"UR SHORT, WELL YOU'RE A SINGLE MOM" | Blind date roast each other

31. mars. 2021
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  • I've got screenshots of half naked girls on my phone and I'm not even a lesbian, they're just pretty 🤷‍♀️

    Maria KonikMaria Konik16 dager siden
    • "Why are there women in your phone" 🤣🤣 These girls think they know how it feels to have a dick

      YT IGYT IG2 dager siden
    • Lol same

      Alicja PlechAlicja Plech2 dager siden
    • @Tha Imperial Ngl I miss read that one I don’t even got pictures of guys in my phone

      Matthew SmithMatthew Smith2 dager siden
    • that's what im trying to explain when they found my collection of JoJo memes.

      Oni ChanOni Chan3 dager siden
    • This is the type of chick who would leave her baby in the car in 90 degree weather so she could go suck off some gigachad at the club

      YT IGYT IG4 dager siden
  • You're not racist for making fun of the Irish accent anyway. Ireland is a country, not a race, and it's a demonstrable fact, not a stereotype, that people from certain locations have certain accents, it's also true WITHIN countries, such as a southern accent within the US. I don't understand why anyone gets to label things as racist when they're making fun of countries. Religions too. It's also not racist to make jokes about or say something negative about Muslims.

    medexamtoolsdotcommedexamtoolsdotcomTime siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    GrynchGrynch4 timer siden
  • This video shows how most women want equality ONLY when it benefits them.

    Big DrillBig Drill7 timer siden
  • ive come to the conclusion i cannot watch this channel while drinking or eating food because i will damage my pc with water

    Negro In-ParadiseNegro In-Paradise9 timer siden
  • I can imagine her looking at my phone... He has 3 photos of his motorcycle, some music and litterly nothing else no social media or anything... oh and his network keeps asking him to pay his bill

    KTM BIKESKTM BIKES9 timer siden
  • Close ur eyes and u hear charlemagne...

    mark powellmark powell11 timer siden
  • Single moms be like.......☹

    Robert ValdezRobert Valdez16 timer siden
  • yeah....you go bro...do it for the rest of us 🤣🤣🤣

    Vedran RaićVedran Raić16 timer siden
  • All of those are photos of herself??!!! Even the same photos with different angles? ngl that is actually creepy.

    FlippeR FlappeRFlippeR FlappeR16 timer siden
  • Cringe

    T KellyT Kelly17 timer siden
  • "If I had a petty scanner from Dragon Ball Z, that s*** would be over 9000" lmao Also Aba face 9:22 lol

    Philip AndereggPhilip Anderegg18 timer siden
  • That girl was petty and got on my nerves there is a reason she is single with a kid no man will want her just hit it and quit it she will be single forever

    Big RedBig Red19 timer siden
  • She could bench him.

    Phill PcPhill Pc20 timer siden
  • The video was honestly funnier than you both

    nono20 timer siden
  • Amazonia Jones with children and living at home taking about dudes height, she’s waiting for the captain to bring her seat to the upright position, don’t dish if you can’t do dishes better than me

    nono20 timer siden

    Eos DawnEos Dawn20 timer siden
  • Dam so shallow...

    Jonathan MillerJonathan MillerDag siden
  • They just mentioned Eldritch Blast and just for that I'm going to leave a like.

    Ancient Dark MagicAncient Dark MagicDag siden
  • I got to say that was pretty damn funny you two make a good team

    Mr. GoodbarMr. GoodbarDag siden
  • She's a fuckin 0/10 if I've ever seen one, and she's probably got two more babies hiding in them shoulders.

    CryptCryptDag siden
  • I’m 5’5 3/4. I either say 5’5 or 5’6 lmaoo

    Michelle-AnnMichelle-AnnDag siden
  • she looks like a man

    NamibiaNamibiaDag siden
  • Well that made me laugh lol

    nobaynobayDag siden
  • How is she not in the NBA with those shoulders and wingspan?

    Hakim MohammedHakim MohammedDag siden
  • Thanks for exposing the way these women are.. y’all are doing gods work lol.

    Michael DeBuskMichael DeBuskDag siden
  • I wonder did she watch the video of their blind date and see exactly when he decided to say fuck her.

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon JohnsonDag siden
  • Potato's 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔 s

    x0311ofonex0311ofoneDag siden
  • Explains why she's a single mom probably lol

    Poo_CakePoo_CakeDag siden
  • Keep the squeaky floors pls.

    NastyAxis0111NastyAxis0111Dag siden
  • Anyone else wonder where Aba gets these bomb ass shirts? Need!

