We Can't Step Our Mast... | Expedition Evans 36

25. april. 2021
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This has been a week of events! Our freshly fixed boat manages to runs aground sitting in its slip, we get our mast hauled to a different yard, and we get the interior of the boat picked up and organized! And behind the scenes we work through lots of emotions surrounding the delay mast stepping.
Thanks for watching-
Thanks for watching-
With love
The Evans'

*Our Boat*
2008 Beneteau 49
3 cabin 2 head
Westerbeke generator
Mast, sails and rig are in excellent condition and in storage
Here's what we *think* we know about her past. Keep in mind we bought her at auction without ever meeting the owner! The owner was sailing along and ran aground - hard. Hard enough that the keel pivoted and pushed the aft end up into the hull. This force cracked the internal grid in several places and broke a portion of the grid free from hull. At some point an inspection was done, insurance was called and decisions were made. See noworld.info/video/video/rXyYgtis0bOY1JY.html for how we came to own her!
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Main Lens: amzn.to/3cwZRkl
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Go Pro: amzn.to/324dq43
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  • Why are these videos released 4 months after shooting them?

    nixxonnixxon14 dager siden
    • Simple reason it gives a buffer, if they don't get all the vid done you still get a weekly update!

      Nathan BertrandNathan Bertrand8 dager siden
    • I don’t on mine but I’ve just started and not edited as well... but also safety wise there is nothing to steal on mine apart from rubbish ! You need to remember they are filming their boat, location and whether they are there or not. Sadly too many people out there might take advantage or even idiots that get jealous and vandalise etc

      Sailing PuffinSailing Puffin12 dager siden
    • @Trucker D TV guessing there are some unsavory types who might drop in and steal, stalk, pillage? So it would make sense to only release a vid after they had left that location...

      donlopeaguirre112donlopeaguirre11212 dager siden
    • @Expedition Evans I can imagine some videos have 40 to 80 hours of content to review before you can even start editing. That appears to be the challenge for many. Finding that sweet spot between deciding what and how much to record then still needing to painfully decide what still needs to be edited out is difficult. Add the challenge of maintaining privacy of your location and your work load increases. Your hard work is appreciated. Both of your smiles and attitudes and beautiful relationship is why many of us watch. It is obvious you both have high standards in your work. I hope you realize we don't need perfection in editing to continue following your channel. I cringed with you when I saw that camera fall off the dock. I fondly remember a starlit night I did my shift at the tiller of a Leuders 32 as we sailed from New Rochelle out to Block Island with the mast light reflecting in the spinnaker until we hit 20 foot swells as we sailed past Block Island and had to switch to the genoa because the spinnaker was about to dip into the seas. I'm eager to see you two under full sail.

      Mark GMark G13 dager siden
    • By now I'm sure you've read replies that go along the lines of. . . "That's a silly question." If you ever vlogged (and created a well edited quality product) and also lived life at the same time, you would know why there's significant delays.

      keebearfullkeebearfull13 dager siden
  • What a blessing for the two of you (and your dogs, of course) to have each other and the enthusiasm that you enjoy. It is a pleasure to watch your interactions with each other. I look forward to each episode.

    StoopsThereItIsStoopsThereItIs4 dager siden
  • THE SAME STORY - about women and dogs ...

    Oleg VoronkoffOleg Voronkoff5 dager siden
    • Wait, there's another couple who bought a wrecked Beneteau 49 and fixed it themselves?!

      Expedition EvansExpedition Evans4 dager siden
  • Very exciting. Congrats to the both of you.

    Steve WarsockiSteve Warsocki8 dager siden
  • Oh hey you two , just an FYI, I just cleaned out my utube subscriptions, you two and your antics made the cut...always look forward to seeing how the Mrs’s carries along while the Mr. is out calculating glide slopes...😜

    Dpg TechDpg Tech9 dager siden
  • Sorry but im from asia and i wanna ask. Is christmas there on april?

    louis d. Webberlouis d. Webber9 dager siden
  • My wife and I Love the videos! What company shipped your mast?

    Tom DallTom Dall10 dager siden
  • Just binge watched all your episodes cant wait for a new one !

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  • Other than New England, I don't even know where you are. Did I miss the explanation some where?

