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5. mars. 2021
2 035 240 Ganger

Happy #FailFriday everyone! Another great week of fails for ya! Bad driving, bad diving and overall bad decisions highlight this week's episode. Enjoy them, you deserve it!
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  • 1:50 honestly why would someone ever get such nails. Apart from the fingertips, it's so ugly

    MysteryPotatoManMysteryPotatoManMåned siden
    • @John Doe like our ancestors, eat with the right hand, wipe with the other.

      Lard LoverLard Lover9 timer siden
    • How the hell does she wipe her ass with those nails? She would make an awesome back scratcher tho lol

      James GlandonJames Glandon5 dager siden
    • Why would she let a he work on her nails. No pity.

      R AR AMåned siden
    • @John Doe maybe they don't

      HansHackepeterHansHackepeterMåned siden
    • thank god women do it for themselves 😒 y'all really think one cares about a mens opinion? Boys walking around in Sweatpants aren't attractive either?! And nobody to stop you right

      Missy JordanMissy JordanMåned siden
  • 1:01 Kill Pizza😱😱😱

    massimo maremassimo mare23 timer siden
  • having nails that long is not normal

    Andreé LindevallAndreé LindevallDag siden
  • suprised those police didnt shoot the snow for resisting arrest

    NKProductions2014NKProductions2014Dag siden
  • i love they took there shoes off but not there socks

    JimmyJamJarsJimmyJamJars2 dager siden
  • Girl around 2min dont need to get her nails done anymore 😳

    Lynsey BarnesLynsey Barnes2 dager siden
  • The dog laughed with his tail 4:52

    Luke VSLuke VS7 dager siden
  • Please tell me that the trucker @ 6:32 went to JAIL!!!

    veritasfilesveritasfiles8 dager siden
  • how does a country with people like those rule the world? pls explain

    doing63doing638 dager siden
  • 0:01 "Selfie wave" 😆🌊😆

    Kles RubinKles Rubin9 dager siden
  • That car got bonked

    Mythraeyan SriramMythraeyan Sriram10 dager siden
  • 6:30 that's why we pay 2000 € for a driving license in Germany - and nobody is angry about it.

    UlliSteinUlliStein11 dager siden
  • I see she dosn't know that a Pizza stone need to be preheated in the oven before you use it and that you have to flour the bottom of the pizza or it would stick.....

    InvokeInvoke15 dager siden
  • 2:11 ¡Wow!

    Jimmy OlanoJimmy Olano18 dager siden
  • Nothing looks normal on your fingers.omg😊😂😂🙏

    ana francoana franco19 dager siden
  • Why do Americans wear baseball hats indoors, backward?

    Hugh JaanusHugh Jaanus19 dager siden
  • 0:29 is just your typical mustang driver...

    Sam AlarieSam Alarie20 dager siden
  • honestly those guys are lucky for that tire to hit the back of a car than a person straight on.

    Jazmyne DunnJazmyne Dunn21 dag siden
  • 4:52 is what happens when you wear shorts outside during winter ...

    Joseph KisselJoseph Kissel21 dag siden
  • 02:06 oh no please,it is not normal even your mind are gone.That is normal.

    helikopter86helikopter8622 dager siden
  • 7:18 well at least the Roof folds kinda nicely....XD

    araflo. hdaraflo. hd22 dager siden
  • You live too boring.

    country Russia - Funny Videos Compilationcountry Russia - Funny Videos Compilation22 dager siden
  • 2:24 Russia 💪

    PavelPavel23 dager siden
  • So glad I live in a country with no snow.

    triblewtriblew23 dager siden
  • 7:02 guy didn't even seem mad that his coffee spilt

    The Wicked666 • 2 years agoThe Wicked666 • 2 years ago23 dager siden
  • 6:53 she is waxing her armpits? There's nothing to begin with.

    Lynx PoingLynx Poing24 dager siden
  • I don't think that literal *CAR CRASHES* count as a "funny fail"

    DRIvy RobisonDRIvy Robison24 dager siden
  • 2:54 when ure at the zoo and finally arrive the sea lions.

    CzadejkCzadejk26 dager siden
  • Them ugly ass Freddy Kruger looking nails...

    VandaKai iVandaKai i26 dager siden
  • The tedious saturday apically stroke because dictionary operationally glue including a awesome button. ahead, puffy passbook

    Carl GarilCarl Garil27 dager siden
  • 3:23 goomba stomp

    Jimbo VitikanJimbo Vitikan28 dager siden
  • 0:48 Genuine -"GASP...ELEANOR..?!?!?!?!" . Also. . "You realize I'm not gonna stop filming as you glare at me pleadingly..?!?!" . . Frens. SMH.

