We Live In The Dumbest Timeline

6. mai. 2020
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Maybe it's the darkest timeline? Maybe it's the dumbest? Who knows! One thing is for sure though-- we should all avoid speaking moistly.
To be clear-- there's obviously a lot more to this situation than everybody just staying home, and I'm clearly poking fun at those who are out protesting with "me wanty haircut" signs and crowding beaches.
Also some people seem to think that I had someone else cough on me at 2:58. Don't worry-- that's also me, but with glasses and some video editing.
I've made a donation to Food Banks Canada and if you're fortunate enough to be in a position to donate as well, it's very fun to do. These sites have super neat buttons to click on:
Food Banks Canada: www.foodbankscanada.ca/Make-A-Donation.aspx
Feeding America: www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank
Global Foodbanking Network: www.foodbanking.org/take-action/donate/
Special shout-out to my girlfriend for learning to cut my hair for this video!

  • To be clear-- there's obviously a lot more to this situation than everybody just staying home, and I'm clearly poking fun at those who are out protesting with "me wanty haircut" signs and crowding beaches. I've made a donation to Food Banks Canada and if you're fortunate enough to be in a position to donate as well, it's very fun to do. These sites have super neat buttons to click on: Food Banks Canada: www.foodbankscanada.ca/Make-A-Donation.aspx Feeding America: www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank Global Foodbanking Network: www.foodbanking.org/take-action/donate/

    Ryan GeorgeRyan George8 måneder siden
    • hey rg, your beard is straight on your right and curved on the left. just thought id let u know.

      krypticavalanchkrypticavalanch9 dager siden
    • more

      mans animemans anime18 dager siden
    • @Barry Branscum It trading lives not saving lives.

      William HensleyWilliam Hensley28 dager siden
    • Yeah, what are going to donate after the supply chain dries up.... dummy. Oh, and how is this different from the flu? Just numbers? The lives taken by the flu are not as important because there less of them?

      William HensleyWilliam Hensley28 dager siden
    • @dave yesiam Oh my god THANK YOU! It's always bothered me how much control money has when it's just a concept, an invention. If humanity as a whole suddenly disappeared it would just blow around the streets, meaning nothing anymore.

      ZencomeseasyZencomeseasy29 dager siden
  • So some guy last year said, Ryan, can't make another one until Trump declares martial law. Folks, I've found the time traveler

    Pr!me Tim3zPr!me Tim3z3 timer siden
  • Kind of worried, feels like we need a follow up.

    falcore91falcore9114 timer siden
  • Well, we need another one of these.....

    tyrongkojytyrongkojy15 timer siden
  • still best video

    Envy8Envy819 timer siden
  • 1:42 The correct answer is: ALL OF THEM!

    TickytickytangoTickytickytangoDag siden
  • It might be time for another one of these...

    TickytickytangoTickytickytangoDag siden
    • "My Pillow guy spotted leaving White House after explaining his plan to instate martial law to the president" is not a sentence I expected to write today

      Justin EberleinJustin Eberlein19 timer siden
  • Please please do an update video!!!!!

    Ryan JoppenRyan JoppenDag siden
  • true.

    SpooptiSpooptiDag siden
  • its pretty obvious

    『uni the first』『uni the first』2 dager siden
  • Who's truly the dumb one's? The person living in said timeline with a deadly virus, or the people who brought that potentially contagious person to their timeline?

    Ricky WilliamsRicky Williams2 dager siden
  • It’s not about “beach parties” or “hair cuts”. It’s about living our lives.

    Lentis DophluLentis Dophlu2 dager siden
  • 0.0002% mortality rate for anyone 20-50 And everyone seems to ignore how "flu deaths" disappeared. Also, "get back to work" is how everyone eats and an economy functions... but I don't expect anyone to check research or anything... We're in the dumbest time line and social media does nothing to cite legitimate scientific evidence, research or academic journals in their "fact checks" so.... Yeah. Social media is dumb. We're in the dumbest timeliness and I'm dumber for having to listen to another bullshit covid take. 🤮 At least you were funny. Beat out most people's garbage "comedy" this year. 😂

    Zach MZach M2 dager siden
  • Eight months later and still feels relevant. Is there a sequel yet?

