We're building a new house!

3. mai. 2021
52 923 Ganger

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  • Hey, you turned my lights off with your Google command.

    Ivar AbrahamsenIvar Abrahamsen4 timer siden
  • Bjorn, contact the bank manager of your DMB branch and go in a meeting with him or her , and say I want to close my account with your bank , and here is why i am closing it. THE DMB ARE TOO BUSY TRYING TO HIDE THERE OWN PILLAGE OF THE SYSTEM TO TRY FIND YOU FINANCING. CHEERS Steve h. Ps, yes too the house video's. How are you setting up chargers, HVAC, geothermal or heat pump, solar setup or tesla solar roof, passive heating, window efficiancy ratings, etc.

    1sheinz1sheinz12 timer siden
  • I posted this video on my FB. I agree with you Bjørn and can`t say that this is good commercial for DNB.

    Kim KristiansenKim Kristiansen15 timer siden
  • Teslabjorn has just opened the box of NOworld topic of building house AND about bank experiences. Are interesting topics.

    Christer CarlsonChrister Carlson18 timer siden
  • Yes to house schtatus vlog and good luck with the bank!

    Matthias FritzMatthias FritzDag siden
  • I only thought the bureaucracy was shitty in Germany

    deejay krisdeejay krisDag siden
  • Hey Google… Damn you Björn 😂

    Per VildstrandPer VildstrandDag siden
  • Long and interesting video. I agree you should have startet as a company a long time ago. Both in order be better prove your income to financial institutions, but also so you can deduct all your expenses on your cars, trips, filming equipment ect. Also remember to get a good accounting program, in order to better keep track of both all your income and all your expenses. And good luck with your new house, best wishes from Denmark.

    allan500mallan500mDag siden
  • hah, banksters... what morons... turns out DNB has this huge money laundering fine to pay for... just go to some other bank, fsck them... a tesla solar roof with powerwalls ?

    Amaury JacquotAmaury JacquotDag siden
  • Big thanks Bjórn! Why just not to abandon the dinosaurs completely and as an IT guy just try to go with DeFi products even for loan? It's time to say definitely bye to all dinosaurs.. Even in banks! But anyway, the fact that we are 200k here doesn't automatically means that everyone knows you ;) But I am pretty sure, that it will be a bit easier to ask for loan in crypto world for you than in banks..

    pi lotkopi lotkoDag siden
  • Bjorn, I reckon you need to get yourself a professional accountant to look after all your financial affairs. He would know all the secret ways of optimising your situation. He would keep full records and present them in the proper way as needed. He would also free up your time and destress your life. Yes he would need a fee but surely it’s with it? Peter

    ThePrawlinThePrawlinDag siden
  • Plan on solar panels in the new house!!!

    EV AddictedEV AddictedDag siden
  • Bjorn, can you please test the 1st gen MB e-Vito (with the small battery, round 40 kWh) for real world range?

    koti- sullekoti- sulleDag siden
  • All you people with DNB: switch bank! They are scamming you! I'm so sorry you had to go thru the same silly thing with DNB as I did. There is a lot of incompetence in that company and so many unsatisfied customers just putting up with them for no reason whatsoever. People think they get benefits from being loyal to their bank and think it's hard to switch. You don't and it's not. The consultant I had in DNB complained that I used my own money even though I've never had negative balance. In addition they didn't manage to refinance my loan for a rekkehus after several years of value appreciation of my apartment and paying down 35% of the loan. I got several offers from other banks without problem. I switched bank and they gave me better conditions over the phone in less than 5min and have never had problems since...

    Sith-3POSith-3PO2 dager siden
  • Thanks for turning my lights off! 😭😂

    Dashcam SwitzerlandDashcam Switzerland2 dager siden
  • go with power bjorn in you life and gg i wish best for yo legend

    MrYenarogMrYenarog2 dager siden
  • maybe you should go to one of DNB's bank then apply the loan in person.

    Zarnel MejiaZarnel Mejia2 dager siden
    • Not possible due to covid.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dager siden
  • Yes, please make videos about your new house.

