Why The New Movie "Stowaway" Uses A Very Clever Spacecraft Design To Go To Mars.

30. mars. 2021
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For the last few years I've been answering questions and offering suggestions to Joe Penna & Ryan Morrison, creators behind the forthcoming movie 'Stowaway'. It's a story of a trip to Mars which goes wrong when an extra crew member ends up on board, leading to some serious drama. The movie is released on April 22nd, but a trailer has just been released which gives me a few things to talk about regarding the design of the spacecraft and the mission plan.
Official Trailer (US/Netflix):
The Movie will be released in the US on Netflix in April
Other territories will have other distributers.

  • 🚀🚀🚀 Thank you for your work on this, Scott. Your emails were always so incredibly detailed.

    Joe Penna / MysteryGuitarManJoe Penna / MysteryGuitarMan18 dager siden
    • Mystery guitar man OMG i whatch you for years ahaha youre Awesome :D

      HackanHackerGamesHackanHackerGames5 dager siden
    • If you're ever inclined to make a bit farther-future sci-fi thing, you may wish to consider consulting another NOworldr by the name of Isaac Arthur, of _Science & Futurism With Isaac Arthur (SFIA)_ -- he can make sure your depictions of orbital rings or O'Neill Cylinders or what have you, are sensible.

      Christopher CarrChristopher Carr6 dager siden
    • I wonder if dead or alive’s tune is sung at any pointz

      TheMelbourneladTheMelbournelad7 dager siden
    • @Tjalve Agreed, I wouldn't want to watch Star Wars episode IV, V and VI. Drone on about the physics of space flight...

      Arc LightArc Light9 dager siden
    • it appears that are just enough cowbells in this movie

      AnonymousAnonymous11 dager siden
  • can a man beat around the bush to any greater extent than this man...

    Rain ManRain Man9 timer siden
  • It's funny seeing this video after I just added that movie to my "I want to watch list" 🤣

    Jedi BuilderJedi Builder23 timer siden
  • You are the master at Kerbal! As well as other things.

    prichardgsprichardgsDag siden
  • Now I know it's safe to see this movie. Thanks, Scott! ♥️

    nobodynemoqnobodynemoqDag siden
  • I very glad you had this experience. You truly deserve it.

    DirusDirusDag siden
  • Thank you! Will be watching!

    Robert BrowningRobert Browning2 dager siden
  • Very happy to see people making movies try to add more realism to there movies. A decade ago I was so oblivious to how things worked in space. I became very interested in orbital mechanics with KSP and learning from Scotts videos and reading about how things work. Now when I go and rewatch movies like Gravity, The Martian, etc. I really see the errors and it made the movies bad for me now. Recently rewatched a dystopian future series called The 100 on Netflix. You see the station constantly burning its thrusters and start wondering where it gets fuel if it can’t return to earth because of radiation. Or when they do a burn to return to earth in a pod or part of the station they burn towards earth, not retrograde to slow the object down so it falls. Or in a later season they go from the station to a spacecraft and the constant use of thrusters to land was so bad. Anyways, thank you Scott for helping out the Movie industry and thank you Movie industry for trying to get things better.

    KaziusKazius3 dager siden
  • The casting for these movies.. LOL!!

    abvmoose87abvmoose873 dager siden
  • Would actual manned mars missions have some early abort procedures (like maybe using the moon to help turn around) in the case where any issues are found? Wouldnt a mars mission have some kind of extra life support built in (maybe not enough to expand from 3 to 4 people) to handle failures along the way?

    Michael GogolinMichael Gogolin3 dager siden
  • Wow super exciting for you to have been asked to advise and I am now very interested to watch the film. I love science fiction that pays attention to the actual science.

    Matt AndrewsMatt Andrews3 dager siden
  • what are those cables supposed to be made from, carbon nanotubes?

    jeff vaughnjeff vaughn3 dager siden
  • some simple calculations can make the movie "not suck" when someone that has played KSP - watches it.

