Using 666IQ Imposter Techniques to Win EVERY 50/50 (Jester and Sheriff Mod)

3. april. 2021
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  • Big brein.

    KallKall11 minutter siden
  • Poki says what the f

    Zhian Gabagat Official ChannelZhian Gabagat Official Channel58 minutter siden
  • Vote for the NDL

    Tenzin lhendrup DorjiTenzin lhendrup DorjiTime siden
  • Corpse GTA has changed sulking 🥲🥲🥲

    123dragonledgends12 3123dragonledgends12 3Time siden
  • Sup. Are you done with scary stories?

    Rene rharveyRene rharvey2 timer siden
  • do a music vid with eminem

    ieateggs withcrackieateggs withcrack2 timer siden
  • eminem

    ieateggs withcrackieateggs withcrack2 timer siden
  • turtle

    Turtle BeyerTurtle Beyer2 timer siden
  • His NOworld sucks BIG TIME!!

    Martin LilesMartin Liles3 timer siden
  • We love that dream intro

    Lexi RunyanLexi Runyan3 timer siden
  • Hey corpse, I just wanna say that your music has helped me a lot me personally I'm not in a good place and I'm a suicidal person and I have always been super self conscious and I wear a purge mask to cover my face and only my friends I trust and my girlfriend only know what my face looks like and I'm an agoraphobic and I hate going out in public if I do I always wear my purge mask and I can make my voice deep so I also hide my voice and I have Tourettes and multi personality disorder so I'm constantly bullied witch is the reason to all of this and my mom onece told me that I was going to be raped when I'm older because I wasn't sitting Lady like and now I have a fear of men I do trust you I think because you have the heart of an angel

    clara aftonclara afton4 timer siden
  • lmao this game is literally too stressful for me to play, had a genuine panic attack when i was made imposter

    InfinInfin4 timer siden
  • UwU you need to see my hero academia CORPSE

    ivy hissivy hiss5 timer siden
  • Can you plz make a Horror Story vid again plzzzz

    Ricky spanishRicky spanish6 timer siden
  • My mom asked me who I was watching and I said Corpse..... I have never seen that women raise her eyebrows so damn high.

    NightmareNightmare6 timer siden
  • Am I an idiot or do corpse and billy styler sound similar?

    CenturionCenturion7 timer siden
  • Aye corpse i know how you look in real life you have one red eye black hair O-o

    Tanya DuranTanya Duran9 timer siden
  • I would like to play Among Us with you guys but I'm not as famous as you guys but you guys are epic

    Gavin DeDonGavin DeDon9 timer siden
  • Isn't machine gun Kelly a 1920s mobster

    Dillin JeterDillin Jeter9 timer siden
  • I love how every time everyone thinks its corpse

    Jayce MckinnisJayce Mckinnis10 timer siden
  • What the hell happened to your channel man. 7 months without a proper video. what is this shit?

    Mike JarrettMike Jarrett10 timer siden
  • What happened to greaseball?

    OPyonaOPyona10 timer siden
  • Voice 🥵🥵🥵

    DreamWasTaken LOLDreamWasTaken LOL11 timer siden
  • whats that sound in the beginning of the video?

    Kosta KonicKosta Konic11 timer siden
  • that guy is a legend

    Introuble deIntrouble de12 timer siden
  • Hey Sam

    koko vincentkoko vincent12 timer siden
  • Pls give us face reveal you can even do it how hdo delirious did it JUST PLs

    Gontaye DingabisiGontaye Dingabisi14 timer siden
    • chill out lol, he doesn't have to show his face just because you decided to stan over him

      InfinInfin4 timer siden
  • I forgot what your voice sounded like 🤣

    ROYALSROYALS15 timer siden
  • I’m guessing he does he’s voice like that or just a very deep voice

    GlizzyFZ GunnerGlizzyFZ Gunner16 timer siden
  • Dead game and dead channel

    Blitz 10Blitz 1016 timer siden
  • Am I the only one who cringes at his voice because I know it’s put on but he acts like it’s his normal everyday voice ?

    Sandbox ManSandbox Man16 timer siden
  • Love the new song with MGK dude!!!! Went and watched it as soon as i watched the start of this video!

