Twin Supercharged 4 Cylinder Nitro RC Engine

6. mars. 2021
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I build a twin compound supercharger system for the mini 4 cylinder nitro RC engine.
I've seen people on NOworld recently trying to make boost with these mini superchargers, with very little boost being made, all I can do when I watch these videos is shake my head, so I decided to show them how it's done!..
I made about 3 PSI of boost here which some may think is substantial but I think is pretty elementary, I'm looking for some serious boost pressure in the future.
in this episode I build the entire compound supercharger setup, and at the end of the video I tear the entire engine down.
originally I was going to include the full tear down video but I decided not to because I found it boring but if you decide that's something you want to see, just let me know but in the next video with this engine where I use the toyan L400 engine For an upcoming project I'm probably going to build the entire engine from scratch and make some modifications along the way.
tell me what you think about this video and below please find the links to the engine I use in this video as well as the app Text To Shop.
thanks for watching and if there's any additional information you want to see in the description here let me know and I will include it in the future.
Toyan 4 Cylinder Engine:
Other Toyan Engines:
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00:05 Intro
00:40 SuperCharger
00:45 SuperCharger Build
04:26 SuperChargers Finished
06:06 1st Test Run
06:52 2nd Test Run
09:49 3rd Run With Boost
10:48 4th Run Max Boost
13:27 Text To Shop App
14:42 Engine Teardown ( Bonus Footage)
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Watch this in 4k when possible, it looks incredibly awesome !
Carbon 12
Produced By: Carbon 12
Directed By: Matt Mikka

  • Alot of people asking about the WaterJet I use, heres a link:

    Warped PerceptionWarped PerceptionMåned siden
    • Would love to see different engines and more builds cool video

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    • 12.

      Roni bumenRoni bumen11 dager siden
    • “A lot”. Sorry bro the grammar Nazi in me.

      ArcadiaArcadia16 dager siden
    • Your very talented, and I admire your engineering.

      Don TrumpDon Trump16 dager siden
    • Is there any possibility that you can make me a custom one and I can pay you for it?

      Dan MirandaDan Miranda19 dager siden
  • Ok now mount a mini go pro in the mini intake manifold

    SerbanbalintSerbanbalint2 timer siden
  • You have an amazing skill set. I definitely dig your videos.

    James WrightJames Wright10 timer siden
  • Ooo my god 😯where some parts is going🤭😃 what all of is nice 👌

    Veerpal KaurVeerpal Kaur12 timer siden
  • I loved the building portion of the video. Well done keep up the awesome editing man

    DeemDeemDag siden
  • me: BoOsT iT Warped Percepsion: ok i'L gIVe YoU 20PSi

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  • Please put that engine in a miniature F1 car.

    Vinay KumarVinay KumarDag siden
  • What cad software do you use? I'm looking into doing some cad work and it looks like it would be perfect for what I want to do

    Brandon BennettBrandon Bennett2 dager siden
  • Stutututu?

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  • Awesome

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  • you have some pretty good skills, welding, machining, ect. I really enjoy watching someone with your caliber of craftsmanship work, Thanks.

    Mike BloughMike Blough3 dager siden
  • Brilliant, I am really impressed.

    Graeme NealeGraeme Neale4 dager siden
  • Put it in a Honda.

    Colin BauerColin Bauer4 dager siden
  • where does the other 1O PSI come from while the other bigger centrifugal supercharger has it's turbine inlet closed by the smaller one's outlet? does it create a vacuum? how much difference would a tiny intercooler at the outlet of the bigger supercharger make? plus could the size of the coolant hoses be the bottleneck in this experiment?

    perdo manesperdo manes5 dager siden
  • mec respect tu est un véritable ingénieur bravo !!

    M2yzM2yz5 dager siden
  • This thing Litterally sounds like a honda cbr engine when it's cranking

    Tyla DubeTyla Dube5 dager siden
  • I can’t wait to see what you do!

    Rumble B ProductionsRumble B Productions5 dager siden
  • Attention to detail let you down. Your skills and resources are not in doubt it is your design skills and detail that is lacking. That belt arrangement is a dogs breakfast.

    Zeb FlaxtonZeb Flaxton6 dager siden
  • You should so make mini turbos

    Michael SuttonMichael Sutton6 dager siden
  • lean conditions = heat

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  • Next time you supercharge that with compressor

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  • I don't know what CAD/CAM software you used for that photo interpret but it's bad ass. That mini waterjet is badass too, nice setup!

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  • it would be possible to buy you an optimization kite like your video and if possible what price

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  • How many cc are these things? Imagine slapping 4 together Cosworth style into a v16

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  • Damn if only I could blow my engine this many times and keep driving it lmao

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  • wow thats the coolest rc engine iv ever seen. would be awesome to have something like that to give my dad for his birthday. thats all iv ever seen him do is autobody mechanic. i seen you making some parts but where can i get something like that.