    TathDTathD3 dager siden
  • This is making me sad

    Joshua GraberJoshua Graber3 dager siden
  • Can you please tell us how to teleport?

    AYLI —AsYouLikeItAYLI —AsYouLikeIt3 dager siden
  • Actualy you live in the dumbest country

    Oskar TerasOskar Teras3 dager siden
    • Oh

      Oskar TerasOskar Teras19 timer siden
    • No, Ryan from Canada, which is leagues smarter than Amurica, or however it's spelled

      Justin EberleinJustin Eberlein19 timer siden
    • Not timeline

      Oskar TerasOskar Teras3 dager siden
  • I suppose it IS kind of dumb to think all these extra people died in 2020, when we can look at the total numbers and see that it was quite comparable to 2019. Huh.

    Sam MSam M3 dager siden
  • PT-BR Subtitles... I've been a fan for years, and now even more...

    Emerson MouraEmerson Moura3 dager siden
  • So is every Ryan a clone or is every Ryan just a Ryan from universes that were destroyed?

    Robot Not humanRobot Not human4 dager siden
  • I already knew that when community got cancelled... multiple times!

    Aliq ZakryAliq Zakry4 dager siden
  • If one of those things happened to me I'd have the exact same reaction except I'd want to move realities

    Matthew CheungMatthew Cheung4 dager siden
  • Love it. "You're from the actual DUMBEST tumeline." "Yeah, a lot of us have figured that out already."

    nrais76nrais764 dager siden
  • The cringiest timeline

    Nandakumar BNandakumar B5 dager siden
  • Holy cow its another person on screen that ISN'T Ryan!

    lanzend101lanzend1016 dager siden
  • I know this is my timeline yep this is it

    Alexander GomesAlexander Gomes6 dager siden
  • Still scared 8 months later??? Realize we we're all lied to yet? Probably not....... Kool-aid tastes YUMMY!

    alonewcompanyalonewcompany6 dager siden
  • God damn, and this country only got dumber. Morons tried to over throw the Government ........idiots

    Robert DownerRobert Downer7 dager siden
  • Still holds up... The dumbest timeline

    Josh bJosh b7 dager siden
  • i like the burned out take of our timeline guy lmoa. just like nothing can suprise or really effect him

    daniel velezdaniel velez7 dager siden
  • Wait, was that a different guy?

    Flavio EspaillatFlavio Espaillat7 dager siden
  • i just realized the guy whp coughed on him was ryan well done

    Tomondre RockTomondre Rock7 dager siden
  • If only he knew how worse it would get

    Adam RabAdam Rab8 dager siden
  • Please, make "The Dumbest Timeline" a series, this is such a classic :D

    Unassuming_LlamasUnassuming_Llamas8 dager siden
  • We need a part 2

    Señor PickleSeñor Pickle8 dager siden
  • it just got a lot dumber. Please vote blue. The GOP has nearly destroyed this county with their lies, and hate. See through it. Don't follow them. If you are conservative just choose to sit a vote out if your candidates are scumbags, please for the love of democracy. You young people are the only hope for America.

    Mister QuantumMister Quantum8 dager siden
    • As if voting democratic is a much better choice

      scarlet nightscarlet night8 dager siden
  • This is one of my favorites so far, I think I’ve watched it like 20 times or so 🤣🤣🤣

    hexistenzhexistenz8 dager siden
  • The only ryan george video where all the characters looking the same actually makes sense

    terry brennanterry brennan8 dager siden
  • Lucky us, we are not in the dummest timeline

    darkpqdarkpq8 dager siden
  • this guy can still do his youtube channel because its only him

    Darth BesorkDarth Besork9 dager siden
  • It continues every timeline is a waste of our timelines Multiverse are timelines in multiple timelines Making timelines infinite into more Multiverses Into split timelines making every timeline is stoopid

    Kamaduck TanjiQuackKamaduck TanjiQuack9 dager siden
  • First time a different guy shows up in these vids😱

    Yoyo ThingzYoyo Thingz9 dager siden
    • At the end when that other guy coughed at him

      Yoyo ThingzYoyo Thingz6 dager siden
    • Wait, what, where i didn't see them

      Connzer JessConnzer Jess6 dager siden
  • OMG will someone please give me a time machine so I can get out of 2020/2021 This is too close to home :(

    Sirena SpadesSirena Spades9 dager siden
  • Who else is watching in 2021😂😂😂

    muffinmuffin9 dager siden
  • Is being dumb the same thing as being evil

    Michael WileyMichael Wiley9 dager siden
  • I can say with full confidence that it gets a lot more dumb a lot Just look at america ( also known for lets get in the congress while there is pandemic for someone whos clearly lost the election) (Or any other country for that matter)

    efraim zamirefraim zamir9 dager siden
  • "is this aliens?"