    Thomas KamberThomas Kamber2 dager siden
  • You're currently in a semi-detached home I believe. Then, considering their request for employment info, surely you file taxes? That document should validate your income.

    Richard PooleRichard Poole2 dager siden
  • You need an old fashioned bank and build a Passive Haus - the sort of bank where the manager meets you, looks at your data, and uses his personal skill to decide if you are a good risk. My family was with Barclays (big UK bank) for 3 generations, family business, lots of value for the bank. Service got worse and worse ... then 2008 and Barclays made their problems into my problem. They did me a favour because I moved to Handelsbanken. Wonderful service, old fashioned Bank Manager making decisions, just like Barclays use to be. We also built a a Passive House - best thing we did. Lovely even temperature, almost no heat input in winter, and neither my wife nor I have had a winter cough / cold in the 6 years since we moved in. Go for it :)

    EcoKEcoK3 dager siden
  • Can't wait for the new houses Vlogs!

    LolliCavenagosLolliCavenagos3 dager siden
  • Banks are never friends of their customers. At the moment money has no value and any loan isn't profitable enough for them.

    MarsellMarsell3 dager siden
  • Statistically your education can determine some risk in lending. Generally would suggest you can fallback into a better employment status than if you have less education. Morally might be unacceptable, but you'll get more credit wit a PhD for the same salary.

    Ella Santi FitnessElla Santi Fitness3 dager siden
  • Bjorn, I'm from Portugal and don't know how things work in Norway but, yeah, I guess it would've been more tax-efficient if you started the company sooner. Still, having the chance to consider expenses from the previous 5 years is awesome, go for it. You really should put the Roadsters in the company and in the future, your company can pay for your charging, meals, hotels, car maintenance, repairs, upgrades, equipment, and much more. And you get to be an employee again, hehe. Good luck with another bank!

    Gustavo AlmeidaGustavo Almeida3 dager siden
  • Bjorn have you had a word with your accountant over getting a loan?

    QALibraryQALibrary3 dager siden
  • Via Twitter, I sent a message to Johnny Smith the youtube and director and he was having the same issue as you and he is trying to build a new house.... Also, I contacted Richard from BOM #project #binky and he had the same issue a few weeks ago when he asked for a mortgage/loan etc

    QALibraryQALibrary3 dager siden
  • giving you a loan is all about credit scores and your educational level is part of that.... lot of banks have "issues" about giving loans to company directors/self-employed/NOworldrs/streamers because their income model does not fit into their boxes like someone doing a 9 to 5 job - there are companies that will help you to get a loan, but you have to pay for there services and they can get you access to non-banking companies and people that can loan you money as well... also maybe you need to go to different banks or open market or a different company to get the money - you, not the first person in your position that having an issue.

    QALibraryQALibrary3 dager siden
  • The loan form filling word for what you do is and the answer can be .

    Robert NelsonRobert Nelson3 dager siden
  • It's simple, switch to a better bank, but more importantly PLEASE fix the rubber seal on the drivers door. I'm from the UK and have zero brand loyalty, I switch banks, energy suppliers, insurance companies etc. more frequently than I change my underwear. It all depends on who can give the best deal and it's relatively easy to shop around,

    John DouglasJohn Douglas3 dager siden
  • Bank: What's your education? Bjorn: Programmer and hacker. I looked into your money washing affairs with the mafias... Bank: Oops. How much to you want? Btw, no need to pay back.

    SpråkdoktornSpråkdoktorn3 dager siden
  • Some of the main causes for divorce: building a house, remodeling,

    Uber MenschenUber Menschen3 dager siden
  • I hope I speak for more than myself when I say I would definitely be interested in house tour stuff once some progress gets made!

    NateNate3 dager siden
  • Bjørn, I think you're great an superb videos, but!!! You're "celebrity" status is getting to your head! Not everyone knows who you are!

    Sean ThomsonSean Thomson4 dager siden
    • The point is that they don't have to know who I am. They just need to know what a "NOworldr" is...

