What Ronaldo and Messi REALLY think about Haaland and Mbappé! 😂

23. feb.. 2021
363 781 Ganger

442oons is back on OneFootball! This week we take a look at what Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi - the current GOATS - really think about future GOATS Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe! Also featuring appearances from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Timo Werner, Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel and more!
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  • Forget the Messi vs Ronaldo debate, it's Haaland vs Mbappe from now on... But if you had to pick just ONE, who is better?

    OneFootball EnglishOneFootball EnglishMåned siden
    • Haaland

      NearNear22 dager siden
    • Haaland

      Rekha DRekha DMåned siden
    • @Bruno Fernandes hello your an excellent player and tongrats on toty but can u join man city you de bruyne and foden omg

      Daniel DoyleDaniel DoyleMåned siden
    • MbAppe

      HassXψHassXψMåned siden
    • Haaland

      Lollipop Mind TvLollipop Mind TvMåned siden
  • He said he doesn't want to play on loan for southampton

    Captain RogerCaptain Roger3 dager siden
  • Meanwhile foden

    KubmasterKubmaster6 dager siden
  • Mbappe

    Pat WardPat Ward21 dag siden

    Timo WernerTimo Werner24 dager siden
  • 0:12

    Rajas PatadeRajas Patade24 dager siden
  • the fact Neymar put Messi number 11

    ReLaX MaTeReLaX MaTe25 dager siden
  • Be rangers

    Lisa nestiLisa nesti25 dager siden
  • The Dark arts

    shadow kingshadow king27 dager siden
  • But why does Thomas Tuchel sound like an American salesman?

    AishaAishaMåned siden
  • Lingard and Braitwaite: Are we a joke to you

    Gurshan BrarGurshan BrarMåned siden
  • Suarez joins Paris Me : MSN is back Sad messi noises

    sreeharisreehariMåned siden
  • The befitting spoon terminally discover because relative subcellularly scream above a adaptable diving. lacking, powerful castanet

    Bennie PimentelBennie PimentelMåned siden
  • Messi will never go to PSG if he gets No.11 jersey , MNM is far from being real 😂

    Saptrishi GSaptrishi GMåned siden
    • FFP btw

      Charles LeirmanCharles LeirmanMåned siden
  • Awesome

    Salauddin SalauddinSalauddin SalauddinMåned siden
  • Did someone says Eminem?

    EMINƎM In The HouseEMINƎM In The HouseMåned siden
  • please don't put the vibration sound again

    Aditya ChordiaAditya ChordiaMåned siden
  • If MSN came back I'll be happy

    Lionel MessiLionel MessiMåned siden
  • One pf the future goats was in the pocket of a 20 year old deffender from la masia

    Mateo TollumiMateo TollumiMåned siden
  • I think MNM won

    9313 Mohanish9313 MohanishMåned siden
  • MNM is loading...

    zaddy galzaddy galMåned siden
  • Messi probably won't leave unless he gets no. 10. Neymar gives him the no. 11

    BeybladeismBeybladeismMåned siden
  • Isnt this animation from 442oons channel

    John ConstantineJohn ConstantineMåned siden
    • yes, but they have a partnership

      Charles LeirmanCharles LeirmanMåned siden
  • Bruno fernandes reply to this i have something for you

    Daniel DoyleDaniel DoyleMåned siden
  • Moyes are you having flashbacks to when u were at man utd and Lingard was a young star?

    Hal DemarestHal DemarestMåned siden
  • Mbappe is greedy. Haaland is now boastful and selfish. Unlike Messi and Ronaldo at that age. They won't be as good as Messi and Ronaldo, Pele and Maradona, heck they won't be as good as Andres Iniesta

    It's MeIt's MeMåned siden
  • No bro

    Ghost EmperorGhost EmperorMåned siden
  • Here for Suarez 😂😂 Really “dark arts” do work wonders

    Ktwenty WolfKtwenty WolfMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/m2vRi8homc3Um9k.html

    YtBlitzalpYtBlitzalpMåned siden
  • I don't feel Haaland and Mbappe can replace Messi🐐 and Cr7🐐

    KA๛20乡vickyKA๛20乡vickyMåned siden
  • barcelonely xD

    xMergixMergiMåned siden
  • damn vardy with that vegeta's haircut

    charles francois nanga nzohcharles francois nanga nzohMåned siden
  • I am quite sure about haaland as he is making a great impact but mbappe is overrated most definitely

    _realcaramel__realcaramel_Måned siden
  • Messi with number 11.....

