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22. feb.. 2021
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  • UPDATE: youtube just age restricted the video. Watch the views tank now because u have to be signed in to watch. Keep running up the likes boys lets not stop. Love u all

    NELKNELK6 dager siden
    • Guys what happen to the send clud site ? Havent been able to login all day today.

      Braid LeBoeufBraid LeBoeuf3 minutter siden
    • thanks to fucking gralton prolly

      Sammy KogenSammy Kogen16 timer siden
    • I just ate a tampon on my channel 💪💯🔥

      Muscleman8562Muscleman856219 timer siden
    • We didn’t forget what you did

      BOCXY CODMBOCXY CODM19 timer siden
    • @Slender 103 thats the spirit love it m8

      Bek RekoBek Reko21 time siden
  • let’s goo

    Bennett JardineBennett Jardine32 sekunder siden
  • Guys what happen to send clud website ? Havent been able to login all day today.

    Braid LeBoeufBraid LeBoeuf4 minutter siden
  • to the moonskie

    Laszlo TengerdyLaszlo Tengerdy4 minutter siden
  • Im hype for mondays vid 💪💪 FULL SEND

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  • Anyone else see a black screen?

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  • They smoking Corn 😂😂😂🚫🧢

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  • I love u guys

    Gaby HalpinGaby Halpin31 minutt siden
  • DONT ORDER FULL SEND SUPPLEMENTS!!!!! ITS A SCAM!!!!! I ordered over $100 of preworkout from them weeks ago and haven’t received anything. I’ve also sent them multiple emails and haven’t gotten a response for weeks!!!

    David MaxwellDavid Maxwell35 minutter siden
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    Tara WatsonTara Watson37 minutter siden
  • You should do billard/pool with hockey sticks

    Janek TrzebinskiJanek Trzebinski44 minutter siden
  • this was the most exciting vid ina while lmao

    kapalotnickkapalotnick48 minutter siden
  • A hole is a hole

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  • Tight

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  • 😂😂😂

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  • Banger

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  • When the new video coming out boys it's monday

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  • Great video

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  • Legend

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  • Love y’all much support

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  • Gang gang

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  • 14:50 to get to the point

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  • Amazing video

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  • wow insane

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  • “Black people have hops, you can swim”

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  • After corona please come to denmark

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  • I was really trying to watch that video man

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  • Banger

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  • Love you boys, keep up the good shi

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  • Nelk the shit boys

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  • Yo

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  • FUNNY IDEA: Go to any businesses stores whatever hand the cashier straight cash say your investing in them

    2025 Arsenal2025 Arsenal4 timer siden
  • banger as always🐐

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  • hilarious boys!

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  • Great vids latley

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  • I’m Japanese fan of yours but your videos make me crazy so funny

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  • Fav Canadian group

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  • Dude honestly the people who put thumbs down dont know anything

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  • Gang gang

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  • Do a bbq food truck prank at a vegan festival 😂👍 promote the meat ass 100% plant based but really just make bbq

    Trevon BrumfieldTrevon Brumfield5 timer siden
  • You guys are deadass my fav on NOworld😂

    Logan GrosklosLogan Grosklos5 timer siden
  • Salim is so fuckin funny

  • THESE GUYS ARE FUCKIN BEAUTIES FROM CANADA, DOIN THE SHIT I SHOULD HAVE DONE WITH MY BOY BUT NEVER DID, FUCKING WITH PEOPLE AND GETTING PAID FOR IT BABY! Goes to show anything is possible in this day and age. Just dont give a fuck and go do ya thing! -Adrian from Ottawa

    AdrianAdrian5 timer siden
  • Problem is NOworld is full of snow flakes!

    ZAXXZZAXXZ5 timer siden
  • Jimmy gambles comments are just mad funny for some reason lol

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  • I know many sports teams that need to sign Jay

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  • support

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  • Boys you gotta find bob from the “home less mans birthday surprise” video Six years ago

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  • Love your vids guys.🙌

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  • lets go man

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  • you guys are dope & hilarious

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  • That hand prank was legit

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  • This shit is so wrong but so great

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  • University of tennessee at Chattanooga pull up during summer and go to a river house party

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  • Keep doing what your doing

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  • Go to a store and every time they scan an item moan a little louder

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  • Nice

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  • Why do you all ways swear

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  • MUST WATCH!!! AMAZING. So funny and suspenseful

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  • This video is the best video nelk have released in such a long time: a MUST WATCH

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  • I am not getting notifications for any of your videos

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  • Cheers boys

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  • “The happy hour”

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  • Hahaha!

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  • Best youtuber out here

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  • The best

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  • Stop the Nelk harassment I’ll sue NOworld for personal damages!

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  • What happened to the other NELK kid? Did he grow up?

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