Unintentionally Aggressive Road Rage

12. sep.. 2020
819 975 Ganger

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Road rage is a tough concept to grasp, buddy.

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    Ryan GeorgeRyan George4 måneder siden
    • Shoes...................................

      I'm A Car ChargerI'm A Car ChargerMåned siden
    • Do they run true to size, bigger, smaller? You are PERFECTION btw 👍

      The YarnaholicThe YarnaholicMåned siden
    • No

      Rajat Kamal ChauhanRajat Kamal Chauhan4 måneder siden
    • Hm

      JoeYT Gaming!JoeYT Gaming!4 måneder siden
    • Went to get shoes and they are out of my size. Such a bummer. Maybe next time I will be on time in ad space.

      Dr. Florida ManDr. Florida Man4 måneder siden
  • These guys are unbelievably aggressive.

    Nauman AmanNauman Aman5 timer siden
  • gg

    KE'SHAWN DYERKE'SHAWN DYER15 timer siden
  • Why is nobody asking Sebastian is okay?????

    Leon PaelinckLeon Paelinck16 timer siden
  • This video proves that people always take comments from others in the worst way possible

    Faris BakrFaris BakrDag siden
  • I've never blinked more in my life

    SheepyboySheepyboyDag siden
  • Canada in a nutshell

    AkabearclawAkabearclaw3 dager siden
  • Wooooooooaaaaaaaaah

    FETFET4 dager siden
  • HEY BUDDY!!! This is a pretty cool video.

    AnonymousAnonymous5 dager siden
  • Vessi seems like a cool person

    FatFreeWATERFatFreeWATER7 dager siden
  • This is how people in Massachusetts drive down the highway.

    lebensraummetallebensraummetal8 dager siden
  • “What’s road rage?” Well... Oh yeh start the biffta

    Hawk’s BricksHawk’s Bricks8 dager siden
  • Vegan shoes you shouldn’t be eating your shoes

    Trystan LewisTrystan Lewis9 dager siden
  • I'm not sure how the car is both blur and gray at the same time.

    Mark the malevolentMark the malevolent11 dager siden
    • Blue-ish grey.

      not_elienot_elie5 dager siden
  • Remember before the pandemic it was barely 100k subscribers if I am not mistaken Let's bring this to 5 million everyone!

    Billy WongBilly Wong11 dager siden
  • “My shoes are vegan”

    Stirling GouldStirling Gould13 dager siden
    • Same dude.

      not_elienot_elie5 dager siden
  • producer guy: how are these guys even talking while driving? writer guy: unclear producer guy; well ok then

    mastertoki1mastertoki114 dager siden
  • ah yes vegan shoes

    SCORPSCORP14 dager siden
  • Do a funny comment video:)

    Seth WilburnSeth Wilburn16 dager siden
  • Sometimes I forget just how Canadian Ryan really is.

    Michael WellenMichael Wellen16 dager siden
  • are shoes not for eating?

    Wolf Fangs Cute CatsWolf Fangs Cute Cats17 dager siden
  • oOh Vegan shoes better to eat!!

    Wolf Fangs Cute CatsWolf Fangs Cute Cats17 dager siden
  • the end just took a U turn

    Wolf Fangs Cute CatsWolf Fangs Cute Cats17 dager siden
  • And then the red car did a back flip and snapped the black cars engine and saved the road

    MonikaMonika18 dager siden
  • I always wait to hear AD-stronaut in AD-space... but I don't watch the ad. Sorry.

    Darrin BrunnerDarrin Brunner18 dager siden
  • I love this channel / im addicted

    Lovely BillieLovely Billie19 dager siden
  • Driving in Canada

    BurgerGodBurgerGod20 dager siden
  • Huh😔, sponsors pay money to get mentioned in at the end of his videos, it's an ad space. I feel bad for not connecting those dots sooner. It's such a good joke

    Mattheu WhiteMattheu White20 dager siden
  • This is even more stressful ahahaha

    veronica bveronica b20 dager siden
  • awesome, only thing better would be to bite the shoe when you say they are vegan

    UriEl F.UriEl F.21 dag siden
  • Abcd

    Poopy doopy FairyPoopy doopy Fairy22 dager siden
  • OMG I’ve always wanted *vegan* shoes!