    SuperQuailSuperQuail9 dager siden
  • Wow you are sooo funny. You somehow seem to catch the absurdities in every situation! lol

    Desire AyerDesire Ayer10 dager siden
  • I like to think the host is the time traveling reporter and the reason why he didn’t tell his boss how he is because that leads him to host the dumbest timelines

    Thomas GibsonThomas Gibson10 dager siden
  • All of the dislikes are from the dumb timeline

    ricaardricaard10 dager siden
  • I love this so much!

    TropixTropix10 dager siden
  • Host: "We are from the smarter timelines. And today we're bringing an infected person from an alternate dimension to our gameshow!"

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV10 dager siden
  • 7 month in the future and it's still true

    DimasDimas10 dager siden
  • Rejecting the tyranny of baseless paranoia does not make us a dumb society. I won't die by walking out of my house. So many other entertaining other videos, Ryan, but you missed the mark badly on this one.

    Captan JarvisCaptan Jarvis11 dager siden
  • I’ve been on this show before

    iTz BatoiTz Bato11 dager siden
  • I have the Closed Captioning on. It has been translated to French for us. Thanks, Ryan! - edit - Its actually Italian. Further proof that I am from the dumbest timeline 🤣

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV11 dager siden
  • Months ago i thought that guy 2:58 was an extra in Ryan universe..

    Zood9Zood912 dager siden
  • Some days, there's nothing that helps except some Ryan George...

    Blanche QuiznoBlanche Quizno12 dager siden
  • And that’s how the other timelines got infected.

    Sean ClarkSean Clark12 dager siden
  • Not anymore, Trump wasn't elected.

    Keith OakleyKeith Oakley12 dager siden
  • I have never been recommended this video

    NonsenseNonsense13 dager siden
  • I guess the to other timelines are gonna have a pandemic of their own soon soooooooonn

    Dan Deo De la CruzDan Deo De la Cruz13 dager siden
  • I guess the to other timelines are gonna have a pandemic of their own soon soooooooonn

    Dan Deo De la CruzDan Deo De la Cruz13 dager siden
  • Ok we neeeed a sequel now

    Reddit teaReddit tea13 dager siden
  • Not true

    Aayan's Creative LabAayan's Creative Lab14 dager siden
  • W H Y

    vishnu Narayanvishnu Narayan14 dager siden
  • Ryan is the dumbest he said it. If thinking staying in your house forever is what will save you from something then Ryan should stay in his house forever.

    J Movies & MediaJ Movies & Media14 dager siden
  • "Makers of disinfecting products had to rush to tell people this." "Not to inject their products." "Correct." "Seriously?" "Yes. And here's a Bonus Question: Where would people get a dumb idea like that? Hint: from the same man who said people could get cancer from windmills and that we should nuke hurricanes." "Well, surely people weren't taking his advice. That's clearly insane." "People made him president." "Wow. That really is the dumbest timeline."

    jdax21jdax2115 dager siden
  • We dont live in the dumbest timeline The dumbest timeline is qlready dead

    aiman salhaiman salh15 dager siden
  • 2:59 Ryan are you an identical twin?

    zom mehzom meh15 dager siden
  • “Sure this may as well happen”

    Ravens MoonRavens Moon16 dager siden

    Naseem AhmedNaseem Ahmed16 dager siden
  • that ending had me cracked up

    Rayhaan NasserRayhaan Nasser16 dager siden
  • 1.9k of people who really wanted a haircut.

    Kisu BagsKisu Bags16 dager siden
  • This is fantastic. Would love to see more. I love how they crack up at the injection thing.