    Nicolae IvanescuNicolae Ivanescu3 dager siden
  • Can't wait to see this

    Nicolae IvanescuNicolae Ivanescu3 dager siden
  • I think it is really dumb did they not do any checks to see chemical mixture before launch there should be an imbalance found

    Nick NevcoNick Nevco3 dager siden
    • That makes no sense

      Inigo MontoyaInigo Montoya2 dager siden
  • The window is a Kerbal part, and I read the cold equations, I get two points, just a hundred million more points to get the Harrier!

    LorifulLoriful3 dager siden
  • wouldn't Alien be considered a Stowaway???

    FarlomousFarlomous3 dager siden
  • Ngl my strat in that situation would just be kill the stowaway and eject him out of the airlock

    SchoolComputerClubSchoolComputerClub3 dager siden
    • There is an imposter among us

      Inigo MontoyaInigo Montoya2 dager siden
  • I remember reading this story back in the sixties, can't remember the author. The plot was a single woman astronaut who found a stowaway on board and due the inexorable physics of space flight, she had to space him. A very human, tragic story. Wish I could remember who wrote it. A female author, I believe, but not Ursula K. Leguinn.

    deltavee2deltavee23 dager siden
  • Flying safe...to Hollywood!

    Shipwright1918Shipwright19184 dager siden
  • Cant wait

    HackanHackerGamesHackanHackerGames4 dager siden
  • Mystery guitar man OMG i whatc him for years ahaha hes awesome :D

    HackanHackerGamesHackanHackerGames5 dager siden
  • So cooooooool!!!! I’m usually disappointed by space movies, but I’ll be watching this one. How exciting for you!

    Paul LakePaul Lake5 dager siden
  • I propposed this exact idea to a friend last year for a comic book we're making. I feel totally vindicated. I genuinely can't believe how similar it is. booster as the counterweight. radio and solar in the middle, habitat section on the other end...

    abrr2000abrr20005 dager siden
  • if anna kendrick is in this movie i wont take it serious at all. her acting in serious films is bland and dry which makes me sad... .

    Sulucion 6ToneSulucion 6Tone5 dager siden
  • I'm too distracted by his shirt to watch this video. what kind of code is that?

    Tentacle LoveTentacle Love5 dager siden
  • Also turning your head on a space station that is rotating would give you a lot of vertigo. Not just standing up. Trying turning your head in an amusement park ride. If you wanted to have a gravity cell to help an astronaut counter the effects of long term zero g. It would be better to just have a module with a flight seat and head restraint. Spin that up for an hour a day to get your dose of g's

    Scott GreggScott Gregg5 dager siden
  • they asked me haha

    rohan chaudharyrohan chaudhary5 dager siden
  • Just a thought... if it is a 2 year mission... Earth could just send the required oxygen supply at a higher speed to catch up with them before they run out.

    siamsurfsiamsurf5 dager siden
    • @Isaac Kuo interesting, thanks for sharing. Need to watch the movie... :)

      siamsurfsiamsurf4 dager siden
    • @siamsurf When they first found him, there was no emergency. Their life support was enough to handle at least four people no problem. They spent some time teaching him stuff like how to operate a space suit before the life support system suffered permanent damage. It's unclear from the trailer how long it was before that.

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo4 dager siden
    • @Isaac Kuo They found the stowaway 12 hours after take-off, so I don't think the issues you describe apply, if they would act quickly, whatever they send would definitely catch up within a year.

      siamsurfsiamsurf4 dager siden
    • Unfortunately the orbital mechanics don't work out for that. The simple version is this: Earth orbits around the Sun at 30km/s. This is way faster than what chemical rocket propulsion can provide. Fortunately, you can take advantage of this speed by adding onto it, in order to "sling" your spacecraft toward Mars. However, this only works when the position of Earth is just right so this "sling" will head toward where Mars will be. So the problem is, Earth won't be in the correct position to "sling" a supply mission to the spacecraft. That's the simple version. There are a bunch of other problems also, the big one being that even if you got a supply mission to catch up with the spacecraft, it will be going too fast to actually dock and transfer supplies.

