"We Can Fight With Our Police" - Trevor Noah - (There's A Gupta On My Stoep)

29. aug.. 2019
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    Trevor NoahTrevor NoahÅr siden
    • Uyagula wena:))''

      HRH PRINCE Sibu ZuluHRH PRINCE Sibu Zulu13 dager siden
    • This is too funny, it makes me want to visit south Africa. My kids are black men in America and its scary, sometimes i cant believe the reality of what happens. Thanks for helping us to shed a light while laughing at our crazy situation!

      Tavaunie blackwoodTavaunie blackwoodMåned siden
    • Thank you Trevor for making the left even more dumb

      Elly RustElly RustMåned siden
    • Thanks.

      Simmons LackSimmons Lack2 måneder siden
    • E

      nicholas muruanicholas murua2 måneder siden
  • You can even tell them that you are in a hurry and really dont have time to chit chat and they will understand that you really are in a hurry and they let you off on a promise to not speed. South African cops are the best. They really are human. One cop in free state who got me speeding and listened to me exppain that i was in a hurry bcs i had to get back home at the end of the day back in north west told me, "you are a young guy, you have kids and a family, i want you to see your grand kids, i had to stop you and remind you that whatever you are chasing now is not more important than your life. Your kids need you, so slow down and take it easy". Then he let me off. And till this day, i always remember what he told me whenever i feel like going a little bit faster.

    Peter NjugunaPeter Njuguna19 timer siden
  • What does 100 look like 🤔

    Veronica theratVeronica theratDag siden
  • Meaning of stoep ?

    T RexT RexDag siden
  • audio too quiet

    aychexseeeaychexseeeDag siden
  • 😂😂😂😂 Std seven

    love hope faithlove hope faithDag siden
  • I live in Minneapolis Minnesota and I gotta say, we need other police

    Cyan ,Cyan ,Dag siden
  • Fuck this asshole! ALL cops are awesome! He’s making fun of that hero! Fuck this asshole! Don’t make fun of him! It’s called prudent speeding dickhead.

    J TJ T2 dager siden
  • Shame on you US policemen.

    B AB A2 dager siden
  • This really didn't age well, unless you're Trevor Noah. I love you dude, but i'm sure youre aware of the systemic police brutality, especially against minorites. Keep it real, man.

    BrewDiePieBrewDiePie2 dager siden
  • 6:00 South African's and greetings😂😂

    Dineo MofokengDineo Mofokeng2 dager siden
  • The outro got u a new subscriber 😂 even if I disagree with aome of your views on American politics i still find you funny as hell. Keep doing your thing my man.

    Kaveman07Kaveman072 dager siden
  • The cops are trigger happy because the people are.

    King RebornKing Reborn3 dager siden
  • Good one Trevor... I'm sorry to say this guys... based on the statistics quite a number of police officers in the states are trigger happy...

    Dark AngelDark Angel4 dager siden
  • Gundam it, in every other country, if a cop would say, he 'estimated' your speed and gave you ticket for that 'estimation', that would be huge lawsuit right there. Hell, in some places you can sue, when the cop doesn't have his radar license ON HIM at the time of the measurement or the radar doesn't have valid warranty. US police sounds more like a mafia than a law enforcement.

    Shinobito1Shinobito15 dager siden
  • Trevors still the best 10000000%

    Christine BurgioChristine Burgio5 dager siden
  • I mean, to be fair, with the amount of guns that regular Americans have, it's no wonder cops tend to shoot first

    SaetwoSaetwo5 dager siden
  • In SA we bribe like nobody's business

    Mbuso MthimkhuluMbuso Mthimkhulu6 dager siden
  • Like when South African Police handcuffed a man to a truck and dragged him behind it? Or when they opened fire on protesting miners and killed 34?

    MobesMobes7 dager siden
  • Wow. Very good. Very interesting.

    The ObserverThe Observer7 dager siden
  • As crazy as it may sound, South Africa needs US police while US needs South African police

    Crowned KarbwiieCrowned Karbwiie8 dager siden
  • This aged like fine wine man.

    CatCat8 dager siden
  • 💖🌹

    Leslie HolmesLeslie Holmes8 dager siden
  • Keep goin TN....you are a headache to the racist groups.

