Jörg ReinhardtJörg Reinhardt23 dager siden
  • Make a 3d print of the shaft and wrap it in carbon fiber. Then dissolve the print. You can use a food preserver to vacuum bag it and pressure cooker as autoclave.

    excited boxexcited box24 dager siden
  • Allow me overthink this if you please First of all I'd build a scaled down Dyno to measure the horse power without the destructive test drives on tarmac built for real cars and trucks second build would be a scaled down wind tunnel and a ponze-data feist of test data from real cars third thing is declare this entire build a hot rod prototype platform code named naive implementation snag the record with specially adapted spiked tyres for the rubber tracks of an athletic stadium 100m track [ask the printers what spikes theyre allowed to wear the rest would involve scaling down the best from the automotive world of self driven car technology and or ballistic missiles

    cnuaukcnuauk24 dager siden
  • my congratulations for what is quite an achievement and sharing with intent from scratch. I got exactly what my search really sought, how not to build a remote controlled car that I would have loved as a toodler. I'm full of satisfaction with the unrestrained scope creep in the 150mph ballistic missile outcome. Thanks for sharing :-)

    cnuaukcnuauk24 dager siden
  • Im glad i dont have ads

    Mix MezziMix Mezzi24 dager siden
  • Differential? I see no differential. At 7:27, he turns one half-shaft, and the other turns in rigid lock-step. That wouldn't happen if it was a differential. This is just a crown and pinion driving both back wheels at the same speed.

    Mike CollinsMike Collins24 dager siden
  • I believe that a solid single driveshaft like the first u joint setup that was too low would be a more stable option. the best way to prevent damage would be to eliminate vibration by balancing the u joints and driveshaft then use tight bearings. I'm not an engineer so idk

    T3KT3K24 dager siden
  • How would it be to use a socket wrench deep socket and nut as a ball joint for your drive shaft? and use a sealed bearings to stabilize the shaft so stays in one place.

    WagonLoadsWagonLoads25 dager siden
  • I think your shafts are actually failing when you let off the throttle or brake. Bigger cups and pins would probably help.

    Stephen MStephen M25 dager siden
  • Would it be worth adding a down-force sensor (or two) with a wing (or two) that automatically tilt to keep downforce on the car? :)

    Stephen MStephen M25 dager siden
    • Like rob dahms rx7 needs

      Rocky Locc GarageRocky Locc Garage18 dager siden
  • Put a tailshaft loop around the shaft so it's contained if they let go

    KingCosworthKingCosworth26 dager siden
  • nice video! Thanks!

    Fantasy Engineered.Fantasy Engineered.26 dager siden
  • I'd love to fly across the pond and bash with you guys!

    Stephen LapekStephen Lapek26 dager siden
  • Something to think about, when titanium and aluminum make contact aluminum acts as a anode and corrodes

    james mitchelljames mitchell27 dager siden
    • @cnuauk won't matter anyway, the cars more than likely to burn down or crash then have that fail. Why I said something to think about and not telling anybody to stop.

      james mitchelljames mitchell24 dager siden
    • it is what it is at the end of the day. titanium is strong and aluminium is light, thats what counts. it's refreshing he's not succumbed to overthinking parallysis

      cnuaukcnuauk24 dager siden
  • Smaller plastic wheels, thicker rubber with some groves.

  • My OCD loves this video !!

    Ian van TonderIan van Tonder27 dager siden
  • A leedle ron?

    SK LiveSK Live28 dager siden
  • how many ads can fit in a video? youtube: yes.

    BLACKCATBLACKCAT28 dager siden
  • Beautifully engineered, love the build.

    Lee EdwardsLee Edwards28 dager siden
  • 29:57 I'm not a soldering expert either, but until now three people have told me that I should try to avoid that the solder travels up the wire if possible. I think with such thick wires it doesn't matter too much, but thinner wires tend to break right in this place.

    GonunGonun28 dager siden
  • Have you thought about using 4 motors split into 2 diving front and two driving the rear?

