Volvo's Key can do THIS!!

4. april. 2021
5 537 751 Ganger

#shorts #xc90 #volvo
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  • I only like Volvo cars bc of the Volvo semis

    Lil' Timmy JervenLil' Timmy Jerven30 minutter siden
  • Yeah we were all really worried that you locked yourself out! 👎🏻

    Greg GableGreg GableTime siden
  • More tiktok cancer. Crazy what people consider "content" zzz

    lastditch727lastditch727Time siden
  • If you slowed down your explanation of your video it might of been worth while posting ffs your talking a mile a second

    Cocker spanielCocker spaniel3 timer siden
  • For what?

    mai maimai mai4 timer siden
  • Nul, zéro, 0000

    Ninjato 59Ninjato 595 timer siden
  • oh Volvo how I love you so

    Kaylee DiPasqualeKaylee DiPasquale8 timer siden
  • Now I know what options I want on mine! $3K to lock myself out of my own damn car!

    E JohnsonE Johnson9 timer siden
  • Ummmm every single car that is from 2011 and up does this I think

    Name NameName Name13 timer siden
  • Wow a car has a mechanical key! Insane! It's just like literally every car ever had a key to open the door manually. Posh twats and their "fun facts" 🙄

    blue yellowblue yellow14 timer siden
  • Why not just have the key flip out of the fob like normal people have.

    Nathanael Van SchalkwykNathanael Van Schalkwyk15 timer siden
  • How to steal a car

    SeemlyVidsSeemlyVids15 timer siden
  • Mate it’s just a Volvo

    Jordan McallisterJordan Mcallister16 timer siden
  • I live in sweden. Everybody basicly has a volvo. Including me

    Gabbeloa08Gabbeloa0817 timer siden
  • Same as the cadi volvos are shit cars lmaoo

    ASMR Claudy ExclusiveASMR Claudy Exclusive19 timer siden
  • what? having a key for a car is not a new concept my dude

    vidaoTimevidaoTime22 timer siden
  • Whats the use in mechanically locking just 1 door?

    Cameron SwanCameron Swan23 timer siden
  • Isn’t that a Nissan?

    Ely ServaEly Serva23 timer siden
  • Cum sati strici masina tutorial

    Dănuț CicortDănuț CicortDag siden
  • beside the door locking, every car-key can do this

    Bergi214Bergi214Dag siden
  • Ill take useless features for $500, alex.

    ADubTheGrizzyADubTheGrizzyDag siden
  • Imagine if it didn't work Him: Mission failed well get em next time

    PlotscoPlotscoDag siden
  • So like every benz since 2010 xD

    jonathanjonathanDag siden
  • Man dealers should make it illegal to film with cars you don't own 😭 I'm sick of seeing all these fucking videos

    Kevin SanchezKevin SanchezDag siden
  • China car

    John SmithJohn SmithDag siden
  • Wow I never knew that a key worked like that!

    Ruben BraekmanRuben BraekmanDag siden
  • The key blade is priceless for watersports, you can lock your car and then take the mechanical part of the key in the water with you 👍 (you leave the electronic part hidden in the car somewhere)

    Monkey BoyMonkey BoyDag siden
  • Very useful information

    HunterHunterDag siden
  • Seems like the most useless feature ever.. 😂😂😂

    liminosliminosDag siden
  • Imagine the cost of replacing a lost key? Seeing as keys are not needed these days I'd rather not pay for one. Being able to lock a door by placing a key inside is not a feature I can ever see using. I'd prefer just to use my phone to open my car as its one less thing to carry around. With a code to type in to prevent theft. I.e. Tesla. Carrying a key is last C tech.

    RRDag siden
  • cant like someone replicate this? it doesnt seem to look unique too

    FdProsFdProsDag siden
  • 100% same as Mazda

    邱qiulin200888邱qiulin200888Dag siden
  • Alot of cars have this, child locks

    GazPlayzGazPlayzDag siden
  • But what happens if you set on the feature that unlock button in the key opens only drivers door and you close the drivers door mechanically? :D If Volvo has that feature. Just thinking because in my Ford there are same features and I haven’t ever before thought that.