    Kisu BagsKisu Bags16 dager siden
  • Cool, cool cool cool.

    Evan JiangEvan Jiang16 dager siden
  • maybe ryan george actually doesnt play every character and he uses alternate timeline versions of him

    ButterfooxButterfoox16 dager siden
  • 2:58 I have good idea let me GIVE THIS GUY *COVID*

    Alpha ZoidAlpha Zoid17 dager siden
  • LOL +

    Mr BadgerMr Badger17 dager siden
  • He failed to mention the toilet paper! Lol

    karley stantonkarley stanton18 dager siden
  • “Ok this might as well happen” 2020 in a nutshell

    Father and Son GamesFather and Son Games18 dager siden
  • Are your eyes purple?

    O Wesley MO Wesley M18 dager siden
  • Dunno about dumb, but we’re definitely in the most hateful timeline ...

    epiccollisionepiccollision18 dager siden
  • I just figured out that we're actually living in the dumbest timeline.

    Billy Bob JamalBilly Bob Jamal19 dager siden
  • Our Ryan looked so sad! :(

    AlresuAlresu19 dager siden
  • that was funny!

    Jungle JimJungle Jim19 dager siden
  • This implies that other universes have available Ryan Georges for us to meet and befriend. Now to learn how to teleport!

    IAmAZygoteIAmAZygote19 dager siden
  • "WELCOME TO THE DUMBEST TIMELINE, where this week we are gonna teleport the version of us from Plagueworld into the studio" Not exactly the BEST move

    Daniel O'ReganDaniel O'Regan19 dager siden
  • ............................................................................................................................................

    Jared BruceJared Bruce19 dager siden
  • I want more of this show XD

    Shade - gaming and memesShade - gaming and memes19 dager siden
  • If you can please make another episode of this

    Zakattack08Zakattack0820 dager siden
  • Any timeline where they elect Donald Trump to be leader of the free world has got to be a strong contender for dumbest.

    Noone of ConsequenceNoone of Consequence20 dager siden
  • Ryan thank you for having captions in portuguese . Probably no one will give it credit but as a portuguese speaker thanks

    gabriella modagabriella moda20 dager siden
  • It's nearly 2021, please, please do an update :-) It it's not too much of an inconvenience. You know - Money!

    Mark LondonMark London20 dager siden
  • How do you know that you are the dumbest time line? You accidentally import the plague to yourself while simultaneously knowing they have the plague. Also, they failed to recognize their own contradictions. Mask = stupid and smart at the same time? Being locked up like prisoners in cells = good? Also, if staying home was a realistic solution; then why are prisoners getting the virus? I can also predict the future: while corporation stocks are going up currently, they will increase exponentially after covid19 vaccine is created. The tax payers already paid hundreds of billions of dollars to develop it. They they will make a vaccine that doesn't work unless you've previously had covid19. I would rather have my cut of the tax$$ back in my pocket and pass on the vaccine, because I've most likely already been infected with covid19.

    Charlie ChuckleberryCharlie Chuckleberry21 dag siden
    • @Monkeyking oK

      Charlie ChuckleberryCharlie Chuckleberry18 dager siden
    • @Charlie Chuckleberry dont know what you mean, i have a great life part of that is having a great reading comprehension ability. you should strive for that

      MonkeykingMonkeyking18 dager siden
    • @Monkeyking You have no point, and you keep going in circles. This is a childish argument. You obviously have no life, just like me. Now we have something in common. Cheers!

      Charlie ChuckleberryCharlie Chuckleberry18 dager siden
    • @Charlie Chuckleberry never said i did, try to work on your reading comprehension it might help

      MonkeykingMonkeyking18 dager siden
    • @Monkeyking Listen to what? You haven't said anything useful.

