Using a TAP as Thread Boring Tool

21. feb.. 2021
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Using a tap to cut threads?! I know, crazy, right? But just you watch!
In a pinch you can use a smaller tap of the right pitch to thread larger bores than the tap was intended for.

  • That's pretty cool I don't know that I would've thought of that. I can appreciate all the effort it takes for you to make the videos as well as you do. With the pandemic going on. I've had to make videos for my students and found that's a lot harder than one would think.

    Toolmaker SeptToolmaker Sept7 minutter siden
  • good to know! thanks.

    vern dahlvern dahl4 timer siden
  • Still waiting on the brass tacks video you keep bringing up

    Daniel HarrisDaniel Harris5 timer siden
  • What about the helix angle ??? 😎

    Bata LelaBata Lela10 timer siden
  • Wow, great tip. With model engines, I always run into this small boring tool problem.

    gwheydukegwheyduke12 timer siden
  • now if i brake a tap i can still use it on the lath.

    Markus CamenzindMarkus Camenzind12 timer siden
  • Hello Antony How about steel? Behave same threading steel? Or it’s just softer metals? Thank you Yuri

    Clarksburgair. comClarksburgair. com12 timer siden
    • I try it it work great Also it can be start at any point Ideal for npt style tread

      Clarksburgair. comClarksburgair. com6 timer siden
    • Thank you to repply my message

      Clarksburgair. comClarksburgair. com7 timer siden
    • That’s the key than More passes like El Chapo

      Clarksburgair. comClarksburgair. com7 timer siden
    • yes works in steel but need more passes probably

      This Old TonyThis Old Tony8 timer siden
  • Daily check in to check for 1 mill subs.

    sanitarium0114sanitarium011413 timer siden
    • are we there yet?!

      This Old TonyThis Old Tony8 timer siden
  • whatever dude you did manage to waist ten minutes of my life, so kudos to you.

    Joseph D'BennidettoJoseph D'Bennidetto19 timer siden
  • Why you have to retract cant u just go forward then backwards?

    adam sorelladam sorell19 timer siden
  • thank you

    KING@SPLKING@SPL23 timer siden
  • Tip top tap tip.

    Marco SoloMarco Solo23 timer siden
  • Thank you! More please! Well maybe before the next thousand year at least.

    Bryan BogardusBryan Bogardus23 timer siden
  • Duh!!!!

    Bob CookBob CookDag siden
  • Great tip and I have a an entire new set of taps I was planning on breaking anyway.

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosaDag siden
  • @This Old Tony. You're a master machinist and a master presenter. What's more, your hands speak to me! Thank you for your great inspiring videos.

    Peter JamesonPeter JamesonDag siden
  • Hi Tony. I have an unrelated question. Is it practical to do some limited milling on a lathe. I imagine some mechanism to hold work and move it horizontally through the cutting mechanism. How about the ability of the lathe to hold a cutting head?

    Jeffrey R.PattersonJeffrey R.PattersonDag siden
    • you sure can! look around for "lathe milling attachment".

      This Old TonyThis Old TonyDag siden
  • Anyone notice the Big Bolt with Rolled Threads used as a prop to talk about cutting threads?

    Marlo BredingMarlo BredingDag siden
    • @hoiy vinosa someone had to point out the inconsistency.

      Marlo BredingMarlo BredingDag siden
    • Ugh ugh! Uhh!!

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosaDag siden
  • You sound like Green Beetle.... Or is it the other way around...

    Magic Smoke FPVMagic Smoke FPVDag siden
  • Hi, you mention a few times that your lathe cuts a bit of a taper, is there any way to fix it? And if so can you make a video?

    Lee Harvey GriswoldLee Harvey GriswoldDag siden
  • Add even more to that, note this: Take a 36 tpi tap, set the lathe to 36 tpi speed - and you get a single thread... set the lathe e.g. at 9 tpi and cut with the 36 tpi tap - and you get a 4 start thread.

    Penboard!Penboard!Dag siden

    Mark MMark M2 dager siden
  • Now all I need is a lathe.

    Slikx666Slikx6662 dager siden
  • Hi Tony, I recently found your channel and have gone back in time and watched every video you have made so far. I hope to watch the ones that you have already made in the future some day! Not all of us can move as freely through time as you can. Really love your sense of humor and amazing skill set. I recently acquired my second lathe and my first knee mill and have been going crazy buying tooling and trying to get it all up and running. I would love to send you some photos of my setup sometime.

