Walter | All Over the Map | JEFF DUNHAM

26. juli. 2015
16 947 896 Ganger

Click here to watch: "Some of the Best of Jeff Dunham's NOworld Channel - Halloween Pt. 3 of 3 | JEFF DUNHAM" --~--
Walter visits England, Iceland, and Australia, in this clip from my 2014 special "All Over the Map."
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  • Walter looks just like Joe Biden, but smarter.

    Larry ThedogLarry ThedogDag siden
  • Many of Biden s best lines are written by piglosi underwear. Full of Shit and not very functional. Piglosi wears a size 65 bra fastened to her hair to keep it from falling it her bellybutton. Sometimes piglosi wears her husband s false teeth.

    Roger AndersonRoger Anderson3 dager siden
  • I love it

    Deandre DeljoseDeandre Deljose3 dager siden
  • Actually Bob fits the Iraqi guy's name better!!!

    Tiny RickTiny Rick3 dager siden
  • From Iraq 🇮🇶

  • Actually they dated Nabisco Duncan

    Ruben g. Madrigal Jr.Ruben g. Madrigal Jr.4 dager siden
  • Naboly. Nably...asshole from lol

    Tshepo MotlagomangTshepo Motlagomang5 dager siden
  • Lol

    Holly KelleyHolly Kelley7 dager siden
  • Kind a funny would be if he made the character of Walters wife also come to life...

    chris Haaringchris Haaring9 dager siden
  • iceland...2 geyziers, 3 volcanoes, 70 sheeep and three hundred thousand fornicators with nothing to do but to f**k sheep...

    Kristijan AhčinKristijan Ahčin13 dager siden
  • walter dated mary poppins...before the flood? when noah was still building the ark?

    Kristijan AhčinKristijan Ahčin13 dager siden
  • biden needs to put his political ads someplace where they might actually be appreciated, like the sewer or maybe the dump-sight. HE IS AN A**HOLE and so is his so-called vice presidential choice, who will be president about 3-4 weeks after the election. THAT'S THE REASON THE OLD BAG PELOSI IS WORKING ON THIS 25TH AMENDMENT DEAL. NOT TO GET TRUMP OUT, BUT TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY CAN DISCARD biden WHEN THE TIME COMES, AND biden CAN SQUIRM ALL HE WANTS, HE WILL JUST BE TAKEN OUT !!!!!!!

    S MeyerS Meyer19 dager siden
  • A little racist!

    Mr Smith. la Team HlibMr Smith. la Team Hlib20 dager siden
    • ??

      bee reapbee reap19 dager siden
  • Please go to the NOworld app, type in PETA, go to PLAYLISTS, find the Pandemic Playlist. Thank you 💘

    Rich AnotherRich Another21 dag siden
  • Meet Walter, the fun old guy who's also the grumpy old man.

    Phantom ClawPhantom Claw22 dager siden
  • I literally got here by searching up "poo poo"

    human personhuman person22 dager siden
  • OMGG

    Rob KayeRob Kaye23 dager siden
  • It's like there's really two pers ons on stage . Sometimes I fall for it too , he is great . Not like those singing puppeteers . That is a completely other thing , through b rilliant too . But be ING funny is a difficult Job .

    Iwan BottosIwan Bottos23 dager siden
  • Why put this fucking BEEP ?

    David Marques HolandaDavid Marques Holanda25 dager siden
  • Walter is the BEST CHARACTER in the arsenal of Jeff Dunham !

    Guido HarmelingGuido Harmeling26 dager siden
  • still waiting to meet mrs walter

    hardwirehardwire26 dager siden
  • Why does Walter look more like Donald trump than Donald trump himself?

    Akhila AchuthanAkhila Achuthan29 dager siden
    • @pattyann l that too but the color seems more Trumpish to me 🤣

      Akhila AchuthanAkhila Achuthan28 dager siden

      pattyann lpattyann l28 dager siden
  • High Rapture Alert!! Oct. 2/3, 2020...The Hoppers - Jerusalem [Live] youtube

    Maggie Praise JesusMaggie Praise JesusMåned siden
  • 6:51 when the most annoying kid in school starts talking to you

    Gold RogueGold RogueMåned siden
  • Joe Biden looks like Walter

    Marcel AllarieMarcel AllarieMåned siden
  • bleep shit but allow assholes ????? wtf is that kinda of censorship

    lord pegasuslord pegasusMåned siden
  • I have just recently discovered. Jeff. Dunham he is very funny and talented thank you for the laughs

    Gene JoostGene JoostMåned siden

    Karen Von GutenKaren Von GutenMåned siden

    Inge LabountyInge LabountyMåned siden
  • “We should’ve named our country crazy assholes with guns” pretty much somes up the country today 😂

    Eclipse The shiny umbreonEclipse The shiny umbreonMåned siden
  • I think calling the USA "crazy A holes with guns" sounds about right.

