Warmest Tent on Earth - Pitching in the Siberian Arctic Winter - Ненецкая палатка чум

10. feb.. 2021
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The Nenet reindeer herders need to move their tent every few days throughout most of the year. Every time they migrate they must pack the whole tent away, drag it across the tundra on sledges, and erect it again in a fresh place, sometimes in temperatures of minus thirty degrees. Survival depends on working together as a team.
After staying in the wooded taiga for two months they start to migrate north following the ancient paths of migrating reindeer (caribou). In four months they will travel up to 1200km and must pack and move every three to five days to keep up with their herd. They must reach their summer quarters before the snows melt and flood great rivers with icy waters too cold and deep for the calves, born along the way, to cross.
Behind the tent an invisible line extends out into the tundra. It is called the sawei line, and a woman cannot cross it. It will bring bad luck to the tent. It was hard for them to explain exactly why, it is much stronger than a superstition and is connected to the spirit pole that stands at the back of the tent. This pole is sacred and a woman cannot cross underneath it either, and only a shaman may sit in this holy place. The origins of this are a little lost, there may be practical reasons, for example the back of the tent is traditionally where the men work, often together, so they have to be able to move about freely, but there are often two families in a single tent, so maybe one day the women just agreed territories to stop tripping over each other. Maybe it has such a mundane origin, or maybe there are real spirits that come up to the tent from behind and would bring harm to any women caught in the wrong place. If several tents pitch together, their lines must not cross either, so they tend to camp in a straight line to avoid this.
In answer to the many questions - on personal hygiene, everyone washes using a bowl of soap and hot water, just like most of our grandparents did before everyone had pipes and taps. There is no toilet in the tent as some have suggested, they find a spot a few hundred metres away. They are not pitching on a lake but a small mound where the snow blows a little thinner, Gas companies have been in the area and gave away snowmobiles as part of land access negotiations. Also sometimes there are competitions with them as prizes, sometimes they sell a load of reindeer and buy one. Most families now have at least one but the reindeer are still used a lot. Yes, they use a sled to go to town, or trading posts to buy groceries.

I wanted to catch the entire process, but have edited it down a little from the 40-45 minutes it takes to get from the open snows to a warm cosy home.
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  • They look like ice Ewoks because their clothes are so puffy it makes them look super small, lol.

    lord picklelord pickleTime siden
  • cant envision this. seems a really tough life. strong work

    bananaman22bananaman222 timer siden
  • Simple life. Nothing to see here.

    Tracena Tracie'yTracena Tracie'y2 timer siden
  • Meanwhile in the western world, women are complaining about loading dishes in the dishwasher.

    Darko ZDarko Z3 timer siden
  • Where/how do they bathe?

    c soulc soul4 timer siden
  • wow its amazing never seen anything like it!! very interesting.

    DJ Tony TorresDJ Tony Torres4 timer siden
  • Its very cooold.... here is summer time in Yakutsk... @

    romeo douglassromeo douglass4 timer siden
  • *hears truck backing up arounf **7:45* 👀

    Maggie DureckiMaggie Durecki5 timer siden
  • Razak PangRazak Pang5 timer siden
  • Cozy!

    Orion CorneliusOrion Cornelius5 timer siden
  • LOVE this video!

    Linda BonomiLinda Bonomi7 timer siden
  • they are living a hard life but I know people that are living on the sidewalks and don't even have a tent to call home I pray for all of them and hope to God I don't wind up that way my self

    christin Hooneychristin Hooney8 timer siden
  • I'm very curious to know the "bathroom cultures" of such amazing people's as you've shared so many of.

    Charon SiouxsieCharon Siouxsie9 timer siden
  • They don’t need stimulus strong stress free people

    Ruben GuerreroRuben Guerrero9 timer siden
  • Why do they move every 4 days again?

    Suzanne NapolitanoSuzanne Napolitano10 timer siden
  • I wanna know if any PETA peeps would have the nerve to accost at these folks for using animal skin for warmth.

    MYL-CREATEMYL-CREATE10 timer siden
  • Technical side of me, what is the binding material, rope, made of to withstand and be flexible in such extreme temps ? Since the interlacing of the first poles are inserted into the inside of the binding the poles are used much like a tourniquet and secures the top of the poles together to bind the peak tightly. Ingenious design, simple but architecturally awesome. Binding would most likely be made of gut/ligaments of reindeer ??? Would be cool for someone to chime in and give an answer.

    tennacnightmantennacnightman10 timer siden
  • Why is there,thumbs down???🤔😐

    Baby BoyBaby Boy11 timer siden
  • Lets make it 4 families per tent and move twice a day, we can do this, lets go!