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  • Christmas ??? we have Spring now... Looooong upload :-)

    nepokatneca IInepokatneca II10 dager siden
  • Why does everything have to be funny? Takes away from the video. This video was labeled stepping the mast and so far haven't seen hardly anything about the mast?

    Keith McCONNELLKeith McCONNELL11 dager siden
  • Wow didn't realise you were so far behind as that. Still you have had a huge amount to do so its to be expected and I guess when you built those house things you were on a finished boat then and we have seen briefly since, Jade with that huge smile at the wheel and on a lean so definitely sailing! Dogs, they will be a problem over the eastern side of the Pacific. Here in Aus they will have to go into quarantine and be injected as also some of the other countries. Check out "Sailing Nandji" who left from Queensland and had to leave their Whippet behind till all the paperwork and injections could be sorted out before it could be flown across to them just north of Aus. But that might be well into the future yet. Love the snow, don't get it here in South Aus but had it in the island ofTasmania where I grew up. Watched you from the beginning episodes and love your positive spirit. You are both an example to all.

    Anthony ScolyerAnthony Scolyer11 dager siden
  • Can’t believe what I saw that dog do!

    Robert LeeRobert Lee11 dager siden

    DennyDenny11 dager siden
  • love the videos, can't wait to see what happens next. And I agree with Nolan about what the dogs are thinking, keep up the great work.

    jay grueneichjay grueneich12 dager siden
  • New chapters keep coming. Can't wait to see the sails full of wind.

    John ButlerJohn Butler12 dager siden
  • I mean this as a compliment. You two could make a work safety video entertaining. You are are awesome at video production! You take one thing that is normally a small part in anyone else's video and make a half dozen episodes out of it, all while making each episode very entertaining. Well done

    Brian BuchananBrian Buchanan12 dager siden
  • Did you say harry potter subbed

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  • Sailing soooooooon. Congrats.

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  • Ouch ! But think about it the other way round .... what if they didn’t find the crack and you were sailing and it broke ! So maybe your lucky instead ?

    Sailing PuffinSailing Puffin12 dager siden
  • Are y’all they far behind on editing

    Jack FarmerJack Farmer12 dager siden
  • 16:45 Dingo(?) is looking at Jade like "I can see why you've been muzzled. Clothes are bizarre!" 😂😂 Woof!

    Patrick PoePatrick Poe12 dager siden
  • Found you on TikTok, all caught up! Can't wait to see what comes next!

    Robert SinclairRobert Sinclair12 dager siden
  • Never seen a couple have so much fun working so hard at grueling jobs with occasional setbacks. Your joy make your videos fun to watch and remind me to get less frustrated at my own challenges.

    Mark ParsonsMark Parsons12 dager siden
  • Great stuff guys! From a fellow "Evans" here in Tampa (originally from MS). Keep up the great vids! Wishing you guys the best!

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  • Thanks guys for sharing your story and enthusiasm! But I do think it is time to get to warmer weather asap!!!

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  • You guys are absolutely awesome. Always looking forward to your videos. So much energy. Thank-you You two are so inspiring.

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  • Ok guys,I normally never comment on NOworld channels, cool that I found your TikTok channel by coincidence, but always👍up from me

    โปล์ ดั้มส์โปล์ ดั้มส์12 dager siden
  • So happy to see y’all happy. Cheers n beers from Australia 🇦🇺

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  • ..... OMG ..... yes I know that since you repaired your palace it is like a tank .... but!! .... how can you be so calm about them moving your boat and now the keel and rudder are bumping the ground .... he shrugs his shoulders ..... love how your darker pup walks when going up the gangway from the dock .. see I got sea legs ...... thx for sharing .... as always .. never stop dreaming, just dream bigger ... have fun be safe, save our oceans .....

    Peter FreboldPeter Frebold12 dager siden
  • Hi Jade, what was that sailing school name that does the diesel engine class? We really enjoyed the video!

    Charles WashburnCharles Washburn12 dager siden
    • narragansettsailingschool.com/ 😀

      Expedition EvansExpedition Evans12 dager siden
  • Merry Christmas !!

