When Sketchy People Write Tell-All Books

13. okt.. 2020
930 514 Ganger

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    Ryan GeorgeRyan George3 måneder siden
    • 68%? You were so close!

      Chase MossChase MossDag siden
    • I will not because it’s 68%

      J HSJ HS8 dager siden
    • We were on the verge of greatness we were this close

      your normal youtuberyour normal youtuber12 dager siden
    • Why didn't they add the extra 1% discount

      some random idiotsome random idiot15 dager siden
    • I mean like

      luz telloluz tello18 dager siden
  • I feel like we're going to see a lot of these from former Trump aides.

    LordUltimusLordUltimus4 timer siden
  • 3:41 "ok, sorry. Buy now!"

    David MayDavid May14 timer siden
  • This reporter has more ethics then any reporter on cable TV

    dirt dastydirt dasty17 timer siden
  • Oh my God please make that an actual shirt

    KindofsteakKindofsteakDag siden
  • I really don't care what anyone says. I prefer Ken Candidate to James Polititian. He's honest.

    KindofsteakKindofsteakDag siden
  • Best Ryan video yet.

    WaluigismWaluigismDag siden
  • It's okay. Mayor Politician was friends with Governor Gotscandal, who pardoned Jonathan Lawyer before realizing that Jonathan was going to badmouth them.

    tifforo1tifforo12 dager siden
  • Ryan has a Grammy worthy voice

    Film ToppingsFilm Toppings2 dager siden
  • Jonathan Lawyer ate muffins he wasn't supposed to and taught the parrot curse words. He disgusts me. How is he not in jail for life?

    Film ToppingsFilm Toppings2 dager siden
  • I think this is the first not "first guy to-" sketch I have seen this dude do. Which is funny to me.

    Ms12369Ms123693 dager siden
  • Jonthan lawyer is one of my favourite characters in the Ryan George cinematic universe

    duttery !duttery !3 dager siden
  • Does the book exist?

    Ally playsAlly plays3 dager siden
  • Baaaaall Saaaaack.

    Ryan SRyan S4 dager siden
  • This is gonna be literally anyone involved with Trump once he's out of office

    Yangster SupremeYangster Supreme4 dager siden
  • This looks like a society of clones....lol

    Dreamer WeaverDreamer Weaver4 dager siden
  • Lmao the mayor of Townsville wow only a few would understand

    TronMan 32TronMan 324 dager siden
  • Oh hi is this the Onion?

    IamJerrBearIamJerrBear5 dager siden
  • Hey u missed the long pauses between the news people talking on the TV:)

    Stella KuśmierczykStella Kuśmierczyk5 dager siden
  • James Politician Jonathan Lawyer City Townsville These are the greatest names I have ever heard. Well done, my dude, well well done.

    zenta syndromezenta syndrome8 dager siden
  • i killed two people by shooting them and then put their bodies in a car and lit the car on fire but..... am a good guy now, so it's fine

    Daniel Valenzuela GaldeanDaniel Valenzuela Galdean9 dager siden
  • John Bolton

    Michael MillerMichael Miller10 dager siden
  • ouf, this video gets only more accurate with age

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez10 dager siden
  • I'm sorry, I just can't! "Townville" 😅

    Christie RChristie R11 dager siden
  • Very pathetic nerd lol XD

    Arad GouklaniArad Gouklani12 dager siden
  • his ad at the end was not about In & Out burger

    The Game ChallengerThe Game Challenger12 dager siden
  • Lol and at the end, the Adstronaut shows up like HMMM

    Andy MalikAndy Malik12 dager siden
  • Just exactly how chubby are neckties going to get? I mean, there has to be a limit, right?

    Tony MidyettTony Midyett12 dager siden
  • This video was TIGHT! Wow wow wow wow wow.....

    Veracious PatriotVeracious Patriot12 dager siden
  • That bit on the burger in particular at the end was absolutely perfect satire...

    Ill I Am EnygmaIll I Am Enygma12 dager siden
  • So that's where the ppg live....

    Mario AnthonyMario Anthony13 dager siden
  • someday, i will go to adspace too :*

    ZaubermausZaubermaus13 dager siden
  • Shouldn't he change his name to Jonathan Author now? Hm.

    gagaplex LPsgagaplex LPs13 dager siden
    • Changing his name would hurt his brand. He already has millions of social media followers as "Jonathan Lawyer." He likely already has a deal in the works to avoid being disbarred for his crimes, so the name will still be accurate.