    ኣንጻር ወዲ መድህን በራድኣንጻር ወዲ መድህን በራድ8 dager siden
  • In south Africa you get shot because you didn't pull out your wallet 😂...legendary staff

    micheal mufalomicheal mufalo11 dager siden
  • ø

    Biamond 69Biamond 6911 dager siden
  • We need to appreciate the US police

    Jahn MarkJahn Mark12 dager siden
    • Oh come on man I hope my country has police like yours

      preying assassinpreying assassin10 dager siden
    • @Boozey oozey the reason they have to be strict is because people don't respect them

      Jahn MarkJahn Mark10 dager siden
    • @Boozey oozey why not?

      Jahn MarkJahn Mark10 dager siden
    • No❤

      Boozey oozeyBoozey oozey11 dager siden
  • Well, it is partly because only in US a civilian can have a gun. That's first thing that's sick with that country. How in XXI century people still need a weapon like in middle ages running with swords.

    isabell13cisabell13c12 dager siden
  • We all know that we've bribed the carols before 🤣

    Shivek AniruthShivek Aniruth12 dager siden
  • US people don't know what they are missing out on. Trevor's native comedy is his best work

    Shivek AniruthShivek Aniruth12 dager siden
  • Mazibuko, I see a nandos chicken and a coke coming in at 140 km/h

    Shivek AniruthShivek Aniruth12 dager siden
  • Who’s here after reading the book?

    Kareem SamerKareem Samer12 dager siden
  • Ok, this is it . I've watched nearly all the videos and I've not subscribed yet. Still waiting 8 months in joburg and still no free stuff. Trevor, do you know how much a VA flight costs from the UK? Especially Upperclass, I mean I nearly spent my life savings to get out here for the free stuff and you disappear to the USA. I'm fed up and I'm going home. Next time you want a subscriber pick on some other mug.....love the show.

    David PatersonDavid Paterson13 dager siden
  • 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

    JOE CHALIJOE CHALI13 dager siden
  • You are crazy my guy

    JOE CHALIJOE CHALI13 dager siden
  • In Kenya it's a "hot drink" called chai......

    ZeeZee13 dager siden
  • Dude he sounds like the villain in farcry 3.

    Wind 01Wind 0113 dager siden
  • what did he say to the cop? the estimate thing? I couldn't catch it

    panzercommandierpanzercommandier14 dager siden
  • Preach on Trevor! 😍😆

    Dennis DuranDennis Duran14 dager siden
  • Estimates standard seven 💀

    Muthoni MwangiMuthoni Mwangi15 dager siden
  • Well... This aged well

    Josiah WrayJosiah Wray15 dager siden
  • I just watched a TikTok video with this as a sound

    Oliver KårehagOliver Kårehag16 dager siden
  • The Turkish police action after i got a 1750 TL around 375 dollars ticket for going 160 in a 80 zone. It's my school road so i'm going over this highway everyday. The very next day that i got a ticket, i got pulled over by the police check point and they asked for my license. After a while i started to talk to the officer who pulled me over and talked about how i got a ticket yesterday. i said "ugh you guys are so slimy" with a joke and they laughed. then, the officer who was checking my license, looked to me from their car and said "hey, congratulations on your second 1750 TL ticket. we got you with speeding again" my whole face went white and i was shocked. i stuttered "bu- but i didn't speed" i said. then, the woman police and two police bursted out laughing. telling me they're just joking around. then i bursted out laughing too and he said "nah you didn't get one. but that guy did" he showed a black range and the guy was furious and speeded off. then i said "there are two radar points on this road right? one right here and one at the end of the road" he looked at me and said "yes. the speed you go inbetween the radar points is up to you" and he winked at me. this is pretty normal for us but i wanted to share it with you guys.