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo5 dager siden
  • That so-called "journalist" would be advised to work on his/her craft. The grammar errors on the piece shown by Scott are pretty bad, with the whole article suffering from a Shortfall of Gravitas.

    Paul KirwanPaul Kirwan5 dager siden
  • if we are going to be even more nit-picky with the science. Just based on the few seconds of clips from the trailer, it seems like they forgot about or decided against the Coriolis affect in the scenes where they are ascending/descending the space tether. I mean, it's completely understandable since I would have no idea how they would implement the lateral acceleration anyways. note: tbh, the only reason I noticed this was because I am supposed to be in the middle of studying for a dynamics exam.

    Brian ShiBrian Shi5 dager siden
    • From what I've seen in the trailer, the Coriolis effect wouldn't be a big deal. The parts shown in the trailer or only near the tips. For example, there's one snippet where they're on the "top" of the booster and they toss over a rope to presumably climb down to the side or bottom of the booster. This is all taking place way on the tip. Another part is where Anna Kendrick starts sliding down too fast down the tethers. At this point, she's already pretty far down the tethers, as evidenced by the acceleration of artificial gravity. In a panic, she lets go of the oxygen tank she was holding with her other hand, so she's grabbing onto the tether with both of her hands. This does little or nothing to slow down her fall. In any case, the Coriolis effect at this point would be minor compared to the outward trajectory toward the crew module. The important thing is that her character seems to understand the absolute importance of keeping hold of the tether even if it isn't slowing her down. If she doesn't keep the tether within at least one of her hands, she could miss the crew module entirely (due to Coriolis effect, basically), or she could bounce off the crew module to much the same ultimately terminal effect.

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo5 dager siden
  • i have seen it as a short i think.

    batnerbatner6 dager siden
  • I would have dismissed the movie because their life support systems decided to fail when they found out they have a stowaway. It sounds really cliche to me.

    Leonid SaykinLeonid Saykin6 dager siden
    • Perhaps the extra stress of a 4th person did it?

      Inigo MontoyaInigo Montoya2 dager siden
  • Spoiler alert! The stowaway’s name is Dr. Smith and the robot shoved him out the airlock. Oh the pain the pain!

    Joseph PadulaJoseph Padula6 dager siden
  • April 22nd it comes out

    Boston quadBoston quad6 dager siden
  • so...basically the stowaway fucked over everyone on the ship

    MassDynamicMassDynamic6 dager siden
  • There _are_ moonlandings in 2001 A Space Odyssee.

    DeipatrousDeipatrous6 dager siden
  • You can call yourself a C lister, but I'm a science fiction author, and you've been on my A list for a couple of years, now.

    Methawee MyersMethawee Myers6 dager siden
  • rule 1 > MURPHY'S LAW exists, never forget this would never happen, you don't send 3 people with life support for 3 but support for 6 or even 9 beause , "shit happens" - forest gump

    ealtarealtar6 dager siden
  • I could see something like this happening, but with air being so essential there should always be a massive amount in reserve or be able to recycle due to space being so difficult to live in, have one problem and a rescue mission could be delayed for weeks or months.

    Taz6688Taz66886 dager siden
    • The life support system could apparently support at least four people no problem. They were only worried after the life support system suffered permanent damage. The emergency oxygen supply only had enough for the expected crew.

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo6 dager siden
  • Scott, you legend! 😎

    Matthew DunstoneMatthew Dunstone6 dager siden
  • Before watching: lemme guess... It spins. After watching: yep it spins..

  • Well done, Scott!

    Mark PattersonMark Patterson6 dager siden
  • has anyone mentioned that this concept of the rotating ships was used in SEVENEVES by Neal Stephenson?

    John BrownJohn Brown6 dager siden
  • The CYCLER concept is really cool...

    VNYCVNYC7 dager siden
  • Sci-fi space movie + Anna Kendrick = Yep, I'm going to the theater to see it!! Thanks Scott!

    Bill the CatBill the Cat7 dager siden
  • Someone designed a realistic spaceship for Flash Gordon too.

