What It's Like Dealing With Customer Service Online

24. juni. 2020
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    Ryan GeorgeRyan George6 måneder siden
    • It’s not working, maybe I should call the hotline

      Boston MartinezBoston MartinezMåned siden
    • after this happens update the original message with screenshots

      Max MyzerMax Myzer3 måneder siden
    • I just found @company is a real twitter tag, and now I'm scared, Ryan. and I feel like I didn't feel that way before.

      Sharp DesignSharp Design4 måneder siden
    • What is when I go and DDOS the company until they are ready to listne.

      Niels MulvadNiels Mulvad5 måneder siden
    • Ryan George nou

      The Edge FamilyThe Edge Family5 måneder siden
  • You forgot the part where you go on for technical advice and they decide that you're a major in computer science without consulting you, and start using words that could be pulled from Dune for all you know

    Diego XavierDiego XavierDag siden
  • why so honest ?

    Brian CiupkaBrian Ciupka3 dager siden
  • little trick i learned: if you get a robot, don't say anything. it will get confused and re-direct you to an actual human. same with the "press this button", you press a button that's not on the list they gave you, and when it gets confused you do it again, and again, until it redirects you.

    Peter McleodPeter Mcleod4 dager siden
  • Ryan looks genuinenly creepy

    Pie In The SkyPie In The Sky5 dager siden
  • As someone who has worked in customer service I have to say the customers are never that polite. I've been screamed at, cursed, reduced to tears, etc. Someone's husband was literally dying while she was on the phone with a colleague of mine, and she didn't care her husband was dying instead the customer was fussing about getting vouchers. So tbh this doesn't really reflect my reality.

    micuko viciousmicuko vicious6 dager siden
  • That's actually pretty good customer service

    FineManFineMan7 dager siden
  • The eyes......the smile.....

    Cats LindaCats Linda8 dager siden
  • I literally got an ad for customer service right before this. NOworld is stalking me....

    Eva Van WinkleEva Van Winkle9 dager siden
  • Yep

    harikiliharikili9 dager siden
  • Online Customer Service are the opposite of being Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience

    CSW YTCSW YT10 dager siden
  • I actually got a customer survey add right before this

    *Scholel**Scholel*10 dager siden
  • and then the brand name did a back flip, broke the customer's neck and save the day 🤣

    Gheorghita MelinteGheorghita Melinte10 dager siden
  • Dealing with customer service is *NOT SUPER EASY AT ALL, SUCH A FUCKING INCONVENIENCE*

    MykzMykz11 dager siden
  • "I was on hold for 90 minutes and I don't know if I can love again" 🤣🤣

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV11 dager siden
  • Therapist: @company isn't a real person, it can't hurt you. @Company:👁️👄👁️

    A personA person12 dager siden
  • What I got out of this is that 50% of twitter comments are from bots.

    Jsephus 42Jsephus 4212 dager siden
  • I love the music it provides a soundtrack to ur life falling apart

    Vanessa LeeVanessa Lee12 dager siden
  • I’m tryna get to 100 subs by the end of January it would help out a lot if some people considered subscribing

    MrPlayzMrPlayz13 dager siden
  • As a customer service rep I can confirm that we are in fact souless husks who have been dead inside for way too long.

    Yellow FellowYellow Fellow14 dager siden
  • Working in customer service with the sheer amount of karens by the time you get someone with a legit problem you just don't care.

    Ronnie HatterRonnie Hatter14 dager siden
  • The company I work for has a message that plays before the menu that says "the expected wait time is less than 3 minutes, please remain on the line." The problem is the average wait till hasn't been less than 3 minutes in over 4 months because we have had (and by we I mean our clients) 4 straight months of big stuff breaking. Ironically they will play the 3 minutes hold message RIGHT after the " Yes we are aware that feature X is broken and nobody who needs feature X to do their job can do their job message. Please remain on the line for the next person to assist you." Those always drive call volume and thus hold times. Anyway, the upshot is I have to have this conversation on most calls. "Your hold time said 3 minutes. I was on hold for 48 minutes and 20 seconds(actually happened on a call once that they gave me the seconds) why is that?" "Well sir/mam/pick your pronoun feature X broke and we have gotten a large amount of calls about it.". "Well then why did it say 3 minutes if you know it's not 3 minutes?" As if there is any good answer for that question. So yes, I get yelled at for shit totally outside of my control on a regular basis. And I can do nothing but take it cheerfully because my job depends on positive surveys. If I could say anything to anyone who read this far, it's please don't take out your frustrations on people who answer the phones. We don't make policy, venting to us does nothing but delay us fixing the issue you called about even further.

