When the Controller Dies from the NPC's Perspective

12. feb.. 2021
3 543 684 Ganger

He made it this far just to do that?
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  • Это золото

    Роман ИвановРоман Иванов2 minutter siden
  • I will kill all of your evil troo- *(CONTROLLER DISCONNECTED)*

    A toasterA toasterTime siden
  • Next do "what the main character sees during an anti piracy screen"

    Omega97 HyperOmega97 HyperTime siden
  • The chandelier

    Kevin JansonKevin JansonTime siden
  • I like how it shows an Xbox controller disconnected but the death track was the uncharted death track which is a PlayStation exclusive

    Brian Griffin ASMRBrian Griffin ASMRTime siden
  • Hey I know that death music

    will gregantiwill gregantiTime siden
  • This is so funny. How did you change live actors to look like they do?

    Max WilsonMax WilsonTime siden
  • This animation is giving me acid flashbacks

    whiteboyskatezwhiteboyskatezTime siden
  • Hero: we need to find the villian, he could be anywhere. The villians base: -a 20 story building-

    Joshua CardenasJoshua Cardenas2 timer siden
  • F

    Thelaw88898Thelaw888982 timer siden
  • >When the controller dies *D I R T Y C O N S O L E P E A S A N T S*

    Guts The BerserkerGuts The Berserker2 timer siden
  • These videos make me feel like im in a fever dream

    Robert YinRobert Yin2 timer siden
  • You Killed uncharted drake

    Andre' OtchereAndre' Otchere2 timer siden
  • Netflix Series when?

    Beepo the Deer HuskyBeepo the Deer Husky3 timer siden
  • When the auto is 144 p ;-;

    Why Am I hereWhy Am I here4 timer siden
  • This looks like a special kind of animation, how is it made?

    ThatGuyMrAPThatGuyMrAP4 timer siden
  • K

    Ride the GamerRide the Gamer4 timer siden
  • Cool art stylr

    B3 Yumi CruzB3 Yumi Cruz5 timer siden
  • This is so fucking good

    s.drxkes.drxke6 timer siden
  • "consecutive normal punches"

    RBXRBX6 timer siden
  • Uncharted music do

    A SpecimenA Specimen6 timer siden
  • I want a game where when your controller dies and you get killed, it plays a cutscene from the NPC's perspective like this

    Clarissa SmithClarissa Smith6 timer siden
  • Yeah

    Darkboi The other part of the nameDarkboi The other part of the name7 timer siden
  • Ik how hard animating is, especially smoothly. Keep up the work!

    KezyDrawsStuffYtKezyDrawsStuffYt7 timer siden
  • this always happens to me when i play wii sports boxing, only boxing

    bingusmoment337bingusmoment3378 timer siden
  • for a alternate version of what just happened, watch Megamind

    Reg JoeReg Joe8 timer siden
  • I've been watching this one video over and over again for two weeks

    Bosky MamoskyBosky Mamosky8 timer siden
  • Not bayd

    Rhys BskerRhys Bsker8 timer siden
  • This is actually amazing

    wheeler0040wheeler00408 timer siden
  • How do you make these animations. I know with real people but do you like use a green screen or something

    Epic gamerEpic gamer9 timer siden
  • This boss is the most idiotic man in the world

    Bryan MedinaBryan Medina9 timer siden
  • why is no one talking about the uncharted music

    Heat ProdHeat Prod9 timer siden
  • Damn i expected him to wake up in the end if the credits, that would've been cool.

    Yandere _ PainfallYandere _ Painfall10 timer siden
  • do you guys use mocap for these things

    Big BossBig Boss10 timer siden
  • this is gold

    Orestis GeorgatosOrestis Georgatos10 timer siden
  • Everytime the guy says "i mean", humanity lives for another year

    Drill ThrillDrill Thrill10 timer siden
  • *why do we even have 3 chandeliers here*

    MarshiemallowMarshiemallow10 timer siden
  • Beardy guy is getting a promotion.

    NexusDarkworldProductionsNexusDarkworldProductions11 timer siden
  • I can't get over how much the protagonist looked like Alan partridge

    Finlay McNeilFinlay McNeil11 timer siden
  • The Uncharted death theme is way to good

    GameDoggs MCGameDoggs MC11 timer siden
  • How is this animated?????

    BroncosBroncos11 timer siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/16PEgLWkut28p9E.html

      smile more it looks good on yousmile more it looks good on you10 timer siden
    • He has a vid about it

      smile more it looks good on yousmile more it looks good on you10 timer siden
  • I was just waiting for the dude to put his controller back on after charging it and the boss being like:

    Christopher JohnsonChristopher Johnson11 timer siden
  • Uncharted in a nutshell

    your worst nightmareyour worst nightmare11 timer siden
  • Who else knows whay that death saw ong was. Cause I do. SUCH A GOOD GANE!!!