    A3Kr0nA3Kr0n7 dager siden
  • Minute 02:30 You can find "The cold equations as an audiobook at: noworld.info/video/video/m4S_g9mqm6q0pq8.html

    Aristeidis LykasAristeidis Lykas7 dager siden
  • Looks very promising!

    CoastfogCoastfog7 dager siden
  • How is it possible to launch an extra person into space and not notice the extra weight? Or even notice the extra weight before launch? There is a big hole in the premise.

    JimJim7 dager siden
    • @Isaac Kuo Oh that's interesting. I have to admit that I was scratching my head as to how this might happen but that is a very interesting response.

      StephenStephen2 dager siden
    • The overwhelming bulk of launch mass is propellant, and cryogenic propellant is constantly being resupplied and boiling off. Additionally, there is additional weight building up due to icing.

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo7 dager siden
  • "A C-list youtube celebrity with a funny accent" you're too harsh on yourself. When I tell someone about you, I usually introduce you as "The Manleyest of Scotts"

    MidnightStMidnightSt7 dager siden

    TweedleTweedle7 dager siden
  • Great 2 know Scott, you just got me super excited to see this movie :D and I made a notification on my netflix account. Counting the days now :D

    Michael Fenger BrandtMichael Fenger Brandt7 dager siden
  • "Luxurious Habitation Section" XD Very awesome that you were able to contribute to this show! I can't wait to watch it

    Samuel ChanSamuel Chan7 dager siden
  • There's also not a single white man in the whole thing. Wonder how long until some idiot goes on about it being unrealistic, anti-white, SJW propaganda. Looking forward to the movie.

    soupisgoodfoodsoupisgoodfood8 dager siden
    • Sadly, this has already happened. :( It's really sad.

      StephenStephen2 dager siden
    • If you look at the official Netflix trailer video on NOworld ... maybe don't go browsing the comments. Besides the sadly predictable complaints of that, there's also a bizarrely high level of misogynist hatred of Anna Kendrick. I mean like ... even more than their hatred of Rey in Star Wars. I don't know where this comes from, and I don't care to know. And yes, they do indeed bemoan the "anti-whiteness" despite half of the cast being white. That's the lovely intersection/interaction of sexist AND racist bigotry working there in that mentality. Bleh ... I don't let the BLATANT white-man-ness of Matt Damon or Sebastian Stan "ruin" the experience of The Martian for me. What's wrong with these white man-flakes?

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo7 dager siden
  • As for if they could turn around... it would be enough to slow down just a bit to go below escape velocity and stay close to Earth on high, eliptical orbit... or do I miss something?

    Andrzej StasiakAndrzej Stasiak8 dager siden
    • They don't have enough delta-v for that. Now, it's true that they would still be somewhat close to Earth, so there would be some Oberth effect ... but not very much. The benefit of the Oberth effect drops off very quickly with distance. The bottom line is that it would take well over 3km/s delta-v to slow down below escape velocity, and they probably only have about 1km/s of delta-v capability (more than what's necessary to do a powered insertion into Mars orbit at the destination).

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo8 dager siden
  • News to me this! Proud of you mate. We know you know your shit, and now Hollywood knows too 👌

    Sparking gamer her vlog connellSparking gamer her vlog connell8 dager siden
  • i love the potential of KSP. much better than a dry powerpoint, and much easier to render.

    Nikolai ManningNikolai Manning8 dager siden
  • i didn't fly safe.

    Pi Pi 6.9Pi Pi 6.98 dager siden
  • Hey man - your accent is a positive draw!! Half the time when I’m thinking through a complex technical explanation... it seems to have an accent eerily similar to yours 😂 Love your channel - AND your style, accent included. Power on!

    David HDavid H8 dager siden
  • I once designed this with a short tether to the counterweight... I called it "Mjolnir"... or "Thor's Hammer".

    David WinnDavid Winn8 dager siden
  • how do you dock to a spinning space craft

    dutchdutch8 dager siden
    • One way, famously depicted in 2001: A Space Odyssey, is to match spin and dock to a central port. However, this may not be the greatest idea. A more practical method, at least for smaller scales, is to despin the spinning spacecraft before docking, and respin after undocking.

