Watching An Adult Scene With Your Dad

3. sep.. 2020
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  • Not gonna lie, they had us in the first half.

    Zach MZach M17 timer siden
  • Why did this feal like 51 sec

    DK EigilDK EigilDag siden
  • You kinda look likes Trey Kennedy

    Tracy HunterTracy HunterDag siden
  • Well that escalated quickly.

    Abhishek YadavAbhishek YadavDag siden
  • like that t-shirt

    Harrison GreenHarrison GreenDag siden
  • FAX

    Kmadental KmaKmadental KmaDag siden

    Abduu loves ketchupAbduu loves ketchup2 dager siden
  • Its soooo uncontainable

    freestylefredsterfreestylefredster2 dager siden
  • Sex scene: *Is on while I'm with my parents* Me: *Damn that's a nice ceiling*

    The Lazy GamerThe Lazy Gamer2 dager siden
  • well i dont have a dad because he is on drugs

    *ANate **ANate *2 dager siden
  • Went from 0 to 1000 real quick

    Black Eyed ChildrenBlack Eyed Children2 dager siden
  • "But your mother and I worked very hard on this video and we would appreciate your support" I nearly spit out my food

    Reilly HopfReilly Hopf2 dager siden
  • I thought that they were watching a movie...

    MrPixels !MrPixels !2 dager siden
  • When he mentioned only fans I DIED. 😐😐😐

    Jonathan McConnellJonathan McConnell2 dager siden
  • Ngl they had us in the first half.

    spacepotato 2652spacepotato 26522 dager siden
  • Watching parents do it on screen is TIGHT

    Devansh ChauhanDevansh Chauhan3 dager siden
  • does this guy have a tiktok acc

    0_Jumbo0_Jumbo3 dager siden
  • They had in the first half not gonna lie, they had us.

    Musha MakaMusha Maka3 dager siden
  • I liked this video before i even saw it. Now I feel it deserves another 👍

    AndrewAndrew3 dager siden
  • The twist

    Slasher0315Slasher03153 dager siden
  • Oh fuck😂😂😂😂

    Farhan MirzaFarhan Mirza4 dager siden

    TriganTrigan4 dager siden
  • The plot twist, omg hahaha

    KazeTheForsakenKazeTheForsaken4 dager siden
  • One of my favourite things you do is when you wear facial hair over your facial hair.

    7ito The Gaymer7ito The Gaymer4 dager siden
  • They had me in the first half not gonna lie

    Aaron RobertsonAaron Robertson4 dager siden
  • this went from zero to one hundred pretty fast

    ketchup pastaketchup pasta4 dager siden
  • Excellent.

    New GuyNew Guy5 dager siden
  • Hahaha I did not see that coming 🤣🤣🤣 made me laugh so hard👍 well done man!

    AJ BarnardAJ Barnard5 dager siden
  • okay so the title means literally adult scene WITH YOUR DAD

    Shalev Haham2000Shalev Haham20005 dager siden
  • I was waiting for the adstronaut at the end.

    Titantron HellTitantron Hell5 dager siden
  • I like how he has a fake mustache on when he has a real mustache

    Cool Bros#2623Cool Bros#26235 dager siden

    TvelokTvelok6 dager siden
  • I can relate.One time me and my dad were watching the Red and Chuck's Sis like eachoter scene at the end in Angry Birds 2 I dipped to the bathroom.

    JTMGamerJTMGamer6 dager siden
    • Were your parents in it?

      CarnivoreCarnivore4 dager siden
  • Damn that floor is a floor

    ImNotNateImNotNate6 dager siden

    Pippip GamingPippip Gaming6 dager siden
  • my dad would cover my eyes lmao

    rvriservrise6 dager siden
  • They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

    Sam FehlerSam Fehler6 dager siden
  • Me: *sees an adult reference while watching TV with my dad* *”Oh what a lovely atom on the ground that is”*

    Andrew TwixEaterAndrew TwixEater6 dager siden
    • Lol, this deservesves more likes And I can relate to this so much

      _Disappeared_Disappeared3 dager siden
    • Exact same, bro

      UR AVRG CoDpLaYeRUR AVRG CoDpLaYeR5 dager siden
  • This video will be on everyone's recommendations 5 years later.

    Shekhar SumanShekhar Suman7 dager siden
  • yo.. i was not expecting that

    R3MOR3MO7 dager siden
  • that took one of the darkest twists.

    BonneyFlash160BonneyFlash1607 dager siden
  • I’m 11 and my dad covers my eyes and I thank him for it

    MrjamfrogMrjamfrog7 dager siden
  • That took a strange turn at the end

    Benjamin JonesBenjamin Jones7 dager siden
  • Always be suspicious of a Father who has a villain moustache.

    Sally BalkinSally Balkin7 dager siden
  • wait...

    Jillian HaleJillian Hale7 dager siden
  • The music at the end🤣😂

    expodin sausageexpodin sausage8 dager siden
  • R/plottwist

    Blake AllenBlake Allen8 dager siden
  • Akward.. It is true!

