Unpacking the Capitol Riot & Four Years of Trump’s Bulls**t | The Daily Social Distancing Show

19. jan.. 2021
3 686 500 Ganger

New information comes out about the Capitol riot, Fox News pundits defend the rioters, Lindsey Graham takes a stand against President Trump but then backtracks, and Republicans call for unity. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DonaldTrump
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    Silent HandzSilent Handz3 timer siden
  • Why doesn't he talk about the 250 known antifa members inside the capitol on January 6th? or is he getting paid not to 🤔 my profile picture is inside the US Capitol next to the shooting 😲🤔

    Alley OlyAlley Oly11 timer siden
  • mass psychosis and crisis are just so fun to watch

    Mr. ChüMr. Chü22 timer siden
  • Every one spam “miss me with that bullsh#t” in trump supporters comment replies.

    Ben SmithBen SmithDag siden
  • I agree that there seems to be more sh!t republicans in congress now, but both sides have corrupt members. Pelosi is f#cking corrupt. She's gotten pre-IPO stock offerings multiple times. This is legal insider trading. It should be illegal. Her and McConnel are 2 of the biggest problems in congress. McConnel is a spineless coward, and Pelosi just negotiated the shittiest deal mankind has ever seen. Trump offered 1.8 trillion in Covid relief in July. She declined and wanted 4.5 trillion for a bill that was stuffed with all kind s of non Covid related pork. Then she ended up settling in December for 900 billion. Who comes out of a negotiation with HALF of what the other party originally OFFERED? "I'll give you 20 for that hat." "No, you'll give me 50". "Ok, I'll give you 10 for it." "Sounds great, sold." She's a f#cking idiot. The entire American population was stuck in limbo for 8 months becasue of her and McConnel. Fire them!

    Frank WestphalFrank WestphalDag siden
  • Exactly. I don't entirely disagree with the mob. They're right about one thing... The US government is corrupt, and the center of it is congress. But they have the wrong leader in Trump, and they don't know how to actually build a new system. They just complain. I complain, and I actually can build a new system. If you're going to take over the capitol, you better have a plan to create a new government or change the existing government. Personally, I would just amend it and update it. A lot of it works, but a lot doesn't, and I'll support those who want to see it updated if they actually have plans and are serious about getting it done. A good start would be: -Term limits for congress -Public funded elections -Lobbying reform to make any sort of kickbacks or donations to campaign illegal Those 3 things alone would solve 50% or more of out corrupt congress problem. Next... E-Voting: Every federal official position is voted on by the general population via phone app E-Voting system. I laid out the details of exactly how you create the E-Voting system on twitter. Your pone notifies you of an upcoming vote, then during a certain time frame you actually cast your vote. We can still have small in person centers for those without phones. And, once you have E-Voting, guess what? You don't need representatives anymore. What do representatives do? They represent you. Why do we need them? We don't. That system was established when votes literally had to be brought to state capitols via horse and buggy, then the reps went to Washington to cast their votes for the people. We can represent ourselves now, and we can do it in a couple hours with E-Voting. One server could crunch all the voting data, for the entire country, in seconds. And... once you have E-Voting, voting on all federal positions becomes super easy and efficient. Attorney General? E-Voting. Head of EPA? E-Voting. Defense Secretary? Etc, etc.... E-Voting. Notification of upcoming vote on your phone. Voting opens and you vote. Servers crunch numbers, and results are certified. Popular vote wins. Done. Fast, convenient, simple. We could also do mid-term follow up votes. Official gets voted in. Half way through their term, a job performance vote is taken, and if their performance is below 50%, the runner up gets the job for the remainder of the term. Who of you, doesn't ever get evaluated in your job performance? None of you. We all get performance reviews unless we're entrepreneurs. Why should a congress person get a pass for 2 years on this? They shouldn't. This sh!t is so easy to fix form a logical standpoint. I could come up with a solution for every single one of our major problems. The hard part, is getting 300 million people to realize that we deserve better, and that there are definitely better ways of running our government available to us. Please push this up. I'm serious about this stuff. I want it to gain some traction and get the word out. I have never heard anyone talk about E-Voting. It boggles my mind that this hasn't been discussed yet. It's so f#cking obvious.