    Hamza AkcaHamza Akca16 dager siden
  • We need another March to get the people together . Listen to what rkky wbr did...enjoy noworld.info/video/video/z6enfrSttNOf2c0.html

    llewy is Selllewy is Sel16 dager siden
  • The reason the cops ask why they stopped you and how fast you were going, is to get an admission of guilt.

    nicklclnicklcl16 dager siden
  • Standerd 7 pelele 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Lemuel KramerLemuel Kramer16 dager siden
  • I wish there would be a movie about this

    Just UploadJust Upload17 dager siden
  • Did he just say ‘leta’ that’s Swahili 😁😁am Kenyan 😁😁😁

    Mercy NyokabiMercy Nyokabi17 dager siden
  • Tremor Noah is a good comedian

    Kalimba Music CoversKalimba Music Covers19 dager siden
  • In Algeria every driver knows somebody who can get you your papers back and yes you can argue with the police and survive

    rimbluebooksrimbluebooks19 dager siden
  • How tf does anyone find this ass clown funny?

    Ryan BrillRyan Brill19 dager siden
  • Ok in India it's up to a next level police officers are gonna estimate your income through your vehicle and clothes and they mark their bribes according to that. And if you have a bottle of whiskey then it's more than enough.

    Siddhant GangwarSiddhant Gangwar19 dager siden
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Abdul bhuttoAbdul bhutto19 dager siden
  • This didn’t age well for your agenda did it? Ahaha! Quit trying be a comedian please. For f’s sake.

    Derek KDerek K19 dager siden
  • You gotta love Mzansi 🇿🇦😅💪🙏✌

    Kakgiso BillyKakgiso Billy20 dager siden
  • Police departement should play this at their free time or breaks lunch

    Jusuf RamadhanJusuf Ramadhan20 dager siden
  • Stupid, ya we will negotiate with Criminals.

    Brian SouthernBrian Southern21 dag siden
  • there is so much weight in how trevor noah delivered this performance, i think most of you guys gets it.

    Ernest Fred IsidtoErnest Fred Isidto23 dager siden
  • This actually made me really sad because I truly never thought about it like this

    ZMZM23 dager siden
  • Yeah.... South African police "NEVER" shoot anyone....

    Broken MedicBroken Medic24 dager siden
    • They rarely shoot(I'm talking about the police as a whole). They are fucking useless.

      Dean MullinDean Mullin18 dager siden
  • Anyone else subscribed just caz of how he asks you to???😂😂😂

    Terry AceTerry Ace24 dager siden
  • I love how Trevor makes political matters fucking hilarious.

    emberember25 dager siden
  • Nice one Trevor u are an inspiration you have really inspired me to make my own videos I just need your support guys

    laghingmatters nglaghingmatters ng25 dager siden
  • India don't have guns I am South African my late best friend was from there... I don't know about the American

    Mpumelelo VimbayoMpumelelo Vimbayo25 dager siden
  • White police in America are more corrupt and dangerous than any colored criminals

    Berries 20Berries 2026 dager siden
  • I always love it when they show you numbers of the speedometer then tell you how that number means you been a bad girl/bad boy 🤣🤣🤣🤣and how they should arrest you so what will you do 🤣🤣🤣 Once in Bloem while they were writing my fine they allowed me to capture the speeds of approaching cars 🤣🤣

    Thembi TabataThembi Tabata27 dager siden
  • I don’t get enough of Trevor Noah jokes 😂

    Thembi TabataThembi Tabata27 dager siden
  • This guy can make people laugh without even using many bad words ... That's why I really appreciate his skills. Brother Noah keep it up one of the best stand up comedian .....🔥🔥👍 to

    Namita GautamNamita Gautam28 dager siden
  • impossible i got traumatized when my friend got shot in the leg during the pull over. the cops accidentally pull the trigger and said it was an accident when he's asking for a bribe. we're basically going at 80kmph while the limit is 100kmph . he got fired and my friend can't drive like 6 months because of the injury. are there even a tests to become a policeman anymore?

    Shura ValentineShura Valentine28 dager siden
  • Omd luv the accents

    utube utubeutube utube28 dager siden
  • Here in India cold drink is the only option

    Asteroid bluesAsteroid bluesMåned siden
  • Amazing trevor 😂😂😂😂😂

    The AryanThe AryanMåned siden
  • Trevor get a real fucking job. Work 60 hours a week dealing with all sorts of people. Those thrash the president are. Fucking jokes like. You still stay at home. Your too fucking scared. By the coronavirus to face it head on I am a essential worker. Who has been working on the front lines for 70 hour weeks Going on 8 months now and I am afraid of the virus You are just like joe Biden weak

    scott millerscott millerMåned siden
  • Man I need to move to another country.