    Nathan ParrowNathan Parrow2 dager siden
  • happy 2021 Ole Bean

    stuarth43stuarth432 dager siden
  • Tony: you can't make this stuff up. The guy who put threads on the inside and outside:

    WeepingAngel256WeepingAngel2562 dager siden
  • Fun and interesting as per usual... Thanks Man.... :o) . O,,,

    Opinionator52Opinionator522 dager siden
  • "Tools to Cutting Internal Threads on the Lathe"

    naota3knaota3k2 dager siden
  • How many people paused the video at 7:20 to see if they could find a 1" 24TPI tap on Amazon?

    starhawke380starhawke3802 dager siden
  • "Under a certain size" Me a 2 meter tall dutchman: bamboozled Thanks you clarified after tho

    pida siouypida siouy2 dager siden
  • Ha! Latest Mattias Wandell live stream he wished you would show your face more. 😊. Sounds like comedy gold

    Edward JoynerEdward Joyner2 dager siden
  • I didn't realize Ray Romano was into machining.

    GummiGanaGummiGana2 dager siden
  • Ugh ugh! Uhh!!

    AkuAku2 dager siden
    • This man, whoever he is, gives off big "Hi (hungry, angry, other descriptive adj.) I'm dad" vibes

      pida siouypida siouy2 dager siden
  • Going to my lathe now to try this - thank you

    Nick HallNick Hall2 dager siden
  • Can you talk about hardface welding

    vauxminijoevauxminijoe2 dager siden
  • And if it’s not brazed perfectly straight. Tapered threads! Amazing!

    Adam MillerAdam Miller2 dager siden
  • @3:40, you say, '. . .but the business end of these are exactly the same as the external threading tool.' ...You make 1 of 2 errors. The first choice is a subject to verb number error: '. . . the business end of these are . . .' should be, '. . . but the business end of these is . . .' ...The business end is singular and needs a singular verb. That would be is. ...The other possible error is more logical. It's a subject of a later pronoun to verb number error. You should say, '. . . but the business ends of these . . . ' These is the key word here. These is a plural pronoun and logically should follow a plural reference, which here should be the plural 'ends,' not the singular 'end.' ...All of this might seem nitpicky and pompous of me, but think about it: English is ever-so-much-better when correct. You should correct this.

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    Nicholas, Isaiah 53 Romans 10Nicholas, Isaiah 53 Romans 102 dager siden
  • Cant wait to see episoe 5 in 4042, this series has gotten so good over the last 8084 years!!!

    Makin WavesMakin Waves2 dager siden
  • Good

    sajid bashirsajid bashir2 dager siden
  • What you need to watch in threading is oversize condition ,so to use a tap the proper way in lathe is float the tap so it follows the hole otherwise it acts like a boring bar. And gives you a oversize thread. Which also cause oversize if you feed too fast or to slow.

    Chuck KleineChuck Kleine2 dager siden
  • I guess you can do it this way

    Chuck KleineChuck Kleine2 dager siden
  • Taps have different rake angle for different materials as well

    Chuck KleineChuck Kleine3 dager siden
  • Inside threading needs different rake angle

    Chuck KleineChuck Kleine3 dager siden
  • Why did I just now 6 days later get the notification when I've already watched it

    Void VoidVoid Void3 dager siden
  • Found a 1 -24 tap on sale for $37.00

    mrunderhoodmrunderhood3 dager siden
  • Hecha un vistazo a mi cana Y suscribete

    Fidwen- HDFidwen- HD3 dager siden
  • This man, whoever he is, gives off big "Hi (hungry, angry, other descriptive adj.) I'm dad" vibes

    Kai AnguloKai Angulo3 dager siden
  • This is the chaotic-neutral way to cut a thread

    Jeff ThompsonJeff Thompson3 dager siden
  • Hi Tony. Great video again! I've used this technique 'the other way around' - with the workpiece stationary and the tap spinning (CNC). It means different sized threaded holes can be machined with the same tap - obv. same pitch thus reducing tool changes! Also if an angle is ground on the 'leading edge' of the tap, similar to a drill bit, the hole can be bored first, then tapped. I believe this is called a 'thriller' (tap and drill-er)

    Simon BroughtonSimon Broughton3 dager siden
  • 0:43 "Flea market taps" hit wayyyy to close to home

    dolita windodolita windo3 dager siden
  • you are amazing, good job

    Joshua SmithJoshua Smith3 dager siden
  • skip to 6:20

    Eric PalmerEric Palmer3 dager siden
  • Awesome as always 👌

    FOGDFOGD3 dager siden
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    James TrumbleJames Trumble3 dager siden
    • subjects you deal with, but also for your bone dry humor. Thank you, please keep at it!

      dolita windodolita windo3 dager siden
  • Forgive my ignorance. How did you ensure you started cutting at the same position of the work piece after the first cut? Position counter on lathe drive?

    TBLTBL3 dager siden
  • I learnt something new today.

    bkbk3 dager siden
  • the video being out of focus sometimes kinda hurts my eyes >.> hope you may see this and take care next times

    Alterna MasakiAlterna Masaki3 dager siden
  • Who remembers episode 2, when he accidentally lodged a tap in a Assurian's head?

