VTubers Have Invaded Minecraft's 2b2t

3. april. 2021
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Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we uncover why a giant obsidian portrait of the VTuber Usada Pekora has suddenly appeared, and find out who was responsible.
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Yakuza 7 - Yokohama Battle, Foreboding, Boss Theme, Dragon Kart, Recieve and Turn You
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  • Watchmen: "The OWO is the largest handmade structure on 2b2t!" Usada Pekora: "Hold my carrots..."

    FitMCFitMC11 dager siden
    • This is big-peko

      Name FamilyName Family5 dager siden
    • Don’t wanna be offensive but Vtuber incursion war anyone?

      Thaddaeus WongThaddaeus Wong5 dager siden
    • OWO

      Dragon Slayer5959Dragon Slayer59597 dager siden
    • great

      MCtrixMCtrix7 dager siden
    • @Matthew Pechan bro why destroy thier hard work

      hhurtfulMChhurtfulMC7 dager siden
  • Sho got the anime protag revenge

    Aleksi TaunimaaAleksi Taunimaa7 minutter siden
  • Aqua in the top right be like : :^D

    koya purakoya puraTime siden
  • My worst nightmare became true.. just having V-Tubers playing minecraft was chaotic enough but this-this is pure line psycho and now I going crazy rn give me a moment-- Edit: now I am watching this video just looking at FitMc face in horror to say "OWO" more just brings more pain to me

    The Weirdest WeirdoThe Weirdest WeirdoTime siden
  • man woof seems like a douche. trying to grief such a monumental structure and then baby-raging and trying to claim credit on reddit.

    AntonioGAntonioG2 timer siden
  • Oh hell yes.

    gabeygabey3 timer siden
  • FitMC just spoiled the manga epic battle moment without me noticing.

    AaronAaron4 timer siden
  • 2b2t on 3021: 1BILLION OBSIDIAN

    SenkuツSenkuツ4 timer siden
  • We won

    TerraMerc 73TerraMerc 735 timer siden
  • Warfare Criminal being recognised peko.

    Danny BuenaventuraDanny Buenaventura5 timer siden
  • HA↗️HA↘️HA↗️HA↘️HA↗️HA

    David BenjaminDavid Benjamin5 timer siden

  • The Anime simps are taking over. It's over.

    Justin JuicePackJustin JuicePack5 timer siden
  • Never underestimate simps

    Navyund CraftNavyund Craft5 timer siden
  • お○ややんww

    ねこねこねこねこ6 timer siden
  • Why doesn't housemaster install geyser imagine the griefing possiblities and those powerful bedrock hacks

  • Whats next? Doing Bad apple in 2b2t

    Sweet YTSweet YT7 timer siden
  • My man really got GER'd in the end huh?

    The Dark CreatorThe Dark Creator7 timer siden
  • Yoooo love the beard broo

    Black TulipBlack Tulip8 timer siden
  • pekora was here

    FlotationalFlotational8 timer siden
  • the 2 middle bannrers are usada pekura roblox xD

    Roket Boi YTRoket Boi YT9 timer siden
  • Mad respect to the Japanese for what they did there

    Leonardo FiorentinaLeonardo Fiorentina10 timer siden
  • Ah I see...ur a man of culture as well

    IDenneIDenne11 timer siden
  • 0:12 thank me later

    ZERØZERØ12 timer siden
    • @_____________________________________________ sorry :(

      ZERØZERØ11 timer siden
    • Useless timestamp

      __________________________________________________________________________________________11 timer siden
    • @_____________________________________________ ?

      ZERØZERØ11 timer siden
    • Pfffft useless af

      __________________________________________________________________________________________11 timer siden
  • Pekora saw this video lmao.

    Anime SenpaiAnime Senpai12 timer siden
  • Pekora needs to react to this, someone should translate it! ?