    RedHunter87RedHunter8715 dager siden
  • Ryan George: Uhhhh can you still hear me? Customer Service: We're sorry to hear your experience with our company! Ryan George: are you still- Customer Service: Please call our customer service hotline at 1508phone number Ryan George: Oh son of a b- Outro music

    King Gaming RobloxKing Gaming Roblox15 dager siden
  • No one gonna mention how one of the dudes faces fell off Noice

    Joshua AbramovJoshua Abramov15 dager siden
  • One time my mom called FedEx and the bot deadass said “Thank you for calling FedEx, goodbye!”

    jojo1107jojo110716 dager siden
  • that cgi model back there...., is that Lumion

    honey chillihoney chilli16 dager siden
  • he just casually talking with his hair on fire

    monkegamingmonkegaming16 dager siden
  • As much as technology has advanced in positive ways, I do like the thought of always getting a live human on the phone.

    LadyClassicalLadyClassical19 dager siden
  • ...and Channel Awesome.

    The DimensioneerThe Dimensioneer21 dag siden
  • Eat your cereal

    I eat CEREAL!!!I eat CEREAL!!!23 dager siden
  • 0:33 is gold, all these clever fanboys defending bad practices. Most notably gaming companies delivering unfinished products, and of course, apple, google and facebook.

    Fredrik SvärdFredrik Svärd25 dager siden
  • Alternative title: « POV, you are team youtube on twitter »

    MulticortMulticort26 dager siden
  • "I was actually disappointed that he was alive and I feel like that's not how I felt before" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . Bury me I'm dead.

    mirzamaymirzamay27 dager siden
  • Is everyone just going to ignore that guy whose face fell off? I think we know the truth behind the Ryanverse.

    Clancee The SnakeClancee The Snake28 dager siden
  • Omg Ryan just keeps getting better. Love your content dude! 🤣👌

    JodieJodieMåned siden
  • In the Netherlands, customer service isn't always great, but it's at least a bit better. You'd have to wait a long time on the phone with an annoying song, but then you actually get a nice person who wants to help, and does (most of the time), even when it's with a really hard problem, like longstanding debt of whatever. There's help somewhere, always.

    Lonneke JansenLonneke JansenMåned siden
  • "They just played a way too loud beatles song over and over again and now I don't know if I can love again"

    Plague ProdukshunsPlague ProdukshunsMåned siden
  • Love me dooo-ooh!!!

    J AwaryJ AwaryMåned siden
  • i think there is a robot apocalypse sci fi writers hadnt considered

    tuseronituseroniMåned siden
  • How do you feel about Ringo?

    You TubeYou TubeMåned siden
  • (also why are you dissapointed with macca not being dead) Love love me DO You know i love YOU I'll always be TRUE so PLEEEAAASE love me doooo

    You TubeYou TubeMåned siden
  • personally I would avoid youtube also if I could but it is the only platform that has wide variety of videos :^) other platforms are too small to compete . . .

    WizardxezeWizardxezeMåned siden
  • Me right now

    Julia BuonincontroJulia BuonincontroMåned siden
  • Bad CS guaranteed - Canon Canada, Crucial, HSBC, any realtor in Canada, etc. Okay, they're all bad. Oh, and Samsung that told me their products are high quality just before they hung up.

    Robert DrakeRobert DrakeMåned siden
  • Big companies really just don't give a fuck.