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dager siden
  • Rather than telling Bankers and lenders your occupation is a NOworld Vlogger describe yourself as a "car internet journalist" sounds much better. Good luck

    bazzyjazzbazzyjazz4 dager siden
  • man working on designing a house with Bjorn would be cool

    pumpuppthevolumepumpuppthevolume4 dager siden
  • Go to a local bank. Didi it here in germany also, bigger banks do not care.

    Carsten UMCarsten UM4 dager siden
  • Convert your company to AS asap. Start with hiring an accountant and a good lawyer. Separate your income from work (NOworld) and hire yourself as the single employee. Also. Change bank.

    T. W.T. W.4 dager siden
  • Hi Bjørn, great news! Are you considering a solar roof or solar panels on your new house to generate your own energy? Would be a nice topic for EV users, too, could even add some subscribers...

    Mirko KlemmMirko Klemm4 dager siden
  • You 100% should make an Aksjeselskap ASAP, and then write your own pay-slips. The sooner you do the better. For social security, for better investment opportunities and for deferred income. That should be your top priority for this year.

    moocatenmoocaten4 dager siden
  • Bjorn! You just turned off all my house lights!

    Anthony LiuAnthony Liu4 dager siden
  • Bjørn, allways talk with several banks when applying for loan. There can be several million kroner difference amount they will give you in loan. The banks should offcourse fight to get you as a customer. Not the other way around. And you will also get the best interest this way. I apllied for my loan at 7 different banks when i bought my house. 2 of them said just NO. The 5 others fought between them to give me the best interest so i would choose them. Remember it is only business for the bank.

    qUantUmpantsqUantUmpants4 dager siden
  • Used to work in a mortgage banking department in the US. My only comment is that the one time income from your Model S prize that you won is not really useful in terms of proving income since it is a one time event and not something they can count on for the future. I would just leave that out of the equation entirely.

    pioneer7777777pioneer77777774 dager siden
    • I am fully aware of that. But I also have 6 months of documentation of income from NOworld, Patreon, etc. That's what counts.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland4 dager siden
  • The bank is incapable of looking outside the banana box or is it because Bjorn has all of the banana boxes....hmmmm

    Chun YunChun Yun4 dager siden
  • Tax is the price for civilization. Also, it's probably better to have a firm and take out a monthly salary. That salary will be the base for pension, parental leave, sick pay et.c. Also it will make it easier with the bank.

    Martin Sund SvenssonMartin Sund Svensson4 dager siden
  • But why are you using DNB in the first place?

    Oddgeir KvienOddgeir Kvien4 dager siden
  • House split in half=Townhouse

    Fernando GarganoFernando Gargano4 dager siden
  • Hi Bjorn, I’m building a new garden shed. 🇬🇧👍

    Antonio PalmeroAntonio Palmero4 dager siden
  • For most banks you are just customer number 346758734, and the rules are.... the rules will be, the rules shall be.... Go to some broker to help you out, at least we have those in The Netherlands. They will maybe find some bank you never heard of that will loan you.

    Bastian van der HornBastian van der Horn4 dager siden
  • New house vlogs pls :)

    Aq EppoAq Eppo4 dager siden
  • I would give some other banks a try as well. I was surprised about the difference in how they handled it when I bought a house earlier this year.

    Jesper MadsenJesper Madsen4 dager siden
  • The old school banks are stuck in their ways, have some stupid rules but that's up to them. Best to use a broker who can find a lender for your circumstances. I had been a bank with many, many years and when moving house they refused to offer me any mortgage simply based on my "salary" not meeting their minimum requirements. They failed to take into account that 1, I had assets to cover the house purchase anyway and 2, I was a director of a company I own and only taking a small portion of company income as my salary, for tax reasons. Ie, you could have a company with £1million profit per year, take £10k as salary because that's all you want, and they'd refuse you a loan as you don't earn enough. Pretty dumb tbh.

