We Found the Thief

28. april. 2021
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We Found the Thief
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  • I appreciate everyone's help With finding these guys!

    Westen ChamplinWesten Champlin11 dager siden
    • @Sadye Moss Definitely, have been watching on Flixzone for months myself =)

      Roberto NathanRoberto Nathan14 timer siden
    • a trick: watch series at Flixzone. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

      Sadye MossSadye Moss15 timer siden
    • What is done in the dark comes to light & Westin Your Karma is working in your favor... Keep it going Love your Merch too very awesome!

      David AdamsonDavid Adamson2 dager siden
    • Do you actually like catch em catch em tho? Did they go to jail? Did you get your stuff back?

      Apex StudiosApex Studios3 dager siden
    • Way to go...Low life ungrateful human beings 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Unload something nice when u think they are watching, then turn it into one of "The Saw" movies lol. Hit the lights and say "Would you like to play a game?"!!!!!!!!!!

    U BetchaU Betcha4 timer siden
  • Cracheads R' US is a great discount store/corner/craigslist.

    joe gjoe g4 timer siden
  • I'm the dog, the big bad duuuuurrgggg

    King QuesKing Ques5 timer siden
  • So glad you figured it out dude but putting there names and identity everywhere is exactly what they deserve. Thieves have no place in this world whatsoever 💀. Just my 2 cents keep it up the great content 🤘🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸

    DTWD 904DTWD 9045 timer siden
  • Do you sell merch. Can you send to England

    Steve MSteve M7 timer siden
  • This is why I hate it when they use Narcan, to rescue people from an overdose..... It just gives them another day of life to steal from honest, hardworking folks.

    Joe LJoe L8 timer siden
  • Gotta love the Kansas small-town crackheads

    Gage HuntGage Hunt9 timer siden
  • Good for you.

    charles tackettcharles tackett10 timer siden
  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

    ツツツツ11 timer siden
  • and where to put it 😂

    Youtube CensoringYoutube Censoring11 timer siden
  • You know the Thirteenth Amendment still permits slavery as punishment for crimes. Just sayin'

    Jeff BeckerJeff Becker11 timer siden
  • Bro hope you get the pos's fuck ah goddamn theif ah bunch jumped me and stole my car and all my shit thankfully I got it all back

    Chris TunnellChris Tunnell12 timer siden
  • “Local crackheads you know how it is” 😂😂

    yoyo12 timer siden
  • I think it was a good point what you were trying to do but in all actuality you accomplished nothing including wasting 9 minutes of watching this video for me sorry thumbs down

    Tony LTony L12 timer siden
  • You should throw the name and face like they did back in the day ,our generation did and we had less crime then,of course we beet them so bad they never came back i dont believe in hall passes, get my drift

    Randy CamplinRandy Camplin16 timer siden
  • 788 people are crack heads

    Mars BarsMars Bars23 timer siden
  • I would wait for them inside the shop. Then...... no more thieves

    clandestine2178clandestine2178Dag siden
  • “Put a notification on my phone and every time a leaf blows buy”😂😂

    b pb pDag siden
  • Those god damn crack heads are all the same in all areas:( not good

    Favian ReyesFavian ReyesDag siden
  • where the hell is your seatbelt boy and that cop did not give you a ticket

  • Someone needs to be sponsored by simply safe

    poop101205poop101205Dag siden
  • Glad you got your stuff back man! Keep on doing what you're doing!

    mustang9000 xDmustang9000 xDDag siden
  • The saying is “there is no honor amongst thieves.”

    Buckeye_76Buckeye_76Dag siden
  • Love the cop.

    CrismodinCrismodinDag siden
  • Like Wichita Kansas, I live around there and my friends dad just got 5000 dollars worth of Milwaukee tools stolen

    Bridledseal4221Bridledseal4221Dag siden
  • “Just Local crack heads, you know how it is” lmfao i know what you mean that shits crazy what them mfs will do for a fix, some of them mfs would kill their own blood then realizing what they did once they’re “normal” (high/not withdrawing)

    Jacob DavisJacob DavisDag siden
  • Great cop 😂😂

    Paul KilburnPaul KilburnDag siden
  • Westin, you need to take life less serious....