    NaseemNaseem22 dager siden
  • Vessi more like messi

    Zak GilfillanZak Gilfillan22 dager siden
  • wow

    bxzxbbxzxb23 dager siden
  • WoW

    bxzxbbxzxb23 dager siden
  • WOW

    bxzxbbxzxb23 dager siden
  • WOW

    bxzxbbxzxb23 dager siden
  • funny

    Viola DeMarcoViola DeMarco24 dager siden
  • I literally knew how to use indicators at the age of 6, people are stupid.

    imojen ashliimojen ashli24 dager siden
  • XD

    Shade - gaming and memesShade - gaming and memes25 dager siden
  • Idk what u talking about. I got my license from a cereal box...

    SpariskSparisk25 dager siden
  • There's even comedy in how Ryan says "Vessi" and I can't stop saying it. This is bad. I'm a walking ad for a product I don't even remember until I look it up. every time.

    ReonlasbardReonlasbard27 dager siden
  • He should've taken one of the red car's glasses at the back, never know when you might need them

    A cyan named KitKatA cyan named KitKat27 dager siden
  • I like vegan shoes, they definitely taste better

    IThinkItMeIThinkItMe28 dager siden
  • I love how they’re all driving side by side, like there are three lanes all driving in the same direction on the same road and they can match each others’ speed perfectly.

    I’m Too Kind for This NonsenseI’m Too Kind for This Nonsense28 dager siden
  • I saw 68 likes on the video and suddenly it became 57k likes after rubbing my eye

    Ayush GuruswamyAyush Guruswamy28 dager siden
  • Two wholesome beans and a bitter pill.

    vazak11vazak11Måned siden
  • Canadians

    Skylar FoxSkylar FoxMåned siden
  • Most Canadian Thing Ever ❤️

    Chaos FarmChaos FarmMåned siden
  • Imagine walking down the street in a giant mech suit.. Would change people's psychology a wee bit and create a lot of a** holes.... That's basically what's happining to people in cars

    Autumn DarkAutumn DarkMåned siden
  • when Canadians Road Rage

    F.B.IF.B.IMåned siden
  • Police officer: Where did you take driving lessons? Ryan: Grand Theft Auto minus the theft Police officer: So Grand Auto?

    Adriana Julie BensonAdriana Julie BensonMåned siden
  • Hey buddy, make sure you upload good videos m'kay.

    stellar toadstellar toadMåned siden
  • So vessi shoes are vegan? I can serve them to my friends right? How should i cook them?

    stellar toadstellar toadMåned siden
  • Hi, hello! I’m the Adstronaut!

    YuzuhaYoshida228YuzuhaYoshida228Måned siden
  • The way he says woAHH at the end is the best

    MitzieKat99MitzieKat99Måned siden
  • I didn't know vessi shoes were vegan, not gonna eat them then.

    Fail MeepFail MeepMåned siden
  • The daily life of Americans living in Canada

    HeadCanonHeadCanonMåned siden
  • Driving is tight.

    Veriden bitemeVeriden bitemeMåned siden
  • I watched this again and only now realized that when the dude in the red car looks to the left at the start one of the lenses on his glasses disappear- WHAT WITCHRAFT IS THIS

    Adam T.Adam T.Måned siden
  • Florida has the worst driving I've been in. No one uses their turn signals.

    FJ NowellFJ NowellMåned siden
  • More liked Canadian Road Rage

    A Very Strange CatA Very Strange CatMåned siden
  • You do this "road rage" thing to conservatives! Glad I only watch the pitch meetings on screen rants, and end up disliking most of what you post on your channel that's recommended to me.