    Dayna MilitoDayna Milito17 timer siden
  • Omg i laugh so much😆😂😂

    Rosli RosliRosli Rosli19 timer siden
  • New subscriberr♡♡♡

    Rosli RosliRosli Rosli19 timer siden
  • Remember when this channel was more then this retarded game so sad to see what it's become

    Chad RichardsonChad Richardson19 timer siden
    • Lmao , his voice cringes me out since it’s put on but he acts like it’s his normal everyday voice

      Sandbox ManSandbox Man16 timer siden
  • Hi corpse! 🥺 🥺

    Trinity DeJesusTrinity DeJesus20 timer siden
  • Corpse?

    Vivica LopezVivica Lopez20 timer siden
  • The bingus is here

    The BingusThe Bingus20 timer siden
  • Hi I'm new gotta sub

    Zhian Gabagat Official ChannelZhian Gabagat Official Channel21 time siden
  • Yay corpse comes back 😊😊😊

    Jose HilarioJose Hilario21 time siden
  • I for one would love to ask, Hi corps how are you doing? I hope your doing great and know that your videos bring joy to me and a lot of viewers, you might not reply nor see this message but it’s fine, I just hope that you at least read it bc I want you to know your being loved and supported! 😊

    Mel’s GalaxyMel’s Galaxy21 time siden
  • Man, i really hope your fine You are doing it well

    monky herreramonky herrera21 time siden
  • i love corpse

    AnonymousAnonymous23 timer siden
  • Is it just me or does Jack's skin look like Dream?

    Mackenzie MassaroneMackenzie MassaroneDag siden
  • Republic commando sev is alive he made this yt channel!

    Josh M.Josh M.Dag siden
  • This might not be seen but i think corpse is friend from LA sierra high school in riverside california, he sounds very similar but i don't have a year to point out the picture and or him being the person. Basically i might know his face but need a yearbook

    Ad HdAd HdDag siden
  • Amogus

    AetherAetherDag siden
  • For anyone wondering the song at 6:31 is A Hand In The Dark by Underbelly & Ty Mayer

    Abbey RhodesAbbey RhodesDag siden
  • "oh my god, oh my god"- corpse whisper just hit me

    Kimmy chuKimmy chuDag siden
  • Do a gender ruvel

    MCDMCDDag siden
  • Corpse I swear to God that I heard your voice in this game called Among Us chat and I was literally listening to your music if that was you I forgot what you are the other person said but I think you or the other person said something about us being Noobs or something like that I was literally trying to find the account because the name of it did not have a name it was just blank I was literally crying because I really wanted to find you

    Serriboo xoxoSerriboo xoxoDag siden
  • Wow they weren't lying when they said Corpse went through second puberty

    The Noir KnightThe Noir KnightDag siden
  • YOOOO, I FUCKING KNEW CORPSE AND SCAR WOULD COLLAB. LETS FUCKING GO. I’m starting to enjoy Corpse’s music and his scream, and Scar was my 2nd top listened to artist of 2020 soooo....IM FUCKING HYPED.

    TheUcheOTheUcheODag siden
  • The fact that corpse use his own beats as censorship iS JUST-

    Catalin RusCatalin RusDag siden
  • Your last scary story video was 7 months ago I want them back

    NathanNathanDag siden
  • These people never learn lol

    Brendon SchaumleffelBrendon SchaumleffelDag siden
  • I literally love corpse

    Zara SiddiquiZara SiddiquiDag siden
  • Corpse a few months back: "I might stop making videos because of my voice problem" Corpse a few weeks ago: *releases a music video collab where he sings pretty much all the time*........

    Why Hello ThereWhy Hello ThereDag siden
  • viles lol

    Isaac MaederIsaac MaederDag siden
  • What if he did a handcam lmao

    SÏCKSÏCKDag siden
    • all the simps come running

      SÏCKSÏCKDag siden
  • No lie I was at the edge of my seat bruh

    Luis T. GonzalezLuis T. GonzalezDag siden
  • Hey corps i know you remember me and u know where from I took the pic😁

    Leke sunmibolaLeke sunmibolaDag siden
  • Corpse is actually a girl using a voice changer See in dreamwalker song

    shadow huntershadow hunterDag siden
  • im speechles

    Swag_forEndYourLifuSwag_forEndYourLifuDag siden
  • woah

    Swag_forEndYourLifuSwag_forEndYourLifuDag siden
  • I'm not a big fan of Brooke and Corpse being imposter but somehow they get it often lol.

    matchafields omatchafields oDag siden
  • Mr. C.Husband? Yes we’d like to talk to you about your overdue taxes.