    Tom hartmanTom hartmanDag siden
  • I hate thieves. I left my garage door unlocked overnight last summer and someone stole a couple tool boxes and a nail gun. I've got really shitty neighbors.

    BoomerisadogBoomerisadog2 dager siden
  • I figured it would of been those crackhead flanagans

    Recrat DemopublicanRecrat Demopublican2 dager siden
  • People who steel a hard working mans tools that he needs to feed and support his family. Should have both their hands broken by LAW☠️

    WYLDBILLWYLDBILL2 dager siden
  • Rent a plain white van, snatch em up, take em down a dark alley at what time.....3:40 am and cut their balls off. Power wash the van, you know that you rented 2 states over. They bleed out in alley, or can't make offspring and get a sit down job. Talk about chicken dinner!!

    Brian HarperBrian Harper2 dager siden
  • What an awesome cop!

    iiTool MediaiiTool Media2 dager siden
  • We want the pic of guys face who is that thief.

    SuperMusicForeverSuperMusicForever2 dager siden
  • My shop got hit too. They stole $60 grand worth of tools parts and equipment. This happened almost 3 years ago now and only one of the 2 assholes have been put in jail. Being that I cannot get insurance due to me owning a race shop that was out of pocket loss. My next cort case is next month for restitution

    Randy SlagleRandy Slagle2 dager siden
  • Their. Days. Mate. Fam 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Zyaire JosephZyaire Joseph2 dager siden
  • I grew up in Ark City

    RuffSldr 82RuffSldr 822 dager siden
  • them teens just do not learn do they :0 sigh

    aarjon 88aarjon 882 dager siden
  • were is the 1st gen cummins westen?

    aarjon 88aarjon 882 dager siden
  • Best channel

    JpradoV10JpradoV102 dager siden
  • Why don't you make more videos more often? Just curious as you have 1.3 Million subscribers...

    iRoNoCiRoNoC2 dager siden
  • Updates my dude

    mrexonmrexon2 dager siden
  • I'm sorry your stuff got stolen

    Kathy GardnerKathy Gardner2 dager siden
  • ✨0:49 In Canada you would be arrested and thrown in jail for recording video/audio of a police officer. Canada has become a repressive communist country. 😣👎 CANADA SUCKS! 😣👎

    Cheryl JonesCheryl Jones2 dager siden
  • No offense at all but if someone gave me that kinda deal I would buy it but I don’t know at all

    Kyle MathiasonKyle Mathiason2 dager siden
  • Glad you got your tools back, some punk stole my wife but after she got used I didn't want her back anyway.

    Keegan DawsonKeegan Dawson2 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure that a pawn shop has to wait 90 days to sell something that was pawned....

    Rob J.Rob J.2 dager siden
  • I'm loving the banter with the cop, hiding in plain site.

    Noisy NeighbourNoisy Neighbour2 dager siden
  • Thiefs done it!

    Daniel KnightDaniel Knight2 dager siden
  • Is this channel ever gonna get back to what it used to do best like rebuilding trucks and engine swaps?

    Josh RodenJosh Roden2 dager siden
  • Why have you stopped posting like you use to. There are no more fix-it videos.

    Chris RogersChris Rogers2 dager siden
  • I use to eat at 3:50 bro bruh

    Nazwa NataliaNazwa Natalia2 dager siden

    XLRC Sam ShikhbahaeiXLRC Sam Shikhbahaei2 dager siden
  • I feel you brother my store just got broken into a couple months ago also then I found out I was just a tweaker 16-year-old going around breaking a bunch of business windows he took a $200 RC car for me I have a hobby shop and he took two packs of cigarettes from the liquor store down the street. Left me with 1,880 worth of broken windows. And you know what's crazy by coincidence I just started welding again this last week I put in about 23 solid hours since Monday night. If you're ever around the Bay area Sonoma county I'm about 50 minutes from San Francisco stop on by brother and hope you catch these m************

    XLRC Sam ShikhbahaeiXLRC Sam Shikhbahaei2 dager siden
  • What about the van dude???