    Paladin EntertainmentPaladin Entertainment3 dager siden
  • This commentary is top shelf.

    ajhatti2011ajhatti20113 dager siden
  • An "old" trick. I learned it back in 1970 when I went to work as a machine operator. Great for cutting fine threads in large diameter bodies. Company I worked for made hydraulic cylinders for aircraft. We used this trick to cut threads into cylinder bodies so gland rings could be screwed in.

    AJ WilsonAJ Wilson3 dager siden
  • Less than a minute in and he's telling us to cut external threads with a tap?

    Jeffrey BrookesJeffrey Brookes3 dager siden
  • What about infernal threads, I gotta wait another 2021 years for that episode?

    Matthew HopkinsMatthew Hopkins3 dager siden
  • Cool Tony thanks for the trick. Gonna call it the "I can't breath thread", G. Floyd Thread trick.

    SouthernBoySouthernBoy4 dager siden
  • Due to your humor, I'm giving you a digital hug and kiss. You're so cute. 😘

    GaslitWorld f. Melissa BGaslitWorld f. Melissa B4 dager siden
  • hi tony can you use this trick on steel as well or only brass

    John GurneyJohn Gurney4 dager siden
  • Prof TOT! Teatcher be your sorry ass!

    Wayne RaathWayne Raath4 dager siden
  • Dude, I envy your talent for amking interesting, entertaining videos and your brilliant sense of humor. I really, REALLY enjoy watching your videos, not only for the interesting subjects you deal with, but also for your bone dry humor. Thank you, please keep at it!

    Matthies WescheMatthies Wesche4 dager siden
  • i love this trick. been using it and old drill bits as boring bars for years.

    Austin PageAustin Page4 dager siden
  • you can make a tap from a second bolt. just cut the slots and harden it.

    Max HeadroomMax Headroom4 dager siden
  • Einstein of lathe..👍👍👍👍

    Ashwani KumarAshwani Kumar4 dager siden
  • i have a hand and lathe fetish

    yobb89yobb894 dager siden
    • you've come to the right place!

      This Old TonyThis Old Tony4 dager siden
  • And if you don't have a lathe. No worries you can make one from a Chainsaw with just a couple licks on the bench grinder. 😉

    Jacob JankowskiJacob Jankowski4 dager siden
  • Sooooo. That is very clever, but made me wonder: Can you use a tap to create an *external* thread using this technique?

    YensRYensR4 dager siden
  • I don't care about thread, I just come for the speech and the dad jokes

    Player1Player14 dager siden
    • No disappointed

      Player1Player14 dager siden
  • Witchcraft!!!!! Burn the heretic!

    Axel GieckAxel Gieck4 dager siden
  • The first tooth on the tap is doing the cutting unless you brazed and set up the tap exactly perpendicular to the work piece which would be difficult to do then it doesn’t matter what thread pitch the tap is because you are setting the tpi on your machine

    Larry DLarry D4 dager siden
    • Tony have you ever threaded a square hole?

      toijg avnnrtoijg avnnr4 dager siden
  • I don't know what's more captivating - the tips & techniques or the dry sense of humour ! Love it. My life have been changed watching this....

    Andy CampbellAndy Campbell4 dager siden
    • Extra tiny hands or enormous nut & bolt?

      toijg avnnrtoijg avnnr4 dager siden
  • cool

    69jarinek69jarinek4 dager siden
  • Disappointed that you didn't cover my favourite method of making internal threads. I cut an external one and then turn the part inside out.

    Richard ThomsonRichard Thomson4 dager siden
  • Hi TOT, any chance that you could send me a copy of the papyrus flick books of the previous 3 episodes in this series?

    Richard ThomsonRichard Thomson4 dager siden
  • I bet its bloody hard to remember to diall out to go deeper for the internal thread . Interesting idea though ,thanks Tony.

    Don CodmanDon Codman4 dager siden
  • Now there's an idea I would never have thought of...

    AmberyooperAmberyooper4 dager siden
  • I have a feeling this is also a way to get past the 1/2" boring bar problem, where finding a boring bar that can do holes less than 1/2" tends to be difficult, set the feedrate as anything besides the TPI on the tap, and it should cut a smooth hole instead.

    Lovot CoreLovot Core4 dager siden
  • Inexplicable urge to defecate at 8:08

    sicespsicesp4 dager siden
  • great thanks

    yoosridyoosrid4 dager siden
  • who ever skipped to 6:22 shouldn’t be here

    Mike GMike G4 dager siden
  • Another awesome video... If I may be so bold as to offer up a suggestion. Could you do a video on making a set of magnetic parallels for the surface grinder?