      Patrick DPatrick D5 dager siden
  • I wish that stuff was actually for sale. XD

    JacobPlaysStuffJacobPlaysStuff13 dager siden
  • Everytime I watch one of your videos it genuinely feels like there is a whole cast of actors and I’m just like “dang, y’all look pretty similar”

    The CrimsonFireThe CrimsonFire13 dager siden
  • 2:03 About three months after Ryan posted this video, Trump was on the phone for an hour asking Brad Raffensperger to "find" 11,780 votes for him.

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV14 dager siden
  • City Townville. XD

    Bob AstonisherBob Astonisher14 dager siden
  • Not to mention the pay. I once was asked by a freelance contractor to write a whole life coaching book for 1 dollar/hr. I was really excited at the prospect of getting paid for writing but... yeah... no... my enthusiasm vanished pretty fast.

    Dan IsakssonDan Isaksson14 dager siden
    • I can relate. I once had my drug dealing neighbor ask me to write her memoir. "It will be a best-seller. You will make millions." I politely declined, but I thought of telling her, "The ghost writer gets paid up front. If you are so confident your shitty life would make a brilliant memoir, pay me ten grand to write it and you can have the millions."

      Patrick DPatrick D5 dager siden
  • "Johnathan Lawyer has revealed shocking details about his time working for the mayor of City Townville." That guy who was obsessed with pickles and voiced by Tom Kenny? I always knew he was sketchy!

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV16 dager siden
  • I would 100% buy the teddy bear

    David WilkinsonDavid Wilkinson16 dager siden
  • "im a good guy now, give me money"

    Wolf Fangs Cute CatsWolf Fangs Cute Cats16 dager siden
  • Sounds like the Andrew Cuomo step to selling a book haaha

    Mr nice guy *Mr nice guy *17 dager siden
  • where is the link to the book

    Maddox meeksMaddox meeks18 dager siden
  • Good job 👍

    OUTSIDER40OUTSIDER4018 dager siden

    Kit KatKit Kat18 dager siden
  • In n out burger is the least of the fast food worries.

    Jared BeggJared Begg19 dager siden
  • my ads are talking about pooping..... what the hell

    Mayank SethiMayank Sethi19 dager siden
  • Wait a video that doesnt end with "ow my god"?

    G M PG M P19 dager siden
  • Ryan George isn't a very pathetic nerd! >:( He's a very LOVABLE nerd! :)

    CatBatRatCatBatRat20 dager siden
  • i want to see the full version of the mayor song

    SnowmangamingSnowmangaming20 dager siden
  • I need that album

    QuannQuann20 dager siden
  • Ryan is so freaking talented! He can play a host of different characters and all it takes is putting on/ off hats and glasses, combing his hair one way or another and changing facial expressions, and the characters are different people. Amazing!

    Lucas MartinsLucas Martins20 dager siden
  • City Townville? So did Johnathan Lawyer work for that little guy with the monocle.

    Sebastien Von DoomSebastien Von Doom21 dag siden
  • that's a great looking windsor knott, jonathan.

    jbuggjbugg21 dag siden
  • As apposed of good people writing sketchy Tell-All books

    Your Seat At The TableYour Seat At The Table21 dag siden
  • James Politician isn’t the bad guy, Jonathan Lawyer is

    Spider DanSpider Dan21 dag siden
  • I want that plush bear

    CJF HotshotCJF Hotshot21 dag siden
  • Well I never thought I'd be applauding Jonathan Lawyer but by telling us all that stuff he helped the Mayor do he's totally the hero of 2020.

    noneuklidnoneuklid21 dag siden
  • I like how a crooked politician in your world covers things like double parking and pirated music. 😂😂😂

    Jonathan SmithJonathan Smith21 dag siden
  • Oh good old city town ville

    DRK FireDRK Fire21 dag siden

    Jack VargasJack Vargas21 dag siden
  • Have you done a video about failed actors, artists and writers who start giving classes, worships and writing books to pray off the hopes of and dreams of more naïve and less jaded artists in order to make money to survive? That would be awesome.

    Charlie JohnsonCharlie Johnson22 dager siden
    • Wow that's a lot to take in

      Tarun KarthikeyanTarun Karthikeyan21 dag siden
  • This is almost exactly what John Bolton did. No remorse, didn't testify at the impeachment, didn't even endorse Biden, just vaguely denounced Trump. All so he could sell a book.

