When We Finally Discover Aliens

25. okt.. 2019
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When we finally discover aliens, we need to be ready to ask the important questions.
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    Ryan GeorgeRyan GeorgeÅr siden
    • What is: 'Cinema?'

      carealoo744carealoo7445 dager siden
    • This land of clones you live in, just great 😂

      jemborgjemborg26 dager siden
    • @Doctor straing Strange yeah me too

      Jeeson KallukkaranJeeson KallukkaranMåned siden
    • @Jesus Ochoa oh i just noticed athiest comments

      Jeeson KallukkaranJeeson KallukkaranMåned siden
    • @Jesus Ochoa what i just said that i read the whole newspaper in the video. and i am not racist i respect everyone but thanks for your quote

      Jeeson KallukkaranJeeson KallukkaranMåned siden
  • Reporter: How did you figure out that ET exists? NASA scientist: It was super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    Karthick BKarthick B2 timer siden
  • "Dow declines at record pace" *Drops below 10000* But what has Wallstreet to say about Marvel?

    KalenzKalenz3 timer siden
  • ewwww marvel stans

    ShimadaShimadaDag siden
  • nobody: Ryan: what do you think about marvel they are not cinema

    KingUman30KingUman30Dag siden
  • I tried reading the newspaper 🧐

    Heitor CabralHeitor CabralDag siden
  • I didn’t know you guys had two more brothers.

    Falcon Xr25iFalcon Xr25i3 dager siden
  • "So how hard will it be to conquer this planet called earth?" "Super easy, barely an inconvience" "That's tight"

    Julian GameZJulian GameZ4 dager siden
  • What is: 'Cinema?'

    carealoo744carealoo7445 dager siden
  • Ooh what he didn’t know

    BOX_ FILMZBOX_ FILMZ5 dager siden
  • Weird this is on my recommended to me now......

    Epic 1Epic 15 dager siden
  • What do you think about Satr Wars

    TheUbnerTheUbner6 dager siden
  • morty's ????

    BrainyBrainy6 dager siden
  • Um... The Adstronaut already discovered aliens...

    Hrishi PotterHrishi Potter6 dager siden
  • i didnt know that

    Johnny sunJohnny sun7 dager siden
  • Imagine if this is the last evidence that we ever existed

    visible lightvisible light7 dager siden
  • LMAO

    Omar MirOmar Mir8 dager siden
  • .... ...... ..... IN 0:16 HE WATCHES MARVEL MOVIES WATCH SEGA MOVIES !!!!

    sonic the hedgehogsonic the hedgehog8 dager siden
  • I think this is more of a comment on the way the media has been for the last 4 years or so.

    Bobby HempelBobby Hempel8 dager siden
  • Love it. Perfect 👌

  • I can actually see a headline like that written by The New York Times.

    PS4sos21PS4sos219 dager siden
  • Alien Overlord: "So, what's up with this new species you were talking about?" Alien Subordinate: "Well, we've tried to test their intelligence." Alien Overlord: "And how exactly did you do this?" Alien Subordinate: "We infected some of them with a disease to see how they would react." Alien Overlord: "That's seems like a tough challenge." Alien Subordinate: "Actually it's super easy, barely an inconvenience. All they had to do is wearing masks, social distancing and get vaccinated as soon as their scientists developed the vaccine." Alien Overlord: "Fair enough. And how did they handle all of this?" Alien Subordinate: "Some of them refuse to do any of these things and now millions of them are dead with no end in sight." Alien Overlord: "Whoops." Alien Subordinate: "Whoopsie."

    God Is An AtheistGod Is An Atheist9 dager siden
  • I actually read the newspaper and one of the articles he actually took the time to write the next is just random stuff so random one is in a different language

    Ioconic Lamb1441Ioconic Lamb14419 dager siden
  • LOL true copy of real event at a press meeting! :-)

    Fried MuleFried Mule9 dager siden
  • Hey ya'll who here in 2021

    Sarah and lia A.SSarah and lia A.S11 dager siden
    • 10 days in what a year it’s been

      Ray FernandezRay Fernandez10 dager siden
  • Ah the good ol days

    Mig RivMig Riv12 dager siden
  • I did actually read the newspaper😌

    Tobias Schatz HQTobias Schatz HQ12 dager siden
  • these are not journalists. they are radical communist manhating activists disguised as journalists

    MGTOW StanMGTOW Stan12 dager siden
  • this keeps get recomended

    HaroldQTHaroldQT12 dager siden
  • Loren ipsom. I now hate for for stopping the newspaper article from continuing.

    Robo_GhostRobo_Ghost12 dager siden
  • maybe aliens will not come because they see the weird stuff we do and they say "I will pass..."

