Where Those Instagram AR Filters Are Headed

27. jan.. 2020
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I freakin' love these filters! I found out that I'm Ursula from Disney, the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, and Team Rocket from Pokemon!
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    Ryan GeorgeRyan George11 måneder siden
    • If you have social media, I have social media

      Benjamin LuscombeBenjamin Luscombe5 timer siden
    • @not_elie uno reverse (blue to be exact)

      Robert ThompsonRobert Thompson9 dager siden
    • @Robert Thompson r/woooooosh

      not_elienot_elie9 dager siden
    • Noice... *I don’t....*

      not_elienot_elie9 dager siden
    • @Tom Sadler he’s not bragging

      Robert ThompsonRobert ThompsonMåned siden
  • I would just lie and say 3 months

    Jack ScoularJack ScoularDag siden
  • So true 😂

    Ethan MaloneEthan Malone5 dager siden
  • Here when this has 666k views

    RaslasRaslas6 dager siden
  • Google.com

    Joseph RafiqJoseph Rafiq6 dager siden
  • that robe tho 🤣

    John StarkJohn Stark7 dager siden
  • I'm imagining a cop pulling you over and shoving a phone in your face. "Sir, do this Instagram filter. If your secret evil twin Disney Princess is Elsa, your over the legal limit."

    ohSirjames, The AlmightyohSirjames, The Almighty7 dager siden
  • American justice system is realy wired

    obam aobam a8 dager siden
  • Instagram filters are accusing

    -CommanderCrasher--CommanderCrasher-11 dager siden
  • I love how he's just smiling even though he just got 27 years sentenced in jail.. lol

    Knowles DilleyKnowles Dilley13 dager siden
  • Why don’t u have 1mil subs?

    Teabag999Teabag99915 dager siden
  • Bro imagine doing a pitch meeting and having to explain to your boss that this randomized cringe filter will act as law

    ow ye menow ye men16 dager siden
  • I didn’t expect that

    Anthony FrazureAnthony Frazure18 dager siden
  • its like the real American justice system but less arbitrary and much quicker.

    MoeJohnsonMoeJohnson19 dager siden
  • Imagine getting 5 seconds of jail time for a mass genocide then watching someone else get over 90 year for stealing a snickers from the cinema store

    Dio BrandoDio Brando29 dager siden
  • I got 5 seconds lol

    bob the builder chicken nuggetbob the builder chicken nuggetMåned siden
  • I just love your perspective on the life. It hits the point everytime! Thanks Ryan for reminding us, how crazy life is 😁

    Stu DeeDooStu DeeDooMåned siden
  • ok Judge I got 10 seconds. Doesn't seem fair, what with you being a serial killer, but okay, next!

    Benjamin BaerBenjamin BaerMåned siden
  • Imagine jaywalking and getting 100 years and then a serial killer who’s killed over 1,000 people walks in and gets 1 day

    KingJake2511KingJake2511Måned siden
  • 27 years and you only serve half that for good behavior.

    KyleKyleMåned siden
  • LOL, I just noticed that the made the robe by wearing his jacket backwards

    Roach DoggJRRoach DoggJRMåned siden
  • Yeah Pretty accurate depiction of the lack of mandatory minimums and maximums in the judicial system

    eac dezeac dezMåned siden
  • I love how his judge disguise is just a reverse shirt

    Pacôme DavalPacôme DavalMåned siden
  • Everyone: He put a jacket on backwards. That's comic gold. Me: Yeah, but why'd he change his ties tho?

    ChristheLoneWandererChristheLoneWandererMåned siden
  • This guy is such a creative comedic genius and filmmaker

    Andrew KojiAndrew KojiMåned siden
  • Lmao Ryan George is a gift to terrible life of mine

    Jon OssimJon OssimMåned siden
  • Imagine it was for speeding

    ParzivalParzivalMåned siden
  • Hah! Never seen this one before

    clever nameclever nameMåned siden
  • The judge looks like he’s in a straight jacket. I guess that was his punishment.

    Talene RiveraTalene Rivera2 måneder siden
  • Did not expect that but ok.