      Charlie ChuckleberryCharlie Chuckleberry18 dager siden
  • Sequel please

    JakeKotulaFilmsJakeKotulaFilms21 dag siden
  • You could make a million of those if you wanted...

    theologos kalotrapezistheologos kalotrapezis21 dag siden
  • somehow this makes sense

    froilen13froilen1321 dag siden
  • I think our timeline is the most depressed

    RadheshRadhesh21 dag siden
  • This video is the song of a bird that has grown to love its cages. Am I the only one here who realizes that the powers that be could have caused this hysteria by talking about any other virus this much? Why aren’t we still tracking the ever growing cases of the worldwide Spanish flu? Or, any of the other viruses that have ever existed? If we’re going to count the numbers endlessly for this virus, why not obsess over the death tolls for every virus that exists? How are so few people asking why they decided to freak out over THIS particular virus and why are those who do ridiculed and painted as (in this video) really dumb, or worse people want to kill other people with a virus. It’s possible to understand that these viruses pop up all the time and still not be a bio-terrorist. Is that level of nuance too much for people? Yes, the virus is real and since this type of thing is nothing new, we should all do the things we learned in kindergarten... that doesn’t explain why we had this insane reaction to a new bug when it’s no deadlier than the others we’ve seen of this type. Even doctors (including Fauci) explain, yes masks kind of help, but that doesn’t mean we should all be wearing them all the time... Yet here we are. All this madness has nothing to with sars-cov2 and if you want to start to understand wtf anything in this world is really about, you need to get over your fear of “conspiracy theories” and look into the factually existing, secret societies who have (somewhat debatably) taken control of everything. It’s only a theory if it’s not really happening, but “conspiracy” and “conspiracy theory” are two very different things.

    Lambo RamboLambo Rambo21 dag siden
    • @William N if you really want to put things into perspective, I’d highly recommend at least the first 3 minutes of this video: noworld.info/video/video/0Jy_h5x_1tHHlJo.html Also here’s a video of real news coverage showing that some people are dying after taking the vaccine. We know vaccines always have this side effect, but some people think the benefit outweighs the risk. I would simply ask you if you’ve even heard of this happening and not , why do you think that is the case? noworld.info/video/video/0qvNlsiMq5nap5o.html

      Lambo RamboLambo Rambo13 dager siden
    • @William N bro, we always eventually roll out a vaccine for these things. But our immune systems basically have it under control by then. This bug has a survival rate of 99.9something% My point is , if they had obsessed over the numbers being caused by any other previous virus at any point in time, they could have caused this same reaction then. They did it now, because it coincides with the collapse of world economies and they blaming the fact that that happened all on covid. You want sources? George Soros was quoted as saying that we witnessed the collapse of the financial system in 2008 and ever since then, the fed has sat quietly doing practically nothing... except print and steal trillions of dollars. NOW he (along with everyone else) is talking about how the world economy collapsed “because of COVID” and we now need a great reset. As if that were the only option and as if they didn’t see this coming (or in fact cause it to happen). At this point in time it is only a mask and social distancing. But if you’re paying attention at all, you can clearly see that the groundwork is being laid for the roll out of mandatory vaccinations and endless social distancing mandates, some states already do curfews and if we already had the bread lines and “re-education” camps here, like they have elsewhere, you would probably already see that this has nothing to with that pesky little virus that China does not seem to want to have investigated. Not to mention social media are actively suppressing medical and scientific voices that don’t follow the narrative, speaking out against the contrived hysteria, but all the fearful idiots are too afraid to even ask why that might be happening. Sorry you had a tough run with it, but glad to hear you survived 👍🏼 I love how everyone who thinks that we all need to be afraid as if this bug is somehow worse is always saying stuff like “ look at the science” but when you get down to it, the reason we all need to be afraid and wait for a year to get $1800 is always based on some anecdote about them or a relative or friend. But I’m sure you’re right, they’re just doing all of this in the name of keeping us safe from and defeating a virus. The likes of which we’ve seen before.

      Lambo RamboLambo Rambo13 dager siden
    • "Why aren’t we still tracking the ever growing cases of the worldwide Spanish flu?" - Because we've had a vaccine for decades and vaccinate vulnerable populations regularly. "How are so few people asking why they decided to freak out over THIS particular virus." - Because its severe symptoms and mortality rate, especially in vulnerable populations. I'm 34 and healthy and I was very ill for a week and had extreme fatigue for 2 weeks following it. Nothing you posted here are good or interesting points. People are asking you to mildly inconvenience yourself by wearing a mask and socially distance until a now available vaccine is widely distributed. And if your "theories" aren't from credible, scientifically backed sources, they're not worth reading.

      William NWilliam N15 dager siden