    AnonymousOne4JesusChristAnonymousOne4JesusChrist11 timer siden
  • The baby cracks me up for some reason.

    Andrew UntchAndrew Untch12 timer siden
  • In matters of practicality, what about the ropes? They obviously can't run to Wal Mart for new rope. The same goes for their clothing and cooking pots. I assume that sooner or later these things decay, break or are outgrown, which leads me to ask: how do they "sew" their clothes? What about when the women have their "monthly", or the need for dentists, doctors, eye checkups, schooling, or if one passes away. And how do they feed their dogs? themselves? A hard life to live with little to no contact with the outside world. Perhaps a good thing, but it must get lonely. Working together: priceless. (edited for spacing).

    Noturningback** EverNoturningback** Ever12 timer siden
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  • The kids look so funny, they've put on so many layers of clothes that they can't even get their arms straight down

    S_EATERS_EATER15 timer siden
  • Wow......and I thought my life was hard.

    Derrell SelfDerrell Self15 timer siden
  • Had you left the awful music out ,we could have listened to the real sounds of making camp.

    evelyn bagnascoevelyn bagnasco16 timer siden
  • Too often our organized society interferes with indigenous people . They have lifestyle and culture that should be left alone .

    captain crunchcaptain crunch16 timer siden
  • Reminds me of an RTS game

    Arnie KandoArnie Kando16 timer siden
  • I would guess that, when two families share a tent, the not crossing the line is a way to prevent infidelity. You need to have total trust since it clearly takes four adults to raise a tent, any falling out could be disastrous. Truly remarkable way of life and utterly hypnotic to watch thank you!

    agunemnonagunemnon16 timer siden
  • A tough life

    wtwyw9wtwyw919 timer siden
  • ok, but where do you shit?

    Aaron T. NelsonAaron T. Nelson19 timer siden
  • I have never seen this type of survival life...it could be adventurous for us for some days but for this family it is a daily routine ...great salute for these type people who live in this weather....and love you❤❤❤ ....a love from an Indian 🇮🇳....

    Vipin AryaVipin Arya19 timer siden
  • I think they move so often is because the permafrost underneath the tent starts to melt from the heat inside.

    Andrea HouseAndrea HouseDag siden
  • I like the music

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  • Men always get the shaft! Having to stay outside doing all the heavy lifting!

    Jake MullinsJake MullinsDag siden
  • А где ненцы взяли дерево?

    Nazarov OlgertNazarov OlgertDag siden
    • @Nomad Architecture детки без акцента лепетали ...

      Nazarov OlgertNazarov Olgert22 timer siden
    • Только потому что мы были там

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad ArchitectureDag siden
    • А почему ненцы между собой говорят по-русски?

      Nazarov OlgertNazarov OlgertDag siden
    • Вы увидите в моем следующем видео через несколько дней

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad ArchitectureDag siden
  • Awesome video!

    Peter McMullinPeter McMullinDag siden
  • 20:51 I mean no disrespect but a lot of natives have weird shaped faces don't they?

    CTL FitnessCTL FitnessDag siden
  • Screw all this "S" I'd rather live in the south and tolerate the heat...

    Mark A. WhiteMark A. WhiteDag siden
  • Traditional people of russia undisturbed from Europeans. This is what NATO would nuke and destroy, turning them into "insurgents", "terrorists", and slaves and organs for the super rich. This is what Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, and NPR all want to destroy for the titanium, diamonds, gold, silver, palladium, platinum, uranium, copper, iron, oil, land, trees, etc. This is why they don't want Europeans in Asia. This would be erased from history.

    GS AutoGS AutoDag siden
  • Better than cleaning house!

    Resting BitchfaceResting BitchfaceDag siden
  • Deep respect for your way of life 🙌 🙏 I'm so grateful to see your everyday routine!!God bless you

    Kelenie ngaluafeKelenie ngaluafeDag siden
  • !

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  • how cold was it ???

    A.A.Dag siden
  • Someone should introduce them to Tyvek..

    blipblip88blipblip88Dag siden
    • If you look carefully at the drone footage you may notice something on some of the tents.

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad ArchitectureDag siden
  • The dogs sleep in the tent. Right?

    sharon tishermansharon tishermanDag siden
  • How can I donate?

    pancho panterapancho panteraDag siden
    • HI, thanks for the offer. There should be a link in the description. If not go to our book page and there is a link there.

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad ArchitectureDag siden
  • That is what you call practiced precision. Every pole has it's place and order of placement. I loved how after the poles were placed. They simply slid the stove pipe in it's place. The hole was already there. Beautiful.