    Simon AllenSimon Allen29 dager siden
  • Super Cool! I'm assuming you have to run the two esc/two motor in a master slave configuration due to the synchronization needed. I saw that you were using Futaba receivers, and I'd imagine you need a certain type of transmitter in order to make all that happen. Could you tell us about it please? I'd appreciate your valuable time! Thanks Much love!!! ✌ ϻя.ƹ

    Mr. EMr. EMåned siden
  • untung teroris goblog2. seandai nya bikin ginian di kasih bom . jarak jauh dan suara di bikin super senyap . ngeri brow.

    PenontonPenontonMåned siden
  • im unclear if the first car was actually great or not and how fast did it go like 99mph?

    twatbasstwatbassMåned siden
  • The space/movement between two cogs/gears is known as "backlash" or more often "lash'

    David BrownDavid BrownMåned siden
  • YO AT 58:16 U SEE SPARKS!

    Gnarly_ Cro'sGnarly_ Cro'sMåned siden
  • This guy is just casually drilling carbon fiber plates=P No water, no suction. I hope he's wearing a mask, at least. By the way, what is the use of the gyro? Is it to prevent sideways skidding? Does it inhibit the control signal if it causes sideways motion over a set threshold?

    randomstringrandomstringMåned siden
  • every pass stresses me out it's like thousands of dollars in a cat sized rocketship about to explode with any slight over/under-correction

    devster117devster117Måned siden
  • Look man been thinking this for awile... Win the X prize for fastest land car. You need to step into gear driven jets (turbofans) they got em for RC boats (prop). That may get you close. Your first big goal? THE SOUND BARRIER. First unmanned wheeled vehicle to go faster than sound. If you heed my idea then you will understand no manned wheeled vehicle will EVER GO FASTER THAN UNMANNED! Hey who knows? You may be trying to catch my cars and have the fastest rc on earth. Absolutely love your channel by the way.

    Dave Nezra PappasDave Nezra PappasMåned siden
  • The ugliest car ive ever seen, its fast alright to be destroyed....not impressed

    Ricky ReyesRicky ReyesMåned siden
    • Hahahaha

      Raz ShifrinRaz ShifrinMåned siden
  • How is that 30hp it sounds way off a 125cc four stroke Honda CBR has 9,8 hp and it would break all those parts in less than a sec, the electric start engine is the size of 5-6 of those electric motors in your rc car.a full size 50cc 2stroke Enduro moped in Europe is stripped to 3,5 hp and can carry two grown ups in the traffic and would also break that 8mm shaft in less than a second. A 250 cc mc has around 30hp and it's absolutely no way you could replace it with two RC motors.a 1500 Watt electric bicycle motor is the size of the entire RC car without the battery and has less than 2hp with 72wolt battery maybe your car has 0,30 hp which is still about 25 times more than most rc cars RTR and enough to break a 8mm alu shaft when the torque is built up by speed

    Martin MellembakkenMartin MellembakkenMåned siden
  • how are you able to see the car from that distance haha wtf

    SheldinatorSheldinatorMåned siden
  • I think this are not differencial but a transmission , a differencial would allow the wheels to turn in different speed and directions. I might be wrong im not into RC but i know a little mechanics, correct me if im wrong.

    VladVladMåned siden
  • 25:57 Ouch

    Matt PiekarskiMatt PiekarskiMåned siden
  • the only thing I can see that will improve your setup is please buy a set of flush cutters for cutting that tubing at 5.51 the rest is awesome and super cool

    dexter2433dexter2433Måned siden
  • Looks like you dont know what is differential.

    Vavřinec KavanVavřinec KavanMåned siden
  • all the money you spent on different venders and stuff... couldn't you have just taken a part that was close and had it customized at a CNC shop? I have done this with a few parts for my quads(drones) ..

    Zsavage1Zsavage1Måned siden
  • too many bloody adverts music still crap

    David HuntDavid HuntMåned siden
  • your music sucks

    David HuntDavid HuntMåned siden
    • Hahahahaha

      Raz ShifrinRaz ShifrinMåned siden
  • Carbon fiber shafts.

