Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars and endure 7 minutes of terror!

18. feb.. 2021
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Humanity is going for Mars again and NASA is helping! The time has finally come! Perseverance, the latest and most complex ever Mars rover is on final approach to the red planet and we are watching it together!
Official NASA Stream:
Official NASA Perseverance Website:
Mission Timeline (7 minutes of Terror)
E - 10min or 20:26:53 UTC Cruise stage separation
E - 9min or 20:28:18 UTC Despin maneuver
E - 8min or 20:28:50 UTC 1st Balance Mass Drop
7 Minutes of terror begin:
E + 0min or 20:36:53 UTC Atmospheric Entry
E + ~80s or 20:38:08 UTC Peak Heating
E + ~90s or 20:38:18 UTC Peak Deceleration
E + ~240s or 20:40:56 UTC 2nd Balance Mass Drop & Parachute Deploy
E + ~260s or 20:41:17 UTC Heat Shield Separation
E + ~290s or 20:41:47 UTC Radar Lock
E + ~330s or 20:42:24 UTC Terrain Relative Navigation Solution
E + ~350s or 20:42:42 UTC Backshell Separation
E + ~410s or 20:43:42 UTC Touch down / Flyaway

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  • Tudod mit szeretek a szerelmedben Dávid, hogy az is tiszta és becsületes. Hogy véleményem szerint sosem játszanal a szivemmel és én ezt nagyra értékelem benned.

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  • Please don’t apologise for the children or animals coming in ; it’s brilliant to see the whole family involved I was rerunning bits of it to my family , whom have a short attention span , so they’re involved too Stuart in Ireland

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  • I’m working laying a new floor in a dental practice in Comber Co Down Northern Ireland .... I have you blaring through the speakers on a re run (watched live too ofcourse) , I think I’m enjoying your excellent program even more Well done “WAI” Team Stuart in Ireland

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  • I can’t get enough of this and every presenters different perspective. I watched the Everyday Astronaut live and I’ve been working my way through heaps of other presenters. It’s so good to hear so many different opinions and reactions.

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  • Did they say anything interesting while I was gone? Now that's a T-shirt phrase. Lolol.

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  • China: Flies spacecraft to Mars, parks itself into a slowly developing orbit to consider landing in a few months. America: Flies space craft to Mars and immediately lands precisely where it wanted to be all automatically using a brand new delivery system, then sends immediately a picture and says, "I'm ready. Let's go."

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  • Felix, someone commented you're moving to Florida. Why there? Florida has too much heat, too much crime, too expensive, too much traffic, etc. If you're moving to the action is in Texas. You know that. Settle in San Antonio, halfway between Tesla in Austin and SpaceX in Boca Chica. Short drives to your interests (both of Elon's main companies), affordable living, great food, lots to see and Texas friendly people. Even Elon knows to be in Texas man.

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  • Thank you very much

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  • Regarding Mars. What's the point as NASA has complete control of the Narrative and obviously the Mainstream Media. It amazes me they've been allowed by the public and mainstream media to provide the weakest of explanations to explain away UFO's and other obvious artifacts seen on the surface of Mars and the Moon by public researchers the "it's just swamp gas" excuse for everything with no intelligent argument even from our News media, is just pathetic. Ever ask yourself why we can't see the in-bound images as they arrive at Earth, why are they using encryption on the images sent from the spacecraft/rovers?, why do the images go to a secure vault where there are only a few people that have access? why do days, weeks, months and years go by before images are released to the public, not to mention the image quality, they've spent billions of dollars for the public to see mostly grainy orange filtered images of Mars. We are being lied to by NASA/JPL, all one needs to do is Google search "Mars image anomalies" (artifacts found by citizen researchers) there you'll find hundreds if not thousands of images showing structures, statues and creatures on Mars, supposedly NASA never looked at a single anomaly identified by public researchers. "Not One" NASA tells us there nothing more than shadows, unusual geology or pareidolia (pareidolia is the new swamp gas excuse). If you Google structures seen on the Moon, you'll find the same. Here are a couple of examples from Mars, when viewing these images remember, it only takes one to be true for evidence of a civilization that was once or is still on Mars. Remember it just takes one!! NASA's explanation for this one was "Mars has unusual geology": NASA said for this one "it's just shadows" The lies from our Government must end NOW!!

