We're Pregnant!

2. april. 2021
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Ahhhh, secret's out! Ben and I are ready to start the biggest chapter of our lives. The newest member to our lil fam is arriving this fall. This whole experience has been huge for us and I just wanted to share a slice of what was going through my mind.
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  • Ohhh my goodness. I'm in tears reading all your comments. Thank you thank you thank you for the amount of support. 😭😭😭I was really nervous uploading this video, but I just wanted to be honest and open about it all. I hope it can help anyone who's experiencing something similar. Honestly Ben, Cheeki and I are SO excited to welcome our newest family member in September. 👶🏻

    Jenn ImJenn Im15 dager siden
    • I rarely write comment in youtube but here i am saying that I’m so happy for you I’m in tears🥺 wishing all the very best for the three of you🤍

      cyn wucyn wu4 dager siden
    • You’ll be a great mother.

      Narigho BalindiNarigho Balindi7 dager siden
    • Wow. Congratulation. This is amazing. God bless you and your family 😍

      Flavor MazeFlavor Maze7 dager siden
    • Congratulations Jenn😭😭💖

      EmilyEmily8 dager siden
    • I am beyond ecstatic for you both! Everything that you are feeling (good and bad) are COMPLETELY VALID! Please understand that. You and Ben have such a spectacular dynamic; your baby is already so so blessed to be able to share and absorb all of your love, wisdom, experiences, and more. You two will be and already are such beautiful, loving parents. They will be forever surrounded by endless love Max protection, and guidance. You have nothing to fear as god would never give you more than what you can handle. This baby is meant for you two. I love y’all, thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us all. ❤️

      Rachel MarieRachel Marie9 dager siden
  • My heart.....❤❤❤

    Daria SkrypnikDaria Skrypnik2 timer siden
  • So many feel as you have...but everyone is afraid of saying it...thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations!!

    Kelly MooreKelly Moore3 timer siden
  • Why do people act like it's a rare thing to get pregnant?

    yuko 44yuko 445 timer siden
  • why am i crying...im so happy for you :')) literally sobbing

    YoojinnyYoojinny11 timer siden
  • This is so beautiful 💜✨ thank you so much ❤️

    Ro AlguacilRo Alguacil12 timer siden
  • this video made me appreciate my mom more, thank you for sharing this 🤧💕

    LevvieLevvie17 timer siden
  • I cried so hard to this my boyfriend next to me was confused. This is so beautiful and thank you for sharing the raw emotions you’ve experienced

    ISabby22ISabby2218 timer siden
  • Why am i crying

    fairyfairy21 time siden
  • I have watched your video since university, and now I’m pregnant as well. My response when I saw the result of test is exactly the same with you, crying non stop. But now I’m starting to accept the truth and learn to become a good mom. 😭❤️

    TCLTCLDag siden
  • congratulation to Jenn!

    杨昊怡杨昊怡Dag siden
  • Wake up at 4 in Shanghai and to see your video in tears❤️ thank you for sharing and it is so beautiful. Really excited to see this newcomer this year ! ❤️

    Sijia ZhangSijia ZhangDag siden
  • This made me so emotional and happy for you. We didn't even hear the baby's heart, we had a miscarriage at 8 weeks..When I heard the heart I started crying so hard but I am so happy for you both ❤ it is truly a gift ❤

    Florentia KasapiFlorentia KasapiDag siden
  • I subscribed you since i was a girl now i’m a woman. Im pretty sure you are gonna be a good mother. Cant wait to see your kid!! We love you and your family💕사랑헤💕

    Ppp PppdddPpp PppdddDag siden
  • Ohhh jen 🥺😍 you're pregnant!! So happy for you 🥳

    Emma IsabelleEmma IsabelleDag siden
  • i am crying too much, wasn't ready for this. I am honestly so proud???