    John SJohn S4 dager siden
  • I really enjoyed the other episodes. The "Turning shale with granite inserts" tip was great.

    cqvio dolicqvio doli5 dager siden
  • Holy smoke.... Its like a light bulb just went off in my head...this is brilliant..👍

    okiedoak201okiedoak2015 dager siden
  • Anyone else have to watch ToT videos twice? First time finding the hidden subscribe. Second time to actually watch the video.

    Brandon WalkerBrandon Walker5 dager siden
  • Extra tiny hands or enormous nut & bolt?

    Daniel HicksDaniel Hicks5 dager siden
    • How did your weld the tap on so accurately?

      cqvio dolicqvio doli5 dager siden
  • Tony have you ever threaded a square hole?

    bradley morganbradley morgan5 dager siden
    • all the time!

      This Old TonyThis Old Tony5 dager siden
  • Have a "so you think you are mechaknuckical, huh?" challange. The story. About twenty years ago I went to an auction.... about over, only a few things left ... there's this very pretty little table. Nobody bids, the auctioneer gets down to two dollars and I shrug. Sold. I go over to pick it up... it's heavy. Dontcha know there's a SEWING MACHINE in it. Another shrug, I get home put it in the corner where I wanted a sometimes possibly marginally flat surface... But it's really pretty so I throw a piece of plywood over it. And there it's sat. Now this is an old ugly garage. About five years ago the little leaks in the roof went completely... old rubber roof kinda tore itself to pieces over one winter/spring. In a heavy rain it was worse than having no roof at all ... no joke. I had thrown tarps over most tools and stacks of things, but over about two months ... when it rained A LOT ... I rebuit the roof (rather than slightly slanted rubber, an A frame roof ... try that sometime on a slant roof and tell me you have no use for high school trigonometry.) Anyway, the only protection this had was a slab of now rotting plywood and not only had there been a little water in the garage every rain for years but for about a - very rainy - month it was bare to the sky. About five years ago.... (the garage has been bone dry ever since ... the wolf spiders got PO'd and took off, but the granddaddy longlegs and other web spinners love the new digs) Well last week my daughter who's been knitting and stitching for years visits and says something about wanting a real sewing machine. A tiny litttle dim grain of wheat bulb in my head goes off.... I think I have one! So I dig it out expecting a rusty piece of junk suitable only for fill in the next sinkhole I see. But surprise it's still incredibly clean. Some pieces even move.. So I crack it open. It's an old Gimbel's Deluxe model fwiw. Wow. The cams gears and slides are incredible. A transmission mechanic might be comfortable with it, but me, I broke it down to where I can clean and oil all the remaining moving pieces, but I'm really afraid that if I take it down much more it will be something I can't get back together and get the timing and angle relations right. Well I have everything moving freely and oiled up ... I'm going to use lithium grease on some sliding cams ... and I think I can get the rest of it all back together again for her. At this point I know WHAT everything does though with the sewing thing I'm still not sure I know the why of everything it does. But it should be a good gift for oldest daughter I'd bet your Maho doesn't have very much on the way of complexity over an old good quality mechanical sewing machine! (I *know* that my 3d printers aside from all the electronics are mechanical toys in comparison, and it puts even my (Chinesium mini) lathe to shame. So just for giggles the challenge is to pick up an old quality sewing machine(I'm surprised says here you can get them for a hundred on ebay... I don't think there's ANYTHING for sale to consumers matching that measure of precision machining you can buy today for less than a couple thousand ... if at all) and have some fun with it. As said I think I know *what* things do, but if you turn up something I hadn't noticed or even more can elucidate some of the why of some of the wierd movements going on in there I'd be interested. Obviously I have no right to demand anything, and this is more of a "you might think this fun and interesting" kind of thing. But I am really, really, really impressed by the complexity and quality of machining in these old sewing machines.

    Terrence ZellersTerrence Zellers5 dager siden
  • Loved it. Thank you. Wish your videos would/could be longer. Sincerely, Alicia from Sweden.

    Alicia AntoniadisAlicia Antoniadis5 dager siden
  • ...mind officially blown...simplicity exemplified...

    Blind BubbaBlind Bubba5 dager siden
  • It's a nice tip!

    Insolia Creazioni Fai da TeInsolia Creazioni Fai da Te5 dager siden
  • And I thought he was going to grind down a tap until there was one tooth left.

    beautifulsmallbeautifulsmall5 dager siden
  • I have indeed used a external tool for internal threads. Mind you it was a 4" thread... Also have used a parting blade to cut external box threads. :)

    steamerpoweredsteamerpowered5 dager siden
  • I can’t really remember what you were talking about there around the 5:00 mark...I guess I was not...focused... 😂 The rest: Golden! At least in metric! so sure... I’ll do the maths and get back to yah 👍

    eyeballdudeeyeballdude5 dager siden