    David AdamsonDavid Adamson2 dager siden
  • If the video is any indication, it sounds like you may have identified the thieves, but they weren't arrested and you didn't get your stuff back. Sounds like a lot of work for nothing.

    Chad EvansChad Evans2 dager siden
  • The correct saying is "there is no honor amongst thieves"

    DriverDriver2 dager siden
  • Hey Westin I hope you don't get bitter with people that have addition n issues alot of them are not even close to who they are before addiction took hold. Sometimes even homeless addicts really need help with food or a blanket or just words of incourgement and it's hard to go thru all that and look at them the same but there there own worst enemy and when there stealing there not far from death. That has its own judgement. Reason I say this is your a pillar in your community and homeless addicts have enough problems and jail is a place for them to get off drugs if jail offers it but unfortunately they don't they just over crowd our prisons systems and don't get treatment. So please my brothera from another Morgan please show compassion and be a real inspiration if forgiveness for Jesus does to us all . Very proud of u my man on all the success and hope and pray continued success in all you do. God bless and make it a great day by being great

    Built-by-recovery Arctic-Glacier-rescue incBuilt-by-recovery Arctic-Glacier-rescue inc2 dager siden
  • The saying is actually “no honor amongst thieves”

    Jeff AndrewsJeff Andrews2 dager siden
  • I’m game for everything but the scoreboard of poop.

    EvilBrainFromOuterSpaceEvilBrainFromOuterSpace2 dager siden
  • Happy you found your welder and torch . Just your local crackheads ya know lol

    Nolan HaugheyNolan Haughey2 dager siden
  • Actually the saying is, there is no honor amongst thieves. Meaning thieves will even steal off each other.

    Kevin RichieKevin Richie2 dager siden
  • Check the cops house first.

    Vernon MeyerVernon Meyer2 dager siden
  • Fuck yeah brother

    Garry SceppaGarry Sceppa3 dager siden
  • Can you post more often? Been wanting to see the cop car content too

    john paul samiajohn paul samia3 dager siden
  • "just local crackheads, you know how it is" LMAOOOOOOOO

    JoeJoe3 dager siden
  • Hate thieves and the people who buy the stolen goods!!

    EuroweRx Auto RepairEuroweRx Auto Repair3 dager siden
  • Always pawn shops man.

    J smithJ smith3 dager siden
  • Actually they say there is "No Honor Among Thieves"....

    JAMESJAMES3 dager siden
  • West u blew up like bomb tis channel came along

    Terrence MorrisTerrence Morris3 dager siden
  • I'm SOOOOO happy for you bro. God is good!

    sean ryansean ryan3 dager siden
  • Like the King Ranch

    Das FritosDas Fritos3 dager siden
  • Put the sandwich down and make more content

    johnnyspaceman1johnnyspaceman13 dager siden
  • They took your tools, they deserve a severe ass wooping, then execution. You dont steal a mans tools with which he makes his lively hood

    george aliceageorge alicea3 dager siden
  • Time for cameras ..bars... floodlights and a new walls jacket for good luck 🤣

    JOSHaka OGERJOSHaka OGER3 dager siden
  • I got 8 cameras cost me 400 . Best money ever spent .

    TheThoman ManTheThoman Man3 dager siden
  • try OfferUp or Facebook marketplace ,Craigslist for your stolen stuff

    David LeppekDavid Leppek3 dager siden
  • wonder why did make ornamental weld window guard's

    akush55akush553 dager siden
  • I wish you could take people who tear your shit up and steal from you, and just beat them with a hammer till they can't walk ....got no pity for liars and thiefs.....

    Ol' Sgt. LoveOl' Sgt. Love3 dager siden
  • What comes around goes around.. your a good guy... you will always be bless

    Lothario LeslieLothario Leslie3 dager siden
  • That cop was so funny and chill haha

  • Pawn Shops are rarely cooperative with the victims...they are cooperative with the thieves. It's just business as trump would say.

