Unboxing $10,000 worth of Tech! - Unboxing #44

19. juni. 2020
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The biggest episode of What's In The Box I have done on the channel!
🔥Parts List🔥
WD 4TB SSD: amzn.to/37Fi1fm
Govee LED Strips: amzn.to/2YNkCQn
Corsair Force MP600 2TB: amzn.to/3hIu2Wf
Corsair Dominator Platinum White: amzn.to/3e9UGVE
Antec Katana RGB Ram: amzn.to/3hzAdf0
i9-10900K: amzn.to/2NdJJGA
i7-10600k: amzn.to/37FSSkQ
Corsair H100i RGB Platinum White: amzn.to/2YOXYY4
Corsair QL120mm Fans (White): amzn.to/2YMEG5A
ASUS Strix RTX 2080 Super (White): amzn.to/2YbBNw4
GravaStar Speaker: amzn.to/2NcIXtH
JBL Quantum 800 Wireless Gaming Headset: amzn.to/3dfUiDE
Model-D Gaming Mouse: amzn.to/2YetfEx
GMMK TKL Keyboard: bit.ly/2zIoeL2
JBL Pulse 4 RGB Speaker: amzn.to/2NmV3AF
ASROCK Z490 Aqua: bit.ly/2zKiD79

  • Here’s a drinking game idea: Take a shot everytime I say ‘OMG’ 😂

    TechSourceTechSource5 måneder siden
    • Yes absolutely

      Lokesh ZurkaleLokesh Zurkale5 dager siden
    • Man everything is spinning

      SSScummySSScummy2 måneder siden
    • When he says omg he sounds like iskall85

      Roknafobya GamesRoknafobya Games3 måneder siden
    • Does oh my lord count?🤣

      CrazyChurroCrazyChurro3 måneder siden
    • @xSloy he pin his comment

      BEKLO GamingBEKLO Gaming3 måneder siden
  • The red collision pivotally consist because children taxonomically clap minus a tan rocket. fancy, tall debt

    Nicholas CisnerosNicholas Cisneros3 timer siden
  • I wish I could get stuff like you

  • Moneyyy heisssttttt omagod

    Suvdaa JanjinSuvdaa Janjin16 dager siden
  • when the motherboard is almost as expensive as 2 of your pcs combined

    Just KingJust King23 dager siden
  • My pc has a white 3090 by zotac

    Crafty's CreationsCrafty's Creations25 dager siden
  • That one moment where he says that is sick not to the headphones but the box.

    phatj1227phatj122728 dager siden
  • Can a freebie reach the Ph? ❤️

    Colton NogueraColton NogueraMåned siden

    jonas lamjonas lamMåned siden
  • Hey man. This looks really good. Do you also giveaway stuff to Indians??

    santosh jammisantosh jammiMåned siden
  • can i have one?

    aubrey barbasoaubrey barbasoMåned siden
  • Enjoying your vids so far, new subscriber here. Support from PH ♥

    Aljhon ZamoraAljhon ZamoraMåned siden
  • wow

    Sreejith B.SSreejith B.S2 måneder siden
  • I only watch these video to remind me that I will never get a pc

    ZonkedASPZonkedASP2 måneder siden
  • discord link ?

    FluffyLoraxFluffyLorax2 måneder siden
  • 4:41 (he means BBC ?)

    Kaan CetinKaan Cetin2 måneder siden
  • The Antec Katana RGB Ram would go perfectly with my build

    DobophopDobophop2 måneder siden
  • Please listen to this link: noworld.info/video/video/lmXXqdhqyL7czJI.html It's a Quran recitation and it would mean a lot to à lot of muslims, btw loved the vid

    MobiletitanS Mobile legendsMobiletitanS Mobile legends2 måneder siden
  • Sir after seeing this video (I see your videos from many years )I have joined to discord at techsource . I live in india and sir i want some stuffs as your prices in discord ( FREE) because sir i am a pc lover an i want a gaming pc to play some popular games So sir please give me some stuffs or a prebuilt pc as you wish sir please Pls ....pls....pls... Need help now

    Alfaz Rehman 72RAlfaz Rehman 72R2 måneder siden
  • sometimes i whish i was techsource for a day so i can have a dope pc :

    ZD ReveredZD Revered2 måneder siden
  • "Dabb Pen"

    Daryn HarmeyerDaryn Harmeyer2 måneder siden
  • My PC Cost: $650 Just one motherboard: $1000 Me: *faints*

    EzraEzra2 måneder siden
  • Y don’t company ship parts to my house 😭

    ivan vozivan voz2 måneder siden
  • Girls when they see their best friend after a long time 8:08 And then they shout

    Aayushman KumarAayushman Kumar2 måneder siden
  • Did you pay for everything or some things and did those companies send in some items

    kezhiyan playzkezhiyan playz2 måneder siden
  • I’d be down for a separate video for the keyboard.