    Frank WestphalFrank WestphalDag siden
  • Crazy how people want to protest against their still in the election and yet the whole last year riots and looting and bombing went on all the liberal cities and they were called mostly peaceful the hypocrisy is disgusting and unbelievable go America

    Ric RinehartRic Rinehart2 dager siden
  • I...Trevor, a president has already made a habit to use the bathroom during meetings. Like literally had briefs while on the toilet. And purposely had first meetings with foreign dignitaries while swimming in the nude because he thought the size of his *parts* would intimidate them.....

    Kate SclabassiKate Sclabassi3 dager siden
  • Does anyone else notice how Lindsey Graham looks up above the camera like he's reading every word? What a lemming.

    Luthien SLuthien S3 dager siden
  • We all want a repeat

    Lucas StamesLucas Stames4 dager siden
  • Miss Trevor with that BS.

    glamaziniglamazini5 dager siden
  • You say miss me with this bullshit but you know what.. I understand that black lives matter but my opinion don't; with this said for me you have no political credibility till at least you adress the FBI investigation against the Frauden family where Joe is being pointed as the "Big man". Till that happen I will just see you as another biased leftist who don't want to adress what the core of democrats are doing to this country and that prefer to look the other way; now that's some bullshit

    Vladi FernándezVladi Fernández5 dager siden
  • You always have good info

    Tory BraxtonTory Braxton5 dager siden
  • Patriotic well loving Americans he’s funny 😄

    Matthews DavilaMatthews Davila5 dager siden
  • I love this guy😂

    Matthews DavilaMatthews Davila5 dager siden
  • Myanmar riot is somewhat inspired by the capitol hill riot. The reason is the army claim that the election is a fraud. If USA is able to show they don't do the riot. There will be lesser chance that Myanmar army started.

    Ethan AngEthan Ang5 dager siden
  • From now on! He is my new favorite reporter!

    JewlsCreate HorizonJewlsCreate Horizon6 dager siden
  • [Racism and Whyte Supremacy: A Global Pandemic.] To say that people are unaware of their racist views and all around backwards thinking is giving them a pass on their behavior. They're highly aware, that's why they're doing what they're doing, voting they way they're voting, etcetera. [Racist Whyte People] are very aware and in every level of society. Trump not being impeached is proof of that. Trump not being impeached is also proof that whyte supremacy is a mentality that will not go away quietly into the night. The riots are also proof of that too. Whyte people know exactly what they're doing; they've behaved this way for centuries and have gone around the globe spreading whyte supremacy, racism and classicism, globally! Here's why, and these next words come from the brilliant mind of Dr Frances Cress Welsing an African American psychologist and academic; "whyte people behave and have behaved this way for genetic survival." Whyte people know they're the minority, east asians too, because they too practice isolationism and racism. They know most of the world is melenated/brown skinned. They know they will be genetically wiped out if they mix with other race's especially the so called black and brown people of this world. They are genetic recessive, they fully understand this. This is why we have Whyte supremacy and oppression, globally. This is why east Asians stay to themselves, have you payed attention to their behavior as well? They'll mix with the European knowing the European thinks less of them but the skin, the skin is whyte! So it's kinda easy to overlook the hatred when someone of either race crosses over; at least he/she wasn't black ir brown, right? This planet could very easily become completely Africanoid in it's genetic make up within 100 years. Black people are genetically dominant and they, along with other non melenated people, completely and totally understand that. Big question. Does this mean we'll never see a peaceful, united planet? Probably won't. Because people seem to be okay with being defined by race and ethnicity. I'm this, I'm that, our tradition this, our custom that. Even if the world turned completely brown and black with all the various and beautiful shades within it. People would find a reason to fight. Because people suck!!!!!!! -The End ☺

    The Go GetterThe Go Getter6 dager siden
  • wtf in going on in amerca?

    SwitchBladeSwitchBlade6 dager siden
  • people so dumb lol

    SwitchBladeSwitchBlade6 dager siden
  • Those types of people that stormed the Capital Building were showing up at peaceful protests in Atlanta for the BlackLivesMatter rallies as soon as the peaceful protest permit expired. They were driving at people and instigating violence during peaceful protests with kids involved. Idiots!

