We're going to hell for these jokes... (Warzone)

2. mai. 2021
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A call of duty warzone funny moments video but the moments send us to hell.
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  • KFC EDM... it does exist under "KFC and Watermelon"

    Bad WordBad Word50 minutter siden
  • When u have good friends the jokes comes out anyway 😆

    REHAN KHANREHAN KHAN4 timer siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/zqmbrrOKx7G8zdU.html Reaction :^

    Chlebuś OwOChlebuś OwO6 timer siden
  • omegle?

    Samuele BondioliSamuele Bondioli9 timer siden
  • I have one idea for you, because 9 of May is Victory Dey you should make a solo of famous songs Katyusha.

    Urban RiderUrban Rider9 timer siden
  • i died watching this video😂

    Kloud MysteryKloud Mystery10 timer siden
  • Okay that transition was smooth af my guy

    Michael WhiteMichael White11 timer siden
  • Can you play highlight bling

    Anomaly ShogunAnomaly Shogun17 timer siden
  • Can you play highlight bling

    Anomaly ShogunAnomaly Shogun17 timer siden

    Anomaly ShogunAnomaly Shogun18 timer siden

      Anomaly ShogunAnomaly Shogun18 timer siden
  • Yoooo congrats on 5M

    Noah TaylorNoah Taylor18 timer siden
  • Sub to his 2nd channel already...

    Egghead1818Egghead181823 timer siden
  • The Doo i'm trying to get in too ur discord but i cant it wont let me it keep saying Unable to Accept Invite ??? i dont know why

    christopher PLay's DragonBallchristopher PLay's DragonBall23 timer siden
  • ☆Not if we're both going 80 mph☆ lol dead af.

    PorkChopPorkChopDag siden
  • Imagine thedooo, Dream, and CorpseHusband plays a game together

    Parry WondersParry WondersDag siden

    No oneNo oneDag siden

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  • Congrats on 5mil! :D

    ShazzShazzDag siden
  • Came across ur Spotify page today, and boi it is awensome😄

    wytze van der molenwytze van der molenDag siden
  • Thedoo and Marley should do a collab xD

    JokerisAce GJokerisAce GDag siden
  • Omg i loved this video so much lmao!

    Death MuffinDeath MuffinDag siden
  • @TheDooo can you play Love’s Sorrow on the electric? Bet you can’t😤

    Danielle ManesDanielle ManesDag siden
  • People are using your content and getting tons of view.Please keep a watch of it.Or one day you wake up and see someone else getting the revenue of your videos due to copyright.

  • Doo u hit 5 mil subs letsssssss gooo

    vocalicowl 4vocalicowl 4Dag siden
  • Lmao hahahahahaha oh wait sorry I wasn't laughing at the dooo I was laughing at this advert about the dooo

    the gamer101the gamer101Dag siden
  • “If you hadn’t have said you were Arab, I wouldn’t have guessed” 2 minutes later... *”I’m gonna see if I can revive you before this missile lands.”*

    Kohl WrightKohl WrightDag siden
  • I bet you stretched out that black screen transition at 9:05 to hit 10 minutes lol

    XanderXanderDag siden
  • All videos that I saw was awesome bro.. But there's song i haven't or anyone else how bout a the LULLABY form Narnia

    Obie -1-killzObie -1-killzDag siden
  • Demon Slayer

    Rick JohnsonRick JohnsonDag siden
  • Short dirt

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  • Daddy says corn comes from corn holes

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  • One the next video you should play siege engine by buckethead

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  • You should play the "happy song" by John Petrucci. He hasn't professionally recorded it but it is amazing. ***Edit: He has finally***

    TheBetterIngredientsTheBetterIngredientsDag siden
  • What happened to playing guitar

    Panda Master36Panda Master36Dag siden
  • “Hot queens in your city”

    MudyシMudyシDag siden
  • Can anyone tell me what colour corresponds to the player? Ik Dooo's white McNasty is Red Pre sure soup is blue Idfk the rest- Help pls

    CyphisCyphisDag siden
  • Am I the only one that wants to hear Dooo make a cover of You Will Be Okay from Helluva Boss?

    McDoobis 4178McDoobis 4178Dag siden
  • Dooo I have one question. Are you blonde

    The Smoke StackThe Smoke Stack2 dager siden
  • ngl the things you stick the magnets on look like your about to breach a wall in seige

    William TaylorWilliam Taylor2 dager siden
  • when the doo hits 5 mil on youtube and doesn't make a video about it -_-

    ItzAlph5ItzAlph52 dager siden
    • I think he is working in his face reveal video For Reaching 5M

      x 乂爪乇ᗪㄖ几乂xx 乂爪乇ᗪㄖ几乂xDag siden
  • Play the new resident evil lol. Loved your last one.

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  • pssttt.... any news or hints on a mary had a little stroke vid??

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  • Is the tiktok vid about dude reusing poop corn with a strained to feed his baby real? If so I need a link !!!!!!