    TigerManAlphaTigerManAlpha2 måneder siden
  • bet he used those filters to choose his target lol

    ultra-instinct ADultra-instinct AD2 måneder siden
  • What a dumb vid

    AnthonyAnthony2 måneder siden
  • That's nuts! LOL

    jazziel tottijazziel totti2 måneder siden
  • If that was the case I'd lie

    Into the LegoverseInto the Legoverse2 måneder siden
  • They got us in the first half, not gonna lie.

    Gamer 94Gamer 942 måneder siden
  • Just enough time for Pennywise to come back. :)

    Povee 9Povee 92 måneder siden
  • Love that backwards jacket robe. 👌🏻

    Benjamin GibsonBenjamin Gibson2 måneder siden
  • you shoulda lied

    A Dumb PersonA Dumb Person2 måneder siden
  • This scene could easily be in a remake of the movie Idiocracy.

    Marco CurvelloMarco Curvello2 måneder siden
  • that phone tho

    billy boibilly boi2 måneder siden
  • The judges robe 🤣🤣

    Delicate DisasterDelicate Disaster2 måneder siden
  • damn it dude. it takes you less than 30 seconds to set it up and knock it out of the park. here is your spectacular efficiency in writing award. (sorry, due to budget cuts, we had to do away with any physical representations of awards...)

    Saddest ClownSaddest Clown2 måneder siden
  • At first I thought it would be guessing how old the guy was.

    dragonmb7dragonmb72 måneder siden
  • IRL, you'd get like a year and a black man would get life for jaywalking

    MissJillyMissJilly3 måneder siden
  • epic

    Ionic457Ionic4573 måneder siden
  • That’s a very elegant robe the judge is wearing. I wonder how he got it

    mike edwardsmike edwards3 måneder siden
  • Lol 'that murder you did'

    EllieEllie3 måneder siden
  • i initially thought this was about how much time he had before he died lol

    Jenny CanigulaJenny Canigula3 måneder siden
  • if this was real: shoplifter: gets 112 years serial killer: gets 10 seconds i don't like where this is headed

    roykoopa31roykoopa313 måneder siden
  • Now you are laughing but chances that this happens in the future is not zero.😂

    Cait SithCait Sith3 måneder siden
  • I want 9 more seasons of this, now.

    TentionX3TentionX33 måneder siden
  • fair enough

    isadora jamarisadora jamar3 måneder siden
  • Hi! Hello there! I’m a random NOworldr! I like these videos 😁

    Kishaa CrumseyKishaa Crumsey3 måneder siden
  • Ha.

    Mattias W.Mattias W.3 måneder siden
  • Plot twist, He was actually sent to death row.

    claud eagleclaud eagle3 måneder siden
  • Wow, the judge and the murderer have such a wholesome friendship.

    Adam NicholsAdam Nichols3 måneder siden
  • Watch it in .25X speed. You're welcome.

    Blank Background ImageBlank Background Image3 måneder siden
  • He got pretty lucky compared to some other years ngl

    The EdtityThe Edtity3 måneder siden
  • My brain: I like this Me: what the heck

    Scp 999Scp 9994 måneder siden
  • Passing sentences with smartphone apps is thight!

    Jonas KJonas K4 måneder siden
  • If it wasn't Ryan George this would be the shortest black mirror episode

    EverythingIsScienceEverythingIsScience4 måneder siden
  • I want more of these

    Max StorreMax Storre4 måneder siden
  • I love how he could of lied and nobody would be able to call him out on it but yet he didn’t!

    Troll 4 LifeTroll 4 Life4 måneder siden
  • Little do they know, that the judges sentences everyone who witnessed it to death, except the other judges.

    EmpathicTitan 95EmpathicTitan 954 måneder siden
  • 112 years

    Nintendocat 64Nintendocat 644 måneder siden
  • The judge's robe was just and inverted jacket, and I can't get over it 🤣

    RoyRoy4 måneder siden
  • I got 112 months for my vehicular manslaughter

    ColbyColby4 måneder siden
  • This is hilarious played at 0.25x speed

    Rayla 957Rayla 9574 måneder siden
  • January 27th 27 years coincidence I think not

    Narrow BenNarrow Ben4 måneder siden
  • He’s Canadian. Where’s the wig?

    ArkhamInmateE32bArkhamInmateE32b4 måneder siden
  • Who else was actually looking for which Disney character Ryan really is?