    El HerreroEl Herrero29 dager siden
  • 5:01 pagan min? is that u?

    Spart ArticusSpart Articus29 dager siden
  • why did you put the Elmo clip in? its pathetic and cringey

    TomTom29 dager siden
  • I’m sorry but I absolutely hate the added sound effects. Ruins the clips. -Fennett

    FSC FilmsFSC FilmsMåned siden
  • Bruh that semi driver just pit you. What happened afterwards?

    Edmund ChenEdmund ChenMåned siden
  • Nobody: Me: watches Elmo go down cardboard slide thing Elmo: falls over in bucket, then takes head off Me: ELMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NoOoOoOoOoOoOo!!! 😭 U were a great red furry thing 😔

    Vanessa MazalVanessa MazalMåned siden
  • I'm not even a woman and I think I'd cry if my cuticles looked that bad. Did she intentionally choose the worst rated nail technician in the area?!

    None Of Your BizznizzNone Of Your BizznizzMåned siden
    • Either that, or maybe she lost a bet? 🤣

      SamanthaSamanthaMåned siden
  • Am I the only one that sees the face on the cutting board at 1:07

    Mendie ChaseMendie ChaseMåned siden
  • 4:27 in Berlin we call it TECHNO

  • 6:25 ATAB - ALL TRUCKS ARE BAD. get em off the road

    kalef1234kalef1234Måned siden
  • где это смешно то?? It's not funny

    Nik & TosNik & TosMåned siden
  • 5:19

    Studio M.SchulzStudio M.SchulzMåned siden
  • these "fingernails" look like freddy kruegers hand... 🤢

    Maggy7187Maggy7187Måned siden
  • Nail girl no your nails are not normal 😳

    Simon WillisSimon WillisMåned siden
  • The legal beam hopefully hop because armchair ultrastructually excite along a agreeable dad. melodic, groovy sturgeon

    Irma HortonIrma HortonMåned siden
  • This fingers.........

    Sncymon AncymonSncymon AncymonMåned siden
  • Hi

    relyonmanrelyonmanMåned siden
  • 6:02

    Jhonn Anderson Bravo AsenjoJhonn Anderson Bravo AsenjoMåned siden
  • That girls nails looked like shot either way.

    D. RüeschD. RüeschMåned siden
  • Wow, it’s amazing how many stupid people there are out there. I’m certain that they thought, “Oh, this is going to work perfectly!” Too bad gravity had other ideas. And as for the nails, no that’s not normal! Remove them and use the fingernails God gave you.

    Regan PierceRegan PierceMåned siden
  • i feel since fail videos have started being recorded via phone screen format, the funny side of the video has diminished..idk if that makes sense

    1multikentish1multikentishMåned siden
  • 0:04 isnt that the face of regret

    AlexDaMTBer YoutubeAlexDaMTBer YoutubeMåned siden
  • - Eleonor! *doesn’t help* *keeps recording*

    Miriam Reynoso JuradoMiriam Reynoso JuradoMåned siden
  • 5:35 Good to see bike trials is still live and well 😄👍

    Nek0Nek0Måned siden
  • 7:14 voice over is from the hangover

    Loopy GermsLoopy GermsMåned siden
  • Dear youtube I have 11 seconds left to watch and you give me and ad I can't skips. Thanks

    Trevor YatesTrevor YatesMåned siden
  • Wrong name

    idiotidiotMåned siden
  • Too many of these are staged

    Llda SchelhaseLlda SchelhaseMåned siden
  • Other than being stocked up with charcoal and a grill, I'm def gonna start investing in a generator as well as small camping stove. I can't go without grilled rations if there is no power.

    Don GadsonDon GadsonMåned siden
  • 2:45 she's on crack?!

    Pedro SabbagPedro SabbagMåned siden
  • Those nails were also on crooked....

    oracle lightoracle lightMåned siden
  • 'I've got no doubt,when I get up again,an't nothing going to keep me down...'was in my head through most.

    BryDuhBikeGuyBryDuhBikeGuyMåned siden
  • That girls nails was so nasty I would never call her again

    AKA FACEAKA FACEMåned siden
  • 4:15 thats a woman driving.

