Ultimate $10,000 RTX 3090 + TR 3990X PC Build

24. sep.. 2020
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The Ultimate $10,000 RTX 3090 and 3990X PC Build!
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*This video is sponsored by Crucial!*
▶Parts (US)◀
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X: amzn.to/3hTpISM
ASUS Zenith II Extreme Alpha Board: amzn.to/3mMdWxa
Crucial Ballistix 16GBx4 (4400mhz): amzn.to/364EkMS
MSI RTX 3090 GAMING X TRIO: amzn.to/3mOF8eM
MSI RTX 3090 GAMING X TRIO (Newegg): bit.ly/362xiIt
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360P Silver Edition: amzn.to/3mNezqa
CM Masterliquid ML360P Silver Edition (Newegg): bit.ly/2FO0nwN
CM MasterFan SF360R ARGB: amzn.to/2Etr1ds
CM MasterFan MF120 Halo: amzn.to/2RQQrF4
CM H500P MasterCase (Grey): amzn.to/363gJfF
CM V1000 Platinum Power Supply: bit.ly/2RTJIdr
Crucial P5 M.2 SSD 2TB x2: amzn.to/306o1LF
Crucial MX500 2TB SSD x2: amzn.to/33Yn5dx

  • A BIG shout-out to my friends at Crucial for making this happen! What should I do next? 3090 NVLINK build?

    TechSourceTechSource2 måneder siden
    • Not worth it for sli

      Hyper PlayzHyper Playz12 dager siden
    • I do not have a pc

      PammanxPammanx16 dager siden
    • Next : I did an nvdia rtx 3090 amd ryzen treadripper 30.000 dollar setup lol

      WaafyyWaafyy17 dager siden
    • Yes

      wisi husjewisi husje22 dager siden
    • Yes

      Agnieszka GensieniecAgnieszka Gensieniec25 dager siden
  • Please give it to me🙂

    prank townprank town7 timer siden
  • Feel sorry for that poor CPU/GPU not having a real watercooling loop of 2x 360 black ice rads

    HarrypmHarrypm10 timer siden
  • Wouldn’t it have been better to have 2 3090s and cut costs in other places?

    Austin SonnenscheinAustin Sonnenschein21 time siden
  • Doesn't it kinda suck now that there are the 5 thousand and 6 thousand cards now

    boiled potato 13boiled potato 1321 time siden
  • 6:32 oh i'm having more value for myself now

    El KikoEl KikoDag siden
  • Needs more RGB or else it won’t be as good

    Rainbow PillsRainbow PillsDag siden
  • So i have to sell one of my kidney to buy this🤔. Fuck this pc and my life 😭😭😭

    what thewhat theDag siden
  • I don't think that the 1000W PSU can handle that

    Samuel SklarSamuel SklarDag siden
  • 0:09 1:23 2:31 3:17 best points 4:27 5:10 5:47 6:39 7:28 8:30 9:23

    appam dheerajappam dheerajDag siden
  • the real most powerful pc is when you put 8 Sticks of ram, Ryzen Threadripper, and 2 RTX 3080s on top of an ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha

    Farizzz •Farizzz •Dag siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/rIWam7OFp5eXrLM.html My very own: AMR RYZEN THREADRIPPER 3990x 6% oc 256GB (32GB x 8) G.Skill Trident Neo Z 3600mhz EVGA FTW3 ULTRA RTX 3090 ASUS PRIME trx40 PRO mobo

    praystationpraystationDag siden
  • What are those triangles behind him again? The ones on the wall.

    Chris TierneyChris Tierney2 dager siden
  • Me:excited for the build Ads:did u miss me son Also me: excited for the benchmark Also ads: did u miss me again Also me: frustration

    TahmidTameem TalukderTahmidTameem Talukder2 dager siden
  • at first i was really confused with how you were getting these percentages. i'm just going to talk about the red dead the 3090 is 110% faster than the 2080ti in 4k. if you say something is 50% faster than something at 60fps then you will only have 90fps.

    Jeremy ConradJeremy Conrad2 dager siden
  • Maybe cars are overrated

    NoNameNoName2 dager siden
  • why dont you bought a quadro rtx 8000?

    KRAZY GEMARxKRAZY GEMARx2 dager siden
  • i wonder if it can run minecraft at 60fps

    Jake HolmesJake Holmes2 dager siden
  • The CPU is more powerful than my family's PCs

    Rashin YusufRashin Yusuf2 dager siden
  • there like $3000 in australia for a good one

    Maxyboy 46Maxyboy 462 dager siden
  • me: doesn't even has more than 500gb hdd tech source:installs 6tb ssd me after watching it han han han han

    umbrin imranumbrin imran2 dager siden
  • I would do anything for a system that good

    Dylan LaForestDylan LaForest2 dager siden
  • It’s nice just seeing him in his glory smiling his face off

    Joseph SzotJoseph Szot2 dager siden
  • I have an iPhone 3GS. Beat that.

    Chained SawedChained Sawed2 dager siden
  • Ed: U can sell ur one kidney for that pc me in the future: And that was the story of how i got rid of my kidney.