    Brendalicia Turn's MusingsBrendalicia Turn's MusingsMåned siden
  • I love Walter! He cracks me up!

    Marilyn SniderMarilyn SniderMåned siden
  • Send my wife home immediately..

    Johnny BravoJohnny BravoMåned siden
  • I love how he makes himself laugh at 6:12

    Robert CookRobert CookMåned siden
  • What does Jeff doing with Joe Biden the dummy?! Walter has more marbles than that other dummy...

    Baba buyie KabanBaba buyie KabanMåned siden
  • limp bizkit

    victor sepulvedavictor sepulvedaMåned siden
  • I love how Walter makes fun of his wife it so funny but rude at the same time and I love how he is like all ways grumpy.

  • "We should have named our country Crazy assholes with guns." LOL

    Karen Von GutenKaren Von GutenMåned siden
  • I really love Jeff Dunham and Walter it makes me think there are two people on stage iceland you will freeze your ass off lol

    Andrew ReidAndrew ReidMåned siden
  • Love you Jeff ! Great Talent !!

    ranjani varadpanderanjani varadpandeMåned siden
  • In England if you ask someone where they are from they you will never here England.

    Pat ShaPat ShaMåned siden
  • Can some explain the merry popins joke

    Elias YoussefElias YoussefMåned siden
  • I would love to meet Walter's wife. I bet she is a lot nicer then he says she is. Ih wait, Walter us just a puppet! Well it goes to show how Jeff can make them so real like. I am sorry that Walter married a volcano and his wife sounds like a Harley when it's that time if the month!

    chip blockchip blockMåned siden
  • Walter is Joe Biden....Joe Biden is Walter

    Steven PorterSteven PorterMåned siden
  • Nabel is a vibe

    AttackDog 136AttackDog 136Måned siden
  • 5 years later still showing this same old shit. thanks.. got anything new to show

    Musix MixMusix MixMåned siden
  • Never heard/seen you before (in the UK). Absolutely brilliant

    MallersMallersMåned siden
  • Im confused. they laugh american...

    Anthony D.Anthony D.Måned siden
  • I just noticed how much Walter looks like Joe Biden.

    Norm BlackstockNorm BlackstockMåned siden
  • Found this artist randomly pop in my recommendations. Boy am I glad it did

    Stan 31Stan 31Måned siden
  • crazies assholes with guns! XD i lost it right there.

    Crystal DragonCrystal DragonMåned siden
  • I've been binge watching these clips and I kept wondering where the puppets microphones are before it finally hit me 🤣🤣 he's so good 😂😂

    Lucky ShazLucky ShazMåned siden
  • The only white guy that gets away with stereotyping foreign cultures besides trump , i like a good laugh but whats true is true

    Shaz AliShaz AliMåned siden
  • I guess it is just me but, this guy isn't funny

    John SJohn SMåned siden
  • Id be a crazy asshole without my gun just to survive this shit here.

    Tuco RamirezTuco RamirezMåned siden
  • what happen to sweet daddy dee????just asking that all no harm meant i still like his show☝️

    Henry CookHenry CookMåned siden
  • Jeff you are so funny 😂!!!! I love peanut ❤️

    kendra Leekendra LeeMåned siden
  • ummmmm i come home and i see this

    Michelle ByrneMichelle ByrneMåned siden
  • I'd love to meet Walter's wife, she seems like a lovely woman!!

    Andrew M WellsAndrew M WellsMåned siden
  • Can I call you bob ? Oh my god...can't stop laughing.

    NicolasNicolasMåned siden
  • Plz make walters wife PLZZZZ :)

    Andrew savickyAndrew savickyMåned siden
  • Who thinks it would be awesome if Jeff decided to make a puppet based off of Walter's wife. She could complain about Walter

    Christopher BarnesChristopher BarnesMåned siden
  • no matter how much i re-watch it, the crazy assholes with guns bit kills me

    Wise One1494Wise One1494Måned siden
  • Nabile actually means noble in arabuc

    جوج عشرانجوج عشرانMåned siden
  • It makes it funnier to keep in mind Jeff and Audrey appeared in "Hell's Kitchen." Walter came along too. Their server Antonio was name-called "the Mafia guy" until he name called Walter "Pinocchio."🤣

    Regular InvaderRegular Invader2 måneder siden
  • 0

    Nathan MoonNathan Moon2 måneder siden
  • We should call USA " crazy assholes with guns" ..... Oof

    life disconnectedlife disconnected2 måneder siden
  • Walter looks a lot like president Bush...