    Manny BeeManny BeeDag siden
  • Off rip: “you’re battery life is low af” 😭😂

    Cold WolfCold WolfDag siden
  • Damn this video let’s me know I’m super private. You would t be able to get any bullshit off my phone.

    AtomAtomDag siden
  • I can’t stop laughing bruh a whole baby 🤣🤣🤣

    Dj ussinDj ussinDag siden

    RyanRyanDag siden
  • Oi ya racist bastids (sarcasm btw), Danny bhoy is Scottish btw

    John icantthinkofarealsoundinglastnameJohn icantthinkofarealsoundinglastnameDag siden
  • Book her a session with the godfather. Kevin Samuels.

    Lucas MLucas MDag siden
  • I don't think I would call this a date...

    Kaleb GlennKaleb GlennDag siden
  • When she said "Probably more muscles than you" I was hoping he was going to say "Well I find muscular/bodybuilding women not attractive" because yeah. Eew.

    john doughhjohn doughhDag siden
  • "You gotta whole baby!"

    EwzmazzicEwzmazzicDag siden
  • lol i love this kid,,, he went in!.........ladies shouldn't try roasting guys, it's bad news for them

    Mitch ConnorMitch ConnorDag siden
  • "You got some man shoulders and a baby?" - Aba 🤣😄😆😂

    Big Brother BeauBig Brother BeauDag siden
  • 😂😂😂chill

    Ty NiddiTy NiddiDag siden
  • This dude shit on her haha 😆

    Pedro MartellPedro MartellDag siden
  • You guys need an actual live show!!!!!!

    DeniseDeniseDag siden
  • 5:54 *AMOGUS*

    If Heaven Was HellIf Heaven Was HellDag siden
  • now we know why she has all them pics of her, she was fat AF worked out to get back in shape and is still self conscious. in short she busted af still lol and she knows it ! haha

    Wise TekniquezWise TekniquezDag siden
  • When a 2 thinks she's a 12. Toxic self worship is destroying humanity

    Elliott SwabyElliott Swaby2 dager siden
  • That chicks not that good looking.... Plus,having a kid and taking pictures like that...mhmm kids come first ,right ?

    mustang 07mustang 072 dager siden
  • She was rude to him too the hell

    Anthony LopezAnthony Lopez2 dager siden
  • He isn't very fit but she's a fitness instructor? She isn't even all that fit.

    Owen AnthonyOwen Anthony2 dager siden
  • That girl looks like a linebacker..

    Marky mark and the bunky funchMarky mark and the bunky funch2 dager siden
  • I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself.

    DetergentRatDetergentRat2 dager siden
  • Oil huh? You cookin? 💀💀😂

    Francisco G.Francisco G.2 dager siden
  • Based on his reaction, I can put money on Aba having hella women screenshots on his phone lol Nah but hes right on his perspective.

    SharayahSharayah2 dager siden
  • and she's probably deleted thousands of her own pics..

    Stephen JohnsonStephen Johnson2 dager siden
  • you've seen her..how could you think she works out?..

    Stephen JohnsonStephen Johnson2 dager siden
  • They should've both recorded before they seen each other's responses

    cory crewscory crews2 dager siden
  • I screenshot all the fatties on Tinder and send em to the group chat

    xlunkness0monsterxxlunkness0monsterx2 dager siden
  • I'm 5' 9'' but I'm a guy who is actually 5' 9'' tall. It's all the guys who are 5' 6' to 5' 7'' who lie that give a skewed perception of what a 5' 9'' man actually looks like. A man who is 5' 9'' is the equivalent of a 6' 3'' woman so he would be roughly taller then 97% of women on average. 5' 9'' is only short on paper guys but in the real world it really isn't short it's pretty average for a guy and you will still be taller then the vast majority of women you meet.

    Zep PrimeZep Prime2 dager siden
  • She started off shitty but he showed his insecurities by being meaner than her. They both suck as people

    rat meatrat meat2 dager siden
  • She ain’t even do nun but say I’m taller than him damn😂

    AgreivanceAgreivance2 dager siden
  • do people actually have half naked pics of people on their phone... i only have memes...

    Pamela OrtizPamela Ortiz2 dager siden
  • Not racist at all. The love potatoes. 🍀🌈⚱️

    XLPCXXLPCX2 dager siden
  • This had me looking though my own phone.

    Casey WeberCasey Weber2 dager siden
  • I haven't laughed this hard for ages...