    Liam LMAOLiam LMAO8 dager siden
  • Had us in the first half, not gonna lie

    JonnyKindaSucksJonnyKindaSucks8 dager siden
  • Yes

    I'm SamirI'm Samir8 dager siden
  • no you got this all wrong you pretend your asleep.

    Avade FNAvade FN8 dager siden
  • So what’s your moms OF?

    Bruno VazquezBruno Vazquez8 dager siden
  • I was going to make a joke that they were watching _The Room_ , but then the video had other ideas and went other places. XD

    Rhett GediesRhett Gedies8 dager siden
  • Son guy really comes after his father guy.

    palastapalasta8 dager siden
  • That went from 0 to 100 real fucking quick

    juke puppyjuke puppy8 dager siden
  • “Look son, this is the part where you were made”

    JJ JellyfishJJ Jellyfish8 dager siden
  • Yep

    RadiicalRadiical8 dager siden

    M tubeM tube8 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂 aahhhh shit. God bless you dude I need this hilarity right now. Help me stay sane. Or become sane idk which.

    mirzamaymirzamay8 dager siden
  • i'm umcomftrable..

    Ygor NizamoeddinYgor Nizamoeddin8 dager siden
  • Holy shit Ryan George is the master of punchlines

    Judo Chop MasterJudo Chop Master8 dager siden
  • that was a plot twist

    Elizabeth CatlionElizabeth Catlion9 dager siden
  • Whaaaaaatt ????????

    J ZhJ Zh9 dager siden
  • Everyone laughing till "the your mother and I"

    Roman PulignaniRoman Pulignani9 dager siden
  • wow didnt see that

  • They had us in the first half not going to lie.

    seann 11261seann 112619 dager siden
  • Plot twist of the year

    AlfriignerDad69AlfriignerDad699 dager siden

    Luke ThorsenLuke Thorsen9 dager siden
  • Damn that plot twist

    Phos4usPhos4us9 dager siden
  • how am i not subed!?!? i subed Btw

    Miss KindMiss Kind9 dager siden
  • Hold on "me and your mum worked very hard on this video" well back to wanting to die

    I make crappy AnimationsI make crappy Animations9 dager siden
  • Arent you from pitch meetings?

    Christopher PerezChristopher Perez9 dager siden
  • That twist tho

    Max JohnsonMax Johnson9 dager siden
  • Hol up

    Jos ÉJos É9 dager siden
  • Is this how people with family in the porn industry feel?

    PeteyPetey10 dager siden
  • This is some nice floor and walls we have.

    Captain RickCaptain Rick10 dager siden
  • "Well it's going to be difficult to set up a twist in 51 seconds though?" "Actually it's going to be super easy..."

    Eparama SasauEparama Sasau10 dager siden
  • aaaaahahahahaha very very good :))))

    AxelFAxelF10 dager siden
  • So where’s the only fans?...

    Xail LiteXail Lite10 dager siden
  • I am actually watching this with my dad lol

    KraKra10 dager siden
  • "Your mother and I worked really hard on this video" Hold up....

    Angry4 EverAngry4 Ever10 dager siden
  • That went from zero to one hundred real fast

    Meme OpelousasMeme Opelousas10 dager siden
  • LOL, that was a good one.

    Jamal LewisJamal Lewis10 dager siden
  • oh my god i paused right after he said "your mother and i worked real hard on this video"

    NollieNollie10 dager siden
  • “Hey this is a nice wall”

    BaggedTreptuneBaggedTreptune10 dager siden
  • Top 10 plot twists of all time

    Amay YadavAmay Yadav10 dager siden
  • "Your mother and I worked very hard on this video." Emphasis on the hard?

    Rotmg Troller FanRotmg Troller Fan10 dager siden
  • You look like your dad.

    B AliB Ali10 dager siden
  • This is honestly relatable... Besides the video they were watching of course

    GoofGoof10 dager siden
  • The ad I watched was longer than the sketch.

    Carson NyeCarson Nye10 dager siden
  • Wait did he say he and the mother worked on that ???

    Sofarsogould ggSofarsogould gg10 dager siden
  • I can’t imagine a dad on OnlyFans

    Xander LumsdenXander Lumsden10 dager siden
  • that went south waaaaaaay too quick, idk what was i expecting...its Ryan after all

    rafiq soufianerafiq soufiane10 dager siden
  • UH

    MrcooldudefunMrcooldudefun10 dager siden
  • Hmmm I think the floor might be crawling away Hey did the wall just say something

    Gamer Bro311Gamer Bro31110 dager siden
  • accurate

    CactiCacti10 dager siden
  • 3td time watching finally got the joke

    Hunter KuzikHunter Kuzik10 dager siden
  • Top ten anime plot twists

    N-word, so Mr. Wheenie gets cancelledN-word, so Mr. Wheenie gets cancelled11 dager siden
  • shit just went from zero to one hundred real fucking quick

  • This went from 0 to 100 real fast

    WilloWillo11 dager siden