    Jerry LongJerry LongDag siden
  • I have to wonder how those kids were conceived. Husband: "Honey I'm feeling a little frisky". Wife: "You do realize there's another family living right there". Husband: "Could yall maybe give us some privacy"? Other family: "You do realize it's freaking 40 below outside don't you"?

    YouTube JunkieYouTube JunkieDag siden
  • Why do they move every 4 days? I must have missed that part?

    YouTube JunkieYouTube JunkieDag siden
    • Are you wondering why it's exactly every 4 days, or just why they are regularly moving every few days? Some of this is answered in the 'Show More' section just under the video. As far as I can tell, they're moving because they follow the migration of the Caribou, since they use them for transportation and food and fur to keep warm. And the caribou move to find food. The top 'Show More' section included, "...must pack and move every three to five days to keep up with their herd."

      Dan NicholsDan NicholsDag siden
  • Whay do they move every four days?

    Lexie HuseltonLexie HuseltonDag siden
    • Thanks!

      Lexie HuseltonLexie HuseltonDag siden
    • They are traveling along with their herd of animals which migrate about that speed.

      SushiyrollsSushiyrollsDag siden
  • Id had that stove going long before the tent was erected!

    YouTube JunkieYouTube JunkieDag siden
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    Haley WeatherallHaley WeatherallDag siden
  • Great execution on the video, and an extra kudo for whoever did the audio.

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  • Using ancient traditional polymer sunglasses and combustion engines...

    pirrracypirrracyDag siden
  • Genius. Both the video, and the techniques.

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  • Epic

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  • A little more narration would be nice.

    monteedwardmonteedwardDag siden
  • My advice: move tf out of there

    ` NWK_` NWK_Dag siden
  • They've lived this way for countless generations, they probably don't want or know any other way, content in their hard but simple lives with loving families.

    Jeff BaileyJeff BaileyDag siden
    • they were filmed dude, ofc they know other ways to live and probably they changed their ways too. It's a hard life I would imagine and tbh for no reason :) we are not living in the dark ages

      CaretCaret4 timer siden
  • They got everything they need, moving from site to site every four days with no worries. That sounds really familier from the north american continant of the United States some 140 years ago. I think they did a similar thing, and went by many diffrent tribe names. I hope these people do not suffer the fate as the original people of the united states.

    Asbjørn E. StåckmestAsbjørn E. StåckmestDag siden
  • fascinating

    StarFox85StarFox85Dag siden
  • Não tenho nenhum sentimento .tem pena dos cachorros congelando as patas .

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  • And I thought it was hard putting up my World War II squad when I go Hunting

    Mike LewisMike LewisDag siden
  • I am curious: how do they care for those who've aged to the point where they are unable to walk (much less help)? What about sickness/disease and the dying process? Topics for another channel I suppose. Wonderful video!

    Abraham LincolnAbraham LincolnDag siden
  • Where does the satellite dish go?

    phukitphukitDag siden
  • But cool set up. No $2,000 electricity bills. No rent.

    Glenda WilliamsGlenda WilliamsDag siden
  • I guess it's not Clan of the Cave Bear. The familes have to like each other & not be the kind that sees each other on national holidays & counts the seconds before they can leave.

    Glenda WilliamsGlenda WilliamsDag siden
  • Nothing more colonized and racist then calling tipis (teepees) 'tents' smh... how do you think indigenous people survived without housing rent and utility bills.. THIS is how indigenous people survived without. But thank you for this awesome and amazing video.

    babybean2019babybean2019Dag siden
  • They would win the Alone competition prize. It looks like they could survive anything.

    Glenda WilliamsGlenda WilliamsDag siden
  • What kind of trucks (automobile) are they using? You can hear the backup alarm beeping in different parts and see the tire impressions in the snow on overhead shots but you never show the trucks.. just curious if they're a american or other manufacturer trucks.

    Keifer AlfordKeifer AlfordDag siden
    • No trucks, just snowmobile beeps and tracks, and a few beeps from my drone. But if you want to see trucks we have used on other occasions look for our summer migration video. Cool Russian Trekkol.

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad ArchitectureDag siden
  • we should bomb siberia, rescue these kids, these face pan smashed pinko commy peoples need to be stopped....

    David BellDavid BellDag siden
  • what is with this bong ripper music? i'm gonna go drop some acid and dance about in my inuit underwear...

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  • I just couldn’t understand why they had to move every four days . Could someone please tell me why"

    Bahram KhamseiBahram KhamseiDag siden
    • Read the information in the description box. It is explained there.