    Barnabas BBarnabas B3 måneder siden
  • Sooooo, what did he miss in the end?

    Mohamed Zain SheikhMohamed Zain Sheikh3 måneder siden
  • This is how many times he said "It is here" ⬇️

    Adit POTDUKHEAdit POTDUKHE3 måneder siden
  • When the box bigger than you Ed

    FPGFPG3 måneder siden
  • That one liquid cooler is worth more than my entire pc

    Keisuke Takahashi YTKeisuke Takahashi YT3 måneder siden
  • Me tryna think to myself I know what they're saying. 😂💀.

    Jermiah ThompsonJermiah Thompson3 måneder siden
  • 6:30 he is acting like a little kid on Christmas ☺️🥳🥳

    PicsPlayzPicsPlayz3 måneder siden
  • U say "DAB pen"???

    Jeff HubbardJeff Hubbard3 måneder siden
  • The Ram Sticks Are $60 less than my PC build

    UncleFishysBigToesUncleFishysBigToes3 måneder siden
  • Where do people get these tech mystery boxes from?

    DrDependableDrDependable3 måneder siden
  • I make gaming video need support

    Tanjem GamingTanjem Gaming3 måneder siden
  • my broke ass watching this @4am.

    Zarif HossainZarif Hossain3 måneder siden
  • Hi can u buy me a gaming setup

    JR GAMER 878JR GAMER 8783 måneder siden
  • i live in the uae in the uae thats 60k dirhams

    FrostyFrosty3 måneder siden
  • My $1900 pc Then the motherboard that is over half the entire price

    TomTom3 måneder siden
  • I really hope you see this comment, I have a really bad computer now, 1050 ti gpu, I5 cpu, 2 8gb ram, and a fan cpu cooler, I have to do online school so maybe can we do a build together, that would be a dream come true bro, I literally have been watching u for a good couple years now and I love watching u give kids computers, it’s so heart warming, but I do need a better computer text me!!

    Raid TJRaid TJ3 måneder siden
  • Don't want to be mean or anything but what does he do with all this stuff? He can't use all the stuff from 48 of these videos

    ƒiremanƒireman3 måneder siden
  • I had to sell my husband's PC for $300 for my daughter's birthday celebration. And now he is sad coz his dream is really to become a streamer someday. Im planning to save some money to buy him a new one but the situation right now in the Philippines is really difficult bcoz of corona virus and he only gets $44 a week from his job which i think is not enough to have a savings. I just hope to buy him a new one.

    Anjella TuasonAnjella Tuason3 måneder siden
  • great youtuber

    OnCe AgainOnCe Again3 måneder siden
  • When the cheapest product here is more expensive than your entire setup...

    Ahmed StrikaAhmed Strika3 måneder siden
  • Ed: not happy with a $500 PC. Me:exited to death with a $5 PC And btw what songs did he play in the JBL rgb speaker?

    textile impulsetextile impulse3 måneder siden
  • the empty box for the jbl headphones costs more than my life

    GhostGhost3 måneder siden
  • "Ahhh these are so cumfterble" :takes them off instantly

    ITZ_ WhytxITZ_ Whytx3 måneder siden
  • Mystery tech without the Mystery

    JooxJoox3 måneder siden
  • Pleeeeease wath is the box jbl??????

    Spyro _ BkSSpyro _ BkS3 måneder siden
  • راااح أبجي خرب أنه

    REKT AHMEDREKT AHMED3 måneder siden
  • Some one plz tell what song did he play in the jbl rgb speaker from 17:20 to 17:50 plz someone reply 🙏🙏🙏

    textile impulsetextile impulse3 måneder siden
  • when your friends say your spoiled

    peerdotpeerdot3 måneder siden
  • Who else just wanted the full unboxing to be an hour or so and not quick ceuse it’s not boring it’s very interesting

    Mario instrumentals GGMario instrumentals GG3 måneder siden
  • What tv Is that

    Cynx OnGfuelCynx OnGfuel3 måneder siden
  • Also me : subbed on 2 other accounts

    Omar EL-MAHDY 2026Omar EL-MAHDY 20263 måneder siden
  • Me praying to god when I heard subscriber build

    Omar EL-MAHDY 2026Omar EL-MAHDY 20263 måneder siden
  • I do not get how people can afford this.