    Zachary SmithZachary Smith3 dager siden
  • Score dude! Build a celebration go kart

    isaac tapiaisaac tapia3 dager siden
  • I feel ya man! And congrats! That's a horrible feeling when someone robs your stuff A couple crackheads/methheads broke into my brothers place and stole everything in the house like a flipping moving company while he was away looking after our sick granny along with a bunch of my stuff. The only thing we were able to recover was one of the gobshites trying to sell the stuff locally on FB marketplace! HAHAHA and then I found his vintage saxophone by way of a friend of a family member that knows some dodgy people that were selling stuff and I picked it up for him for one heck of a Birthday surprise! Sadly, only a few comic books of mine turned up as well, but I still keep an eye out for my old stuff/photos/etc on local sales pages and what not.

    Busters GarageBusters Garage3 dager siden
  • Some pawn shop keep some of their tools, Walters in their storage few days. Just to see if it is stolen.

    Christoffer1973Christoffer19733 dager siden
  • No respect for cops who comply with bullshit mask mandates. Fkn sheeple!!

    Terry AndrewsTerry Andrews3 dager siden
  • Please, before you completely burn my eyes, learn how to spell. It's THEIR (belonging to them), THERE (a place, as in over there) and THEY'RE (contraction of they are). FFS

    B BlutarskyB Blutarsky3 dager siden
  • Westen do a cumins swap on the school bus

    Janar OeselgJanar Oeselg3 dager siden
  • "Break into my shop. Challenge my holding with local law enforcement, and down right diss my WP"? I'd like to see the Natives who had the land stolen that the shop was built on behold that same "liberty". I do no not condone theft. I do see what happened to you as something that should not have happened, but this assumed sense of being on the "good side" while these same mfs are out here shooting people darker than a paper bag is where I call neckbeard.

    Gabriel SanteeGabriel Santee3 dager siden
  • To the 'friends' who bought this guys equipment at 'stolen goods hot fire sale' prices... you are next, so don't complain, and make sure you insurance is paid up, and maybe take out a 'lost business' policy because some of that stuff can't be replaced overnight. If there were no people willing to turn a blind eye and buy obviously stolen stuff (like, $4,000 worth for $400) then there would be fewer thefts. But there are as many dishonest people, or situational dishonest people, as there are genuine crooks. Shame on the lot of you. And shame on the sicko who thinks it is okay to disable a person for life over a few dollars worth of stuff that is probably fully insured anyway. Yes, sicko.

    Ammo AlamoAmmo Alamo3 dager siden
  • 2 goofs broke into my shop and sold 3 chainsaws. Stihl have serial numbers just like a gun and took them to the saw shop to be repaired. The same dealer where I brought them from. The 2 showed up to get the saws back and met the police. About 6 months later again stole the same 3 saws and were trying to sell them at the flea market. This time no police just a Ball Pein hammer and a bumper hard to steal with broken fingers.

    phil kerrphil kerr3 dager siden
  • Man sure hope & pray you find your equipment, break ins are such a violation... those tweaker idiots just dont get it, you never steal from someone that has heavy equipment, backhoe, abilities to use them...4k for 400.oo!!!?!!! Holy buckets, uh no thats not fllaming, scorching hot.. right... dirt nap, 30 days in the electric chair, hog dinners... love your videos/projects. How much for the big 4x4 van!?

    ksportjacketksportjacket3 dager siden
  • I fucking hate a thief/thieves. I still patiently await the day I run into some a*sholes who had sticky fingers. And if the prosecution is reading this in the next two or three years, piss off! Because I meant every word.

    N PremoeN Premoe3 dager siden
  • Big guy check out deep sentinal cameras they have live guards lookin at the cameras no lie

    srt hellcatsrt hellcat3 dager siden
  • I'd think Simply Safe would be beating down your door to partner with you

    kozy41kozy414 dager siden
  • You constantly get over 1 mill views. Hire an editor or whatever is taking up your time that you are not putting videos outmore often. Focus on your videos and content, the audience is here.

    Patrick .JamesPatrick .James4 dager siden
  • Something justin Scott would do

    KyKy4 dager siden
  • Buy the ban for the channel

    Eliseo EcheverriaEliseo Echeverria4 dager siden
  • Glad you found your thieves, seen you in granger videos, that was awesome, now you need to get in diesel power videos with diesel Dave and Sparks.

    Leonard BixlerLeonard Bixler4 dager siden