    Leo GarciaLeo Garcia12 timer siden
  • Last month Mrbeast And now Vtuber Are you kidding me? It's 2b2t after all

    Rosalie PilotonRosalie Piloton13 timer siden
  • But isn't the spawn Mason logo much bigger?

    Deep CrackDeep Crack13 timer siden
  • That woof guy is a jerk.

    kaito tatsuyakaito tatsuya13 timer siden
  • *their group name is giving me ww2 flashbacks*

    pink beard cuckoomanpink beard cuckooman14 timer siden
  • 2b2t wiki says "you aren't gonna start a group" literally every week...

    nolo2gogonolo2gogo15 timer siden
  • Imagine if 2b2t get's an Anime series

    SomeIntrovertSomeIntrovert16 timer siden
  • Alternative name : Japanese Invasion of 2bt2

    MiouMiou17 timer siden
  • Next week hunting down vtubers and killing them for fun

    idkidk18 timer siden
  • This is only the beginning

    JoJo18 timer siden
  • PLEASE PROUNOUNCE OwO CORRECTLY IT HURTS(should specify it is pronounced oh woah)

    DownGradeYTDownGradeYT18 timer siden
  • Nousagi knows no bounds

    Bask RoycemanBask Royceman19 timer siden
  • If 2b2t was an anime girl, she'd be a Sadodere.

    Sophia LillianSophia Lillian19 timer siden
  • nice

    TaxfooTaxfoo20 timer siden
  • sasuga UsaKen, you always win.

    GodEyesGodEyes20 timer siden
  • Looks like pelota saw this video and talk about in a stream, pekora notice you

    politos73politos7321 time siden
  • That’s the Yamato ship at the beginning

    Bob FangsBob Fangs22 timer siden
  • Me: goes creative and grief it

    Jeán Briceño 1-4Jeán Briceño 1-422 timer siden
  • My god they beat the giant OWO by just 200k obsidian. Wow

    super dzacksuper dzack23 timer siden
  • A wise man once said “There’s always an Asian better than you”

    Legends WJLegends WJ23 timer siden
  • "Eventually Woof/9676 stopped thinking"

    Very Good UsernameVery Good Username23 timer siden

    YEETYEET23 timer siden
  • Hi

    Logan is a BananaLogan is a Banana23 timer siden
  • i found the battle ship lol and the base

    SausitySausityDag siden
  • Japanese work ethic apparently also translates to Minecraft.

    Alex NikiforovAlex NikiforovDag siden
  • "with over 3 million men the VTubers launch the biggest invasion in history and the 2b2t players were far from ready"

    TobiLPTobiLPDag siden
  • I hate this, time for a grief mission

    [Cutie - Moosky][Cutie - Moosky]Dag siden

    AVeryLargeDuckAVeryLargeDuckDag siden
  • "The fact that I'm a 31 year old bald guy talking about a 111 year old half human half rabbit girl" ***THE FUTURE IS NOW, OLD MAN***

    Gradient MyriadtailGradient MyriadtailDag siden
  • the ONLY thing that comes in my mind seeing this is this: BRUH

    Link LPLink LPDag siden
  • Why does it matter if new people are joining lol

    FootManFootManDag siden
  • 1:06 Popbob strikes back (Anime edition)?

    Christer JacksonChrister JacksonDag siden
  • Bruh the flash back when I got bed trapped;-; I was killed a lot WAY 2B2T

    Pinky CorderoPinky CorderoDag siden

    Pinky CorderoPinky CorderoDag siden
  • Salute

    zuchi zukichizuchi zukichiDag siden
  • Never have I been so proud of our Saicho ❤️🥕 . Proud Nausagi 🥕🥕🥕♥️

    Imli borahImli borahDag siden

    Crystalman64Crystalman64Dag siden
  • Btw you are not saying OwO you are saying UwU press a little more on the O´s not a mistake just a simply miss pronouncement =)

    Hugo VieiraHugo VieiraDag siden
  • My mission is to end this lol

    Dragon Plague2806Dragon Plague2806Dag siden
  • OMG Who is Usada Pekora!?