    J-エリコJ-エリコDag siden
  • Hey Corpse, you play rec room?

    BestIronman04BestIronman04Dag siden
  • i jut watch the hacker thing and damn bro what a story

    Sem SenSem SenDag siden
  • Hey uh Corpse id really appriciate if you could do something for my sister with cancer....i was wondering if you could play a roblox game for her at anytime!

    cow girl expresscow girl expressDag siden
  • I watch to the end

    Ciel PhantomhiveCiel PhantomhiveDag siden
  • 200000M IQ

    Last 5 FakeworldsLast 5 FakeworldsDag siden
  • hi corpse did you have zaky

    Zach VenZach VenDag siden
  • I’m also saving up money to buy your March 😋!!!

    123dragonledgends12 3123dragonledgends12 3Dag siden
  • The song daywalker is really good I love it 😋

    123dragonledgends12 3123dragonledgends12 3Dag siden
  • Lily singing agoraphobia as Tina kills her is fantastic

    River OtterRiver OtterDag siden
  • I know Corpse doesnt like that too much interaction with the outside world but can i just say if Corpse did a collab with Eminem I would find that amazing!

    GigglyGiraffeGigglyGiraffeDag siden
    • He will with scarlxrd lol

      NIELSIENIELSIE8 timer siden
  • His voice is so calming idk why it's like I can instantly fall asleep to it no matter what he says ngl-

    OlivePlayzOlivePlayzDag siden
    • His voice is cringe

      Sandbox ManSandbox Man16 timer siden
  • Can I get your link DC 🌝

    天天影视KH天天影视KHDag siden
  • girls be like "i only date people that are 6 ft tall" when corpse is 5 ft tall

    Gervinno HalimGervinno HalimDag siden
  • 26:13😂

    Luke ZimmermanLuke Zimmerman2 dager siden
  • smh

    travtrav2 dager siden
  • cuz I have a deep voice for a 12 year old

    travtrav2 dager siden
    • lmao jealousy at its peak

      AfricaAfrica21 time siden
  • You know i've been watching some videos with corpse and sykkuno and there and here are people calling grown men cute or adorable when they probably as old as them or even younger lets go

    VegetaroseVegetarose2 dager siden
  • 30:58 is animation material lol

    AxsthsicAxsthsic2 dager siden
  • Luv ur music man keep it up

    gangstr grannygangstr granny2 dager siden
  • bruh this dude sounds like he's constantly burping

    EnglischEnglisch2 dager siden
  • That was so fun to watch!

    RedRed2 dager siden
  • I like ur new song with MGK

    Gavin AtencioGavin Atencio2 dager siden
  • Why is corpse so freaking cute.

    Pasha chumpPasha chump2 dager siden
  • its big brain time

    GeckoLettuce 1GeckoLettuce 12 dager siden
  • Tu voz me encanta Lo malo es que yo estoy escribiendo en español y no en inglés pero da igual

    Vale ArmyVale Army2 dager siden
  • corspe try out roblox please

    MicahProMicahPro2 dager siden
  • corpse i am a big fan i even have you as my profile pic

    Ethan DenealeEthan Deneale2 dager siden
  • Corpe's voice sounds deeper btw ca u play with ZMDE hes a rlly good player at among us-

    We need Kong, The world needs him!We need Kong, The world needs him!2 dager siden
  • Are you ever going to bring back your horror stories? they were so good to hear

    that one dudethat one dude2 dager siden
  • Pls face reveal

    Mj KabirMj Kabir2 dager siden
  • Hi Corpse, So if your still in touch with Machine gun kelly, tell him to check out autumnbondie4 on tiktok Bc I made a tiktok for him and also I know every word to daywalker.

    Lindsay BondieLindsay Bondie2 dager siden
  • (◍•ᴗ•◍)🖤

    Kiona_Corpse BrideKiona_Corpse Bride2 dager siden
  • Corpse’s chest voice is my fry voice.....

    Brady CowlesBrady Cowles2 dager siden