Why Captain America Shaved His Beard For Avengers: Endgame

17. feb.. 2019
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Captain America had such a beautiful beard in Avengers: Infinity War. May it rest in peace, up in beard heaven.
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  • Anyone notice that he has toilet paper in his hand or is that just me?

    UnderminedUndermined13 timer siden
  • I was sure the beard was gonna go!

    Laurence LaffertyLaurence Lafferty16 timer siden
  • Is it just me who wanted to see how he would look like without a beard

    Linkjozee878Linkjozee87817 timer siden
  • "Why Captain America shaved his beard for Avengers : Endgame?" "Because... Fair enough!"

    Malhar NityanandMalhar Nityanand19 timer siden
  • Shaving is not natural!!

    Can a swallow swallow?Can a swallow swallow?23 timer siden
  • It's cause Thor rocked it harder

    Sleeping DevilSleeping DevilDag siden
  • How did you EVEN get the special effects background of the ashes?

    Jon DunmoreJon DunmoreDag siden
  • Sometimes I shave my beard after growing it out just cause I feel like it. Especially after going through a rough period of time it almost adds to the letting go process

    Eleven RacoonEleven RacoonDag siden
  • He had a beard to hide because he was a fugitive, after the snap he just shave it because they wouldn't try to get him...

    Let's Talk About MoviesLet's Talk About MoviesDag siden
  • we've lost too much already we can't lose that beard

    KingUman30KingUman30Dag siden
  • I really wanted to see him do it

    Anneya GalarioAnneya Galario2 dager siden
  • I think he’s shaved his beard because he was no longer in hiding as he was in infinity war

    GillyGilly2 dager siden
  • In some cultures and religions, grieving people shave their HEADS. Don't push it, fanboy. 😉🙂

    Rob BoyteRob Boyte3 dager siden
  • I shave just cause I feel like it some times lol

    Philip SeitzPhilip Seitz3 dager siden
  • He actually always wanted to shave long before Infinity War. Constantly running from the government never gave him a chance to shave.

    Time DragonTime Dragon3 dager siden
  • why... why in the he'll was this NOT sponsored by Dollar Shave Club.

    axel benedictaxel benedict3 dager siden
  • when you think about it he is Scott Lang

    Mitchel GrayMitchel Gray4 dager siden
  • He shaved because he did need to hide anymore?

    SMSFF7SMSFF74 dager siden
  • Gonna need you to get ALL the way off my back about this.

    Snek But it’s a doggoSnek But it’s a doggo4 dager siden
  • Because... he was on the run and probs didn't get much shower and was in hiding. I hope so.😂

    Wishvesh ChaturvediWishvesh Chaturvedi4 dager siden
  • The real reason why he shaved is because it was getting real itchy.

    dameto cositadameto cosita5 dager siden
  • There was a press conference and I think it went like this: Interviewer: bearded cap or clean-shaven cap Interviewer: raise hand for beard Everyone except Feige: ✋ Interviewer: clean-shaven Literally just Feige: ✋

    Purple TwinkiesPurple Twinkies5 dager siden
  • Doesn't he always shave?

    Gustavo SouzaGustavo Souza5 dager siden
  • Because he'd look weird in his mask with a beard

    Sebastien Von DoomSebastien Von Doom5 dager siden
  • And then cap did a backflip, snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day!

    Roshan HalappanavarRoshan Halappanavar6 dager siden
  • This is the first ever video I’ve watched from Ryan George I’m glad I did

    Joshua AbramovJoshua Abramov7 dager siden
  • Its savage how dust is constantly floating arround in this sketch

    Mago IlicMago Ilic7 dager siden
  • I was Today years old when I noticed Captian America had a Beard in Infinity War.

    Robert PhelpsRobert Phelps7 dager siden
  • Didn't like how noone acknowledged how Black Widow and Capt Marvel both had time in the apocalypse to get their hair cut, styled, &/or dyed.