      Lauren TLauren TDag siden
  • OMG..WOW! SPEECHLESS...& 19:58 YES & errr NOT every 4 days pleeeeze...aduyaaaiii...sil vous plais merci...but well c'est la vie..love to visit them..anyway it looks so extremely comfy warmth and sleeepy...all the times

    za zaza zaDag siden
  • Couldn’t help but chuckle to see the use of snowmobiles so starkly contrasted by the apparent rejection of most things modern

    cymancacymancaDag siden
    • The terrain is too rough, there are nomads elsewhere in Siberia that build homes on sledges. One day I will cover these.

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad ArchitectureDag siden
    • If snowmobiles ok why not mobile homes instead of “tents” ?

      James SmytheJames SmytheDag siden
    • Hi, it is in fact the opposite, it is the slow integration of things modern, and a careful selection of what actually works in this extreme climate.

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad ArchitectureDag siden
  • A bit of context: my wife and I are both professional musicians. I have an advanced degree in composition and she's finishing up a PhD. We both perform around the world. We were watching this video and we both remarked on the music, how unusual it is, combining synths with flute and unconventional harmonies. I shazamed it to no avail, and was excited to see that so many other people are commenting about it. It's really interesting music, and I feel like some of the aesthetic choices made in it's creation are things that "trained" and "experienced" and "professional" musicians would never make. That's what makes it so great. Really exciting to hear, and I hope that you keep making more of it, despite some of the negative comments.

    Aram BajakianAram BajakianDag siden
    • Thanks, the thing is I grew up with experiment all around me . Jan Garbarek, Eberhard Weber, Coltrane and all such were my staple diet in my student days. I did let the negative comments get to me for a bit, but stuff it, its my channel, and I don't see any haters with 3M views on a video. - Just checked u out - you are an experimenter too - love the pomegranates.

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad ArchitectureDag siden
  • Как таких хочется жить .Что то мне очень нравится .Дай бог Здаровия вам люди .

    Səmid Arazov . Баку Куба Кырыз .Səmid Arazov . Баку Куба Кырыз .Dag siden
  • Still primitive living...

    TheRickibobbyTheRickibobbyDag siden
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    Геннадий АвгустГеннадий АвгустDag siden
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    abundantYOUniverseabundantYOUniverseDag siden
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  • I like the simplicity of the tent but the moving and cold I could only handle short term. If I made one here in Australia, I could use kangaroo skins and then hop in

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    R FJR FJ2 dager siden
  • exid

  • Just wanna know one thing,......how do I inquire these Siberia made coats and furs cause as Floridian i do not wanna experience what Texas just went through a few weeks ago. My condolences to life lost do to the extreme weather conditions and ppl loosing their life to stay warm, but if it happen to Texas it can happen here in Florida and im in Central Florida so I want me and my family prepared. So who do I telegram over there bout this inquire 🤔

    Shakerra WilliamsShakerra Williams2 dager siden
    • To be absolutely honest, the cold here in Texas wasn't all that bad in my opinion. Here's what I did: 1. Layers. I wore a thermal base of fleece lined tights and a fitted long sleeve shirt. Over that I kept my next layer light and loose: pajama pants and flannel top. My final, outer layer when outside was a waterproof wool coat, jeans, gloves (put on a few minutes before going outside), waterproof boots (pants tucked in), and a hat that covered my ears. My outer layer when indoors was my fleece bathrobe. 2. I ate well. I made sure to eat fatty and protein rich foods so that my body had a good source of fuel to burn for warmth. Fat burns in the body longer than carbohydrates and sugars so I didn't have to fire up the grill outside as often. 3. Created the smallest sleeping space possible. We slept in the smallest room with curtains and blinds closed and all drafty areas blocked by towels and rags. I personally taped a lightweight blanket over the window to keep the warmth inside. If you have a camping tent, pitch it indoors, throw a couple sheets or a blanket over the top and sleep inside it. Your body heat will warm the space inside to around 70°F or higher if you don't open it during the night. It actually gets a bit too warm for my liking even when doing the same thing outdoors. I prefer camping in the fall/winter here because it's really too hot in the summer.

      Lauren TLauren TDag siden
  • I wonder why they still do it...

    tomasz wierciochtomasz wiercioch2 dager siden
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  • And manufactured homes were born!

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  • What sorts of things do they eat and do they get food from settlements?

    Karolina MKarolina M2 dager siden
  • Wow. The insight and footage is great. Showing us this way of life. That is a lot of work. Imagine doing that frequently. A lot of respect to this family/band/clan/culture etc. ibet they sleep so well. No insomnia for that crew.

    Fire Feet Hok_TuiFire Feet Hok_Tui2 dager siden

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