    SickoslaterSickoslater22 dager siden
  • I just realized Mr Lawyer never mentioned the Mayor's over reliance on the Power Puff Girls...

    Wizard TimWizard Tim22 dager siden
  • How did you get Michael Cohen to interview?

    Agnus GertrudesonAgnus Gertrudeson23 dager siden
  • The nauseating war accordantly desert because dinner karunagappally invite up a chubby freeze. burly, terrible collar

    Vidalay VongkhamchanhVidalay Vongkhamchanh24 dager siden
  • We. Need. Hexagons.

    Pikajim :0Pikajim :024 dager siden
    • Finally someone gets it

      Jose the beastJose the beast23 dager siden
  • I trust James lawyer

    Harrison DavisHarrison Davis24 dager siden
  • I trust James lawyer

    Harrison DavisHarrison Davis24 dager siden
  • I love the universe of literal things you created where everyone looks like you

    JayFolipurbaJayFolipurba24 dager siden
  • ...right after this commercial for In-and-Out Burger, as well as various name-brand prescriptions for diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

    Kimberly AllenKimberly Allen24 dager siden
  • My two fav versions of the song: 1. Jonathan Lawyer’s Mayor Mix 2. Paul Rudd’s the weather outside is weather

    Lonzo's Spray PaintingLonzo's Spray Painting25 dager siden
  • He's a good guy now and I want you all to get all the way off his back about it.

    Bajirao SinghamBajirao Singham25 dager siden
  • Thats SO good lol!

    Eva PEva P26 dager siden
  • That bear was so cute I want one lol

    The Tin PilotThe Tin Pilot26 dager siden
  • Where the heck is the link to buy the book!

    Jake MihalakJake Mihalak26 dager siden
  • Ryan George should make that book, irl lol

    GoldCrewANIMATESGoldCrewANIMATES26 dager siden
  • Why are all the NOworldrs I watch Canadian?

    DJ CurtisDJ Curtis26 dager siden
  • City Townsville..was that a Powerpuff reference 😜

    High PriestessHigh Priestess26 dager siden

    Emily ChangEmily Chang26 dager siden
  • Love this one laugh every time

    Not SpecifiedNot Specified26 dager siden
  • you really are the best

    sita menonsita menon27 dager siden
  • What is the meaning of 'sketchy'?

    Diogo FonsecaDiogo Fonseca27 dager siden
    • In this context, it means being of bad or questionable morality. It is slang for "suspicious."

      Patrick DPatrick D5 dager siden
  • I worked as a kennel attendant at a vet for a while and I actually did try to teach the birds to swear... Sadly/fortunately, none of them were left at the vet long enough to actually learn the phrases I tried to teach them.

    David FellnerDavid Fellner28 dager siden
  • johnthan lawyer clearly has a cat

    HarshlyCriticalHarshlyCritical28 dager siden
  • ill be needing that T shirt... asap

    JOHN GRAHAMJOHN GRAHAM29 dager siden
  • Omg the tape thing was something that probably happened in that animal crossing parody.

    StrawberryStrawberry29 dager siden
  • He’s a good guy now, buy his book

    BD CarrotBD Carrot29 dager siden
  • Now and forever known as the Omarosa.

    Elena ChristianElena Christian29 dager siden
  • “Please, I saw some stuff and millions of you should spend millions of dollars to find out what! So please buy my book, now, please, thank you.”

    John BrownJohn BrownMåned siden
  • City Townsville lol

    Madyson CastilloMadyson CastilloMåned siden
  • you are the best

    sita menonsita menonMåned siden
  • Jonathan lawyer and mayor politician lives in cityTownsville

    Emily ChangEmily ChangMåned siden
  • All former Trump aides be like...

    Hans ChristophersonHans ChristophersonMåned siden

    Emily ChangEmily ChangMåned siden
  • Where can i buy the shirt ?

    Chris crumblesChris crumblesMåned siden
  • John Bolton, is this you?

    EdgeEdgeMåned siden
  • OmegaLul

    childcorechildcoreMåned siden
  • 4:30 Ouch! My childhood trauma hurts. 🤣 So gonna need that T-Shirt now 🤔

    Oscar SilverOscar SilverMåned siden
  • **Writes book about how they were a good person, but now is a bad person** *_best seller list / becomes trillionare_* **badness intensifies**

    JadedOne420JadedOne420Måned siden