    Final DestinationFinal Destination2 måneder siden
  • I'd love hanging out wilt Walter and Peanut 😆😆😆

    Sub Zero ( LuisXIV)Sub Zero ( LuisXIV)2 måneder siden
  • People don't stay away from Iceland cause its cold, it's because strip clubs are prohibited...

    WooPa DoWahWooPa DoWah2 måneder siden
  • sorry bro but i came to see you in the uk and was ripped off.i paid to see what was already over the internet for almost 2 or 3 years.ill never go again.

    skankhunt 42skankhunt 422 måneder siden
  • 1:49 Ay get Achmed out here to meet a brother

    Gloomy darkGloomy dark2 måneder siden
  • Ahh those old days of full audience.

    Cursed CatCursed Cat2 måneder siden
  • Wouldn't it be a surprise if Walter's wife was a hot sexy milf.

    shogrranshogrran2 måneder siden
  • 😆😆😆!

    2neilas2neilas2 måneder siden
  • A fifth of our crime at a tenth of our size

    LaughingManLaughingMan2 måneder siden
  • That figure looks like jesper bruun rasmussen, an auctioneer from Denmark

    Ole HansenOle Hansen2 måneder siden
  • Hi Jeff. Can you introduce Walter's wife? ☺

    Patrick MirandaPatrick Miranda2 måneder siden
  • Love all these guys

    Billie GlidewellBillie Glidewell2 måneder siden
  • The kardashians don’t like black men........ But their Vaginas do!

    Jeffrey BushnellJeffrey Bushnell2 måneder siden
  • "Super California refrigerator ex the delicious lotion, something like that." xD

    John StrikerJohn Striker2 måneder siden
    • 😂😂😂

      Kylah HansenKylah HansenMåned siden
  • Can I call you bob? - i died

    Jazzatic2011Jazzatic20112 måneder siden
  • The joke in Iceland about it being legal to whale hunt get me every time. I crack up just thinking about it 😂

    sam clinesam cline2 måneder siden
  • is Walter Joe Biden???

    Genaro ValdesGenaro Valdes2 måneder siden
  • is that a first laugh from walter?????

    Niko PNiko P2 måneder siden
  • Hahaha hahaha

    Mr.SaZuKe v2Mr.SaZuKe v22 måneder siden
  • I try keeping a straight face but I end up 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️☺️☺️😂😂🤣😂🤣

    Presley PaynePresley Payne2 måneder siden
  • Water:He is in Iraq wtf Achmed: Let me see my brotheren

    Joseph beamJoseph beam2 måneder siden
  • Let ocbed have that one.

    David MauersbergerDavid Mauersberger2 måneder siden
  • Theres 2 people that make cry. Jeff and George Carlin R.I.P.

    5VOLT S5VOLT S2 måneder siden
  • I swear to god I don't know if he reminds us they're puppets or himself

    Adam MashburnAdam Mashburn2 måneder siden
    • I have the same issue with Jim Henson even though he’s not a ventriloquist you swear Kermit is alive

      Chumpy the AnteaterChumpy the Anteater2 måneder siden
  • Nabu... Nibeal....DeFazio Incorporated!

    wesley hannwesley hann2 måneder siden
  • Love when the puppets interact with the audience

    RylosalexRylosalex2 måneder siden
  • 1/5 of the murder rate of the US no shit there’s more people that live in California than all of Australia.

    RushMeRandom 1v1erRushMeRandom 1v1er2 måneder siden
  • He will make you fall out of your chair

    mark jonesmark jones2 måneder siden
  • I had a guy in my graduating class whose name was Nabil, though he and I were both called Bill.

    HossBlacksilverHossBlacksilver2 måneder siden
  • Crazy assholes with guns - love it!

    Tisha MorganTisha Morgan2 måneder siden
  • Walter: what the ----! Me: ow...who made the beep so loud!?

    David MorrishDavid Morrish2 måneder siden
  • THE BEST .

    Marian MoiseMarian Moise2 måneder siden
  • Now I know that Joe Biden can debate President Trump. All he needs is Jeff Dunham!

    Kerry ParksKerry Parks2 måneder siden