2. mai. 2021
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In this video I confronted an old clown...
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  • Team bryce

    Sunkinxdixiestick AddixCharxDixieSunkinxdixiestick AddixCharxDixie6 minutter siden
  • your going to get your ass up

  • Austin is winning and I say that because he a grown man and you talking smack about his kids if you talk about ur kids your sitting the fuck down that’s all I am saying

    Press PcPress Pc9 minutter siden
  • We're do i sign to be that one of this girl's

    My nAmE iS Felisiaa mpouMy nAmE iS Felisiaa mpou13 minutter siden
  • When they met at the boats it was so cringe jsjdjd I was like what the fuck is this 🏃🏼‍♀️ but seriously why you had to bring in the kids like 😀 what did they do jsjdjd

    Shelsey KooShelsey Koo29 minutter siden
  • Bro just shut up stop being cocky

    Miguel SandovalMiguel Sandoval31 minutt siden
  • y’all are saying bryce is gonna win but we all know neither one of them are fighters. imo these tik tokers/youtubers guys needa stick to making tik toks. not boxing. smfh. they wanna act all hard and shit. but let them be in the ring with a real fighter 😭🙄 they wouldnt even last

    salma rodriguezsalma rodriguez35 minutter siden
  • just saying i really want to see Austin win and Bryce lose and see waht Bryce will say

    maya kandilmaya kandil40 minutter siden
  • NO one cares I'll be watching this shit for Deji Gibber

    Ayushman SinghAyushman Singh41 minutt siden
  • As a mother, I don't think it was right for Bryce to bring up Austin's kids like that.. if you have a problem with someone, keep it between you and that person. Don't bring someone else's kids involved since it has nothing to do with them. That's just straight up disrespectful!!

    Sunshine SanchezSunshine Sanchez46 minutter siden
  • This idiot is slowly but surely turning into a sadder version of jake paul

    NolandsmanNolandsman54 minutter siden
    • Jake Paul with more money and chicks But Jake Paul without the boxing talent

      John MillerJohn Miller43 minutter siden
  • Bryce what you doing on bringing his kids in this is not the right thing to do , your hella disrespectful, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like if someone brings your family into this , but see you talking cuz you don’t have kids or kid , and you think by bringing his kids in this makes you think you coo , your a kid yourself

    Marisela RiveraMarisela Rivera59 minutter siden
  • Watch Austin beat you Bruce

    Tristen WileyTristen WileyTime siden
  • It’s different sizes in boats for me 🤣

    SplxzhSplxzhTime siden
  • Damn i hope this guy dont win

    papa Alejandropapa AlejandroTime siden
  • Demmmnnnn I both love Austin and bryce I'll better not watch this game iguess

    Krisha BakhrelKrisha BakhrelTime siden
  • 😂😂😂joke of the year 😂

    Ag MbachaAg MbachaTime siden
  • Austin is gonna knock u out come on yt

    Musa HussainMusa HussainTime siden
  • Mane plz knock his ahh out

    Isaias FloresIsaias FloresTime siden
  • We know your gonna win but don't go hard on him cuz if you do his kids will get sad so yh

    SyNc Z1CONSyNc Z1CONTime siden
  • 100$ on bryce

    Jo KabaiJo KabaiTime siden
  • I hate Bryce hall bc of what he did to addison

    Badra BerkaneBadra Berkane2 timer siden
  • does bryce rly hav to bring austin's kids into this? like i get that talking shit is part of this whole thing, but still

    Jenny LiJenny Li2 timer siden
  • Like for real now we ALL know Brice is gona knock the fuck out of rhat dude

    Joachim KloweitJoachim Kloweit2 timer siden
  • bryce got this no doubt !

    Badgaal ChiiBadgaal Chii2 timer siden
  • Hey Bryce. Huge huge follower from india, go kick his ass bud👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ wipe the floor with him. You have my support. Got your back bro. Thank you for uploading.

    ManazonManazon2 timer siden
  • OMG

  • This is dumb

    •bxbbly ••bxbbly •2 timer siden
  • What was the reason😐

    Makaylah JeanMakaylah Jean2 timer siden
  • Hi potato nose

    Naomi HernandezNaomi Hernandez2 timer siden
  • We all know Bryce gone lose.. he wants to keep talking but at the end of the day watch him lose!