    Rojus RazumnijRojus Razumnij2 dager siden
  • 3995wx:*knock-knock*

    MDMC01MDMC012 dager siden
  • Lol his processor = my setup x 5

    Feel's GamecloudFeel's Gamecloud3 dager siden
  • Where is the water colled video?

    mfozan tassadaqmfozan tassadaq3 dager siden
  • so that's what we call bad optimized games now? "demanding"?

    Nikos Kalantas tou Kabourdirh tou KwstaNikos Kalantas tou Kabourdirh tou Kwsta3 dager siden
  • Should've bought 8 ram sticks

    WastedWasted3 dager siden
  • Can i play Minecraft on it?

    MegatónMegatón3 dager siden
  • can you build me a pc?? LOL

    MOOSE FPVMOOSE FPV3 dager siden
  • türkiyeden sesleniyorum burada o pc için sokakta adam vururlar

    RobocyberRobocyber3 dager siden
  • u could've made it water-cool

    Abdullah HassanAbdullah Hassan4 dager siden
  • I just watch 10 minutes adds because im in bathroom taking a shower i cant skip because my hand wet im sure your rich now because i watch your add:)

    Louis Inigo RicoLouis Inigo Rico4 dager siden
  • How to u just casually get a rtx 3090? Like I am staying up till 3:00 AM for these things

    Brx7 on FNBrx7 on FN4 dager siden
  • The motherboard cost more than my setup

    Blaze JIBlaze JI4 dager siden
  • The point of having TR is so you can add 256GB ECC UDIMMs and have them work together with ECC quadros, but AMD doesn't tell you that. AMD was smart to remove the focus of ECC and market it to gamer kids since them parents rich and brains dumb.

    Alison YaoAlison Yao4 dager siden
  • 6:56 video start

    Nijam SeikhNijam Seikh4 dager siden
  • Cry’s in poor 9,600$ more expensive than mine

    Zach AttackZach Attack4 dager siden
  • What song was used in the video??

    GasoaGasoa4 dager siden
  • My guy... Doesn't having the radiator with tubes at the top decrease the radiator life and performance? I would like to get your opinion on this as GamersNexus informed me well lol. Nice vid!

    RawrshakkRawrshakk4 dager siden
  • where do the pcs go after they build it

    FMG_REAPERFMG_REAPER4 dager siden
    • Like take them apart and stuff

      Javier GuerreroJavier Guerrero4 dager siden
    • They prolly keep them and use the parts for other videos

      Javier GuerreroJavier Guerrero4 dager siden
  • Me sells my kidney And Gets Kindey Failure

    Gaming With UttamGaming With Uttam5 dager siden
  • Noob builds lol

    Martin gamingxldMartin gamingxld5 dager siden
  • Imagine having 10,000$ to just spend on a pc 😂

    Zachary WoodsZachary Woods5 dager siden
    • @69Gsityoass 69 I’m honestly not, I just don’t see a big point for what I use a pc for, I’m also older and see 10 thousand dollars for a car, house something more essential.

      Zachary WoodsZachary Woods3 dager siden
    • Am mean who woundnt I would if I had 10,000 dollers but it looks like you are new to the pc community

      69Gsityoass 6969Gsityoass 694 dager siden
  • You have no idea how many times I’ve tried to watch this, but my ADHD has forced me away every time

    YEDYED5 dager siden
  • What are you doing with all Builds?

    Michal SymerskýMichal Symerský5 dager siden
  • Can anyone show me best parts for a pc price limit 1000?

    Joseguardado88Joseguardado885 dager siden
  • This is a good looking setup with them silver accents. Except for the RGB. God I hate rainbow RGB.

    MarinkoMarinko5 dager siden
  • httpswww.walmart.comipCLX-SET-GAMING-AMD-Ryzen-5-2600-3-4GHz-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1650-4GB-16GB-Mem-120-SSD-1TB-HDD270394155.png do you think this pc is good

    ツAquaツAqua5 dager siden
  • Me trying to save up for a 500$ PC

    ꧁ঔৣঔৣ꧂꧁ঔৣঔৣ꧂5 dager siden
  • shouldn't use msi, but great vid

    Ince HamzaInce Hamza6 dager siden
  • Bruh WHY did you put the watee cooler in that position?!?! that’s so bad!!!! Pfff bruh

    name last namename last name6 dager siden
  • Bruh the cpu costs a measly $3,850

    Vader YTVader YT6 dager siden
  • Can we just appreciate on the skill EdSource has? He channeled all four elements and stacked three graphics cards on top of each other.

    Derek HuDerek Hu6 dager siden
  • bro this pc costs more than some peoples cars lmaoooo

    AbortedMilkAbortedMilk6 dager siden
  • where should I go to sell my kidney ?

    aws salehaws saleh6 dager siden
  • I've recently gotten into pc builds and I have to say that cpu... *intimidates me*

    TotallyNot LambSauceTotallyNot LambSauce6 dager siden
  • You know I’ve began to watch so many of these that I’ve stopped being sad about not being able to afford this

    Tv Gaming_YTTv Gaming_YT6 dager siden
  • 😔 👉👈 Is for me ?