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  • Are there no subtitles on live streams?

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  • Ooow, wait, first number is : Allegiance Dvine

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  • What music was played at beginning video, ?

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    • Alex Jobs - Flight Delayed ;-)

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  • Are they all double masking??

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  • Hey Felix, Great job pulling this show together, much appreciated and a splendid job. Bitte

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  • i thought we were going to get actual footage and sounds not computer generated graphics. Its great what they did but the hype for the landing was like clickbait!

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  • 🚀 Good Stuff 🤯👍

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  • great stream Felix even though i missed the real landing earlier and i remember when sputnik was up

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  • Miami Oklahoma

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  • The BEST PART of this ENTIRE STREAM is at 3:05:18 LMFAO!!! YOU ROCK!!! :D

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  • I'm from Québec....absolutly overwelmed by the all and all mars projects

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  • I thought we were supposed to be watching the live video from the Lander today cuz that's the way it sounded

    MrNeiva74MrNeiva7410 dager siden
    • Are you new to space exploration? Nothing HD is seen live. The data stream from these distances is impossible.

      Slash Misfit 82Slash Misfit 8210 dager siden
    • Honestly is like Bernie Madoff fraud. The captions make you think there will be an actual video of the landing.....Just talking trash bags instead

      Smendrick PepperellSmendrick Pepperell10 dager siden
  • 3:39:30 Wow, your right, imagine the stress of watching a Starship landing on Mars with people! Hopefully we’ll have plenty of confidence by then because we’ll have seen a Starship land hundreds of times before including a few times on Mars.

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  • They did amazing things but they also did crappy thing by not having American Sign Language, just a bunch of ableist.

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  • Felix should stop trying to cater to one or two whiny kids in chat telling him to change the screens.

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  • Can't wait for the HD landing video and sound of landing

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  • Take off the mask #Covid1984 #MachiavellianMasquerade

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  • Lame!

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  • Why are the pictures so crap ? My 2010 Samsung phone has better quality

    Jamie guestJamie guest10 dager siden
    • @Mike DeMarco thank you for letting me know. Makes sense. Just didn't realise

      Jamie guestJamie guest9 dager siden
    • These are the initial, low-res, low-bandwidth images. Later, when they get the hi-gain antenna deployed, and get the rover’s systems set up, Percy will send the high-res pictures and landing videos.

      Mike DeMarcoMike DeMarco10 dager siden
    • ​@Jamie guest Get some ADD meds. They explained that they are engineering cameras 11 seconds after they showed the first image.

      filonin2filonin210 dager siden
    • @Gian Santillan I watched about 3mins of it. I like to be kept updated not bored

      Jamie guestJamie guest10 dager siden
    • Did you listen?

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  • What assholes. Making the footage come later.... wtf why don't we record the superbowl and watch it later.... idiots

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  • Why don't you invite your daughter to see this historic moment too? Nothing to be ashamed of man.

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  • Awesome

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  • I love your content but today every time they talking you talk also between and we miss half 🌗

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  • Mars attack mars congrats NASA

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  • Clickbait "Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars" = there is nothing to watch, might as well just hear it on podcast

    Ray WatsonRay Watson10 dager siden
    • @theyremykidstoo Stop arguing about whst isn't possible, and think about misleading titles.

      Ray WatsonRay Watson10 dager siden
    • @Ray Watson We have HD cameras in space but they are in absolutely no position to follow an atmospheric descent are you joking? If you think about it, even that is extremely rare here in Earth.

      theyremykidstootheyremykidstoo10 dager siden
    • @theyremykidstoo Nonsense. We DO have HD cameras in space. Thats been advertised. The title explicitly says "watch the landing " Its no such thing!