    OrangemanOrangeman4 dager siden
  • Do they have loan brokers in Norway? In the UK that's how you deal with unusual situations

    mikeselectricstuffmikeselectricstuff4 dager siden
  • I hope you are taking into account that building material prices are increasing dramatically, it'll either cost you more in the end or your construction company might get in trouble.

    mbartolottombartolotto4 dager siden
  • Just make friends with Mr Beast. And he will buy you a house 🤣

    Patrick BaranowskiPatrick Baranowski4 dager siden
  • Engage Cory Chase for the house build! @samcrac knows it best

    Fabio MarzolaFabio Marzola4 dager siden
  • Watched to the end of course. Good luck with all of this 🙂

    Páll Sigurður BjörnssonPáll Sigurður Björnsson4 dager siden
  • Good luke with new hous i hope to be new thec and eco pasive house

    Veres CalinVeres Calin4 dager siden
  • Question for Bjorn: Can you write off house as well (in case you make videos about it or somet?)

    OwsryudieOwsryudie4 dager siden
  • Just say at what work you do: Maffia. xD What kind of Maffia, Bjørn? *Google Maffia* :D hahah :D

    OwsryudieOwsryudie4 dager siden
  • wish you luck and all best

    Testdriver2804Testdriver28044 dager siden
  • You simply need to call around and find a bank where money loaning department is running Teslas. THEY know you and what you are doing. Also you need incentives by government. Always build ahead of time like you did with your videos. The most important thing is find a passive house architect in Norway and do things like earth heat exchangers etc. Sun sends you no bill. Dont compensate, avoid. Also think about the right orientation to sun. You may want to produce and store your own H2 soon for next generation cars.

    Tim StruppiTim Struppi4 dager siden
  • Yes show everything about the construction, insulation, heating technology. Reasonable smatisation if house it and so on. I would enjoy.

    SergySergy4 dager siden
  • Hello Bjørn. Please don't blame the lady, it's the system aiming for no risk. My advice would be to change your mindset in to helping her being a low risk. First make clear that you can and will generate money in your old profedsion if YT income drops. Secondly could your wife get a job? Calculate how much the bank gets without the loan if they have to sell the new house. Increase the amount of own money while buying the house. And lastly be nice and polite :)

    Siep SpoetnikSiep Spoetnik4 dager siden
  • Freakin rus, kick those in the arse

    SergySergy4 dager siden
  • How exciting to build your own house! If I could give you one tip is not to cheapen out on the architectural work. Poor design or planning is hard to fix later. On the flip side, a well designed house doesn’t necessarily have to cost more. I hope you find a bank to finance it. PS: Here in the US we have dedicated mortgage banks for financing homes.

    IchDochNichtIchDochNicht4 dager siden
  • You could try using a mortgage broker instead

    CollargeCollarge4 dager siden
  • Banks suck. You're not a big enough risk for them. They're afraid you'll make every payment on time or (GASP!) maybe even pay it off early. They prefer loaning money to people who will incur lots of fees and hopefully even eventually default so they can repossess and make double the profit. In other words, they prefer the filthy rich who just don't care or the poor who can't hope to make the payments in the first place. If you're middle class and reliable they don't want you.

    Mark HauryMark Haury4 dager siden
  • Try a local bank, you got more personal service, and they "care" more about their customers.

    Thor Arne RugsveenThor Arne Rugsveen4 dager siden
  • My girlfriend had DnB and I have Nordea, when we applied for the loan for building the new house in 2016, my experience with the banks was night and day. Nordea FTW

    Kristoffer StrandKristoffer Strand4 dager siden
  • Hvor mange banan-bokse passer der i det nye hus ?

    Marlow925Marlow9255 dager siden
  • Would love to see regular updates on your house.

    gbw28gbw285 dager siden
  • DnB is known for being square headed. She just followed the formular questions which dont include the more untraditional self-employed workers. It has nothing to do with you or her personally. DnB has the most "stuck" and old customers in the country who wont switch banks no matter what, so they know they can abuse them and charge the highest costs. Try one of the Sparebank1 Jessheim, Sbanken or Odal Sparebank.

    hemmperhemmper5 dager siden
  • Register yourself as a one-man-company, yourself as owner.

    Mo(o)i Grunn'nMo(o)i Grunn'n5 dager siden
    • In the Netherlands you can.

      Mo(o)i Grunn'nMo(o)i Grunn'n5 dager siden
  • Of course you should vlog about your new house, especially around the garages and electric installation, perhaps solar later.