    MONKEY AIDEN!MONKEY AIDEN!4 måneder siden
  • Dude, that was freaking awesome! You need your own show. I'll settle for youtube until then.

    the son of dormammuthe son of dormammu5 måneder siden
  • I got 14 days. If anyone was wondering what I was charged for, it was child cannibalism.

    A T-rex with internetA T-rex with internet5 måneder siden
  • He got those Pennywise years huh? 27 years later this dude's kids are missing and I love that the court room is empty let alone the judge and defendant. 😅😅

    The boy who laughs52The boy who laughs525 måneder siden
  • Dude should watch "Countdown App" lol

    Priscilla JimenezPriscilla Jimenez5 måneder siden
  • so....why didn't he just lie and say it was the 10 second one? he didn't check he just wanted him to do the Disney character one next

    jdzspace33jdzspace335 måneder siden
  • One of them was 112 years and another one was 10 seconds keep in mind he murdered someone lol

    SheerqiosSheerqios5 måneder siden
  • Do a shorter than half a minute video, and get almost half a million views? Super easy, barely an inconvenience!

    ricaardricaard5 måneder siden
  • Ryan having filters is SUPER EASY, BARELY AN INCONVENIENCE

    Александр ГагуаАлександр Гагуа5 måneder siden
  • Ryan George, do you really clone yourself?

    Troy JacksonTroy Jackson5 måneder siden
  • I love the "judges gown" that is such a nice touch. It took me multiple viewings to notice it is just a button up shirt or something similar on backwards but it looks great.

    Cornlips 4Cornlips 45 måneder siden
  • I love you bro

    Chris ThisChris This5 måneder siden
  • I wanted to see the Disney character. Don't know why but I see you as genie from Aladdin.

    Pokè StorePokè Store5 måneder siden
    • "I Wish I was a prince" Super easy barely an inconvenience. I wish for you to be free Being free is tight.

      BoredStickmanBoredStickman4 måneder siden
  • Imagine this video is the only evidence humanity ever existed

    Shae RayneShae Rayne5 måneder siden
  • At this point in the future people can be revived for $35.39 so murder isn't so bad

    Golden GarudaGolden Garuda5 måneder siden
  • the disney character is his cell mate

    Gio ScaccoGio Scacco5 måneder siden
  • I really thought it was going to be the filter telling you how much time you have left like of living

    Jovana AvalosJovana Avalos5 måneder siden
  • Other youtubers all have 10 min 1 second videos to get the ads and ryan’s don’t even hit 30 sec 😂

    Julien ChiassonJulien Chiasson5 måneder siden
  • WTF was that

    Rocky PRocky P5 måneder siden
  • To be fair that’s actually a pretty decent sentence for murder

    Cookie CatCookie Cat5 måneder siden
  • Judge: I condemn you to ten seconds in prison for murder Judge: ... Judge: this system doesn't work

    Cristhian RamirezCristhian Ramirez5 måneder siden
  • I thought it was going to be one that told you when you would die and it would say, like, ten seconds or something and when the timer reached zero he would just drop dead. So yeah.

    Catattack957Catattack9575 måneder siden
  • I was hoping for an ending of I guess I sentence you to 27 years for that petty theft *or something along those lines

    Aiden HaferAiden Hafer5 måneder siden
  • At first I thought it was going to be how long he has left to live

    Ethan LockeEthan Locke5 måneder siden
  • 27 years?! That's so much time! Default jail time for murder: 35-forever

    chainmengaming _chainmengaming _5 måneder siden
    • Wait, I think I got those numbers wrong.

      chainmengaming _chainmengaming _5 måneder siden
  • Which Disney are you? I'm pre-Lucasfilm buyout Disney?

    EternalDensityEternalDensity5 måneder siden
  • How the government picked the length of quarantine

    Sizwe LetantaSizwe Letanta6 måneder siden
  • The joke would have been better if the crime was something like a speeding ticket

    AceBalistic 1AceBalistic 16 måneder siden
  • . . .

    SamiDaDerpYTSamiDaDerpYT6 måneder siden
  • Judge had no idea what he got so if I was him I would have just said I got 1 day.

    Zachary RoushZachary Roush6 måneder siden