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo8 dager siden
  • Here's another - more recent - short of 'the cold equation' watch?v=-BL8GsHWtqc

    They Should Have Never Given Me InternetThey Should Have Never Given Me Internet8 dager siden
  • Now I know who to blame if the movie Sucks

    Albert RodriguezAlbert Rodriguez8 dager siden
  • I actually really want to see this movie now.

    Chris KearsleyChris Kearsley8 dager siden
  • Hey, it's really great to see you guys on NOworld! I've been reading your comic for years, but airplanes deserve to be animated :-)

    Ace LightningAce Lightning8 dager siden
  • your getting old

    XXX_XXX_XXX_bobthebuilder_XXX_XXX_XXXXXX_XXX_XXX_bobthebuilder_XXX_XXX_XXX8 dager siden
  • Those movies are boring with overused ideas and lack of originality. Even if they made science doable craft, that doesn't mean the movie will be good as plot.

    Dark GTDark GT8 dager siden
  • Now assuming everything else is good, im only interested in how was someone extra able to sneak into a spacecraft before it launched when all access points should have nonstop cameras anyway.

    6355746355748 dager siden
  • Im pretty sure the A list on youtube starts with 1 mil

    6355746355748 dager siden
  • How many Gs would you need to be comfortable? 1G sounds like overkill

    OrcinusDrakeOrcinusDrake8 dager siden
    • The best level for a Mars mission would be .38 gees (about 1/3 of a gee), so the crew would be acclimated to Mars gravity when they arrive.

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo8 dager siden
  • Hey Scott I have always wondered why they don't plan missions to Mars by letting the planet catch up to a spacecraft instead of using a spacecraft to catch up to planet from behind?

    Jacob tampaJacob tampa8 dager siden
  • Thank God it's an integrated crew.

    RS NekmesRS Nekmes8 dager siden
  • Give yourself some credit good sir, quality of content is gold, not C-List. You are a pleasure to watch and listen to.

    Todd SpurgeonTodd Spurgeon9 dager siden
  • Space is always fascinating, whether in fiction or reality. Sadly, you only need to see one episode of The Expanse to know that going to space with your fellow humans is a seriously poor idea. Humanity's character defects would become fatal flaws that none could survive in space. Our earthly track record as a species makes this prediction a certainty.

    Steve FarberSteve Farber9 dager siden
  • Oh excellent. I'm only two minutes in but my first thought was, "Wait, isn't the The Cold Equations?" Glad to see my instincts were not misplaced. Now to see how they handle. Doubt it's "step this way to airlock..."

    Mark LovelessMark Loveless9 dager siden
    • Heh. Guess I was right.

      Mark LovelessMark Loveless9 dager siden
  • It's Gemin-'EYE'! .. Fannyboz!!

    G MutchG Mutch9 dager siden
  • Massive oil tankers and transport ships have very few crew.

    caribbeanchildcaribbeanchild9 dager siden
  • Hi Scott, Hollywood somehow used the concept of a Cycler in the movie "Approaching The Unknown" about a Low-Cost-Mission 2 Mars. Here the mating of the 2 Spaceships (1 is the MTV, the other a scientific Space Station) is of short duration just for maintainance and transfer of supplies and fuel. But the Space Station and the Mars Transfer Vehicle have a nearly parallel track for a certain amount of time...

    Andreas KnebelAndreas Knebel9 dager siden
    • Here's a trailer: noworld.info/video/video/poPdZ8um1bnSu7s.html And here's imdb: www.imdb.com/title/tt2674430/

      Andreas KnebelAndreas Knebel9 dager siden
  • Netflix should've released a version of Stowaway on April 1st with all the effects shots rendered in Kerbal.

    Olysk8erOlysk8er9 dager siden
  • Nothing tops 2001 ! NOTHING !

    Tom CooperTom Cooper9 dager siden
  • I look forward to watching it.

    frogsframesfrogsframes9 dager siden
  • shame about the unrealistic casting

    Manuel GardnerManuel Gardner9 dager siden
  • For Pete's sake, you couldn't spare the time to get face to face. WHO on this earth can't find the time to help make a major motion picture ..are you kidding me?