    Ozzian LjungqvistOzzian LjungqvistMåned siden
  • I fail to see how getting run off the road is a fail...

    PhantomAxxaxxinPhantomAxxaxxinMåned siden
  • 1:30 - Talk about adding insult to injury...

    Unit ZER0Unit ZER0Måned siden
  • 1:17 - Nikki's a moron...

    Unit ZER0Unit ZER0Måned siden
  • The fast syria inadvertently clap because buffet considerably blind versus a two question. scared, possessive smell

    jas bhanga;jas bhanga;Måned siden
    • What

      FloRyanFloRyanMåned siden
  • Watching this when stoned it's a whole other vibe 😂

    Mattia ZanonMattia ZanonMåned siden
  • Don’t like all the new added sound effects.

    Chev CheliosChev CheliosMåned siden
  • 3:44 Plz fcking sombia kill dog

    ViggoViggoMåned siden
  • 2:50 where is the Fail?

    Philipp GöttenPhilipp GöttenMåned siden
  • Mustang :'D

    Philipp GöttenPhilipp GöttenMåned siden
  • Ask for STUPID nails get STUPID results...

    Last Name First NameLast Name First NameMåned siden
  • 2:00 girl asking for advice on them nails.. lol wtf are those girl.. if ure paying less than 20 bucks dont go to that place.

    Edgar CardonaEdgar CardonaMåned siden
  • i dont know who yall are tryin to fool with those sound effects

    Westin SWestin SMåned siden
  • 03:50 Police: ME Snow: LIFE

    Munro 7Munro 7Måned siden
  • 👍🌹

    DSQ007DSQ007Måned siden
  • As always on top 🔥 Are there sports fans here?)

    Animated StatsAnimated StatsMåned siden
  • I give this video a mark out of ten.

    Ryan G.Ryan G.Måned siden
  • Couldn't tell if Elinor was 68 or 28

    Sam RiosSam RiosMåned siden
  • Last video was hilarious. Rewatched it 5 times because of his scream. Lmao

    Elisa JungElisa JungMåned siden
  • I thought quarantine bangs looked decent 🤷🏽‍♀️ .

    *Tracy Born Again Farm Girl*Tracy Born Again Farm GirlMåned siden
  • Living Waters youtube channel

    fallenSlavefallenSlaveMåned siden
  • Why do people feel happy falling down while skiing? 😂😅

    Life CatchyLife CatchyMåned siden
    • Cuz they're rich that's why they're skiing.

      Lorelei KahananuiLorelei KahananuiMåned siden
    • People play and fail and fall and laugh about it all the time when they're little kids. As they get older they "grow out of it" and failure becomes unacceptable. Sometimes they find a recreation like skiing and get to experience the joy they had as kids again.

      tjwoostatjwoostaMåned siden
    • Because they know they won't need to ice the injury

      Dee JacksonDee JacksonMåned siden
    • masochism

      delta V Gamingdelta V GamingMåned siden
  • To all you rookies of the snow and ice. It’s slippery and you must be careful.

    215WEApON215WEApONMåned siden
  • A moça aos 7:11 quebrou a mão... que dó...

    Guto CostaGuto CostaMåned siden
  • I hate the video with the nails please delete it now

    Darius MoldovanDarius MoldovanMåned siden
  • Nikki doesn't give a fuck

    Get ShrektGet ShrektMåned siden
  • What Are Something That Fails

    Hamdan GondalHamdan GondalMåned siden
  • FFS... I'm no Doctor, but those nails need a course of antibiotics ASAP !!!!

    armpitfuzzarmpitfuzzMåned siden
  • Für die Clicks!

    Nils JarlingNils JarlingMåned siden
  • 2:20 Russia

    Ирина ГавриловаИрина ГавриловаMåned siden
  • 1:03 look on the bright side now there's less carves

    TomedyTomedyMåned siden
  • what are these sound effects

    TikvoshaTikvoshaMåned siden
  • So many people cannot handle watery or icy conditions.

    CarrieMHuntKBurnsCarrieMHuntKBurnsMåned siden
  • super paperissima molto spettacolare complimenti ciao da valerio wontolla

    VALERIO FOTOGRAFO !!!!!!!!!VALERIO FOTOGRAFO !!!!!!!!!Måned siden
  • The car crash guy haha "baby it's okay baby, FUUUUUUUUUCK!!"

    Your FatherYour FatherMåned siden
  • Whats with the dumbass soundeffects? Leave the clips mute.

    Necros1sNecros1sMåned siden