    Corn Dog ShaunCorn Dog ShaunMåned siden
  • Hey comment people watch where you’re commenting!

    Damien ChristDamien ChristMåned siden
  • "Everybody is in self-defense mode while driving" that's the most truest statement ever

    YkhavariYkhavariMåned siden
  • It's amazing you guys had 3 cars running side by side for over 3 minutes!

    shepherd_b0yshepherd_b0yMåned siden
  • Hey buddy, haven’t you heard of the DMV? 😝

    xadahglaxadahglaMåned siden
  • These guys are so nice

    killer freddykiller freddyMåned siden
  • whattt 666k views nani!

    PatheticPatheticMåned siden
  • OMG!

    Tall CedarsTall CedarsMåned siden
  • Go to India. Have fun.

    SDfighterSDfighterMåned siden
  • So there all Canadian

    Drednot 88Drednot 88Måned siden

    LoganDarkLoganDarkMåned siden
  • Im not even sure the shoes are real haha

    Leon DouwmaLeon DouwmaMåned siden

    Beat JamMusicBeat JamMusicMåned siden
  • You are literally THE ONLY NOworld channel whomst I ever stay to watch the sponsorships for, also your "First Day As A Police Intern" made me physically react to the twist (I laugh coughed really hard). So thank you

    Adam GosztolaAdam GosztolaMåned siden
  • When Canadians are driving.

    Irishman from EnglandIrishman from EnglandMåned siden
  • "I ordered a bunch of extra glasses to give to my brother, the scientist, my flat mate, my boss, my colleagues, the news reporter...!!" 😆

    Claire BamberClaire BamberMåned siden
  • What was you "I really regret that moment" Click read more to see mine Well one day I saw a no smoking cigarettes sing on the wall and guess what I did I fu**ed a moose

    McDoodleMcDoodleMåned siden
  • How can a shoe be vegan?

    zaqzilla1zaqzilla1Måned siden
  • 2:06 pog Ryan

    PeedwagonPeedwagonMåned siden
  • Yes thank you my cousin for these shoes, I now save money on smart phones.

    Sebastian BilSebastian BilMåned siden
  • No one else does ad promos like you. It is just truly fantastic.

    Gayan LiyanageGayan LiyanageMåned siden
  • moral of the story saying hey buddy before every sentence makes it more aggressive.

    You cant handle my name!You cant handle my name!2 måneder siden
  • “The First Guy to drive a Car” “The First Guy to wear Glasses”

    LeKnight StudiosLeKnight Studios2 måneder siden
  • Ryan needs to stick to Pitch Meetings, by George!

    Tom EvansTom Evans2 måneder siden
  • This is just Road Rage in Canada.

    OLD RRDOLD RRD2 måneder siden
  • Canadian roads are weird. Three cars driving side-by-side?

    ElPayasoMaloElPayasoMalo2 måneder siden
  • In India, these happen for real..

    the progress barthe progress bar2 måneder siden
  • Is it ok to feel ur own blood circulation

    Exchanger GamezExchanger Gamez2 måneder siden
  • Vegan?! Finally a pair of shoes I can eat without feeling bad!

    CritCrit2 måneder siden
  • Living in this universe would be stressful and hilarious 😂

    Chicken SpeedChicken Speed2 måneder siden
  • Just pointing it out, all 3 drivers are Canadian.

    Trekkie from New ZealandTrekkie from New Zealand2 måneder siden
  • This video would be so much different if you lived in the USA...

    The superfanThe superfan2 måneder siden
  • One word: Canada.

    TalkTime GamingTalkTime Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Road rage is why the aliens won't come to visit us.

    Deavon ReyeDeavon Reye2 måneder siden
  • Canadian drivers

    Christopher L BoothChristopher L Booth2 måneder siden
  • Local driver discovers turn signal

    Riley VerdictRiley Verdict2 måneder siden
  • Canada in a nutshell

    Ice DragonIce Dragon2 måneder siden
  • The last Whoa bits is always killing me

    を2 måneder siden