    Rafaella RochaRafaella RochaDag siden
  • started crying when you mentioned your PCOS diagnosis. I have endometriosis and am currently 24, and am so scared to even consider having children in the future because I don't know if I can and I don't want to want it until I know I can do it. I'm scared

    Madeline GonzalezMadeline GonzalezDag siden
  • No body knows anything about being a parent. The best mum ever just loves her child, even when they are being a turd hahahaha

    Mothermaple EtsyMothermaple EtsyDag siden
  • This was the most HONEST and REAL video of yours. Your videos are always honest and real, but I feel like this video I got to really see the complete and real you. Your reaction to your pregnancy is probably how I would feel too. Im so glad to see a reaction other than just happy. I feel like when a lot of women who post that they are pregnant are women that want to get pregnant and are trying, but it was nice to see a reaction from someone who was, yes trying, but still unsure on how they felt about being pregnant. We are all different people with different experiences, and it was nice to see a different experience. I love you Jen and your relationship with Ben is so beautiful. His reaction was so sweet it left me in tears. The whole video I felt like I was allowed to come along on the ride of emotions and thoughts that happen after finding out you're about to bring a person into this world. I was in TEARS. Im so happy for you both!!!

    taramisutaramisuDag siden
  • This was me when I was pregnant

    GoldDIYGoldDIYDag siden
  • omg crying so much at how beautiful this video is.

    Anna HsiaoAnna HsiaoDag siden
  • You’re reaction is so real! It’s not always pure excitement.... it can be really really scary!

    Taylor WeldonTaylor WeldonDag siden
  • I love how real this is

    LaniLaniDag siden
  • I felt the same as you Jen, but I was 19 ay the moment with my 2 month old relationship. I'm japanese and my grandma was very very cold to me, the only people who accepted were my parents. I bet being asian doesn't make it any easier. It lasted 2 years until we separated but luckily we co-parent our daughter quite well. Now it's been three years since I'm in a healthy relationship with my partner, who also loves unconditionally my daughter. Time puts in place what is meant for. Or at least that's what I want to believe ❤️ I'm so happy for both of you Jen. You'll be great parents

    飛鳥asuka飛鳥asukaDag siden
  • You are so strong, beautiful, intelligent-all of the above. You are going to be a great mother. I love you so much. :'( This video is so sweet; I can't stop crying.

    puppyhasmilkpuppyhasmilk2 dager siden
  • Omg, stoppp i am crying I am so happy for you guys

    Julia NgoJulia Ngo2 dager siden
  • I started crying this was so beautiful to watch ❤️

    MegMeg2 dager siden
  • Cryingggg 😭😭😭😭 congrats !!!!

    Amanda MonnetteAmanda Monnette2 dager siden
  • i just found out im pregnant, and i will unfortunately be a single mother, i was a complete mess when i found out because i was in shock that it was even real. i thought my mother would be upset because im graduating college may 15th, still have no job and it was with a guy that i just didnt feel a connection with in the end. but, she is over the moon and said the same thing your mother did "im glad youre having a baby while im still young enough and able to remember" that really helped me relax more and just open up to this new journey.

    Emily CaitlynnEmily Caitlynn2 dager siden
  • I'm not gonna cry... I'm not gonna cry... I'm not gonna cry.. 😭😭😭😭😭

    Nimesha GamageNimesha Gamage2 dager siden
  • What a grateful moment of minutes to being able to watch your story. I am so happy for you. Love you Jenn.

    JiminJimin2 dager siden
  • congratulations Jenn and Ben, also you are going to be both great parents.

    Kemi AKemi A2 dager siden
  • You will always be a good mother. Right guys?

    Koel BrightKoel Bright2 dager siden
  • Oh Jenn.... I've only recently discovered your channel and watched maybe four of your many many videos so far and every single one of them has managed to bring me to tears... Thank you for being so honest and authentic. You remind me every time of how life is amazing and beautiful even with all the challenges, the uncertainties, the fears... Thank you for sharing these moments of your life with us!

    Yvette YangYvette Yang2 dager siden
  • Congratulations!!!! See, social media is beautiful because of this video. She shared her raw true feelings as well as this beautiful edit with overlaying music that is so creative and hits a different part of my brain. Gosh, I love this video so much and so happy for you and Ben

    Amara StibbieAmara Stibbie2 dager siden
  • As a woman who was raised in a strict household , was in an extremely controlling relationship, and got pregnant at 21... I felt as if my life was over. I never experienced what young people did, I never had a normal childhood or did what teenagers did and then suddenly I was pregnant? I mourned the life I never had and probably never would experience. I kissed my youth goodbye. And now? 3 years later ? I sometimes still get depressed over it. My prenatal and postnatal depression was really and I still haven’t fully recovered. Over time my priorities shifted and I absolutely love my daughter. That doesn’t mean I will still feel down at times. I had to do it practically alone, but jenn has Ben and many others that can provide support so I know she will be fine. Everything will be okay. It gets better.

