Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.

20. nov.. 2020
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Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.
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Have you ever wondered why I left ROBUST? This video will tell you why JELLY SLOGO and I are no longer recording! I hope you all can understand my point of view. :)
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  • Hello, I’m Hassan/Tiger. Jordi, not only did you help me out with my channel but you also gave me a lot of life changing personal advice. I promise I won’t take this chance for granted and I will grind out the best possible content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ❤️ Maybe all 5 of us should make a video together one day, that would be pretty epic 😎

    TigerTiger5 dager siden
    • wow

      daewoo3690daewoo36905 dager siden
    • That would be awesome 😃

      john guiajohn guia5 dager siden
    • :3 Awesome

      bahthearenterprise mimibahthearenterprise mimi5 dager siden
    • That so awesome for you guys and If you guys are planning to have an another NOworldr Can it be a girl plz. :)

      game boygame boy5 dager siden
    • Ok

      Andrew NeskoAndrew Nesko5 dager siden
  • Jordi share your feelings with us absolutely no problem man we love you pls get back together you are a amazing guy pls get back to them I swear to god you will feel better man love you kwebblekop :) ❤❤

    Naveed CODMNaveed CODM6 minutter siden
  • I hate you now

    Azlaan ShahAzlaan Shah7 minutter siden
  • Can you help me because I’m a youtuber

    Bryle CarcamoBryle Carcamo14 minutter siden
  • I mean, been wondering for 1 year. Finally got the answer.

    The Rat With a knifeThe Rat With a knife14 minutter siden
  • Now my respect level for this guy went up like Jelly's views... good job man, keep it up!

    Shaurya LuthraShaurya Luthra17 minutter siden
  • Tbh u made the same mistake as ssundee He divorced with his wife cuz he was focused on youtube and didnt focus only his family now he give more attention to his family

    SAUSAUGE10SAUSAUGE1023 minutter siden
  • Dose anyone watch this guy any more but just kids

    S3 9S3 936 minutter siden
  • 🥺😭😘

    Akua Otema KwaningAkua Otema Kwaning51 minutt siden
  • I’m glad you are happy

    Gingy StingyGingy Stingy59 minutter siden
  • I cried when I watched this

    Gingy StingyGingy Stingy59 minutter siden
  • They left you Posey

    John ColeyJohn ColeyTime siden
  • If I could like again I would!!!

    Kostantis 007Kostantis 007Time siden
  • 😢 sad 😢

    Jo-an JacobaJo-an JacobaTime siden
  • 😢 sad

    Jo-an JacobaJo-an JacobaTime siden
  • Will never forget those vids will always be great

    Andrew MoralesAndrew MoralesTime siden
  • SB737 is the perfect you should train him a little bit he's good NOworldr by he needs a little bit helps he's one of my favourite

    Minhaz AhmedMinhaz AhmedTime siden
  • Luv u for being so open and inspiring :)

    Decrypt PlayZDecrypt PlayZTime siden
  • Because ur such of an inspiration, I think u should turn ur story into a book called ( LETSS DO THISS???)

    Poison Troop3rPoison Troop3rTime siden
  • I’m glad you are doing ok man and I’m glad you pulled through the storm

    Flawless VictoryFlawless VictoryTime siden
  • Okay I understand you didnt have fight. But what's going on in the thumbnail Edit: nevermind now I realised I am So sorry

    bananabananaTime siden
  • I hav int seen you in so Long

    Giulian PIaysGiulian PIaysTime siden
  • can you react to flare roblox

    Luke Gladeriel C. MarasiganLuke Gladeriel C. MarasiganTime siden
  • Plz I need help I want to make people happy by my vids

    TTV dummyTTV dummyTime siden
  • Can you help me with my channel plz jordy

    TTV dummyTTV dummyTime siden
  • Keep it up jordi

    master snipermaster sniper2 timer siden
  • Can u help me

    Night_fury_ 17Night_fury_ 172 timer siden
  • Before I love your three group videos

    Sky BirdSky Bird2 timer siden
  • Man why you don't join them

    Sky BirdSky Bird2 timer siden
  • You da man Jordi!

    Crishawn Andrei SimanganCrishawn Andrei Simangan2 timer siden
  • When he said 3 years I said woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    GodGod2 timer siden
  • My man jordi has gone through a lot of bad things

    LGC NoxLGC Nox2 timer siden
  • I feel you I have sever depression and I've almost committed suicide

    Sasuke uchihaSasuke uchiha2 timer siden
  • Maybe you should trie and record with them again just this time bring tiger along with you.

    Night VolcanoNight Volcano2 timer siden
  • is this permanently like i ,i do you ever see yourself recording with them again or ,i just miss the good old days seeing yo guys do LTS's together ok i guess.

    Guest AccountGuest Account2 timer siden
  • I can never focus:(

    xd_mcMellexd_mcMelle2 timer siden
  • Leir

    Jan Aldous SaribayJan Aldous Saribay2 timer siden
  • I don’t get what there is to dislike (I’m talking to you 4.8k people)

    Maria MercadoMaria Mercado2 timer siden
  • um..........

    Mr BeastMr Beast2 timer siden
  • Thank you jordi you made all things clear keep it up your funny and a kind man

    the HAM boysthe HAM boys2 timer siden
  • Yup

    Krishiv PlayzKrishiv Playz3 timer siden
  • They have started turtle town

    Krishiv PlayzKrishiv Playz3 timer siden
  • Jordi so join them again dude

    Krishiv PlayzKrishiv Playz3 timer siden

    RaknarokRaknarok3 timer siden
  • I been waiting for this as long as I been waiting for my dad

    Eh SoeEh Soe3 timer siden
  • Your the whorst guy in the world

    Mark Anthony AbenirMark Anthony Abenir3 timer siden
  • oh ok so he just needed a fresh start because of the things going around

    Gregory JordanGregory Jordan3 timer siden
  • I. Love you man. I. U. You

    Chris MontoyaChris Montoya3 timer siden
  • Just play terarria

    John CarloJohn Carlo3 timer siden
  • Happy thanksgiving everyone

    M ReynoldsM Reynolds3 timer siden
  • Your videos are so awesome I always watch them they are so cool

    Indra MirandaIndra Miranda3 timer siden
  • Jordie I'm glad you feel great again dude!