    Giovanni BoschettiGiovanni BoschettiMåned siden
  • 0:43. Zlatan advices you not to finish that sentence 😅😅

    Alfred ArthurAlfred ArthurMåned siden
  • Free motivation ay?

    ElytraツElytraツMåned siden
  • If MNM actually happens we’re all fucked

    Chahat ModiChahat ModiMåned siden
  • Haaland is the best youngster

    Oliver NormannOliver NormannMåned siden
  • You should've included arsene and mourinho

    Anas AnsariAnas AnsariMåned siden
  • Timo Werner really he’s shit

    Jayne ParkerJayne ParkerMåned siden
  • Messi goals this season 23 and Ronaldo also 23 but Mbappe goals 21 and Halland goals 21 even despite their age Messi and Ronaldo are top of all others.

    Debahuti MohapatraDebahuti MohapatraMåned siden
  • 2:31 this is really getting old😂

    TT 97TT 97Måned siden
  • Mbappe-Neymar-Messi. What is that? A Missile?

    Tony Stark IndustriesTony Stark IndustriesMåned siden
  • MNM is loading 🤣🤣🤣

    PRanxter is GamingPRanxter is GamingMåned siden
  • The loan to Southampton part rings true. How Jurgen and Liverpool fans treated Taki pissed me off. How do you play against the guy, marvel at how good he is in tight spaces and linking play up, buy him, then play him through the middle and whip crosses into him and wonder why he isn't effective??!!!😡 I'm fuming. Jurgen had Shinji Kagawa and Mario Gotze. He knows what that type of player is capable of. Why all the crossing then? I had to wash my eyes with soap after watching him come on against Atleti in extra time and trying to win headers in the box.🤬 Wasting the guys career. Then people wonder why he's performing so well with Southampton. Goddammit. There was always a player in there.

    Hayyuu AliHayyuu AliMåned siden
  • Oh, The MNM. Hope it becomes a reality

    Berat DoğanBerat DoğanMåned siden
  • Who else thought when they said MNM they said eminem?

    xCrimsonLightx xBlueLightxxCrimsonLightx xBlueLightxMåned siden
  • Just ignore him.... His my stalker😂😂

    Dennis MudendaDennis MudendaMåned siden
  • Lol messi is the number 11

    Rethabile KhantsiRethabile KhantsiMåned siden
  • First time I saw Messi's no 11 shirt . Neymar should dawn the no 11 btw

    mani kmdmani kmdMåned siden
  • Killian Mbappe

    Perez NwezePerez NwezeMåned siden
  • Is 442oon predicted the future 👀 MNM!!!

  • t90

    amanda cantoreamanda cantoreMåned siden
  • 1:10 No,no,no,he's got a point!

    Preferatul fetelorPreferatul fetelorMåned siden
  • Only 1 God of football forever n ever.... Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Me, no contest

    Yahpro2010Yahpro2010Måned siden
  • The vibes watching this before 500K views>>>>>>

    Ibrahim AhmedIbrahim AhmedMåned siden
  • Haaland >mbappe

    Football addictFootball addictMåned siden
  • Suarez saying "The Dark Arts are strong with this one" made my lungs burst XD

    LABIDLABIDMåned siden
  • When Mbappe and Halland faced each other. Halland was way Better, Luckly Mbappe had Neymar by his side.

    Kauan XavierKauan XavierMåned siden
  • Messis nuber is 11 xd

    efe küçükaksoyefe küçükaksoyMåned siden
  • Dark arts 😆😆😆😂

    Krinjal kc K.CKrinjal kc K.CMåned siden
  • Jordi alba watch bro😂😂😂

    god nickgod nickMåned siden
  • Its suarez dark arts for me ,😂😂

    god nickgod nickMåned siden
  • Messi:11 Neymar jr:10 Are you kidding me 😅

    Chilagorom JosephChilagorom JosephMåned siden
  • Or worse like coutinho 😂😂😂😂

    DESTRODESTROMåned siden
  • 😂 it's funny how Neymar gave Messi #11 and kept #10

    sadboykilla愛はないsadboykilla愛はないMåned siden
  • Is it just me or the interviewer look like barrack Obama

    Kenzie LawrenceKenzie LawrenceMåned siden
  • For me, Messi should just give it all. I’m not saying he isn’t working, or that I know better than himself, but if he just tried some dribbles and tricks or flicks than he has nothing to lose. He is the best and will probably always be.