    JiriJiriDag siden
  • Doesnt explain if this is just to lock yourself in the car in case of an emergency or what.. if you leave the key in there and close from outside after you locked all doors how do you get back in?!

    //AutoBarn//AutoBarnDag siden
  • So how do you open the car after you fixed whatever problem made you unable to lock your car?

    //AutoBarn//AutoBarnDag siden
  • Volvo "Das Auto"

    MHuntMHuntDag siden
  • My mom's highlander has a manual key that pops out from a button on the side

    Nugget the FloofNugget the FloofDag siden
  • With all that, and still can’t lock the doors while the car running. I hate that

    Alex GirbuAlex GirbuDag siden
  • After this video you don't need to wonder why your car is stolen

    MensuusxDMensuusxD2 dager siden
  • That's a Volvo mini suv Karen C8

    AbAb2 dager siden
  • Well no shit it’s a key

    Jonathan CwJonathan Cw2 dager siden
  • Why wont TikTok just shut down all of a sudden? Dont think anyone would bother other than the millionaires who are without families and are better of dead lol

    Kovacs BenceKovacs Bence2 dager siden
  • You also just showed the whole world how to replicate your car key.

    Xen GiXen Gi2 dager siden
  • What's appen when you drop it?

    BzainasBzainas2 dager siden
  • This guy is like a Rite aid brand Doug Demuro

    Nate LNate L2 dager siden
  • My Volvo keys opens CSGO skin cases for me.

    RanvirRanvir2 dager siden
  • Let's put instructions on how to open a key fob, ON THE INSIDE OF SAID FOB.

    Drew LDrew L2 dager siden
  • S R B That was wicked

    digital subliminal messagesdigital subliminal messages2 dager siden
  • Acting like car keys are new

    Yolo SwagginsYolo Swaggins2 dager siden
  • Not that unique.....

    SilverSweSilverSwe2 dager siden
  • Why would you ever need to disable the front passenger side door? I can understand one of the rear doors but not the front door

    Girishkumar PeddiGirishkumar Peddi2 dager siden
  • Dont care

    Wayne PondWayne Pond2 dager siden
  • Earlier: i hate Tesla owners Now: i hate tesla and volvo owners

    Sahil ManochaSahil Manocha2 dager siden
  • Wow you get a key in your key that can also lock you out...

    Will PattersonWill Patterson2 dager siden
  • My Golf 5 do the same thing , without taking out the key . All you have to do it's push a small red button on the lock door. Safety child lock or something like that it's called.

    Linca DenisLinca Denis2 dager siden
  • All german cars can do this . Mstly the key ejects through a spring which is cool asf

    The WaffleThe Waffle2 dager siden
  • Am i missing something here? But why would you want to lock yourself out of your car?

    Alex GregsonAlex Gregson2 dager siden
  • Thiefs be like *Take notes*

    masno_b0bmasno_b0b2 dager siden
  • I was not even happy like that when i got my first 🌹

    MJ 177MJ 1773 dager siden
  • Haha. Who cares about a car with shitty engine which collapses in 3 years.

    Gone Hunting tonGone Hunting ton3 dager siden
  • A bunch of you dip shits do realize that every manufacturer that has a fob has that key in it God everyone’s proving how stupid they are nowadays that’s not a Volvo thing that’s every manufacturer.

    bmx12521bmx125213 dager siden
  • Nothing new, basically a backwards cop car door

    M3talGameM3talGame3 dager siden
  • Wow so your key locks the door

    Peter BauerPeter Bauer3 dager siden
  • Every car has these features

    Kemal İncekaraKemal İncekara3 dager siden
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    ZYT___ZYT___3 dager siden
  • I’m just picturing the other door suddenly closing while he fiddling with the left one lol.