    ホロらぼ【hololive研究所】ホロらぼ【hololive研究所】Dag siden
  • when a cilent maker puts anti anime hax anime vtubers: oh no

    Mabry QuimioMabry QuimioDag siden
  • Nobody can overcome Usada Kensetsu.

    PrudePrudeDag siden
  • "owu"

    Stuart HammondStuart HammondDag siden
  • What hack client should I use on 2b2t

    PrimaxPrimaxDag siden
  • a lazy bone in a group got kicked then become a dedicated griefers. wtf .

    rice cakerice cakeDag siden
  • Man keeps saying owu

    GamersGuidetoGlory | GGtGGamersGuidetoGlory | GGtGDag siden
  • You look like floki from vikings season 5

    x Saasx SaasDag siden
  • Ah yes, the war criminal is going to join, yabe

    17. Kyne sestoso17. Kyne sestosoDag siden
  • Welcome in the rabbit hole peko

    hi therehi thereDag siden
  • You got that right

    Jason SuryadiJason SuryadiDag siden
  • Incursion time! Probably...

    Axetomy PG3DAxetomy PG3DDag siden
  • This has to have an Anime Adaptation. STUDIO WITS, you know what to do.

    konizukonizuDag siden
  • Rushia was actually the first v-tuber appearance in 2b2t, aka the great obsidian wal-

    HagsilvaHagsilvaDag siden
    • Should I call an ambulance or the morgue?

      BeezyoBeezyoTime siden
  • Why would u even grief a giant project

    Lucien LopezLucien LopezDag siden
  • *slap* no anime.

    Badly Drawn DawgBadly Drawn DawgDag siden
  • Woof is a brave guy, and kind of a moron. Why not get some other players to grief along? Taking all the builders by himself was dumb.

    blvalverdeblvalverdeDag siden
  • Waifus invaded 2b2t, *fellow weebs will apppreciate them*

    AuroAuroDag siden
  • What a pathetic waste of time

    Jonathan JoestarJonathan JoestarDag siden
  • OwO : IM THE BIGGEST Usada pekora : Hold my carrot Spawn mason : NO

    Peace was never An optionPeace was never An optionDag siden
    • Spawn mason doesn't count, they used bots to make it.

      RIGRIGDag siden
  • This is Massive-Peko.

    BedtimessBedtimessDag siden
  • "it's cute peko"

    BasetmoBasetmoDag siden
  • why cant i get away from anime

    João PinaJoão PinaDag siden

    Spongebat123Spongebat123Dag siden
  • I've never seen anyone saying the name "Usada Pekora" with such serious voice. What a chad.

    Machuda ImarunrakMachuda ImarunrakDag siden
  • every month there is another invasion

    144p Lobster144p Lobster2 dager siden
  • This is a peko-piece

    MakotoKun9MakotoKun92 dager siden
  • so the story is just simps

    FL4M3Z EXEFL4M3Z EXE2 dager siden
  • Ok

    a ba b2 dager siden
  • So cool

    pig Flypig Fly2 dager siden
  • HA↘️HA↗️HA↘️HA⬆️HA↘️HA↘️

    Rickylton KlärRickylton Klär2 dager siden
  • But woof still has his main acc right? He could use it and grief the obsidian pekora The obsidian pekora is already done But if he grief it people who wanna see itbin person wouldnonly see it destroyed

    Thomas The Offroad TrainThomas The Offroad Train2 dager siden
  • Dream SMP will handle that.

    Kenrich GumanidKenrich Gumanid2 dager siden
  • 3 years later: why is there a giant Zero Two face in 2B2T

    Afif AhmadAfif Ahmad2 dager siden
  • Godzilla and evangelion unit 01 3:23 🤣

    tomtin Akiyamatomtin Akiyama2 dager siden