    Kayla GarciaKayla GarciaMåned siden
  • This hits different in 2020

    NadaMusicNadaMusicMåned siden
  • Pobrecito que lo lea 😟😩😭 Millonario el que de LIK3 🤑💵💸 ( MIRA MI NOMBR3 )

  • I got anxious just listening to that police dialogue second hand. I would NEVER consider living in America. It's the wild fucking west over there and the leader is a racist, mysoginistic, 75 year old with obvious dementia.

    Andreea EliseiAndreea EliseiMåned siden
  • This was super hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Winnie SWinnie SMåned siden
    • No insults and he can do, this then people should say Hart is wayyy better than him, I believe they are the same level but ethically Trevor is better 💪

      K M-18K M-1823 dager siden
  • Most government officials act like royalty in the US, they forget they are public servants, and our taxes pay their salaries and fund their pensions. What America needs is a big attitude change from the government in general and cops in particular. Having said that I agree majority of cops are good people

    enigma194enigma194Måned siden
  • Nice one Trevor

    Sfundo MndelaSfundo MndelaMåned siden
  • He ruined one of the funniest shows on tv ehat s loser

    Sandy SneedSandy SneedMåned siden
  • Hay Noah you don’t argue with Police in America man ! Are you crazy making the guy mad ! They have gun and short temper and no sense of humor 🤪

    haydeh abdolahianhaydeh abdolahianMåned siden
  • How are you I am greeting you. 🤣🤣

    Bradley IsaakBradley IsaakMåned siden
  • It's funny how no one listened Schumacher eh

    Rahul YashRahul YashMåned siden
  • Nobody? Me # cursing the ppl who gave this video dislikes#

    Adnan PatelAdnan PatelMåned siden
  • blm blocking the ambulance rushing the LA deputies to save their lives from entering the emergency room is domestic terrorism. Chanting 'we hope they die'. Unacceptable. It demonstrates what they really are. blm is about socialist anarchist change to our society through violence. The mask is removed. We all knew it. Now it's confirmed. It's about violence to gain political power not social justice. It always has been. Condemn them!

    cgctorragcgctorragMåned siden
  • 2.7k dislikes are from stupid arrogant US cops

    Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!!Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!!Måned siden
  • Who else is here in 2020?

    Mutale MwansaMutale MwansaMåned siden
  • 5:50 is this the part you came for?

    KingKingMåned siden
  • 4:52 africans know what he wanted 😂😂💰

    SafariSafariMåned siden
  • 🤣

    Bradley ThirumurthiBradley ThirumurthiMåned siden
  • I lake south african police i am in south africa

    dahir arifdahir arifMåned siden
  • That's a big shit tbh india might be a damn corruption country but at least cops there don't shoot u or even treat u like that infact its opposite people be beating the hell out of cops while you'll see cops running and even when the other cops shows up they never ever bring guns they bring a bat to protect themselves American imagine yourself you're beating up 2 cops and they call their station and here comes 10 more cops but not a single one pulls a gun on u bravo

    LeoPeoLeoPeoMåned siden
  • Absolutely right

    Moto LifeMoto LifeMåned siden
  • U cant blame police if u have a Gun infeasted country because the police in america are just as stressed with good reason

    Ivar LindgrenIvar LindgrenMåned siden
  • When your promotion depends upon the no. Of encounters you do

    devi dutt Pandeydevi dutt PandeyMåned siden
  • I feel like there would be less hatred for the cops if they just did what cops in south Africa and just tell what the person has done wrong with evidence

    Kawaii Onee-chanKawaii Onee-chanMåned siden
    • No the cops here are pretty terrible, they'll rather solve a case of speeding fines before they solve a murder case

      Lindstrom CollectiveLindstrom CollectiveDag siden
  • This hits different in 2020, and I am not even American

    Kinjal DholakiyaKinjal DholakiyaMåned siden
  • Beautiful....lag so lekker!!

    Celeste SantosCeleste SantosMåned siden
  • Functional police force - brilliant

    V stromV stromMåned siden