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  • Great video,keep it up!⛵

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  • Ive Watched You Guys Since the Beginning , I wish I had 1 10 th of the determination and skill you guys show to any thing you Tackle , I Seen a few U tubes yesterday One was How much do you Make on U tube and the Other was a Two Part one on Was It Worth It , All I can Say Is You Guys Deserve All The Success comming your way , Can"t Wait too see it Sailing again

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  • You're gonna need a Coxswaine's Gig to tote all those tools. This episode? Why People SHOULD NOT Sail in the north.

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  • This one made me cry, seeing you guys play in the snow was beautiful! :) Also, loved the cuddle break between cleaning. ♡

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  • seeing your decorating the salon really drove home what a remarkable transformation you guys have been able to pull off. sorry to hear about the upcoming challenges, but I can only assume that you will push through with the implacable positivity that you've consistently demonstrated since the beginning of this project. what good project doesn't go off the rails at some point anyway?

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  • looks like penny (the smaller dog) just goes full send at everything. lol.

    maxmillion7007maxmillion700713 dager siden
    • Always 😂

      Expedition EvansExpedition Evans13 dager siden
  • ahhh so your boat came with a mast?? So the damage was just a ripped up hull and keel. Good to see I was afraid you would have to buy a mast as well

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  • Where where where did you get the dog jackets????? 🐕😀

    N CN C13 dager siden
  • snow in April.... really. Nice.

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  • no gloves.....in the cold. it is good to be young.

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  • For storing clothes use vacuum seal bags. This stops condensation ruining clothes you dont use for a while. Condensation in storage areas a fact of boat life...

    Keith Ashley HallamKeith Ashley Hallam13 dager siden
  • Did I hear BisforBuild around the 16 minute mark?

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    • Well done!

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  • Good Stuff!

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  • Looking great, are going to convert one of the cabins to a utility room/laundry/workshop? Hey guys can take that ugly tv rack thing on the wall down.

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  • Saw you guys mentioned on another channel regarding your BIG repair and it brought me to check you guys out. That was Friday and I'm now caught up. (I'm quarantined after testing positive for you- know-what. Moderate symptoms lucky for me). I'm aspiring to have my own boat someday so I've followed all the main sailing channels on NOworld for a while now. Nahoa, (our favorite) La Vagabond, Zatara, Okellys, and the list goes on. The best thing about your channel is seeing two people so well matched for each other and work together so well. I know YT videos tend to show the happy-go-lucky side of normal living, but you two obviously go very well together. Life is usually hard but having a partner (this is for both of you) seemingly made for you makes it possible to rebuild a boat and tackle such MASSIVE projects the way you do without killing each other. I hope you two never forget to stop and take the 30,000' view and see how fortunate you are to be "grounded" together the way you are. You guys took on the biggest boat project I've ever seen on any of the sailing channels. Bravo!! I can't believe the level of focus and energy.

    Dan BarlowDan Barlow13 dager siden
    • Hi Dan, if you want to see the mother of all sailing rebuilds have a look at Sailing Yaba being rebuilt from the keel up in Brazil. 70 ft schooner will just about be a new boat by the time they have finished. If you want another good sailing channel "Free Range Sailing" a couple in a 30ft "Clansman" in Aust going all around the coast. Entertaining, instructional and just plain down to earth

      Anthony ScolyerAnthony Scolyer11 dager siden
  • Love your doggies, they are so cute 😇

    SV GITANASV GITANA13 dager siden
  • I'll continue with the other comments... Since I have been a loyal watcher, why am I watching a vlog more than 4 months ago of "buying a Christmas Tree" (before Christmas & I'm posting today 25 Apr)??? I do want to watch your vlogs to support both of you! But, I need to be honest, I did not think you were that far behind. And, I must confess, I'm considering to just stop watching. Maybe you can do 2 vlogs a week to catch up to about 2 months behind (bring it up to Feb 2021)!!! Stay in the same season at least! Good Luck and keep up with the hard work!

    Kevin PuntyKevin Punty13 dager siden
  • If ur lines are frozen like on the dock..jus throw them in the water fra few mins to soften them up..thas what we do winter fishin here in n.s

    Aaron TheriauAaron Theriau13 dager siden
  • Did you find any gelcoat dust in your mast?