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  • Freaking AWESOME!!! 👏 👏 👏

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  • Lmao as soon as he revved it a ad came up with a bright white screen and I thought it blew up for a second there

    Ricky'sDownForMiniGamesRicky'sDownForMiniGames8 dager siden

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  • Freaking love this channel bro your a mad builder

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  • First word that comes to mind is jesus. Your displaying top notch Craftsmanship man. I don't see why anyone would thumbs down this video , possible jealousy that they weren't given the talent you possess. Super cool man

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    • Haters gotta hate. My wife would say im wasting time on things like this. Too bad i wasted years with her.

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  • Maybe next time pull through the carbs instead of blowing through them. Boosting with a carb is always easier to tune that way.

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  • I’d love to see this in an absolutely insane RC dragster

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  • Tighten the belt to the dual chargers. That's why the idlers are so hot

    yatsinko_yatsinko_9 dager siden
  • You work fast

    Jake HekeJake Heke9 dager siden
    • Lol.. thanks!

      Warped PerceptionWarped Perception9 dager siden
  • My word I thought I built some cool stuff, this is just next level skill. I would do anything to be involved in these projects. Great work!

    Saul GoodmanSaul Goodman9 dager siden
  • Try putting isolation pads before you mount it xD

    Ryan WaltersRyan Walters9 dager siden
  • looks like a 4age 16v haha

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  • Very interesting and cool video but also your shop is severely Badass!! 👍👍

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  • it looks like the bulldawg engine in Trailmakers

    XxColorzGamingxXXxColorzGamingxX10 dager siden
  • They look like turbos to me

    Ryan GuidosRyan Guidos10 dager siden
  • How we attach this engine with Rc Car or Rc Boat??

    Advise 4 TechAdvise 4 Tech11 dager siden
  • This reminds me of the Home Improvement episode when Tim had a miniature small block V8 in a 1/5 scale AC Cobra on Tool Time , it sounded awesome like this one does

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  • You should make a oxygen acetaline kit, like a N2O kit for this engine

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    • Lol... I believe the water jet uses swagelock, are you saying I should have used those on the radiator fittings?

      Warped PerceptionWarped Perception12 dager siden
  • YOU STOLE MY IDEA I KNOW YOU LISTENED TO ME (im not crazy i swear🙄)

    Emile EdhouseEmile Edhouse12 dager siden
  • Fake, the psi boost is BS. The pipe is just sitting on the outlet of the second fan, not even air tight let alone under pressure.

    Rob MyersRob Myers12 dager siden
  • damn are those engines cute as hell.

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  • а мужику насрать на то,что турбинлу выхлоп разгонять должен, или что? зачем он ее к коленвалу приделал????

    The_NikeFiroxThe_NikeFirox12 dager siden
  • Really love the hard work u put in man it takes a lot to develop skills at this altitude good stuff

    Albert SotoAlbert Soto12 dager siden
    • Thank you

      Warped PerceptionWarped Perception12 dager siden
  • Add an oil cooler and a high pressure oil pump. Use hydrotex motor oil. It is so good, it is illegal to race with. More air.....maybe use compressed air or oxygen.........maybe try some nitro. Increase compression ratio. Air hears up 2 degrees for every pound of pressure. You may get a runaway engine. Cutting off the air is the only way to shut one down. You have too much time on your hands or money to spend.

    John HolmesJohn Holmes12 dager siden
  • What water jet are you running and the cost thank you great work

    Adam ScogginsAdam Scoggins12 dager siden
    • It's a protomax, I think I put a link in a comment here I'll have to check because somebody else asked me about it too.

      Warped PerceptionWarped Perception12 dager siden
  • Wha Wha WHAAAT? 2 Superchargers ?!?!

    Cap'n Jay GreybeardCap'n Jay Greybeard12 dager siden

    Marcelino gtr ssMarcelino gtr ss12 dager siden
  • Coumpound chargers work on pressure ratios not a multiple of chargers. It's not 10 then twenty but 1.8*14.7*1.8. a doubling in pressure just means they aren't sized correctly. Realistically you are limited by mach flow rate of the first chargers inlet. So usually its big charger feeding smaller charger in order to achieve a pressure ratio that a single charger can't achieve but at the flow rate of the larger charger

    1slow3701slow37012 dager siden
    • Thanks! I do understand that, but the majority of people have no idea what Compounding is so the easiest way to explain this is to use pressure, if I start talking about ratios, 99% of people will not be able to follow along.

      Warped PerceptionWarped Perception12 dager siden
  • I don't know how much horsepower is that little engine

    jelly infinityjelly infinity12 dager siden
  • Amazing job ! 🔥🔥🔥

    Cheiick-Kader CoulibalyCheiick-Kader Coulibaly12 dager siden
  • Good craftsmanship, but you have a lot of knowledge and experience to gain in design and engineering before something like this will work effectively. Even at 3 psi, you probably have lower crank output with the superchargers because of inefficiencies. Proper fuel delivery will likely be very difficult with boost. You'll probably need more than a simple pressure referenced valve. At least you'd need one with very high sensitivity. You're also going to need to manage oil temperature. To be honest with fuel, oil, and coolant, you're probably going to need to run some kind of ice chilled system to run boost. Unfortunately airflow efficiencies absolutely plummet as things get this small. Naturally aspirated it works fine, but with boost there's going to be SO much heat that you'd need a cooling package probably four times the size. And then your primary issue will actually be getting enough coolant FLOW through the engine. Hence why an increase in cooling capacity of the fluid will be neccesary, via iced coolant.