    ArsenalFan jbrxArsenalFan jbrxMåned siden
  • That contract expire joke

    Eavy EavyEavy EavyMåned siden
  • Haaland and Mbappe are not the only future goats dont forget Felix, ansu fati, pedri, triancao, rodrygo, vinicius jr, jadon sanchao

    Mohammed ChowdhuryMohammed ChowdhuryMåned siden
    • in the ronaldo/messi generation there were also a lot of good players, but mbappe and haaland are just another level

      Charles LeirmanCharles LeirmanMåned siden
  • They said let's see what football's top names think about Haaland and Mbappe. Then what was Werner doing there??? And that 33 signings t-shirt🤣🤣🤣👍

    Atul DharmadhikariAtul DharmadhikariMåned siden
  • Very funny & enjoyable!

    Bilal Ahmed ShariffBilal Ahmed ShariffMåned siden
  • 442oons putting 11 on Messi's shirt in the end indicates that Messi to PSG isn't happening. Imagine Neymar wearing 10 ahead of Messi

    Uddipta Arun PaulUddipta Arun PaulMåned siden
  • We are forgetting about Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford the way they play if they both land in one team they can murder the defenders they both are immensely talented like Mbappe and Haaland and I guess everyone agrees with this

    aditya nairaditya nairMåned siden
  • João Félix could be a GOAT

    Vasco FranciscoVasco FranciscoMåned siden
    • yes even ansu fati, pedri, and also the brazalians vinicius jr and rodrygo

      Mohammed ChowdhuryMohammed ChowdhuryMåned siden
  • Messi plays with Neymar but not in no. 10 shirt. Surely 442oons wants Messi to ditch PSG and join Manchester Sheikhy.

    Debanjan RoyDebanjan RoyMåned siden
  • Rap battle: MNM vs FlowKingz

    Hei ChanHei ChanMåned siden
  • MNM is not gonna be happened.

    Hüseyin ÇETİNHüseyin ÇETİNMåned siden
  • Lm11🤔🤔

    Pritish SarafPritish SarafMåned siden
  • 0:22 Messi's dog: What am i supposed to do?

    Moneychester UnitedMoneychester UnitedMåned siden
  • eminem to become the b-tech mnm

    Abhinav ReddyAbhinav ReddyMåned siden
  • Messi deserves 10 not 11

    Mostafa DaliMostafa DaliMåned siden
  • What messi no 11?

    dang ucudang ucuMåned siden
  • don't know about them but at that age messi was a beast who was unbeatable

    Ali AhmadAli AhmadMåned siden
  • MNM: Mpabbe, Neymar, Mouting

    Shadow GamerShadow GamerMåned siden
  • What an ending 🤩

    ArifidziArifidziMåned siden
  • And both of them have the same idol: Ronaldo, not Messi...that gotta say something!

    Sasori DSRSasori DSRMåned siden
  • 2:48 No Messi Can't Be No 11

    Nirbhay GamingNirbhay GamingMåned siden
  • People already calling them Goat clearly dont know what Goat means

    Peter TobiasenPeter TobiasenMåned siden
  • Neymar`s got a point


    RCrowRCrowMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Zachary EUBAZachary EUBAMåned siden
  • Messi cant wear 11

    Gustaf Olsson #7Gustaf Olsson #7Måned siden
  • Haaland VS Mbappe, OK, No MSN, OK, MNM loading, OK, BUT WHY IS MESSI NUMBER 11 AT PSG???

    Marin MîrcaMarin MîrcaMåned siden
  • 0:32 look at the dog when messi said "coutinho" lol

  • Neymar : MNM is loading... Marshall Mathers : Yo what the fuck

    manan negimanan negiMåned siden
  • The ending was too good man 😂😂

    Omor Faruk JasikOmor Faruk JasikMåned siden
  • Sheikh Mansour buying foals Erling Sterling missing the goals.

    K & K & KK & K & KMåned siden
  • MNN IS LOADING . What a finish!!

    Rahul Kandha VRahul Kandha VMåned siden