    Patrick KPatrick K14 dager siden
  • You guys have the most astonishing work ethic I have ever seen. Best of everything to all 4 of you. Can’t wait to see the next installments.

    Craig GarrisonCraig Garrison14 dager siden
  • Hey Guys I've been watching from the start and I love the show and keeping going its awesome! From down under :)

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  • I'm pretty sure the dogs think you're all the craziest humans. The reason they stick around is to see what happens next.

    Nolan MailhosNolan Mailhos14 dager siden
  • I’ve loved all your videos. I think this one is my favorite so far. Very nice job of production and editing.

    Scott FreemanScott Freeman14 dager siden
  • You know... It is always hard to make and interesting comment after your video. “ I simply love watching you four” that’s from the bottom of my heart.

    Mike MoxleyMike Moxley14 dager siden
  • Great upload. Thanks guys.. I look forward to them every week. :)

    Charles GoughCharles Gough14 dager siden
  • Any trouble, just do what Arya would do.

    Bill KewBill Kew14 dager siden
    • Stick em with the pointy end

      Expedition EvansExpedition Evans14 dager siden
  • Marinas always exaggerate depth. Remember if you have fixed dock with pilings fender should be horizontal and if you are on a floating dock then fender go vertical. Always tie your boat so it’s floating between pilings and not snugged up to dock becasue of wind conditions get bad the boat will get banged up against either type of dock. You guys did a fantastic job. Now comes sailing skills and docking skills.

    Rich CastellanoRich Castellano14 dager siden
  • Hey, I'm just glad we get to see them at all.. no rush, it's not like you don't already have 10K things going on... right ?... Loved seeing you and the dogs really getting a good snow to play together, I'm presuming you'll be moving southward once the mast's stepped and stays are rigged to secure it properly.

    Mike LoveMike Love14 dager siden
  • Wow! That sounds exspensive!!

    Raymond HothanRaymond Hothan14 dager siden
  • Sorry about the mast! But at least you didn't find it the hard way. Thanks, dogs, a happy couple, snow & Christmas tree. You really made my sad day better. Best wishes to you!

    Walt SegovisWalt Segovis14 dager siden
  • Great episode! Being from southern Ontario I take for granted the experience of a first snow fall! :)

    Richard EvansRichard Evans14 dager siden
  • The was already fixed by last Christmas?

    Oswaldo David Rey SilvaOswaldo David Rey Silva14 dager siden
  • BTW, it is better that you get the boat ready to go sailing sooner than getting the videos caught up. Hang in there.

    Carl CantrellCarl Cantrell14 dager siden
  • Do you have some kind of heater gun to thaw things like the lines out?

    Carl CantrellCarl Cantrell14 dager siden
  • Why two dogs when living in small places? This isn't meant to be a criticism, I'm only a curious.

    Owen KillmanOwen Killman14 dager siden
    • Fortunately dogs don't take up very much space and they bring a lot of fun and value to us 🙂🐶 It works out great for them too. The "tiny home" alternative lifestyle basically forces us to get outside everyday haha. It's good for us. We do a lot of hikes and exploring and the dogs get to tag along and run free. On a typical day their gps collars track 2-5 miles running. Then there are the security benefits. Our last tiny home was a skoolie and we had a lot of theft/break-ins when we weren't home. After we got Dingo that all stopped. And when Brett travels for work I feel much safer having them with me because I know Dingo would rip someone apart if they came after me 😂😬 true story. Having dogs isn't always easy and it'll definitely be complicated when we start traveling internationally, but for us the pros definitely outweigh the cons. And honestly, even if there end up being more cons, we love them too much now to ever do it differently haha

      Expedition EvansExpedition Evans14 dager siden
  • They just love a challenge,you could almost feel their excitement of being under pressure.

    Max HeadroomMax Headroom14 dager siden
  • Just a guess but I suspect the "safety" issue has partly to do with anonymity. Don't need a lot of unwanted visitors showing up. Again, you both make such an outstanding team. This is coming from someone who has been married for almost 50 years

    Bill EndyBill Endy14 dager siden
    • 27 years here. I think so too.

      Patrick PoePatrick Poe12 dager siden
  • I've been Jaded, you guys are amazing.