    Life Of Brianna BLife Of Brianna B2 timer siden
  • No wonder Bryce going to hell

    Arianna HinojosaArianna Hinojosa2 timer siden
  • Austin is.gonna win

    disneynugrae addixnessadisneynugrae addixnessa2 timer siden
  • Ok Bryce is acting disrespectful, you bring up his kids and calls the guy out his name..?

    Life Of Brianna BLife Of Brianna B2 timer siden
  • I like the way this dude talks shit just like the rest of his friends

    Luis RamirezLuis Ramirez2 timer siden
  • Bryce I know your going to win but your unloveable I see why Addison broke up with you cause your just a cocky egotistic wannabe gangster

    Krabs auKrabs au2 timer siden
  • Can he stop bringing up Austin’s kids all the time

    JasmineJasmine2 timer siden
  • Wow I legit live there I could have seen you 😔 but I'll be there

    Becca DairyBecca Dairy3 timer siden
  • 15 seconds and the amount of cringe I had to process o my god

    Yameen PatelYameen Patel3 timer siden
  • We all know that Bryce is tryna act tuff for the views and act tuff in front of the cameras...but we all know that Austin is gonna knock the f*ck out of your @bryce hall 🤡🤡😼

    Desma WalkerDesma Walker3 timer siden
  • Starting to like this dude. He seems real compare to Austin.

    Bax GnayBax Gnay3 timer siden
  • Why are these people famous lol

    Davie DonDavie Don3 timer siden
  • I dodn't pick sides to this day, but after seeing this, I'm on Austin's side. Go NOworldrs

    vedran novakovicvedran novakovic4 timer siden
  • Bryce will get knocked the fk out PEORIDT!

    Mike TamakehuMike Tamakehu4 timer siden
  • um this is why i dont watch him he is weird ~edit~ i kinda hope that he loses bc of all that smack talk

    Roblox BaddiesRoblox Baddies4 timer siden
  • Wasnt tayler hanging out with Austin like a few months ago lol

    lara gomezlara gomez4 timer siden
  • Bro just found your channel I love the shit talking shit was hilarious earned a new sub!!!

    Josiah JandeteJosiah Jandete4 timer siden
  • So this guy is a youtuber or tiktoker ?

    mahajan kumarmahajan kumar4 timer siden
  • lmao lets hope Bryce loses

    Melanie EspinozaMelanie Espinoza4 timer siden
  • You will be knocked up Bryce 😉

    Suman SinghSuman Singh5 timer siden
  • Another 2 fake fighters let floyd smack them up like he just did to jake

    hObnObsUTDhObnObsUTD5 timer siden
  • You’re so lame but I genuinely hope you knock austin out

    Kelsey MillerKelsey Miller5 timer siden
  • This shit boutta be a lame ass fight

    Freddy _Freddy _5 timer siden
  • Bryce you got this

    Romeo MarmolejosRomeo Marmolejos5 timer siden
  • Isn't this were Jake Paul has a fight with floyd Mayweather 😂😂😂😂

    J2 trippyJ2 trippy5 timer siden
  • Sorry but its gonna B Filled with the ACE family 💯😭.

    Spanky Smith'sSpanky Smith's5 timer siden
  • Bro who's idea is it to have youtubers and tiktokers fight 😂 get a life

    cody flomcody flom5 timer siden
  • your toxic

    Mai YoutubeMai Youtube6 timer siden
  • He is tryina make the video like logan or jake omg bryce stupid

    Sohail AshimySohail Ashimy6 timer siden
  • You act like a child its sad but uplifting for me 😂 your mindset in this video just proved how low your intelligence is

    Not JonaNot Jona6 timer siden
  • Yo stop taking steroids

    Mohammed RahmanMohammed Rahman6 timer siden
  • I feel bad for this tik tok generation.

    Axn3dAxn3d6 timer siden
  • Whoever loses..I feel bad for him coz damn

    tkingz7.77tkingz7.776 timer siden
  • Lets go bryce is going to knock out austin mcpussy

    YouTube serzyYouTube serzy6 timer siden
  • Wanna come meet some Dagestanis and Chechens.. The way u talk u have to be a warrior. Let's check it.