    DaniMacYoDaniMacYo3 dager siden
  • Eh, most (if not all) cars have a mechanical key in their key. That isn’t something special

    GammΩGammΩ3 dager siden
  • Ah actual key. I wonder what that's for

    Panda MilkShakePanda MilkShake3 dager siden
  • I hate the way these tiktokers talk

    No ThanksNo Thanks3 dager siden
  • Dude.. my c-class Mercedes from 01/2000 got this key with the blade inside .. xD dude.. u're kidding me

    Colaskittles910Colaskittles9103 dager siden
  • He is the kind of guy who would be surprised to know tat he can breathe

    LEGEND GAMER 916LEGEND GAMER 9163 dager siden
  • This seems as useful as the camera wingmirrors on the new audi😂

    erik pulerik pul3 dager siden
  • Mercedes had this kinda key for 20 years

    MrBrianokeeffeMrBrianokeeffe3 dager siden

    Like a PROLike a PRO3 dager siden
  • Tiktok 🤮

    Unknown UserUnknown User3 dager siden
  • I think it is for when the door is severely damaged and can't lock it self, that should enable you to go to a mechanic without constantly have a hold on it, however idk how easy it is to unlock or how much more they'd charge you

    TRASETRASE3 dager siden
  • My Toyota does that

    Jay KayJay Kay3 dager siden
  • What’s a volvo

    Melo MinogueMelo Minogue3 dager siden
  • Das hat Mercedes schon seit Min 13 Jahren

    TunahanTunahan3 dager siden
  • My favorite part was when he locked the door... with a key nonetheless!

    N MceN Mce3 dager siden
  • This video gives me panic attacks

    AllanAllan3 dager siden
  • Mercedes has this since a loooong time😉

    Wululluuu KullulluWululluuu Kullullu4 dager siden
  • This isn't new

    Connor McSorleyConnor McSorley4 dager siden
  • Watched this with the sound muted to see if I could understand. Nope.

    RM MRM M4 dager siden
  • Every key is like that now lol

    Purified StatePurified State4 dager siden
  • TikTok is cancer

    To biTo bi4 dager siden
  • The key in the door jamb thing was really pointless

    Dog WaterDog Water4 dager siden
  • This is the big thing 😂😂 it is simple just lock the car and that key taking it can also done in some nissan car's 😂😂😂

    Shajna NadirshaShajna Nadirsha4 dager siden
  • The key is for when cops try busting in

    Mister PimlottMister Pimlott4 dager siden
  • sounds like ben askren

    terrence wilsonterrence wilson4 dager siden
  • Really ,we have to learn about a vehicle key ,maybe I will run down right now get me a vehicle with a key like that and talk to the whole world 🌍 about the key because I have nothing else to do with myself !!!!

    k pk p4 dager siden
  • The coolest thing about a volvo key is throwing it in the garbage and buying a new car

    cbj324jkl234jk234cbj324jkl234jk2345 dager siden
  • Mini has this same feature, except it's executed MUCH better.

    xocomaoxxocomaox5 dager siden
  • Most fob keys do this. How stupid are you? This isn't some cool life hack or crazy discovery.

    NG500NG5005 dager siden
  • Ford fobs have the same ‘shard’ and even have the same doorsill barrel for locking/unlocking the passenger door when the battery is out.

    Christopher WoodsChristopher Woods5 dager siden
  • Well why the hell would you lock yourself *OUT* of your car?

    ChaosZombie999ChaosZombie9995 dager siden
  • Same on land-rovers / range-rovers.

    Jack FitzgeraldJack Fitzgerald5 dager siden
  • So like any other key for any other car that has that type of key blank...

    Swedishchef11Swedishchef115 dager siden
  • You know most key phobs have that my moms Chevy traverse has one and my dads Silverado has one too

    Temp TempTemp Temp5 dager siden