    OneCupOfCoffee204OneCupOfCoffee20414 dager siden
  • Please don't use the loops on your dock lines to your cleat. You will never get them off under load and if you have to make any adjustments due to tide or winds you would be in trouble or have to cut them. Always use cleat hitches on both the dock and the boat. This is your safety message of the day. Fair winds and Following Seas.

    EverwindEverwind14 dager siden
  • Don't get to impressed... It's a noisy little beast and it clogs way to easily...

    rsrguyrsrguy14 dager siden
  • Your human to boat stuff ratio is too high!

    Surf SailorSurf Sailor14 dager siden
    • Totally agree haha. We got rid of SO much. Probably half that stuff was actually the previous owners. And a huge portion were project consumables. Feeling much better now 🤣

      Expedition EvansExpedition Evans14 dager siden
  • LOL..Jade in crisis mode pan over to Brett and a HUGE snowman cookie!..Just think guys...Bahamas soon and warmth

    The Davies Family ChannelThe Davies Family Channel14 dager siden
    • As Brian on Delos said "sail south till the butter melts".

      joseph mussingtonjoseph mussington14 dager siden
  • You two (and the puppies) are a sea of positive. Having watched all of your videos and seeing what you have endured to get to this point, it totally amazes me that you still laugh and look forward. Take care and stay well.

    Matt Evans-KochMatt Evans-Koch14 dager siden
  • Never a dull moment with the two of you🤡😻

    Ton GroenendaalTon Groenendaal14 dager siden
  • really enjoy seeing more of the furkids on this one.. I hope they are shown more and more.. and until or if you 2 decide to have children they can have their on cabin!! lol. just wanted to point that out..

    James TurbyfillJames Turbyfill14 dager siden
  • Another great episode!! Hopefully you will be in warmer waters next winter :) We complained about the cold in the North of France this winter but our lines never got frozen... Cheers for sharing your adventure!

    Wayzgoose WarriorWayzgoose Warrior14 dager siden
  • Why didn't you just order a bigger crane ? Not sure it would have been cheaper but they are only about 600 bucks

    faircompetition1faircompetition114 dager siden
  • I just love it when people are wishing you guys “Happy Christmas and a happy new year “ In the middle of April 😂😂😂

    Cliff DaviesCliff Davies14 dager siden
  • Great video, the production is awesome. On a personal note I love how much you guys laugh; alone, together, with the dogs - its a great way to be, I wish I could be more like you (but my busy brain is constantly preoccupied thinking of too many things and not really being in the moment). I've watched your videos since you started and am in awe of what you have done and are doing. Keep living the dream! All the best from England

    Rich DRich D14 dager siden
  • chet ching...

    JESS LOU KINJESS LOU KIN14 dager siden
  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Jimmy BrokosJimmy Brokos14 dager siden
  • Guys these hard times are things you will look back on an feel blessed you made it this far thru so much an you did it together. My bit of unsolicited advice! Never I mean never listen to negitive nelly's those types only seek to distract u. Ppl can be brave when behind a screen an keyboard. Those armchair sailor's are angry with their own lack of gusto for the life not lived an things left unsaid an done in their own life's. Those types are joy theifs. We ignore an wish them well. Pay attention to the many many good ppl who cheer you on. Love how beautiful the boat is you guys really did it.. sendin love an light to u 4✌🏻💗☺️❣️

    Donna KawanaDonna Kawana14 dager siden
  • Thank you so much for all of your videos. I never knew those types of repairs were even possible. Please never stop making these amazing videos.

    Joseph FallonJoseph Fallon14 dager siden
  • Great job, guys!! Your videos leave me grinning from ear to ear while I’m watching! I love the editing in this episode! The slow mo and the snow was magical!!

    Heather GrammaticasHeather Grammaticas14 dager siden
    • Also, I just signed up for Narragansett Sailing School the other day and Mary is going to be my instructor! What a funny coincidence!

      Heather GrammaticasHeather Grammaticas14 dager siden
  • At some early point in your planning stage(s), you two may have had some convos around the big multihull vs monohull question. If you did, did you publish any of that?

    Carl SmithCarl Smith14 dager siden
  • Thanks for yet another kickin' episode. I eagerly await the time when I can wish you fair winds and following seas.

    Bill BrockmannBill Brockmann14 dager siden