    StxrryJupiterzStxrryJupiterz13 dager siden
  • When this just happened weeks ago I am four parrel universes ahead of you

    RedstoneDino999RedstoneDino99913 dager siden
  • "Okay there's no way anyone is going to read much further, so it's time for some good old fashioned Lorem Ipsum". I started laughing when I read that lmao

    Raze DogRaze Dog13 dager siden
  • I like how he actually written something on the left side of the news page, but then started to write some Loren Ipsum when I thought the story was actually going to show us a website.

    zax zenaidazax zenaida13 dager siden
  • And in this video we DIDN'T see the ad-stronaut? Great video BTW!

    Shalev Haham2000Shalev Haham200014 dager siden
  • If he only knew...

    Luke BakerLuke Baker14 dager siden
    • @Luke Baker lol

      Blood FangBlood Fang9 dager siden
    • @Blood Fang 2020 aliens

      Luke BakerLuke Baker9 dager siden
    • About?

      Blood FangBlood Fang9 dager siden
  • The head of NASA has stated during a ____ conference that he does not believe that _______ taking place within the _______ popular Marvel Cinematic Universe are quote “not important right now” Fans will no doubt express a ____ of courage after reading our publications which hopefully they’ll pay their money for. When they ______ with our paper and our ________ they’re exposed to our ____ and that is how we make money. So please if your a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the story about NASA makes you ______, tell all your friends about it. Tell them to look at our stuff too. Okay there’s no way anyone is going to read much further, so it’s time for some good old fashioned lorum ispum. Lorum ispum doler sit amet... The ___ are words I couldn’t figure out. I have way too much time on my hands.

    Elliot BerghElliot Bergh14 dager siden
  • I love his green screen effects

    flix. jakeflix. jake14 dager siden
  • Hi

    Martian ManhunterMartian Manhunter15 dager siden
  • did anyone else read the news paper

    nyan billynyan billy15 dager siden
  • I took a closer look at the newspaper. "Worldwide stocks plunged again Friday" due to NASA going to far?

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV16 dager siden
  • Lol I thought the reporters were gonna ask if the aliens were gonna be mad about their accurate racial representation in Marvel movies, sci-fi, and ect....🤣 (Just a joke, though😅)

    Brie BBrie B16 dager siden
  • Have you heard of the fermi paradox

    Cristian HerendiCristian Herendi16 dager siden
  • At least they'll stop watching season 2021 while we suffer with covid and actually join us

    EnderFive GaminKEnderFive GaminK16 dager siden
  • Here, have our entire planet. We don't like to be specist here on Earth and not giving you total control over our species is kind of specist.

    Moeka KiryuMoeka Kiryu16 dager siden
  • how the fuck is aliens a lot to take in the universe has so muck earth like planets somewhere that u cant even comprehend so it'd not be surprise for aliens to exist

    noobmaster69noobmaster6916 dager siden
  • Ah they hate marvel

    BL4CK FL4MEBL4CK FL4ME16 dager siden
  • NASA jealous that Tony went to Space?

    GreenManGreenMan16 dager siden
  • Nobody: Me: *pauses video to read the entire newspaper page* 0:44

    StrawberryStrawberry17 dager siden
    • Strawberry everybody did that, so did I

      P I Z Z A R I Y AP I Z Z A R I Y A15 dager siden
  • I was for sure this was going down the route of "do you think Marvel movies are specieist with their depictions of alien races?"

    KingOfSciliyKingOfSciliy17 dager siden
  • so my 3 years studying latin wasn't for nothing

    ClickyClicky17 dager siden
  • Kind of reminds me of this xkcd comic xkcd.com/1239/

    TimesterTimester18 dager siden

    Pizzetta Banana 暗号戦争Pizzetta Banana 暗号戦争18 dager siden
  • When you've been in quarantine so long that you are mad in 0:26 at the person for being next to himself.

    Intergalactical Commitee of ProcrastinationIntergalactical Commitee of Procrastination18 dager siden

    ToastyToasty19 dager siden
  • WhO's WhAtChInG In 2o21

    Bboyrisky gamingBboyrisky gaming19 dager siden
  • Man, everybody hates journalists these days.

    Colin DuffyColin Duffy19 dager siden
  • At first, I thought the journalists were gonna ask the question that we all know would be on people's minds: "Can we f**k them?"

    CatBatRatCatBatRat19 dager siden
  • Trump: 👌💋 noice

    its cat borgerits cat borger19 dager siden
  • You can smell the events of 30k and 40k in this video

    dr explovecraftdr explovecraft19 dager siden
  • Martin Scorsese is in shark tales the only animated movie hes ever done, he can not talk about whats cinema dont care what he has accomplished

    Skylar FoxSkylar Fox20 dager siden
  • Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if we did find aliens and the government is hiding them from us. Be honest, do you really think the people would be calm if they found out their were aliens

    Alex WilliamsAlex Williams20 dager siden
  • is anyone going to talk about how he ATUALLY written a news paper talking about how he didnt like marvel movies and didnt just put some random letters but he took the time to atually make this a news paper?

    fryguyspy 007fryguyspy 00720 dager siden
  • US Military: Yes we are acknowledging the existence of UFOs. Everyone else: This is 2020, it doesn't even rate in the top 10 events.