    Original DoufasOriginal Doufas12 timer siden
  • I died when the Uncharted 2 death music came on

    ChayseChayse12 timer siden
  • Damn

    Griefer JesusGriefer Jesus12 timer siden
  • I feel like you were using ai here if so awesome I want more videos and memes created through the power of ai

    HPG CodyHPG Cody12 timer siden
  • Epic Uncharted 2 death music

    Sonic Gaming 9792Sonic Gaming 979212 timer siden
  • How did he animate that

    FoxsomeFoxsome12 timer siden
  • This is gold

    Giorno YoshikageGiorno Yoshikage12 timer siden
  • So glad I found this 😭😭

    Mick_SplashyMick_Splashy12 timer siden
  • I would love it if this the actually a game over screen in a game

    Mr LeeMr Lee12 timer siden
  • Subtle character breaks are the best 😂

    Doodle-JackDoodle-Jack13 timer siden
  • I pooped my pants :)

    Avery BairdAvery Baird13 timer siden
  • I love the uncharted death sound

    MurfMurf14 timer siden
  • -We all kno it takes 3 “final hits” to kill the boss 😀

    DJDeezy ThaTruthDJDeezy ThaTruth14 timer siden
  • guy has a Brazilian called action jelly that is copying you

    Dante Hermann Souza Ferreira CostaDante Hermann Souza Ferreira Costa14 timer siden
  • If uncharted was on xbox

    Andrew KalomoAndrew Kalomo14 timer siden
  • From this day on, we’re still waiting for his controller to reconnect.

    The Corner Of The InternetThe Corner Of The Internet15 timer siden
  • The Uncharted death sound made this masterpiece even better

    ToadboydudeToadboydude15 timer siden
  • do one of when the controller connects again

    DreamDream15 timer siden
  • The graphics yes ! It's just like those style games too . To a Tee . Repetitive level. One simple spot in the game you never get past. And the insane boss with the obviously placed chandelier. 🤣

    Johnboy GunslingJohnboy Gunsling15 timer siden
  • the sound from uncharted 3 lol so relatable

    konradkonrad15 timer siden
  • *Restart mission*

    SockeySockey15 timer siden
  • The main character in the cutscenes vs when you're playing

    Leafy Is QueerLeafy Is Queer15 timer siden
  • I love this animation style!

    Chase TatumChase Tatum15 timer siden
  • How evil do you have to be to punch Carl Sagan to death?

    David EllisDavid Ellis15 timer siden
  • NPCs are getting too smart

    brokemyarms idkmlitjkmpisbrokemyarms idkmlitjkmpis16 timer siden
  • Beard man sounds like Bob form Bob's burgers

    Zach WinchenbachZach Winchenbach16 timer siden
  • [laughs in plug-in controller]

    Kiaser MyerKiaser Myer16 timer siden
  • Behold an unthinkable present! (It's a reference)

    JosinoJosino17 timer siden
    • Your mom is a reference

      jesusismycityjesusismycity16 timer siden

    Rampant RobinRampant Robin17 timer siden
  • im commenting on every video in my recommended

    RodexRodex17 timer siden
  • Yoooooo is that Ellen on the right

    monkemonke17 timer siden
  • Uncharted music as soon as he died XD

    The_Ultra_EliteThe_Ultra_Elite18 timer siden
  • uncharted be like:

    JshoroJshoro18 timer siden
  • Imagine breaking the 4th barrier.

    〈 Human 〉〈 Human 〉18 timer siden
  • This is actually brilliant

    JoakimJoakim19 timer siden
  • How did you even animate this?? The faces look so uncanny!

    Frederick MerkinFrederick Merkin19 timer siden
  • This is very accurate

    Not a kikoNot a kiko19 timer siden
  • Quick load

    L uL u20 timer siden
  • This is the bad ending you get when you lose this fight against the two henchmen

    Danny StuivenbergDanny Stuivenberg20 timer siden
  • I keep coming back to this one, it's just too good

    MitchellMitchell21 time siden
  • This is beautiful.

    Art-Tastic CreationsArt-Tastic Creations21 time siden
  • Why is carl sagan in a fist fight?

    Omega MusicOmega Music21 time siden
  • Best goon an evil villain can hire

    beststarterbeststarter22 timer siden
  • Gets batteries and rises from the dead behind the guy.

    TyTy22 timer siden
  • This is brilliant.

    Zaku IIZaku II22 timer siden
  • The eyes had me the whole time broo *WHEEEEEEZZZZEEEEEE*

    Waldo YeEtWaldo YeEt22 timer siden
  • "You punched him, and he died?" Lmao

    MikoyanMikoyan23 timer siden
  • Love the video and Uncharted 2 music 😁

    TomaihomTomaihom23 timer siden
  • The uncharted sound

    Mega BryantMega Bryant23 timer siden
  • How are these animations put together? It looks like motion capture but I can't really tell.

    Bryce HoffmanBryce Hoffman23 timer siden
  • This production quality was pretty sick.

    Isaac ReserIsaac ReserDag siden
  • “Yu tink he do dat?”

    SNAZSNAZDag siden
  • Nice

    commissar Greycommissar GreyDag siden

    Christian, Lord of BagelsChristian, Lord of BagelsDag siden
  • is that the uncharted death music

    Trash HeroesTrash HeroesDag siden
  • How tf was this animated like this

    SwordLilySwordLilyDag siden
  • I mean he was just standing there

    SirDodoSirDodoDag siden