    Jason SchneeweissJason SchneeweissMåned siden
  • You need some kind of vacuum system to suck it to the ground.

    Thisisnotmyrealname8Thisisnotmyrealname8Måned siden
  • Great work. 🔨🔧🔩 Thanks so much for sharing. 😎👌🏼

    John ThimakisJohn ThimakisMåned siden
  • Do u have to use a ✈ remote ? Or do u get to use a futaba ✈ reciever an transmitter , are u allowed to mix an match ..futaba airplane reciever with futaba rc controller

    Brim LifeBrim LifeMåned siden
  • Great quality building techniques! Just that you are completely wrong with the aerodynamics. You have built an airfoil wing, with upward lift - instead of creating down force

    Bliss BouwerijBliss BouwerijMåned siden
  • Pretty cool. You should check your tooth pattern. You can use lipstick to see where the teeth are riding and it should be in the center of the pinion gear teeth. It doesn't look any different than a full size so .008 to .010 backlash should be good.It's hard to tell but you might be a little tight. It won't wear will just blow. Team Mercedes had the same thing happen to them at LeMans. It has to do with how far your nose goes out past the front control arms and the height the car comes off the ground after a small rise in the road. Search for the incident here on YT.

    Mark EstradaMark EstradaMåned siden
  • Cant you go whitout universal joints and use one staff if it is traight aniway

    Jamei 90Jamei 90Måned siden
  • I think you need a NASCAR type of front splitter cause even though your car squats at speed air is still getting underneath the car.

    Phillippe BowlesPhillippe BowlesMåned siden
  • What is a good set of high speed tires

    Sponge ImperiumSponge ImperiumMåned siden
  • 1:03:34 You probably should align the two joints at the left side straight( --[=---=]--, not --[=---[=-- or all between), as it would induce "speed-wobble" in the front wheels.

    ChrisMcRatChrisMcRatMåned siden
  • Hey Raz, had a question for you regarding your choice of receiver. Why you would use an avaiation receiver I understand, but according to Futaba's compatibility matrix your combination is not supported. Do Futaba receivers typically work with Futaba Transmitters or is this just an annomaly? Because i was looking at getting the 3006SB to pair it with a T4PX. Can I be reasonably sure this combo will work or is it a crap shoot? Thanks for you time. Godspeed Diem

    Diem TurnerDiem TurnerMåned siden
    • Hey, I don't know since I've never tried but my combination works🤷🏼‍♂️

      Raz ShifrinRaz ShifrinMåned siden
  • raz where can i fine that nitro tubing ?

    Damayla PhoenixDamayla PhoenixMåned siden
  • Great video of an expertly made project you really do have the skills, I might add though what I would recommend is buying 4x scales place each tire onto each, raise one corner at a time so you get the weight right on each corner, this will help for stability at high speeds and alignment.

    FlightSimDevFlightSimDevMåned siden
  • i like it.!!! very entertaining.!!!! thanks

    stephen manionstephen manionMåned siden
  • Super sweet 👀

    The Moto KingThe Moto KingMåned siden
  • oh look it took off like a mercedes

    Jayden ColonJayden ColonMåned siden
  • Title : worlds strongest rc car Video: breaks constantly

    SaltyMcBoatFaceSaltyMcBoatFaceMåned siden
  • dude how many times you gonna tell us it not a bad car just not great!

    David BrandenburgDavid BrandenburgMåned siden
  • Super interesting video! I love it !

    Peter Borovok - Freefly Skydiving and Live ExcitedPeter Borovok - Freefly Skydiving and Live ExcitedMåned siden
    • Thanks brother-in-law;)

      Raz ShifrinRaz ShifrinMåned siden
  • Installing carbon wideners on chassis: I wonder why don't you place bolts from the downside. Do you realy need nuts on a flat belly? clearence and air resistance - 2mm (

    i Ritefitai RitefitaMåned siden
  • Is there any way of knowing how much the motors are opposing each other ?

    GodfathersGodfathersMåned siden
  • 0:29 i lost the count on flips at 15x imagining a real car airbone

    Copper BulletCopper BulletMåned siden