    Billy The CatfishBilly The CatfishMåned siden
  • Did anyone notice the guy behind him his face fell out

    Koala From TomorrowKoala From TomorrowMåned siden
  • One time while I was in a fight with my ex, he said "sorry for the inconvenience!" like bitch, you ain't a customer service rep

    RoseRoseMåned siden
  • This seems super easy. I mean, it’s barely an inconvenience.

    That Guy That Has An Opinion On EverythingThat Guy That Has An Opinion On EverythingMåned siden
  • Having worked as a customer service agent for many years and for different companies, the service and results you get are a direct result of that company's policies and resources they put into solving customer issues.

    djolley61djolley61Måned siden
  • They want you to go to their DM's so you can stop embarrassing them in public 😒

    Jaya KJaya KMåned siden
  • Im so tired of watching your clips and having youtube try to put a pitch meeting compilation on afterwards. I love em and have watched em all. How about you tube play more of the god damned clips for the channel Im on?

    Fuch GoogFuch GoogMåned siden
  • Bruh you have 690k suds pog

    Jack BarmbyJack BarmbyMåned siden
  • If someone played "Love Me Do" over and over I would dance to it.

    Misterdith 1960Misterdith 1960Måned siden
    • Looove love me dO You knooow I love yOU I'll always be tRUE So PLEEEAAASE Love me dooooo

      You TubeYou TubeDag siden
    • Pretty obvious because your channel pic Is the A Hard on day's night album cover

      You TubeYou TubeDag siden
  • First guy to ever wear clothes Or First guy to ever talk Or First guy to ever make a noise

    Hey look i’m a catHey look i’m a catMåned siden
  • I had that exact problem just yesterday! Infinite loop of answer machine!

    Yantan TetheraYantan TetheraMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂 that is EXACTLY What happened constantly when I was fighting with the airlines. I literally signed up for Twitter to call them out and they’re only response was to DM them which I did and I got robot replies which never did anything 😂 Thank you so much you piece of shit Air France

    Kevin SherrardKevin Sherrard2 måneder siden
  • That look on his face lol that is customer service. Tight

    j swailsj swails2 måneder siden
  • Hey that guy's wearing the same shirt as the guy from those Pitch Meetings. Is he the same guy?

    Mr. Bender ODILLMr. Bender ODILL2 måneder siden
  • I Laughed my ass off but as a customer service rep I am telling ya'll it is not as simple as that.

    Lei XiaoLei Xiao2 måneder siden
  • Yep pretty true

    NintendoNintendo2 måneder siden
  • "We're so sorry about your experience" more or less translates to: "Aha, okay. You know, I don't really care but I get paid for this." 🤣

    Helene TrøstrupHelene Trøstrup2 måneder siden
  • "We hear your concerns and are taking steps to address the issue."

    shinigamijuuichishinigamijuuichi2 måneder siden
  • I used to work for this company that was all, "Our new chat bot is soooo legit that NO ONE will know this is a bot..."

    ActionCamSportsActionCamSports2 måneder siden
  • He didn't ask if he tried restarting it yet

    ExoryExory2 måneder siden
  • The only time a Customer Service that has responded well to me is in a Nutaku game(Hentai Game)

    TTSTTS2 måneder siden
  • Ive watched all of his other videos and i saw this one i hadnt seen and i was happy