    A WA W20 dager siden
  • Can you do a Karen sketch

  • Why do they all look similar

    Grave eSportsGrave eSports20 dager siden
  • this didn’t age well.

    Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy20 dager siden
  • All the 400 dislikes are actually aliens that are mad that they got exposed...

    Y3s GamerY3s Gamer20 dager siden
  • Damn, this is accurate!

    MatthiasMatthias20 dager siden
  • "Aliens huh?" "That's right. Aliens." "So what's their whole deal?" "I don't know. And I'd appreciate it if you got all the way off my back about it."

    gsimon123gsimon12320 dager siden
  • Did anyone else read everything on the newspaper? (well up until the lorem ipsum dolor sit amet)

    JoJo StalinJoJo Stalin20 dager siden
  • Who's here right after the Government just confirmed aliens on December 30th 2020

    Comics LandingComics Landing21 dag siden
  • I cannot believe that he actually took the time to write the full newspaper article at the end

    PRESTONTUBE101PRESTONTUBE10121 dag siden
  • Ohh, lorem ipsum is tight ;)

    ShonenGamerShonenGamer21 dag siden
  • *That’s TECHNICALLY today* noworld.info/video/video/x3XKerap0c3Xyqc.html *!*

    RadMarshmallow AnimationsRadMarshmallow Animations21 dag siden
  • Is it just m that chose to read the whole news article 😂😂😂

    ProfesserPugArts &craftsProfesserPugArts &crafts21 dag siden
  • Damm, now I wish I had learned latim

    PokepoolPokepool21 dag siden
  • I have yet to find a more accurate representation of the press.

    SovietOnionSovietOnion21 dag siden
  • 0:45 interesting article.

    Nivesh ProagNivesh Proag21 dag siden
  • It’s funny cause the military said there was a ufo and it didn’t come from earth but it’s 2020 so everyone was just Ok and?

    BoiseuyBoiseuy22 dager siden
  • Just saw 'Okay no one is going to read any further than this. Time for some good old Lorem Ipsum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.' Ha ha Classic!!

    Oliver EdmistonOliver Edmiston22 dager siden
  • Hmmm this seems so familiar?!?

    FreeSEBASSSFreeSEBASSS22 dager siden
  • 0:44 I love how Ryan just wrote Lorem Ipsum to fill up the news paper

    Anubhab MandalAnubhab Mandal22 dager siden
  • Last year when you did this I might've believed you were on to something. Now...sorry...not how it'd go at all. It'd be "Fake news" everywhere...because a year later it's clear to me that aliens could be actively invading and a fuck ton of people would be all "Fake news. no such thing as aliens" and if the pandemic had been the zombie virus...they'd have zombie parties...because people are stupid!

    John RaymondJohn Raymond22 dager siden
  • NASA: "We just landed on an asteroid" PEOPLE: "But what about that T-Shirt!"

    Giorgio BaraditGiorgio Baradit22 dager siden

    A-10A-1023 dager siden
  • Im hungry.

    C JC J23 dager siden
  • Haha...I did read the Newspaper and I got you! That wasn't a real article at all...it devolves into gibberish!

    Patrick KilduffPatrick Kilduff23 dager siden
  • I was expecting some person to deny aliens even though there's tons of proof, but this is better

    Dolphin 002Dolphin 00223 dager siden
  • Did anyone else read the newspaper

    Pikajim :0Pikajim :023 dager siden
  • Funny

    TristanTristan23 dager siden
  • This was shot before 2020 but it’s in 2020

    Core VortexCore Vortex24 dager siden
  • Realistically the 1st thing we'd do to an alien species is see if we can communicate... The 2nd and 3rd things we'd do is see if we can eat them or sleep with them

    JJJBunney001JJJBunney00124 dager siden
  • I believe Aliens are real. Because it is literally impossible for us to be the only ones in this universe. That, and I like Star Wars.

    mman4723mman472325 dager siden
  • Well this certainty aged well

    Bill bamboozleBill bamboozle25 dager siden
  • Anyone else pause to read the whole newspaper?

    Parker WilsonParker Wilson25 dager siden
  • lmao that newspaper

    Unsullied PiglinMCUnsullied PiglinMC26 dager siden
  • Joke's on you. I read much further and got to the lorem ipsum. You ain't slick!

    Ric SeedsRic Seeds26 dager siden
  • This video aged well

    Luciano YousefLuciano Yousef26 dager siden
  • IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hacks & FactsHacks & Facts26 dager siden