    XvęnïtyXvęnïty3 måneder siden
  • Im so freakining jealous right now 😭

    rafael floridarafael florida3 måneder siden
  • My dream is to buy this all stuff man!😭

    Technical CobraTechnical Cobra3 måneder siden
  • I was planning to build a pc for 1k and Edgar here is buying a motherboard for 1.1k 💀

    deflectdeflect3 måneder siden
  • At the end of this vid I see somethings that are on the table but you didn’t inbox them like the 3 MSI motherboards, white power supply and more. Just curious that there might have been some footage that went missing or forgot to put it while editing this video 👍 thanks for making all these vedios and hope you see this comment 👍👌🔥

    Cubeon240fpsCubeon240fps3 måneder siden
  • Hey Sir, Which is the best graphics card for all gaming????plz answer I wanna know

    Kamran KhanKamran Khan3 måneder siden
  • Bro please man, i really need an upgrade and i look at your vids and see these perfect components, can you help a fella out .

    Rodney BrownRodney Brown3 måneder siden
  • Bro i wish I could pc to play on it

    as 10as 103 måneder siden
  • Money hiesttttttt

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  • How much was the knife? Was that part of it? 🤣

    CrazyChurroCrazyChurro3 måneder siden
  • Omg I’m barely saving up 500 for a pc and I wish I could get half these part😂

    Gerardo LeonGerardo Leon3 måneder siden
  • i bet $2000 went into the 2080 super

    ZakkeusuZakkeusu3 måneder siden
  • lucky to be u :(

    NadzhimNadzhim3 måneder siden
  • i had the model o mouse but somehow the cord came out of it 4 days after I got it

    Landon AlexanderLandon Alexander3 måneder siden
  • My bday is may 18th

    xd_MonkeyBoyxd_MonkeyBoy3 måneder siden
  • This is tech porn this is the best porn

    Holee.Holee.3 måneder siden
  • It looks like it’s for people who like fitness *ed puts it down*

    BaccaBacca3 måneder siden
  • My good sir watching Money Heist I see :)

    Mystic BantoMystic Banto3 måneder siden
  • He says short and quick looks at time 22 mins

    [TAG] ,[TAG] ,3 måneder siden
  • 18:57 his happines face gives me peace

    Lucho7120YTTVLucho7120YTTV3 måneder siden
  • At 15:23 exuse me what tf

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  • U filmed this on my birthday

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  • I just want 1 pc and you got 10🥺

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  • Waiting my 10700K

    Arttu PölönenArttu Pölönen3 måneder siden
  • This is so retarded all it is is fricken ps parts. Why not get like controllers or monitors or something other than pc parts

    SplooshSploosh3 måneder siden
  • i was hitting my dab pen when he said to grab it haha

    Thomas HiggsThomas Higgs3 måneder siden
  • The way you act unboxing is exact same as me, my wife be like its just a pc componnent, i be like yeah but look at it.

    Matthew BoulterMatthew Boulter3 måneder siden
  • 15:22 HA GAYYYYYYYYYYY, just jking

    Hector Jhoan Martínez MendozaHector Jhoan Martínez Mendoza3 måneder siden
  • Wish someone loved me like Ed loves white gpu’s

    Finned.Finned.3 måneder siden
  • I like how he gets sent £10000 of stuff and I can't afford a £500 pc 😂

    mxsonmxson3 måneder siden
  • how many likes this coments gets, is how many times he said " Oh My Lord"

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  • Where episode 44-47?

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  • Damn that JBl 🤤 Can I have those?😁

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  • 4:27 looks like a pocket knife on top

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  • Imagine the Asrock Aqua Logo Mug lights while pouring hot liquid.

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  • I really need the I 5

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  • Who doesn’t like the “D” 💀🤣

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  • Mug is rgb

    Massepf Jomel BagtasosMassepf Jomel Bagtasos3 måneder siden
  • Damn 4000ghz ram while i'm sitting here with 8gb 1200ghz

    DimoDimo3 måneder siden
  • no worry just sent me only boxe.

    Sahil ViraniSahil Virani3 måneder siden
  • 😭I gotta leveno laptop my guy the thing can’t even play tf2 loloooll😂

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  • I like how he says ooh to a two terabyte ssd and im here just struggling

    Javier St.claireJavier St.claire3 måneder siden
  • I’m really jealous

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