    Zac SpongbergZac Spongberg2 måneder siden
  • i used to know of a cell phone call service Center.u automatically got promoted no matter what every 3 months.and u started getting crazy benefits and shit the longer you work there none of it made any sense. i Knew somebody that work there right up till the company closed and he was one of their longest lasting .see most people quit within 3 months but he was a huge pothead. By the time he'd been working there a year and a half the man who could barely spell his name had a corner office job doing absolutely nothing.he spent most of his day staring at the walls and throwing pencils at the ceiling.thay automatically promoted you about every 3 months and after about a year-and-a-half they ran Auto places to promote the guy lol.he started off in the pit and worked his way up.he was literally this guy in the video you'd be talking to when you call on the phoneand bear in mind he was to Stone to even remotely perform said job so he was literally getting promoted for being able to drowned out whatever people were saying to him and just go on to the next phone calll lol.he complained that the only thing he was doing last going off was a couple times a day they randomly get him to listen in on the phone calls for quality or new employee evaluation sheets that were just basically put check mark in multiple choice boxes and you don't want to know what he was getting paid per hour and couldn't stop whining about being forced to wear a suit and tie and that's a job cut into his pot smoking time and how depressed he was. Man was getting paid roughly fifty or more an hour to sit in an air-conditioned office and breathe oxygen. i finally broke down and applied for a job at the place that was one of the most desired job interviews I've ever had in my life. the job interview for Blockbuster Video was interesting but good job application process for that place was something right out of a Leslie Nielsen spy movie. I kept expecting a door to open up and see Q labs testing spy gadgets.u I think I being funny? First part of the job application process was a questionnaire several parts of which are same question are used by applicants joining the RCMP Academy or Canadian Secret Service basically the same psychological questions that they ask for either one of those recruiting facilities. its basically 10 or so questions ask repeatedly and worded differently but if u have an IQ level over 5 you realize it's the same question they already asked a few questions back just worded differently.like how comfortable are you being in a position of leadership would you rather be in a position of leadership or be somebody else that takes orders from somebody above you. At one point they even ask that damn question if you could be a tree I kid you not. if that wasn't bad enough when I got to the part of the interview process that you're sitting with a person across from you at a desk things got creepy as hell and i started feeling like I was being inducted into a cult! She kept referring to the place as a happy employment family and I thought she was going to start twitching and have a seizure. Nothing about the way this woman was talking or moving just made any sense if u can grass what I'm getting at. Are body language and everything just didn't make sense like he was on some sort of mood-altering substance.god her taking us on the tour of the facility she just kept repeating over and over happy employment family and phrases like that.at one point she was explaining about the sound proof room for people to go and de-stress and was about to show us the room when a man play I'm down one of the phone ran from his desk screaming and crying and proceeded to lock himself in the sound proof destress room and didn't come out rest of the time we were on the tour of the facility.the hole thing just kept feeling like a series of gags scenes from a old Leslie Nielsen movie like you'd see in airplane. Almost everybody in the pit had carpal tunnel braces on one or both hands as a example. Almost half the people working there. He spoke a word of English and we're reading from script with little to no understanding of what they were actually reading.i Even brought up at one point I've never used the Blackberry in my life. And was told that's perfectly fine most of our employees have never even use a cellphone before u jest pick the appropriate response page from your employee binder that best suits the phone call you're receiving I freaking kid you not.the Woman was all gashing how about I be a perfect fit for their employee family and yada yada yada. And that I'd be coming to start my training later that week. About three hours later I get this really bizarre cryptic phone call from the lady that had been giving us the tour of the facility informing me that with great apology it has been deemed that I would not possibly be a suitable fit for their employment family and that I wouldn't be coming in for to begin my training.i where it was a drinking game that you're supposed to take a shot every time she said employee family and would usually emphasize the words happy or other similar words for pleasant and productive. Everything she was saying just kept sounding like you were being inducted into a cult. Ironically the place got shot down about two weeks after my interview.so I would have undergone about 2 weeks of training to work there and probably not even been paid lol

    Peter ParkerPeter Parker2 måneder siden
  • Sad but true

    Nina NotzonNina Notzon2 måneder siden
  • The 222 dislikes are Twitter bots

    Trip HoffmanTrip Hoffman2 måneder siden
  • That is precisely the expression I imagine customer service people having.

    149Ji149Ji2 måneder siden
  • Can I just mention that this video has 666 thousand views?

    Lo BellLo Bell2 måneder siden
  • Michael DanielMichael Daniel2 måneder siden
  • Why does this have 666k

    Dogman ArellaDogman Arella2 måneder siden
  • He stared into nothingness so perfectly without blinking I was starting to believe his eyes were fake

    Ryan BlackRyan Black2 måneder siden
  • Apparently, helping customers is super hard, very much an inconvenience.