    Caesar RayCaesar Ray7 dager siden
  • Why not both. Cry in a corner and shave your beard.

    sirius4ksirius4k7 dager siden
  • So now one is gonna talk about why does he hold a pink toilet paper roll

    Ji VelJi Vel7 dager siden
  • Cause there was dust in it

    Ren HansonRen Hanson8 dager siden
  • I just realized the snap killed 50% of all life in the universe, EXCEPT any of the original Avengers

    floricel_112floricel_1128 dager siden
    • @Raihan Nafis sometimes I'm REALLY slow

      floricel_112floricel_1128 dager siden
    • How did you not know this

      Raihan NafisRaihan Nafis8 dager siden
  • T^T

    PlutogenixPlutogenix8 dager siden
  • I think captain america just broke the forth wall

    Those crazy kids on youtubeThose crazy kids on youtube9 dager siden
  • he does a good cap cosplay

    MeredisuMeredisu9 dager siden
  • it was because thanos snapped his beard and not him

    parsa shahinfarparsa shahinfar10 dager siden
  • Or he just ✨wanted to✨

    Tim HansejordetTim Hansejordet10 dager siden
  • I mean... I shaved my head when Unus Annus died.

    Grace TalmadgeGrace Talmadge11 dager siden
  • Barely an inconvenience...

    Daniel KwokDaniel Kwok11 dager siden
  • RIP Steve's beard 🥲

    HowYall DoingHowYall Doing12 dager siden
  • Cap was so much sexier with the beard

    Daniel BurkeDaniel Burke12 dager siden
  • When Captain America throws his mighty shield!!!

    Connor McCrackenConnor McCracken13 dager siden
  • The melodic drawbridge sadly instruct because dill quantitatively flash like a redundant half-sister. intelligent, long british

    Rarified ApparelRarified Apparel13 dager siden
  • Oh...

    Carson NyeCarson Nye13 dager siden
  • He didn't shave his beard, it was a separate entity to him and disappeared when Thanos snapped

    BeffScienceWordsBeffScienceWords14 dager siden
  • Captain, why did you Deadpool him? It's just not you.

    Preston Vander VenPreston Vander Ven14 dager siden
  • I thought maybe so people won't call him terrorist

    Mehdi BouarfaMehdi Bouarfa15 dager siden
  • when captain America has a conversation with Deadpool

    phoenix varieurphoenix varieur15 dager siden
  • That’s America’s Beard!!!!

    Haylie WintersHaylie Winters15 dager siden
  • Ya why would he shave it was only like 5ish years.

    Aidan MacDonaldAidan MacDonald16 dager siden
  • Imagine if he had a bunch of twins and he wasn’t green screen editing

    p.macp.mac16 dager siden
  • Breaking the forth wall is tight

    ArjArj16 dager siden
  • I was looking forward to Ryan shaving.

    karan khuranakaran khurana16 dager siden
  • Shaving the beard is easy, barely an inconvenience

    I am trashI am trash16 dager siden
  • I actually do get clean shaven when I stress. It feels like stepping into a new, fresh state of mind

    Simon ProdSimon Prod17 dager siden
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  • Actually on days I get really sad I shave my beard just to feel a bit of control over myself.

    Colby JohnsonColby Johnson17 dager siden
  • This is great!!!!

    John KravichJohn Kravich18 dager siden
  • my question is why is there a photoshopped beard in the thumbnail when he has an actual one in the video

    shinobikazshinobikaz18 dager siden
  • Tap only had the beard to keep a low profile you know being a fugitive and all. Since half the people who are chasing him turn to dust he didn't need to hide behind the beard anymore.

    androssteagueandrossteague19 dager siden
  • When men go through life altering struggles they typically grow their hair out. when women go through life altering struggles they typically cut their hair off.

    androssteagueandrossteague19 dager siden
  • Did Captain America ever have a beard❓

    Naseem AhmedNaseem Ahmed19 dager siden
  • And here I was thinking it was because the beard was now full of people dust...

    aCrazyDrummeraCrazyDrummer20 dager siden
  • I know it ruins the joke to try to rationalize it but he only grew out the beard because he was on the Run. Otherwise he's always been clean shaven.