    Habit RabbitHabit Rabbit2 dager siden
  • 957

    Billy vangBilly vang2 dager siden
  • Does dooo have somewhere we can put a song we don't remember so we can find it again

    Danny DuckboyDanny Duckboy2 dager siden
  • 8:48 i fucking cant

    D. ChunkD. Chunk2 dager siden
  • Yo the ad is actually dope

    Joshua YoderJoshua Yoder2 dager siden
  • 4:00 song?

    Jordan mitiJordan miti2 dager siden
  • Premium Content 👌

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  • Just... Demonetized: The Video

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  • Onprobation more like offprobation

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  • Grizzy glizzy

    SilverScythe 〽SilverScythe 〽2 dager siden
  • Hey dooo just a quick suggestion. If you ever dooo dooo a face revealing you should do it on the masked singer. I just finished watching hallelujah for the third time. It still sounds like a voice of a god. It doesn't change it only gets better every time.

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan2 dager siden
  • Hey Dooo, can you help me out with finding the link to the Legend of Zelda displate you have? I cant seem to find it and I really want to get that one with him kneeling with the master sword. or if anyone else has found it. please send me the link! ty

    PerfectEcho's GCPerfectEcho's GC2 dager siden
  • Hi Dooo I really liked your version of unholy confessions and raining blood in the black ops 2 vids and i was wondering if you have heard the song demonic refusal by testament?

    Don KlinDon Klin2 dager siden
  • Please play John Mayer Neon

    MustangED92MustangED922 dager siden
  • What was playing during the Kfc rave show part?

    Husbando MaterialHusbando Material2 dager siden
  • displate has fucking expensive posters, but they are high quality

    Leevi RistolaLeevi Ristola3 dager siden
  • dooo whats your name is rs

    christian otwellchristian otwell3 dager siden
  • TheDooo has become a weeb. It finally happened.

    Suspended ResolutionSuspended Resolution3 dager siden
  • Found this channel because we were watching your videos during our esports party, love this content man

    Kazi MandiaKazi Mandia3 dager siden
  • jesus christ what i would give to play with you and those guys. Shit's funnyyyyyyy

    Joey MitchellJoey Mitchell3 dager siden
  • Happy 5 Mio Abos🎉🎉🎉

    Tom KüchTom Küch3 dager siden
  • I wish i had friends as fun as you guys. Everybdoy i play with gets so mad at everything. 😒

    Jason BridgeJason Bridge3 dager siden
  • A sponsor that I’m actually gonna use...😳

    Kyle HaleKyle Hale3 dager siden
  • Has anyone gotten meme instruments youtooz yet? Cuz I’m still waiting!

    Fabian HernandezFabian Hernandez3 dager siden
  • McNasty: I'm having fun playing the game TheDoo: gets fucking sniped

    BxG StoneBxG Stone3 dager siden
  • Ok so TheDooo I have a question if you ever dooo a face revel could you go on Americas got talent.

    VD : OVERVD : OVER3 dager siden
  • 3:10 did she just try to hammer a screw into the wall??!

    Thotus MaximusThotus Maximus3 dager siden
  • hilarious!

    AbyAby3 dager siden
  • stasis is a god sense in pve and i love it but in pvp i just dont play outside of friendly private matches where we all just fuck around

    Aachen-LR2Aachen-LR23 dager siden
  • metal poster??? im in

    Kscott McCauslinKscott McCauslin3 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    JarrahovenskiJarrahovenski3 dager siden
  • funniest vid I've seen in a minute. hope snowflakes don't get butthurt over these jokes. love your content man!

    jk dcjk dc3 dager siden
  • Congrats on 5 Million Dooo! You deserve it man!

    MWN5MWN53 dager siden
  • facecam FACECAMM

    LéxyLéxy3 dager siden

    Isaiah JoshuaaIsaiah Joshuaa3 dager siden
  • I'm from Brazil and i love all your videos!!!

    Xupingola JrXupingola Jr3 dager siden
  • “Marshmallow comes out with a kfc bucket on his head” Buckethead: am I a joke to you?!

    Hayden ffhgHayden ffhg3 dager siden
  • Doo you gotta play kiss me more next omegle vid

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  • could you do a video showing your guitars? it would b cool to know how many do you have

    Eva_OMEva_OM3 dager siden
  • Does anyone know how he edits his videos? And which program he uses?

    Jakob HJakob H3 dager siden
  • Please please play how to fly by sticky fingers

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  • Please please play cyclone by sticky fingers

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  • song at 3:58 ??

    Martin H.gMartin H.g3 dager siden
  • Definition of waste of talent.

    HolkenisTheShitHolkenisTheShit3 dager siden
  • just noticed the cornhub intro in the background of the outro music

    Elijah RogersElijah Rogers3 dager siden
  • McRocklin is a great guitar player too. You should do a video with him.

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  • These guys are like the same as vanossgaming and them

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  • Congrats on 5 mil dooo

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  • Special Ed sheeran


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  • That deku displate

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  • E

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  • The girl in the afk ad ugly af

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  • We need an origin story from the dooo

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  • I mean we might be there already seems like most the world is on fire

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  • This is amazing, i feel like a kid again. Thank you TheDooo

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  • Man I always cry of laughter on these videos

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