    Steve LaminackSteve Laminack9 dager siden
  • :D

    Željko TičićŽeljko Tičić9 dager siden
  • the weird tether test eh.. didnt they also find that the tether also picked up electrical charge?

    High WaltageHigh Waltage9 dager siden
  • cool.

    Shadowkey392Shadowkey3929 dager siden
  • So... now you're a Hollywood movie magnet? Can I have your autograph? Okay, I've wanted it for a while, but this is the perfect situation to ask. ;P

    stryker1999stryker19999 dager siden
  • That's damn clever.

    John DoeraymeJohn Doerayme10 dager siden
  • Lololololol. This is amazing, especially as a budding film maker myself. Expects concept art or 3d render in 4 days. "Can I have a render?" 10 minutes later. "Sure, here's a render I made in unity....per se." *Stock KSP* Amazing. Also, I completely forgot about mystery guitar man. I think I was subbed to him years ago. No idea he was part of this. Good on him.

    BenyAUBenyAU10 dager siden
  • Props to Buzz Aldrin. One of the original Spacemen

    Mark AltonMark Alton10 dager siden
  • Robert Zubrin's Space Bolos!

    oversouloversoul10 dager siden
  • OK I give up ... what is the message on your t-Shirt ... ?

    David HedgesDavid Hedges10 dager siden
  • Dude!!!! That was absolutely awesome!!!

    LasVegasVocalistLasVegasVocalist10 dager siden
  • Kind of a shame it's a netflix thing (there's a few reasons why I don't like them, the most recent being Cuties) because this seems really interesting.

    jameswalker199jameswalker19910 dager siden
  • Looks great and so cool that you got to contribute!

    Adam WishneuskyAdam Wishneusky10 dager siden
  • Cheers, Scott! Good job!

    Filipe SerraFilipe Serra10 dager siden
  • How does the propulsion work? If the propulsion module is at the end of the cables facing outwards, then when they fire the engine it's just going to make the cables slack and crash into the other modules

    Simon WilliamsSimon Williams10 dager siden
    • @Simon Williams There are a number of options for what to do when despun, and honestly I'm not a big fan of any of them - I prefer a rigid truss over tethers. But they are doable. One option is to keep the tethers stretched with RCS thrusters. Ideally, the thrusters aren't pointed directly at the tethers for obvious reasons. But this sort of problem is a piece of cake. We already figured out how to safely perform acceleration directly away from another spacecraft while docking/undocking. Obviously, this option involves an expenditure of propellant while in use, so you wouldn't want to do it for too long. Another option is to reel in the tethers while using RCS thrusters to despin. You want to do both at the same time, or alternate between the two, because otherwise you'll end up spinning faster and faster as you reel in the tethers. The end result is all three modules essentially docked together, with the tethers reeled in. This option is pretty good, but it does require a working winch mechanism. If it fails, you'll have to fall back on the other option.

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo10 dager siden
    • What is the orientation of everything when "spun down"? Are the cables retracted? Or does the main engine flip around drag the other modules behind it? In which case how do you avoid damaging the cables and other modules with the engine exhaust?

      Simon WilliamsSimon Williams10 dager siden
    • While spun up, they would only be using RCS thrusters for minor course adjustments and periodically adjusting the rotation axis slightly over time to keep the rotation plane perpendicular to the Sun (for the sake of the solar array). The amount of thrust would be small compared to the tension in the cables. It doesn't matter which of the three modules is used for these RCS thruster adjustments, but the most practical option is to use the crew module. That means the other modules can be passive and it's easier to perform any maintenance/repairs if necessary.

      Isaac KuoIsaac Kuo10 dager siden
  • congrats man! Can you imagine watching a movie and say 'that was my idea', amazing!

    Flay SXFlay SX10 dager siden
  • I see you're a man of culture... (X52 Pro) ;-)

    ytdlderytdlder10 dager siden