      Ray WatsonRay Watson10 dager siden
    • It’s a joke. There is absolutely nothing to see here

      Smendrick PepperellSmendrick Pepperell10 dager siden
    • Well it's watch as in "watch the broadcast". What did you think? We have HD cameras in space to watch the whole descent?

      theyremykidstootheyremykidstoo10 dager siden
  • The first powered flight. Their own video title was wrong. Lol

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  • Well, that was exciting and fun. I love watching Felix totally geeking out over these things. What is he going to do when we go back to the Moon?

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    • @Ferdous Islam Why would he stop?

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    • He once said , he will stop streaming from July I guess so he won't do anything

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  • I love your video a commentary, especially the way you feed in history from past missions. Good luck with your move to Florida. I immigrated in 1964.

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  • We are the non citizens on this galaxy

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  • Dang! I missed it by the minutes! Good job NASA!

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    • Youve missed nothing.

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  • awesome!

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  • Felix looks a bit like Spock

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  • The JPL feed doesn't have the crazy loud music.

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  • 10g’s of acceleration? SpaceX is going to have to think of something to deal with that problem.

    Figci ProductionsFigci Productions10 dager siden
    • You missed the 'X' in SpaceX...

      YT-Viewer from GERYT-Viewer from GER10 dager siden
  • Landing: 3:12:20 First Images: 3:14:35

    Aristotelis PapadimitriouAristotelis Papadimitriou10 dager siden
    • Thanks

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  • Let's goooooo

    SFS - ReentrySFS - Reentry10 dager siden
  • So where's this live HD footage from 19 different cameras of it landing we were supposed to be able to see ??????.

    EnigmaticEnigmatic10 dager siden
    • @Enigmatic yes

      AF25AF259 dager siden
    • PLUS, those first videos from Apollo 11 were not very clear, for the same reasons. The beautiful, clear, high-res images you see in books, on NOworld, were brought back with the astronauts. They were not available real-time.

      Mike DeMarcoMike DeMarco10 dager siden
    • @Enigmatic, the Moon is a lit closer than Mars is.

      Mike DeMarcoMike DeMarco10 dager siden
    • @Nathan Plenty Thanks, that's more like what i wanted, a much better explanation. Like i said i don't know anything about bandwidth which is the reason i wanted you to explain in more detail because i do understand distance in space and the time light takes to reach earth from different planetary bodies and i knew this wasn't really why they couldn't stream it, so thank you for explaining it in more detail for me . (:.:)7

      EnigmaticEnigmatic10 dager siden
    • @Enigmatic I think you're oversimplifying the process. Since Perseverance is a science rover, they're priority is to make sure they're multimillion dollar hardware survived the entire process of entry and landing, which takes up bandwidth. And since they only have so much of that, they will first get the information they need and make sure everything is golden. ALSO, the data they are receiving is likely raw and needs to be unpacked and made watchable. So there's a process of receiving the data, cleaning it up, and uploading it to NOworld so the public can experience it. Think of it as more of a bonus to the mission than something that was a priority. (The cameras were for scanning terrain with special equipment and finding a good spot to land.) Thats my understanding at least. In short, it's not just a movie on the rover waiting to be uploaded directly to NOworld. That's silly!

      Nathan PlentyNathan Plenty10 dager siden
  • Well done you American space people, and best wishes for more exciting things to come from Space X. and thank you from Gillingham, south east England.

    Paul BruntonPaul Brunton10 dager siden
    • My mother was born in Gillingham and today would have been her 93rd birthday and her maiden name was Luck!

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  • Really? Their "live video" turned into a simulation... NASA is trash.

    Full Mental AlchemistFull Mental Alchemist10 dager siden
    • @AF25 even live TV has a delay. Of course there would be a two minute delay. This doesn't mean that watching a 90s video game simulation of the landing is a worthy replacement for real video after they touted this as the first time you would be able to watch video of a mars landing. I could pull up a Kerbal video and get more entertainment from it. NASA gets $18 billion a year and can't even pull off a video feed.

      Full Mental AlchemistFull Mental Alchemist10 dager siden
    • Didn't you know that universe is a mere simulation for the number 42..?

      YT-Viewer from GERYT-Viewer from GER10 dager siden
    • If you expected a live video feed from something that’s 200,000,000km away then you’re an idiot

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