    Zadik Let'sPlayZadik Let'sPlay3 timer siden
  • We love you jordi ❤❤❤

    XD LPXD LP3 timer siden
  • Ur a good boi

    Caleb DanevichCaleb Danevich3 timer siden
  • subbed to you since 2013 when you made Gta 5 motorcycle stunts

    Luck DuckLuck Duck3 timer siden
  • My dad pass too it’s ok

    Mofosho99Mofosho993 timer siden
  • Ugly

    jalen williamsjalen williams3 timer siden
  • Say KOPS to help Jordi feel better

    Stark IndustriesStark Industries4 timer siden
    • KOPS

      Sea ThunderSea Thunder3 timer siden
  • That’s amazing your amazing your ok your the best no matter what you do you make your mom so proud of you and I love your videos it’s ok ❤️

    Orange On 60 FPSOrange On 60 FPS4 timer siden
  • I get it you are amazing nomader what

    Quinn EsplinQuinn Esplin4 timer siden
  • Bro this used to be my childhood channel and I crying to see this again

    Cristian MunozCristian Munoz4 timer siden
  • Jordi u should get back with them and should hang out

  • Letsss do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SherBinBinXD GamingSherBinBinXD Gaming4 timer siden
  • Then why you play with craiter

    a98228a982284 timer siden
  • Nononononononononononoonono

    Elmo RamosElmo Ramos5 timer siden
  • m m

    Charlie HongCharlie Hong5 timer siden
  • Thx for telling us uhh maybe

    Animated John peek Animated JohnAnimated John peek Animated John5 timer siden
  • Bits

    Riley KentRiley Kent5 timer siden
  • I’m Sorry about your dad

    Malakai ShepherdMalakai Shepherd5 timer siden
  • I'm sorry and sad 😭😥😱😱😱😱😰😰😭😭😭😿

    Andrea ColonAndrea Colon5 timer siden
  • I searched up the hunger games and this was the first result wtf

    Jerad WestJerad West5 timer siden
  • I always thought in like three years you should’ve came back

    Erin BrownErin Brown5 timer siden
  • You’re about to hit 6 billion channel views

    Respawn dayRespawn day5 timer siden
  • Whos seeing this commet ⬇ ⬇

    My life AnimtedMy life Animted5 timer siden
  • Hey if you see this are you gonna come back

    Boxing kingBoxing king5 timer siden
  • Not me putting this 2x

    michelle heusnermichelle heusner6 timer siden
  • U mean sneep

    RuinzproRuinzpro6 timer siden
  • Love it 😍

    poison scorpion GAMINGpoison scorpion GAMING6 timer siden
  • um...

    Matthew MendoMatthew Mendo6 timer siden
  • Soory for your da

    Mario CruxMario Crux6 timer siden
  • Glad you're feeling better, Jordi! I'm also feeling for you, how things have changed. You're doing a good job with pulling yourself out of your funk, and I'm glad to see that. On a side note, you should introduce Tiger to GTAV and do crazy races again. I miss your crazy races, the crazy stunts, etc.

    RanmaBushikoRanmaBushiko6 timer siden
  • Ur dad passed away!!! Omg I SORRY I didn’t know but hope ur okay and safe and healthy btw I live in Cambodia

    elly eangelly eang6 timer siden
  • Thanks for telling us K I have been whating for 2 years so thank you

    Olivia Jean DeWolfeOlivia Jean DeWolfe6 timer siden
  • I just found out I have depression tonight. Glade u got out of it.

    Deadon AirsoftDeadon Airsoft6 timer siden
  • thanks for telling me

    Patrick GibneyPatrick Gibney6 timer siden
  • 😢 good tear

    Jake SkinnerJake Skinner6 timer siden
  • I really miss the trio🥺🥺😭

    Anna Rose PajartinAnna Rose Pajartin7 timer siden
  • omg i thought it said 5 years ago (i don't watch him a lot) and he said corona i was like wtf

    rillis hammisrillis hammis7 timer siden
  • im sad:(

    Bennett MittleiderBennett Mittleider7 timer siden
  • And also why does tiger look like sneep??

    Kaleb LanzaKaleb Lanza7 timer siden
  • Can u help.

    FlamePandoraFlamePandora7 timer siden
    • ...

      THANOSTHANOS6 timer siden
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Taylor Gang Jet Life TiedyegangTaylor Gang Jet Life Tiedyegang7 timer siden
  • I’m glad that you lost your depression 🤗🤗

    Pointless ThomasPointless Thomas7 timer siden
  • Are you ever going to rec wit dem

    Alejandro MedinaAlejandro Medina7 timer siden
  • Did you guys not like make videos anymore together

    JuniorJunior7 timer siden
  • You left them because your voice suck

    Caitleen RonoCaitleen Rono7 timer siden

    BRICK02CONE 20BRICK02CONE 208 timer siden
  • I need help

    ShibiDooBwa PHShibiDooBwa PH8 timer siden
  • I no longer do tik tok any more because jordi

    Drake SandersDrake Sanders8 timer siden
  • I miss all your vids with them jordi..

    Ian Andres Pineda PinedaIan Andres Pineda Pineda8 timer siden