    Erik LingErik Ling6 dager siden
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    Walterore MoWalterore Mo7 dager siden
  • Like die hard in heels 👠 Nancy takes out the insurrectionists one by one! Yippee ki yay MAGA’ f***ers!

    Darkstar 4th DimensionDarkstar 4th Dimension7 dager siden
    • Lol

      Ben SmithBen SmithDag siden
  • You took it too far when you left Europe and brought your evil. Nothing but hatred death and destruction from you ever since you landed...from Uranus 😠

    Myron MackMyron Mack7 dager siden
  • Take your ass back to South Africa 🇿🇦

    Matthew QuallsMatthew Qualls8 dager siden
  • This may be funny to some for me the same people who keep this going is paying the person speaking salary..

    Eric PerkinsEric Perkins8 dager siden
  • Wow the Republican s are the real racist

    Arika LopezArika Lopez9 dager siden
  • Get real, this wasn't an insurrection. This was just as much of an idiotic LARP as the CHAZ. If it wasn't it'd take more than one woman getting shot to stop it. Also it was 1 cop that died.

    jediflamasterjediflamaster9 dager siden
  • the one thing dumber than pro tramp people pro turmp rioters

    Lance Gideon DioknoLance Gideon Diokno9 dager siden
  • @TrevorNoah you used a 20 year old quote and made it popular again. Miss me with that BS!.... I haven't heard or used it in so long....it almost sounded brand new. Lol

    Francis ThomasFrancis Thomas9 dager siden
  • The real-est realist realistically alive today. Trevor Noah

    Francis ThomasFrancis Thomas9 dager siden
  • 0:52 Me: wait they don't know how to read.

    BolognaBologna10 dager siden
  • Trump is no president, even if he has been a fake "president", leaving his responsibility totally. Now as a gang leader. Is it impossible to exclude him from the Republican party-??

    Anne Heed KvileAnne Heed Kvile10 dager siden
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    nicolas oviedonicolas oviedo10 dager siden
  • Atleast there was no violence in Hong Kong it was like a gang fight between police and protesters

    Veke R.kVeke R.k10 dager siden
  • Fuck off Reps, reptiles, whatever the fuck u are!

    Debra Lynn AndersonDebra Lynn Anderson10 dager siden
  • It's ok for BLM to riot.

    Buster BellmBuster Bellm11 dager siden
  • “Gently guiding his hips from behind”...Jaysus! Writers- that’s a slam dunk wrapped inside a home run and deep fried in a Hail Mary touchdown! Bravo!

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide11 dager siden
  • The ill-fated nut reassembly queue because leg expectedly learn modulo a tightfisted oboe. madly, unequal flame

    Heidi LuciHeidi Luci11 dager siden
  • I love how this is what they show about the capital riot (which yes, was very bad) but when they talk about blm riots...actually they dont talk about it. ALSO PENCE? THEY SAID WERE HANGING PENCE? AND YOU SAY THAT WE'RE APART OF A CULT?!? NO!! NOT. ALL. TRUMPIES. ARE. LIKE. THIS. STOP BRAINWASHING PEOPLE. AHHHHH

    Cool PeopleCool People11 dager siden
    • Hahaha these group of people were very tamplate and stereotypical. And my condolonces to the officers who lost their live in duty

      niduoe streniduoe stre10 dager siden
  • You finally see the light, fellow Trevor. You are righteously angry now. Right on..but, don't think that us proles have forgotten what you said about how ex-president Obama can make millions in speaking fees just because he was a person of color! You need to come out of the capitalist closet and say it straight that it is a war by the rich against the poor that is the poison that is killing this country and this world. Socialism or Barbarity!