    Mefist0Mefist02 dager siden
  • Lol elephant in the room... She's not that attractive to be talking about someone as harsh physically... Chill girl.

    Badasi12bBadasi12b2 dager siden
  • I think I would have done the exact opposite, just been 100% positive, that way I'd be the winner at the end.

    Snoball TogoSnoball Togo2 dager siden
  • After watching that I’m subscribing!👏🏻

    Ben KlotzBen Klotz2 dager siden
  • Dude this guy is legendary Lmao

    HamSamaHamSama2 dager siden
  • Between her big shoulders and his low shoulders, they could have created the next Dwight Howard

    Black MilkyBlack Milky2 dager siden
  • My phone would be boring to go through, garden pictures, plant pictures, crochet projects, family and friends pictures

    Lanette DanburgLanette Danburg2 dager siden
  • I bet the girl still thinks she's in the right, she needs bigger glasses than my grandma

    InsertNameHereInsertNameHere2 dager siden
  • My camera roll is literally like 49% memes, 49% my cat and the other 2% are random screenshots that I felt like taking... Although I’ve got a dark ass sense of humor so I got some questionable ass memes in that shit

    Ya Boi KungPow FuckFingerYa Boi KungPow FuckFinger2 dager siden
  • Homie looks like he watched a lot of Seinfeld

    Dameion DismukeDameion Dismuke2 dager siden
  • She got the body for snu snu

    diony- susdiony- sus2 dager siden
  • These single moms...give her time, soon she will realize that guys see her as a pump and dump...especially guts without kids...no guy is interested in raising another dudes kid....develop a better personality because your kid is a huge downgrade.

    kevinus99kevinus992 dager siden
  • She looks like A.J. Hawk or Clay Matthews 😄

    Ben NyceBen Nyce2 dager siden
  • She’s criticizing him as if she’s all that. She’s such a douche bag.

    Kelsey-BernardKelsey-Bernard2 dager siden
  • Dates with kids ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Shirley GorreShirley Gorre2 dager siden
  • went through my phone, no screenshots of half naked Gram chicks.. I'm living life wrong.

    Kaido VesterninKaido Vesternin2 dager siden
  • I'm confused... what's the temperature in that room? One guy has a hoody and a fishing jacket while the other dude has an unbuttoned shirt.

    rezos666rezos6662 dager siden
  • 8:40 to 8:42. I bust out laughing. I knew he was butt hurt.

    BIO KILLERBIO KILLER2 dager siden
  • It's like the same princip when you about to meet the cashier in grocery store. You'll be surprised how sometimes the energy of paying the cashier or the cashier scanning all the items etc can become a vastly different if you engage with a simple smile. People usually copy the engaging attitude. Or rather adapt to it. Ofc take it with a grain of salt...

    HuffleBunnyHuffleBunny2 dager siden
  • Glad he didn't simp out and be nice. Guys have to start dropping their nuts again. Shit is out of hand these days.

    J.R. ElgranJ.R. Elgran2 dager siden
  • Im a trainer. Yeah who isn't these days? All i hear when someone says trainer is, "i dont have any real talent or skills"

    First LastFirst Last2 dager siden
  • What up cisgendered niggas

    tokyo snxwstokyo snxws2 dager siden
  • Are y’all two lovers? I think y’all a cute couple

    Sniper TSniper T2 dager siden
  • So glad I grew up before the internet came along.

    Mikel HawkMikel Hawk2 dager siden
  • Preach is so STUUUUUPID!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😬😬😬😭😭😭

    Joy & LilyJoy & Lily2 dager siden
  • the thing is she needs to look at herself in the mirror before she talks about looks.

    Adam WrightAdam Wright2 dager siden
  • haha I guess

    AlexAlex2 dager siden
  • This was dope

    Angel SanchezAngel Sanchez2 dager siden
  • Lmao personal trainer?!? Bitch doesn’t even know how to work out either!!! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

    LandOfSandLandOfSand2 dager siden
  • I hope the kids dad was 6 foot 5

    mdb831mdb8313 dager siden
  • Preach is mad funny.

    mdb831mdb8313 dager siden
  • I would've went in on the broad too

    CreNative. FoshoCreNative. Fosho3 dager siden
  • yooooo daaaaamn sonson out here scheming with the screening

    CreNative. FoshoCreNative. Fosho3 dager siden
  • I'm from LA. I visited Sweden. The drop in cellulite-per-square-inch-of-ass ratio was stark, whether or not you convert to metric.

    TexasGreenTeaTexasGreenTea3 dager siden