    SeritoninSeritonin2 dager siden
  • I don't even know them and i feel so happy and emotional. I guess that's the beauty of it

    Sharanya nSharanya n2 dager siden
  • i literally cried watching this :( so beautiful. congratulations and stay safe & healthy jenn!

    Nabilla AzarineNabilla Azarine2 dager siden

    Nur Afrina Damia Mohd SalimNur Afrina Damia Mohd Salim2 dager siden
  • Purest video I’ve seen in a while. I cried watching this during dinner 😂

    geckogecko2 dager siden
  • Omg im crying sooo bad, that is the most beautiful thing i ever seen! The fact how honest you are, you’re not trying to look good or like you’re handeling the situation when you’re not and I love this about you and Ben! I KNOW you two are gonna be amazing parents! God bless you! 🌸✨

    Oliwia PyzelOliwia Pyzel2 dager siden
  • Your moms support made me cry so hard

    Questionable LexiQuestionable Lexi2 dager siden
  • Why am I sobbing omgggg

    Questionable LexiQuestionable Lexi2 dager siden
  • Awww Jenn , I look up to you for so many things. I admire you so much and I've been watching you for years. I can only imagine the anxiety that came with the news but I think you're gonna be an amazing mom , you and Ben are gonna be amazing parents. Love and Blessings to your family from South Africa.

    Matsotello MolefeMatsotello Molefe2 dager siden
  • Jenn, you’re going to be one of the best mom ever I promised🥺💕 Cause you’re one of the best, the brightest person in the world

    Talie LeeTalie Lee2 dager siden

    Remember To SmileRemember To Smile2 dager siden
  • Don't worry girl you got this you can take care of dog you can take care of a baby don't think too much take care of yourself and your body stay home and be safe always keep your mask on if you go outside love you guys so much you guys will have a little cute family together can't wait to see the little one ☺️ I'm so happy for you too

    kiki xiongkiki xiong2 dager siden
  • all your fears will go away once you feel the first kick :)

    Kookie MonstreKookie Monstre2 dager siden
  • Drama queen

    Princess Jamyang EntertainmentPrincess Jamyang Entertainment2 dager siden
  • I'm crying. This is the most beautiful and true video about pregnancy. I think you gonna be good mom for your child🌸😍😚

    Moon LitoMoon Lito2 dager siden
  • I got teary watching this lovely video ❤

    Lanlia JamirLanlia Jamir2 dager siden
  • Congratulations Jenn & Ben! This felt so surreal im in happy tear

    Famirah FndFamirah Fnd2 dager siden
  • This is so beautiful😭.I cried the whole clip😭😭

    Aseng PertinAseng Pertin2 dager siden

    marumaru2 dager siden
  • the vulnerability here was so touching, thank you for being a real human

    Allison MerzAllison Merz2 dager siden
  • Jenn, I haven't mentioned before but I always thought you would be great mother because I always learn so much important things about life from you. You've led me to so many inspiring, awesome books and people. I think when a person grows up it's so important to learn about those things. Your wisdom that you gain through your books are insightful and important. I've always thought that your child would have the best parents, you and Ben.

    nicolenicole2 dager siden
    • I even think Cheeki is one of the most blessed dog in the world. Because you guys take so much good care on her.

      nicolenicole2 dager siden
  • Wow, that was really beautiful. Really raw and real

    Amber JohnsonAmber Johnson3 dager siden
  • I’m in tears 😭

    Marcy CeesayMarcy Ceesay3 dager siden
  • I'm not weeping you are

    Mackenzie KeelMackenzie Keel3 dager siden
  • I teared up watching this:') congrats Jenn. you will do great as a mother. I will always support you no matter what.

    Candy HuangCandy Huang3 dager siden
  • Is that artem?