    -Tq--Tq-12 dager siden
  • Do a little more research but that's not a turbo......

  • How could those super chargers create a pressure when outlet hoses are not sealed? Why smoke does not come from exhaust pipes but somewhere from a bottom?

    Slivka SKSlivka SK12 dager siden
  • Amazing. Great work!

    Outlaw Garage KyivOutlaw Garage Kyiv13 dager siden
  • Id like to get 2 of those and have gas powered roller skates.

    JoeJoe13 dager siden
  • I've never not watched a full episode. Captivated again man.

    Here nowHere now13 dager siden
  • Does anyone know how he lost his finger? I always been curious, I know It must’ve been an accident, idk if it’s just me but I want to know exactly how lol.

    DavidDavid13 dager siden
  • Ok, so this guy is kind of a genius. This vid was really cool.

    2020 Subaru WRX 6spd Manual2020 Subaru WRX 6spd Manual13 dager siden
  • Carburetor goes before the superchargers.... otherwise youre blowing out the fuel and its running lean

    e36blure36blur13 dager siden
  • Still more HP then a prias.

    Ben NewtonBen Newton13 dager siden
  • Cool project, though i see a lot of finesse missing that's absolutely key for such a finicky unit. Calm down dude and stop rushing things. Your large pulley is wobbling like a B, that puts strain on your bearings and gives your idler a hell of a hard time. That's why it kept crapping out. Properly securing connections, checking runout, checking for vibrations first and PLEASE quit your engine immediately if you see bolts popping off it. Fuel system, generally a good idea to add fuel when adding air, but keep in mind the pressure in your system persists for way longer even when the engine isn't revving high anymore. RC engines using pressurized systems usually run off crankcase pressure using a check valve and a crank operated trigger system to pressurize the carb needle only at certain times. Really no rant here, I've been way to impatient in the past as well, things had to run NOW even though unfinished, lessons learned! Please check your piston liners, they crap out fast when running hot even once, the oil film just dies.

    Dan JayDan Jay13 dager siden
  • Junk!

    Anibal BabiloniaAnibal Babilonia14 dager siden
  • Decent welds!

    Nocturnal RSNocturnal RS14 dager siden
  • if you are getting 20 lbs of boost that is too high. 10lbs should be max or it will blow up fast.

    David MDavid M14 dager siden
  • $800.00 with out superchargers

    David MDavid M14 dager siden
  • Did you put Oil in the block???

    SS-50-CAL 3232SS-50-CAL 323215 dager siden
  • You should work at Space X...

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  • Is ths new video out yet?

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  • You need cooler air and more coolant flow maybe hit it two birds one stone

    zacharia mcglinchzacharia mcglinch15 dager siden
    • *them

      zacharia mcglinchzacharia mcglinch15 dager siden
    • Cool then both

      zacharia mcglinchzacharia mcglinch15 dager siden
  • imagine if he put a nitrous cartridge that has like one shot in it lol

    ToxicFlicksToxicFlicks15 dager siden
    • Rb innovations make nos shots for the nitro two strokes

      Snow JohnSnow John14 dager siden
  • Very entertaining. Probably a good idea to stick with the RC though. Nuts and bolts flying off while zipping around a race track at 200 miles per hour probably won't end nearly as well. :)

    James WilmothJames Wilmoth15 dager siden
    • @Warped Perception Forgive my confusion and ignorance. I figured this was a mini engine intended for a radio controlled vehicle of some sort. I was merely giving you a hard time, suggesting that while nuts and bolts flying off a tiny motor such as this in a controlled environment are merely humorous, the same can not be said when one is driving a full size vehicle with a full size engine around a race track at high speed. :)

      James WilmothJames Wilmoth13 dager siden
    • Thanks but RC? I'm not an rc guy .

      Warped PerceptionWarped Perception15 dager siden
  • See it hot and still touch it! xD

    Coffee Vanilla TechCoffee Vanilla Tech15 dager siden
  • Would love to see a rpm and maybe if you hook that up to like a tiny transmission and put it on a dyno to see some hp

    Nicolas AlicandriNicolas Alicandri15 dager siden
  • cool design. sorry you didnt make a cooling system.

    J AbdulJ Abdul15 dager siden
  • Wicked!

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  • you need to used one of the turbo to help air burning in exzos port come out more faster it make engine cant go overheat

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  • Nice! A dyno would be cool to measure the improvement

    juanmangeritajuanmangerita15 dager siden
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  • Need bigger carburetors it's running too lean causing too much heat

    Joseph B. KC1DAIJoseph B. KC1DAI16 dager siden
  • Can I hire your services to create a prototype for a product I'm selling?

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