    FlashBFEFlashBFE5 dager siden
  • Im Norwegian and i hate DNB. They have the worst customer service ever! I applied for a small loan so i could buy a Tesla Model 3 SR+, but hey denied it. Although i had half the the car in deductible and only needed the rest of the half as loan. I work 150% total in two different jobs with pretty good pay. But they said my age was the problem, im 18. Some other bank i went to approved the same loan as soon as they heard my income as an 18 year old.......

    Kristoffer HamreKristoffer Hamre5 dager siden
  • Good luck and all other humans who cannot buy a Tesla or a house due to regulations.

    Cees WarmerdamCees Warmerdam5 dager siden
  • yes house blogs sounds great Bjorn. Good luck with banks, its hard but you will win in the end. Move your money from them, if they are not liking your money, other banks will.

    apocrypthapocrypth5 dager siden
  • Plenty of sensible and practical feedback, If it was me I would call myself a Journalist, content creator and producer rather than NOworldr. I would also raise invoices each month from myself (or now your business) to Google each month for the monies rec'd, I'd invoice as Video Production (for the viewing income) and separate lines for Ad-Revenue, Super-chats and Patreon. (you can of course backdate those for the last few years if needed). Banks hate self employed people so you shouldn't be too hard on the lady, she is likely poorly paid and simply ticks boxes on the PC, weather you NOworld or shovel PigPoo is of no concern to her, the computer decides on what is required and weather you get the money. Maybe Norway is different but in the UK getting a loan for a self build house is very hard compared to a New house from a known developer or an already built house. You also say you will repay in 5-10 years, the bank doesn't want to hear that either, they want to make as much as possible from you over 25-30 years. You simply take the 25 year loan and payback early, be warned, paying back early is a lot easier than not being able to pay within the 5-10 years and having the bank take away your home. My parents lost their home when the bank changed branch manager , the new manager decided to cancel the business loan they had and wanted it repaid, the house was the security. During a recession they couldn't get a new loan elsewhere, it wasn't nice. Like others have said, get a loan specialist to help, it will be worth it in the long term. Good luck with the build and look forward to watching the progress. 5 minutes a week will be enough! Regards from the UK. NCB

    ncbhtcncbhtc5 dager siden
  • Same problem here. Because I am independent banks shy away. Typically the "big banks" as they are very procedural and don't give their people a lot of room to manoeuvre. But not all banks. So it was a question of finding the right one that wasn't afraid of independents. On the whole though, Switzerland is pretty conducive to independents.

    Peter DonkerPeter Donker5 dager siden
  • Glad to know that no matter what country you reside in bankers and bank underwriters suck and have no grasp on reality. Good luck with securing your loan!

    xplmr1xplmr15 dager siden
  • We are also interested in your “banking adventures “navigating” corporate banking obstacles. It would be good advertisement and advertising for small banks in NOworld, especially for other NOworldrs who also similar problems with bank desk clerks who behave as “Little Napoleons” who takes pleasure and pride in belittling people who are not working in offices but as honest independent Tradies. In Australia, it’s common place for Tradies who earn an honest living and most banks in Australia recognize the tax payments (including BAS) to the ATO (Australian Tax Office) as reported and audited income for taxation.

    Paul BoonPaul Boon5 dager siden
  • Banks in the UK have started to move with the times. They are more used to people who work for themselves and, from what I am told by media friends, they understand NOworld incomes. It seems she’s just put some answers into a computer and isn’t senior enough to make decisions on her own. I would write a letter of complaint and state that you will close your account...very publicly.

    Nathan WolfNathan Wolf5 dager siden
  • The infamous thin line between competent protective measures and sheer incompetence.

    kk5 dager siden
  • You also can deduct office space, editing soft- and hardware and camera equipment from the income, and also charging and food for your tests, depending on the amount of money. We basically have an automatic deduct for small expences in our income tax (Grunnfradrag) each year, and if you have higher expences you can specify this in your tax report. My advice is to make the AS as soon as you feel comfortable, but pay attention to the tax rules and reporting. Perhaps get a professional accountant to mentor your business and help with the reporting, or at least use a good computer program that can do this for you. A word of caution: Be aware that you have to document every km in your cars, because you will be taxed for the private ones, and can deduct the professional ones. I used to work as an accountant before my health put a stop to that.