    Hades Ares ErosHades Ares Eros6 timer siden
  • Not even a Bryce fan but I know for sure Austin is gonna get his ass whooped

    Gurjit SinghGurjit Singh6 timer siden
  • I hate both of these guys but I'm on bryce's team for this one

    Jujuman47Jujuman477 timer siden
  • tiktockers wont win

    momo isgoodatminecraftmomo isgoodatminecraft7 timer siden
  • austin will win

    momo isgoodatminecraftmomo isgoodatminecraft7 timer siden
  • Is this it.. TIKTOKER VS NOworldR!! 🤯WOAH 😂

    Shay PaparoaShay Paparoa7 timer siden
  • bryce hall gonna get whooped after taking all that

    Finatical XFinatical X7 timer siden
  • This is so scripted , bryce hall is a little bish overconfident but won't do shit in the fight, big mouth .

    kain eulerkain euler7 timer siden
  • bryce gonna lise lol

    Finatical XFinatical X7 timer siden
  • Did anyone else cringe 😬 and almost exit the video

    phanny SINphanny SIN7 timer siden
  • Safaera- Bad Bunny goes hard

    Kalilah CruceKalilah Cruce7 timer siden
  • Can wait omg so excited bet h

    Steph ChaconSteph Chacon7 timer siden
  • Lmao you're getting dropped 🤡

    Nathan ThomasNathan Thomas7 timer siden
  • Like Austin shouldn’t fight the champ

    Emily AllerbyEmily Allerby7 timer siden
  • So is this real beef or nah cause I genuinely don’t know

    VVS ShinobiVVS Shinobi7 timer siden
  • i hate ur face tbh

    Richard Daquis IIIRichard Daquis III7 timer siden
  • You’ll be drinking off to Addison Rae

    Jesus HernandezJesus Hernandez7 timer siden
  • hmm

    ShawnSoToxicShawnSoToxic7 timer siden
  • Why does everyone wanna look identical and they do + anorexic

    eshayyy BuHhHHheshayyy BuHhHHh7 timer siden
  • Ooooooook

    eshayyy BuHhHHheshayyy BuHhHHh7 timer siden

    Liverpool Fan4lifeLiverpool Fan4life8 timer siden
  • Why don’t you get closer tho 🤔😂

    Bryan GarciaBryan Garcia8 timer siden
  • No fucks given Jesus Christ 😵

    crisercriser8 timer siden
  • What’s the ending song name

    Priyanka MichaelPriyanka Michael8 timer siden
  • Man Bryce I big scared

    Swish GodSwish God8 timer siden
  • we all know the winner guys like for bryce

    japhet kipronojaphet kiprono8 timer siden
  • team bryce baby he sure will knock the ass out of austin mc bum

    Sampada GondhalekarSampada Gondhalekar8 timer siden
  • Okay but Austin doesn’t call Bryce anything bad in his vids so I’m team Austin !!

    Bene MakangilaBene Makangila8 timer siden
  • Jesus loves yall

    кєу ϟкєу ϟ8 timer siden
  • I’m sorry but Austin has his family worth fighting for Bryce has nothing but pure saltiness

    Aniyah DavisAniyah Davis9 timer siden

    v Verocityv Verocity9 timer siden
  • ion really fw u but this popped up on my recomended so i decided to watch it and I hope u KNOCK AUSTIN TF OUT

    FlxwgFlxwg9 timer siden
  • I don’t know you I just know your super famous I and I see you everywhere but I can tell your gonna fuck him up, your just hungrier for it then he is like he didn’t wanna look at you to mask the fear he has

    John PaxtonJohn Paxton9 timer siden
  • May the best man wins

    Kayleia MorrisonKayleia Morrison9 timer siden
  • I don’t even watch Bryce but god dam I want this guy to win lol he better embarrass Austin 😂 let’s GO BRYCE

    Kevyn RKevyn R9 timer siden
  • L

    ᗩᗪOᒪᖴ ᗷᒪᗩᗪOᒪᖴ ᗷᒪ9 timer siden