    James HJames H3 dager siden
  • i know i was not the only one crying from beginning to end of this beautiful video! what an incredible expression of the rang of life & human emotions!! ugh Congratulations Jenn & Ben! Wishing you & Your growing Family so much Support, Love & Joy✨

    Ashley K.Ashley K.3 dager siden
  • Congratulations!!! 😭😭 been watching since 2014 and can’t believe you’re pregnant! You and Ben will be the best parents x

    ShoefridgeShoefridge3 dager siden
  • Lovisa DahlinLovisa Dahlin3 dager siden
  • You are going to have so much fun! As a momma with a September baby almost 6yo) I can tell you that you will most likely be is for a wild ride! Enjoy it

    Erika CastilloErika Castillo3 dager siden
  • I cried threeeee separate times watching this, so beautiful so excited for you ❤️

    Leah Van ZantLeah Van Zant3 dager siden
  • 축하해요!!! 진심으로 응원해요 좋은 엄마가 되실거 같아요 :)

    승맹아승맹아3 dager siden
  • the best youtuber. ever.

    酷妈黛安娜Cool Mum Dianna酷妈黛安娜Cool Mum Dianna3 dager siden
  • Best wishes the new mom!

    Anhelina DavydyukAnhelina Davydyuk3 dager siden
  • This is the one and only video that made me cry so hard

    anya srianya sri3 dager siden
  • 😭😢 I'm so happy for yall lol

    B R I T T A N YB R I T T A N Y3 dager siden

    Emily MatasEmily Matas3 dager siden
  • You are going to be the best mom ever. Sending lots of love your way ❤

    bitchy moodbitchy mood3 dager siden
  • I have never seen a pregnancy announcement that resonated more with me. The honesty, kindness, self-knowledge, and love just radiate from you, even as you admit your fears. We should all be so lucky to have a mother like you. Really, truly.

    Eira CapelánEira Capelán3 dager siden
  • Congratulation~ love you and support you from Korea

    최수네입최수네입3 dager siden
  • i cried so hard with this video, I'm so happy with seeing people being loved, at the same time, I also feel sad about this kind of happiness may not happen to me

    Yaxi GaoYaxi Gao3 dager siden
  • Awww💕💕💕 congratulations 🥳 can’t wait to see you Benn and ur baby in Japan 🇯🇵❤️ please visit japan again! 😚❤️❤️ stay safe xx

  • Oh Jenn you made me cry from the start till the end! Congratulations for you both! Thanks for sharing this raw feelings and keep it real, I went through this exact feelings last year, in March 2020, and today I’m sitting here on the couch with my little peanut sleeping in my arms and watching your video. I can assure you that it’s still scary today but it definitely gets easier with time! You are everything your baby will need and you’ll see that he/she will going to fall in love with you. There’s nothing like our baby looking to us, their eyes are a deep well full of love! Enjoy every little second because time passes so fast! You rock super mamma!

    I'M JOANA MARIA.I'M JOANA MARIA.3 dager siden
  • Watching you crying reminds of me when my wife found out she had. When i heard it from my wife on the phone at subway station, i could not stop crying for 30 min...just I was grateful for everything..... By the way...your Korean is so cute while mine is not..(I am a korean korean btw)

    LaFaroLaFaro3 dager siden
  • This is the most honest video I have watched. I literally cried the whole time. Love you Jenn 🧡 you will be such a wonderful mother. Your baby is lucky to have you as a mother💗congratulations to you both 🎈

    hanahana sebhanahana seb3 dager siden
  • I love how you story-tell. It's such an amazing gift.

    Maria NunezMaria Nunez3 dager siden
  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺🤍🤍🤍🤍

    Melissa EsaMelissa Esa3 dager siden
  • Tears and tears love this 💕

    Danielle CarrilloDanielle Carrillo3 dager siden
  • So happy for you Jenn! 😍😍 I'm kinda predict it from your some last video Wish you healthy inside outside until the baby coming 🤗

    theresia agnestitheresia agnesti3 dager siden
  • Your natural fears here show me what a great mum you will be. You’re natural reaction is lovely to see and appreciated. Congratulations xx