    Oddbjørn GebhardtOddbjørn Gebhardt5 dager siden
  • Jeg har nylig snakket med dnb og nordea om byggelån og blitt ledd av og avvist på 5 minutter selv! De har tydeligvis mye å gjøre nå under pandemien og sannsynlig lavere terskel å avvise folk. Jeg fikk så tips om en lokalbank, Rørosbanken. Boom! de ga meg byggelån i løpet av en digitalt møte på ca. 30 minutter! FYI, rørosbanken har også en egen filial i Oslo!

    Preben LøvliPreben Løvli5 dager siden
  • Get over DNB Björn haha, there are other banks that would be happy to have you as a customer.

    Mario DodikMario Dodik5 dager siden
  • Oh, those Russians! "Boney M" Rasputin. Well, I do not love them either and that is part of our history here in Finland with them if you know what I mean ;)

    Kimmo KarhuKimmo Karhu5 dager siden
  • Looking forward to house vlogs. Hoping for Tesla roof 😍

    Marcus & Manuela ́s Saab ChannelMarcus & Manuela ́s Saab Channel5 dager siden
  • Instead of referring to yourself as a NOworldr, try freelance journalist, that will be easier for people to understand who only know traditional jobs.

    LukeLuke5 dager siden
  • DnB has been very difficult for us as well. It's like that with all the big banks.. You don't need "the guy". Find a local bank. 2 times we've ditched DnB (or rather they've ditched us). Then went to banks in the Eika-system. Both times been treated like customer should be treated :) I'm sure you've got a smaller local bank in your area as well. Good luck!

    Rayner BønåRayner Bønå5 dager siden
  • Bjorn, let's say this and get it out there. Many larger institutions have underwriting guidelines that cater to their desired "book of business" or types of clients. In this case, the institutions you are approaching can't hit the easy button and don't want to understand you or the risk - because they may have to spend more time qualifying you. Still, if they turn you away, they know they have 100 people behind you that fit in the spectrum of their business model. You are correct that approaching smaller institutions will be the way to go because they tend to care to understand. Or going to a lender that has created a business model that embraces alternative risks because they may have an underwriter that can wrap their expertise around individuals, such as yourself.

    Justin FoltzJustin Foltz5 dager siden
  • A millionaire that can't get a loan? DNB don't understand much about your kind of income. A loan to get a plot and build a house on it should be straight forward, but the bank can't understand a media job and their ability to think outside the box is missing. A foreign originated income is taxed like any other income, Bjørn, no matter if it is a lottery or a referral price. A norwegian lottery is usually tax free because it has already been taxed in Norway and/or it benefits the norwegian public.

    Oddbjørn GebhardtOddbjørn Gebhardt5 dager siden
  • I always watch your videos till the end!!! Björn....

    Sascha ReimannSascha Reimann5 dager siden
  • 24:30 Bjorns plantation

    Aleek91Aleek915 dager siden
  • YES please updates please

    Alan GauthierAlan Gauthier5 dager siden
  • I think that the problem is that they need a steady income for loans. they try to make sure that you will have the money every month to pay for the bill. if you are on your own, do not having an employee, they do not have anyone to held accountable in case you do not pay. Even if you had a good run of steady income in the past years, that may change in the future very rapidlly, to many shutting stars in NOworld and Social Media.

    Jose VargasJose Vargas5 dager siden
  • in English they are called Semi-detached Homes

    Alan GauthierAlan Gauthier5 dager siden
  • I think someone at DnB is going to be fired!!!

    Nuno SantosNuno Santos5 dager siden
  • ABC - Avoid being charged (with high taxes)

    allrideallride5 dager siden
  • Good luck with the bank, hope you’ll get a loan somewhere. I would like a weekly updates on the house project. Looks really nice! 😊

    Eva HeimisdóttirEva Heimisdóttir5 dager siden