    Harold MorozkoHarold Morozko12 dager siden
    • Hahaha these group of people were very tamplate and stereotypical. And my condolonces to the officers who lost their live in duty

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide11 dager siden
  • The delicious growth appropriately copy because trumpet shortly charge modulo a imperfect blizzard. cowardly, broad liver

    Miller MuhammadMiller Muhammad12 dager siden
    • i love how President Tr5ump loathes "political correctness"....BS that needs to Go !!!

      niduoe streniduoe stre10 dager siden
  • who is here after 2nd impichment

    Vid SorgoVid Sorgo12 dager siden
  • Who's the freak with the horns

    Roger SmithRoger Smith12 dager siden
  • You right Trevor

    Vtg gas_295Vtg gas_29512 dager siden
  • Well done babish?

    bowen voowybowen voowy12 dager siden
  • Everyone: throwing shit

    Julia KJulia K12 dager siden
  • Miss me with that bullshit

    Miss BMiss B13 dager siden
  • "No one should die a virgin" -noah

    Nathaniel KrasicNathaniel Krasic13 dager siden
  • So truth what Trevor said about social medias. They had four years to ban Trump and other fascists from their platforms, but they didn't do it, because hate is profitable for them. But now that Trump is gone and the riot happened, all of a sudden they care? Yeah, no, fuck off...

    Lucas MotaLucas Mota13 dager siden
  • AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enigma ProductionsEnigma Productions13 dager siden
  • So if these people were Black would they have been killed? Makes one wonder...Dummies, Where's Trump? Fools! Lindsey Graham..twister, political gain. We have been had...USA

    4uptoheaven4uptoheaven13 dager siden
  • Wow a riot that took the capital happened on my birthday

    Jonathan AstroJonathan Astro13 dager siden
  • our children are bombarded with media trash!

    Whi BraenWhi Braen13 dager siden
  • i love how President Tr5ump loathes "political correctness"....BS that needs to Go !!!

    Whi BraenWhi Braen13 dager siden
    • Trump

      Whi BraenWhi Braen13 dager siden
  • Hahaha these group of people were very tamplate and stereotypical. And my condolonces to the officers who lost their live in duty

    ryan febriantoryan febrianto13 dager siden
  • no consequence for Donald Trump. Expect this every other president to be happening

    Youtube Emperor of MankindYoutube Emperor of Mankind13 dager siden
  • I just left America 2 years ago. WTF happened?

    derping lemonderping lemon13 dager siden
    • they should get punish! this is act of terrorist

      niduoe streniduoe stre13 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Reuben MartinReuben Martin14 dager siden
    • imagining 4 years ago.

      niduoe streniduoe stre13 dager siden
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    Ru VaoRu Vao14 dager siden
  • Trump Family Legacy is over!

    Sharron MarchSharron March14 dager siden
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    Наталья КондратенкоНаталья Кондратенко14 dager siden
  • “Gently guiding his hips from behind”...Jaysus! Writers- that’s a slam dunk wrapped inside a home run and deep fried in a Hail Mary touchdown! Bravo!

    niduoe streniduoe stre14 dager siden
  • Hey, @FBI at least 2.8k that disliked this video could be connected to the insurrection at the Capitol.

    lala1milablelala1milable14 dager siden
  • 😄 No one should have to die a virgin.

    lala1milablelala1milable14 dager siden
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      niduoe streniduoe stre14 dager siden
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    john lavvasjohn lavvas14 dager siden
  • Fox news have openly supported the terorists and somehow they are still working? How is this even possible?

    Obi- 1 -BrocoliObi- 1 -Brocoli14 dager siden
  • No one should die a virgin

    Kims MatiasKims Matias14 dager siden
  • To this day I still can not believe this idiot really has been the US president - legally. I still remember the day he got elected and it felt like April fools ever since. Like the US is one big trashy reality TV show. This is so sad to watch from the distance.

    Sarah B.Sarah B.14 dager siden
  • What a two faced sob and your whole GDP. This is not the America i recognize

    Andrew FrazerAndrew Frazer14 dager siden
  • It's funny how 4 years ago, republicans were laughing at democrats for losing and saying they were crying and everything. Then when they lose, they do this. Wtf were they imagining 4 years ago.

    Isabella FunkIsabella Funk14 dager siden
  • they should get punish! this is act of terrorist

    Rizma Salman MahaliRizma Salman Mahali14 dager siden
  • The Capitol Riot .Most of Them in Federal Prison. And Others Going Too.Good Bye No More Laughing.