    Seanthegreat 1121Seanthegreat 11216 dager siden
    • No

      De00pro LazR_De00pro LazR_4 dager siden
  • Anyone else wondering about that fron radiator? I feel like those front fans are not good enough for colling that radiator.

    Buzz TechBuzz Tech6 dager siden
  • i wonder when AMD will release a threadripper replacement

    FishTailFishTail6 dager siden
  • Your percentages aren't right. You said the 3090 is 52% faster than 2080TI. Actually it's 110% faster as 65 more frames is 110% of 59 frames.

    James CahoursJames Cahours7 dager siden
  • this is more than 3 years of rent

    Akul AgarwalAkul Agarwal7 dager siden
  • y'know only a $4000 cpu, casual

    An Unknown BurritoAn Unknown Burrito7 dager siden
  • I’m dead 💀 the motherboard is more than my whole set up

    NG ProdNG Prod7 dager siden
  • Not enough rgb

    Kapper KermitKapper Kermit7 dager siden
  • So you should sold It?

    Nicolas ManuhuraponNicolas Manuhurapon7 dager siden
  • My bank account slapped me for clicking on this........

    Hunter ThorpeHunter Thorpe7 dager siden
  • Imagine having that like omg that’s fast af

    LEZY _LEZY _8 dager siden
  • nice now throw it to garbage because u are not gamer and certainly no graphic designer.

    Frank KingFrank King8 dager siden
  • The pc is more expensive than my life money spent

    28_Shahmeer Khan28_Shahmeer Khan8 dager siden
  • You are building this pc and you can build any pc without caring about money but some people( as me )want to kill them selves to get a gaming pc to play their favorate games💔😟😖

    Hussein ShamasHussein Shamas8 dager siden
  • 1:21 Huh what about the the Nvidia quadro gpus

    itsTechitsTech8 dager siden
  • can i sell my kidney to you?

  • 64GB's of RAM for a 64 core chip? Wouldn't exactly call it an ultimate build, may as well stick with a 3950x if you're going to run such little RAM.

    TheGoatTheGoat8 dager siden
  • I feel like the price people pay for their setups isn’t worth it. The difference aren’t justified in games when compared to next gen consoles which is only $400-$500

    Selfemployed247Selfemployed2478 dager siden
  • oh wow this is amazeballs

    Joe RJoe R8 dager siden
  • This man really made me sit down and think weather I should stop one of my kidneys

    SaltySalty9 dager siden
  • I Wonder ed sold his kidney too

  • you wouldn't know which hole to occupy first

    Liam HartoghLiam Hartogh9 dager siden
  • Do you're tellin me, that if i sell my kidney, I can build 10 of these?

    Andero AltAndero Alt9 dager siden
  • TechSource: My PC topped at 100°, I'm so worried Me: *Laughs in 9,000° Gaming Laptop*

    Ayden ColemanAyden Coleman9 dager siden
  • I'm out here trying to budget for a 6 core 12 thread processor XD

    1337strvids1337strvids10 dager siden
  • this is more expensive than my car 😭😭

    LazuriteLazurite10 dager siden
  • He did not use his rgb gpu stand

    Sultan AitzhanovSultan Aitzhanov11 dager siden
  • GOD. I am SO hard right now.

    Raymond MartinRaymond Martin11 dager siden
  • I would pay 10k if it was wrapped in gold and was in sli

    Plake PlaysPlake Plays11 dager siden
  • That CPU is a decent used car

    Sebastian GarciaSebastian Garcia11 dager siden
  • no brasil com 10,000 BRL você compra o TR 3990X kk, situação triste para nos brasileiros in Brazil with 10,000 BRL you buy the TR 3990X kk, a sad situation for us Brazilians

    Otávio LageOtávio Lage11 dager siden
  • Ohhh God I poor and pc only for rich people in my country.. I wish have one good 😪💔

    BDF GamerBDF Gamer12 dager siden
  • Imagine if he twisted a pin

    Zach RigdonZach Rigdon12 dager siden
  • That cpu is worth more than 2x my setup

    Zach RigdonZach Rigdon12 dager siden
  • You out here giving me ideas... F*** you Techsource. If only I didn't use drugs😂😂😂

    Yego AllanYego Allan12 dager siden
  • There is not a lot of builds where i wonder if 1000 watt psu is enough.

    Tony DarreTony Darre12 dager siden
  • Bro pls gift me a gaming pc☹️

    Balaji BaluBalaji Balu12 dager siden
  • Where is part 2?

    Alpha IQAlpha IQ12 dager siden
  • if you have this computer and ur friend asks u what graphics u run u can just say yes

    SP00KSSP00KS12 dager siden
  • There are still better cpu's than threadripper

    Ahmad IdreesAhmad Idrees13 dager siden
    • Which one?

      De00pro LazR_De00pro LazR_4 dager siden