    Zoltán SzásziZoltán Szászi2 måneder siden
  • Beginning of call (in addition to all the other bullshit mentioned in the above video): "This call is being recorded for quality assurance. Please hold and a Customer Advocate will be with you shortly." (long wait on hold mentioned in video) End of call: "Thank you for contacting @Company Customer Service! Congratulations, you have been selected to take part in a quality assurance survey at the end of this call! Please let us know what you think of the service you received with us today. Have a great day! *beep* *30 more minutes on the phone to answer survey questions, or however long until customer hangs up in deep frustration*

    Eric HansonEric Hanson2 måneder siden
  • It would more accurate if this said Paypal

    Martin VongMartin Vong2 måneder siden
  • "Your call is very important to us, that's why we don't pick up the phone"

    Warren CashWarren Cash2 måneder siden
  • The sorry fact that this is so on point SMH

    Carolina FhermanCarolina Fherman2 måneder siden
  • You know what the irony is? I work as online CS representative. It sucks so bad that this video is too true. I understand that there needs to be a level of productivity, I do. But I'm forced to give shitty, standard answers, and not care about people, or their problems. We get all the problems, all the complaints, all the negativity - and that would be ok, if I could just get a bit more time, to give people a personal and qualitative answer. It sucks that companies don't see the value of dedicated personell who actually give a shit. Sorry for the negative rant

    L CurversL Curvers2 måneder siden
  • "I would like a refund, o-or a fire extinguisher"

    AlexAlex2 måneder siden
  • "All our operators are busy at the moment" "Because of all the people calling to complain about your crap service and/or product!"

    Hendrik ScheepersHendrik Scheepers2 måneder siden
  • Meanwhile, I play a mobile game and randomly tweet about a fun glitch I encountered, immediately Niantic tells me they're aware of the issue and are fixing it. Like thanks guys! Not necessary!

    Dread Pirate RobinDread Pirate Robin2 måneder siden
  • I got attacked at a Verizon store you would think they would give me the phone number so I can get directly in touch with escalation prevention. I'm looking for a good consumer Advocate attorney I was attacked at a Verizon store need help must work on contingency

    PATRICK DeCambraPATRICK DeCambra2 måneder siden
  • AT&T in a nutshell

    JAJA2 måneder siden
  • Amazon stole $3000 from my gift card balance. I’m still waiting. Not even joking.

    The Roman NetworkThe Roman Network3 måneder siden
  • His costumer service face is so accurate

    Serena MazzaSerena Mazza3 måneder siden
  • Anyone else notice the extra commentary in the closed captions? o.O

    tweaker1bmstweaker1bms3 måneder siden
  • 0:08 that killed me 😂

    D3vaD3va3 måneder siden
  • Is his eyes purple or am I tripping ?

    J SJ S3 måneder siden
  • you could have fleshed this one out a little bit more i think. there were stronger jokes to be made but still funny

    dude25101dude251013 måneder siden
  • Just post publicly again.

    Matthew Talbot-PaineMatthew Talbot-Paine3 måneder siden
  • I just realized he lives in Sim City.

    Something to WatchSomething to Watch3 måneder siden
  • And the survey on how they did

    SailornomsSailornoms3 måneder siden
  • As a non samsung user i do not take offense to this

    DempDemp3 måneder siden
  • The face came off, GOODBYE😂😂😂😂

    Taytahni TorraTaytahni Torra3 måneder siden
  • Customer service has declined steadily during my 67 years of life. Now they just babble how important you are and apologize and thank you while providing deplorable service.

    BrandonFloridaBrandonFlorida3 måneder siden
  • Tip: watch this with closed captions

    Kyle DelaneyKyle Delaney3 måneder siden
  • This is frustratingly accurate! It's exactly what I've experienced and felt like screaming over!! Maybe next time I'll paste the link to this video, and say please be more a bit more communicative than this! 😂

    Eco-friendly Vegan GeekEco-friendly Vegan Geek3 måneder siden
  • Hair is very flammable. You’d be bald by now 🙂

    Sophie EeSophie Ee3 måneder siden