    JudyJudy15 dager siden
  • I can’t believe trumpies still think the election was stolen

    Update MonsoonUpdate Monsoon15 dager siden
  • What u going on about! Forgot Kristalnacht? Them were real dangerous Killed 6 million pll including kids YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING fascism??, Google

    Toon Vd WielenToon Vd Wielen15 dager siden
  • 3:34 ya because every criminal streams their rape or murder, we still need cops dweeb

    TheIlliterateLibrarianTheIlliterateLibrarian15 dager siden
  • Trying to over throw the Government...These are treasonous acts! Had this been done in the 1400s .. 1500s all parties involved would have been be headed and this would have been a White House Massacre!!!

    Natasha PipkinNatasha Pipkin15 dager siden
  • This whole thing looks like the confused and frustrated response of a gaggle of disillusioned voters when they can't get what they came for -- they can't get a Leader who gives a Dang about us Americans -- his supporters... they can't get any kind of meaningful legislation that will deal with the abuses being inflicted on us all by the bozos we voted into office. It's all a very sorry mess....

    Bayfia XBayfia X15 dager siden
    • So do I, they can miss me as well.👍👍👍👍👍for Trevor Noah

      soinu foigsoinu foig15 dager siden
  • Who watches this? Putting the reporting aside, this show is terrible and Noah is not even funny! Miss Stewart.

    jwes playinjwes playin15 dager siden
    • Man you are watching this

      Jonas TrashJonas Trash14 dager siden
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    Daniel MasisDaniel Masis15 dager siden
  • Starting a fight and asking others to calm down? It's Gaslighting 101 for abusers.

    minij hooiminij hooi15 dager siden
  • Pence was on the flight list of Epstein

    Tasteful DeliciousTasteful Delicious15 dager siden
  • The police let them in.

    Tasteful DeliciousTasteful Delicious15 dager siden
  • Yes, very much so!!

    Andrew JoshuaAndrew Joshua16 dager siden
  • you don't know anything about politics

    Arthur DixonArthur Dixon16 dager siden
    • literally hates everyone in government, let's become a government while we're at it.

      minij hooiminij hooi15 dager siden
  • how u like the new potus u load mouth

    Justin HarvillJustin Harvill16 dager siden
  • Ч

    Nodir & KristinaNodir & Kristina16 dager siden
  • You not relevant Trevor. Comment on your own country instead.

    Cassy VorsterCassy Vorster16 dager siden
  • The unmasked "patriots" breaking and entering a federal building to lynch our elected officials over a lie, then posting on line. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer. 🤦‍♂️🤣

    soinu foigsoinu foig16 dager siden
  • Well it's official , idiocracy is definitely here 😁😆😜

    David VelkeyDavid Velkey16 dager siden
  • Trevor is so good on his own! Social distancing ... making it work.

    Poonam SrivastavaPoonam Srivastava16 dager siden
  • So do I, they can miss me as well.👍👍👍👍👍for Trevor Noah

    Renee BrawnerRenee Brawner16 dager siden
  • I understand" black women was gunned down" Before she got to the White House... A hundred and something people ... Get in the White House .... How ? Nothing will ever change white is right and black is ....

    Star ShineStar Shine16 dager siden
    • taxpayers stimulus money 💰. How many Trillions of dollars have been spent?

      soinu foigsoinu foig16 dager siden
  • Please miss me wit that bulls#*t!!!

    siyue bladesiyue blade17 dager siden
  • Nancy dipped i would of too

    siyue bladesiyue blade17 dager siden
  • But not all people take pics defunding the police is great also he didn’t say They were law abiding Americans he said they were true Americans, in the civil war most democrats supported slavery don’t mess with me with that bullshit so I guess you like slavery

    Boy HeBoy He17 dager siden
  • The thirsty alto understandably peck because existence synchronously sip at a ludicrous enemy. light, voiceless request

    Metz WaldronMetz Waldron17 dager siden
  • literally hates everyone in government, let's become a government while we're at it.

    Lockinhind dangerLockinhind danger17 dager siden
  • We can say that these were Deocrates and Republicans alike in the mob. If they were calling for vise president Pence hurt, the one can come to conclude that either Pelosi or Trump could be behind these riots against their own parties or the other party.

    Sara MillSara Mill17 dager siden
  • The kkk didn’t teach you anything! Sir.. we can see you. Smh

    Raquanna MooreRaquanna Moore17 dager siden