    SarahSarah3 dager siden
  • Dear Jenn - I've watched you since your starting days with clothesencounters, introduced to me so many years ago by my close friend friend. We were also two young asian girls into fashion and would dress up nicely and go downtown, scroll through lookbook endlessly, go to vintage shops and try to find our own thrifted pieces, take photos of our looks, compliment each other, watch your videos... :) I actually hadn't kept up too closely with you over the many years, but would always see your videos, photos pop up here and then, especially of some of your big life moments (like when you got married!) and every time they did, I'd be blown away by how fast time seemed to go, but at the same time, it felt nice to know that we were all flying through this time together. I'm just 2 years younger, so it always felt like we were going through similar stages at the same time. Plus, it was always nice to see that you always seemed to be... you! Today was another day where I had seen a video of yours for the first time in a while, and the same feeling I explained right above hit me hard. I gasped and clicked on the video after seeing the title, and just spent the last 10 minutes crying, smiling, and being washed over by so many strange emotions. My older sister recently got pregnant and all the emotions you showed in the video, she had expressed to me as well. She unfortunately had a miscarriage only 7 weeks in... My sister was very... affected by it and our family has had a bit of a tough time since, but we've all recovered and are hoping for another miracle to find us soon! We're on opposite sides of the globe and haven't been able to meet because of the current situations, but watching your video made me feel a warmth and positivity for the near future with my family as well. You also posted this video on her birthday so I'm feeling a bit weird hahaha! Thank you ♥ I am so, sincerely happy for you in this new chapter of life and although many people have said this already, you are going to be an amazing mother, because you are the only mother to your child. That already makes you the best mom for him/her :) I wish you safe and healthy days ahead, sending you so much love from Korea!

    Stephanie CStephanie C3 dager siden
  • The most precious and wholesome video

    Fay GFFay GF3 dager siden
  • So proud of you everything will be fine Hope you and your baby healthy and happy everyday by little fans❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    0chubbychubby00chubbychubby03 dager siden
  • this video made me cry, I'm so happy for you guys! :,)

    Aneela DarAneela Dar3 dager siden
  • You got me crying! The most heartwarming & touching video ever! 💜

    Wintersnow147Wintersnow1474 dager siden
  • Wow congrats Jen ! 🤗🥰 (Long time viewer first time commenting) and I also want to say thank you for posting this video and being vulnerable. I always thought I was alone in this mindset as well. I’m in a relationship of 4 years and I would get anxiety just the thought of the future of having kids. I whole heartedly felt this video I felt all your emotions as if they were my own. I am extremely happy for you both ☺️ You’re kid is going to love you unconditionally. 💓 much love, one of you’re subscribers

    erikekeerikeke4 dager siden
  • BYEEE I AM SOBBINg you are going to be amazing parents. I am so excited for you!1!

    Taylor MoonTaylor Moon4 dager siden
  • Thank you for this video...

    Trang DoanTrang Doan4 dager siden
  • So happy for you guys. ❤️😭🥰

    Bolormaa ZorigtbaatarBolormaa Zorigtbaatar4 dager siden

    Chenalin De Los SantosChenalin De Los Santos4 dager siden
  • omg im crying congratulations to you both

    Lien PhanLien Phan4 dager siden
  • Thank you for sharing such heartfelt moments. ❤️ It is natural to have these fears and anxiety. You are going to do the best you can and that will be good enough. Just remember that there is no right or wrong way to be a mom. Motherhood will be a wonderful journey in itself. Embrace the highs and the lows. Only then can we grow and learn. Congrats to you and Ben! Looking forward to seeing you guys start this new chapter of your life. Thank you for being so candid. I’m totally not crying into my lunch right now. 😂

    SuperNancyFancyPantsSuperNancyFancyPants4 dager siden
  • this is the most pure, most genuine and most real video I have ever seen on youtube. Thank you Jen for sharing this amazing new chapter with us and for showing all the upcoming mothers that it is okay not to feel sure and to feel scared and in doubt. Its all normal. You are such a wonderful person and you can do this❤️ I wish you all the best🙌🏻

    Cindy SabolčecCindy Sabolčec4 dager siden
  • you don't need to feel excited. it's okay you are scared. Thank you Jenn for showing us the real Jenn

    ziru leiziru lei4 dager siden
  • This was the sweetest way to capture such a special moment ✨ So so happy for you and Ben! 💜💜

    Sara IsmailSara Ismail4 dager siden