    Jimmy QuinnJimmy Quinn21 dag siden
  • Woah, I just realized that Ryan kind of looks like Captain America! My mind is blown.

    DiverDownDiverDown22 dager siden
  • He probably just had the beard as a disguise.

    FireOccatorFireOccator23 dager siden
  • No cap I got a Gillette skin guard add right before this.

    *Scholel**Scholel*24 dager siden
  • Would have loved to see captain ryan shave his beard and as a result fanboy ryan suddenly being beardless too

    dschelada1dschelada124 dager siden
  • My neighbour shaved his beard after his dog passed away.

    Hitso OrvonenHitso Orvonen24 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Big LegendsBig Legends25 dager siden
  • What if people swimming pool and got snapped away and returned back in 5years they would've been ashes in sewage so they will return in sewage😂🤔

    Arun EaswarArun Easwar25 dager siden
  • I didn't get the vacuum cleaner joke for a second and then I realized where this scene was taking place and I'd just like to say that you're an evil bastard. Funny but evil.

    Onuraag DasOnuraag Das28 dager siden
  • '"We have lost to much already we cannot lost the beard'" ha

    Siji OmotoshoSiji OmotoshoMåned siden
  • And this was the origin of the "The Free Guy".😤😤😤

    Roy DilipRoy DilipMåned siden
  • I never really thought about the shaving until this video. I think Cap's beard was part of being on the run after Civil War (like how Black Widow dyed her hair), but with Thanos' invasion, he had to come out of hiding so he wanted to get back to his normal self. He was busy all during Infinity War, but as soon as he had some downtime at the beginning of Endgame, he took a few minutes to shave.

    James RelichJames RelichMåned siden
  • I think we need a series about the cleaning crew after many important events in movies. There used to be a similar thing somewhere... but I can't recall exactly where

    Ernesto OsunaErnesto OsunaMåned siden
  • When 2 Democrats fall in love 8===>

    OMGOMGMåned siden
  • U and I R not real!!!

  • Cap 4th wall breaking? I didn't know he was Ryan Rynolds!

    BopplesBopplesMåned siden
  • Shaving doesn't make any sense .

    Thayer MannsThayer MannsMåned siden
  • Well they can sell new merchandise

    Larniie PlayzLarniie PlayzMåned siden
  • Sponsored by Dollar Shave Club.

    Floop JoopFloop JoopMåned siden
  • I..is it weird I like him without his beard more?

    Sarah JasperSarah JasperMåned siden
  • The first line is perfect “hey- hey CAP 🧢”

    Gamezilla 56Gamezilla 56Måned siden
  • to be real, i didn't even notice that he lost his beard

    AbRAoM JAbRAoM JMåned siden
  • I just realized you had a beard

    Crack it Up!Crack it Up!Måned siden
  • “Okay fan boy...” I’m dying 🤣

    PanndiaPanndiaMåned siden
  • I was really sad when Captain America shaved his beard

    Swadhin PatelSwadhin PatelMåned siden
  • That is a thing if you count me 😂 for some reason if something happens in my life and i need a change, i either shave all or part of my beard or get a different haircut. Dont know why

    Lou GarouLou GarouMåned siden
  • I did mourn Cap’s Beard... 😭

    Pascale DubéPascale DubéMåned siden
  • Should have had the beard in Endgame, not Infinity War. 5 years alone is good reason for beard.

    AthalonAthalonMåned siden
  • Because reality is often disappointing

    papingos trainerpapingos trainerMåned siden
  • Uh cause Bucky was caught in it. Also Wanda. And Sam.

    Elena ChristianElena ChristianMåned siden
  • *the memes never end*

    Cheese BoiCheese BoiMåned siden
  • One thing that NEVER gets explained is how all of the mass worldwide destruction looks normal in the next superhero movie, whether it be an Avangers, Captain America, Xmen, Superman or Batman movie. There is no way the world would have recovered within even decades let alone several months. There, I've fixed everything wrong with these movies.

    TrollMonkeyTrollMonkeyMåned siden