Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

12. nov.. 2020
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    SmarterEveryDaySmarterEveryDay13 dager siden
    • Try using meat or flesh to stop the bell , To see what would happen if the bell hits a human

      HowToRandom كيف تصنعHowToRandom كيف تصنعDag siden
    • idea: when your trying to stop a bullet, usually bullet proof glass does a good job, the bullet spents a lot of its energy on breaking the glass before getting through, its stopped before then, so just replace the glass with say a hard leather over the baseball mitt, and maybe that might stop the ball

      ThoracJunautThoracJunaut5 dager siden
    • Sadness, I'm needing a glove, and see this😥

      Abraham PerezAbraham Perez5 dager siden
    • Not using a solid steel ball is just weak.

      SakonemaSakonema8 dager siden

      Douglas ParkinsonDouglas Parkinson11 dager siden
  • I give that really cool baseball gun 5 stars.

    Mathew RademacherMathew Rademacher7 minutter siden
  • You should try firing different materials like metal and wood?

    Jacob EberhardyJacob Eberhardy10 minutter siden
  • Good deer round

    Ronny GunsalusRonny Gunsalus10 minutter siden
  • Imagine with a cricket ball

    Brady RispelBrady Rispel32 minutter siden
  • Favorite Line: "What have we done, y'all?" 11:11

    Don JoeDon Joe44 minutter siden
  • Thats a ball we can observe and experiment with. But You guys believe that the earth, having a gas pressurized atmosphere, is rotating at 1600 km/h while it is hurled around the sun at an AVERAGE (!) velocity of 107 000 km/ in the solar system which is moving at 800 0000 km/h in a to nature, abhoring vacuum of space ! Try experimenting with that! 🤣😂

    S:O:L:I:DS:O:L:I:D53 minutter siden
  • Fire it straight up.

    Eric BackstromEric Backstrom59 minutter siden
  • Ball is like kame hame ha

    El distorsionador murhyEl distorsionador murhyTime siden
  • that and the 250mph baseball bat

    Lego BrosLego BrosTime siden
  • You destroyed a lot of nice baseball gear.

    Tito MontesTito MontesTime siden
  • Shoot it at a bat.

    Jack MehoffJack MehoffTime siden
  • The back says that because if you punch or kick back there there is no cushion just metal and plastic

    Justin sernaJustin sernaTime siden
  • hey if this is possible would you make a cannon version of that

    Og_KillerOg_Killer2 timer siden
  • I wonder how much force was applied to the first glove.

    Tony RockTony Rock2 timer siden
  • you should shoot a Mega Bounce XTR out of the cannon at a wall and see how far you can make it rebound

    Minecraft DancersMinecraft Dancers2 timer siden
  • 6:24 look the ball

    Edgar SoaresEdgar Soares2 timer siden
  • 13:52 amazing

    satyam pandeysatyam pandey2 timer siden
  • Next time can you make use of a metal ball

    Cj AliCj Ali2 timer siden
  • Bob Lives Matter

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name2 timer siden
  • Thats called friction! anything hits anything faster enough makes fire

    shafiq alamshafiq alam3 timer siden
  • I’d love to try and stop it myself. What an exciting prospect

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha3 timer siden
  • Consider that the SR-71 Blackbird flew - what - 3 times faster than the baseball, at Mach 3.5. Imagine that!

    Fred PilcherFred Pilcher3 timer siden
  • 10:33 taking picture with bob

    Kong Chee HaoKong Chee Hao3 timer siden
  • Wouldnt it be technically Mark 2 not Mark 1? as you preformed an upgrade since the base Mark 1 ;D

    Jacob ClarkJacob Clark3 timer siden
  • I saw a small flame coming off the the baseball before it even reached the glove

    TRAYXRTRAYXR3 timer siden
  • "How many gloves can the ball make it through?" *Yes*

    wrathin99wrathin993 timer siden
  • Imagine if Grandma walked by at the wrong time....

    Iceman ComethIceman Cometh3 timer siden
  • this should be considered a railgun variant.

    Lurky DreddLurky Dredd3 timer siden
  • Bob's dead now, i'm sorry for your loss.

    its Kenzzits Kenzz4 timer siden
  • Can the Bikes be sent over PHILIPPINES?

    YeshuaYeshua4 timer siden
  • imagine putting something with a more rocket shape in it

    Austin SloaneAustin Sloane4 timer siden
  • It's actually the air around the baseball that becomes superheated, just like in meteors.

    Doctor BLAST GamingDoctor BLAST Gaming4 timer siden
  • Hamza KaoukjiHamza Kaoukji4 timer siden
  • He took it like a champ

    Attila NagyAttila Nagy4 timer siden
  • Does something scientific: Acts casual

    Miscellaneous FaunaMiscellaneous Fauna4 timer siden
  • Poor Bob

    IanMemesIanMemes4 timer siden
  • 13:54 exist Shaolin soccer : **first time?*

    WatchMe IDWatchMe ID5 timer siden
  • I can almost hear: hello everyone this is YOUR daily dose of internet

    Keith Jaxel FloresKeith Jaxel Flores5 timer siden
  • now make it time travel

    Shade FazbearShade Fazbear5 timer siden
  • This reminds me of the show my hero academia when there doing training

    Dana TolliverDana Tolliver5 timer siden
  • Imagine driving down the road and seeing that cannon on a trailer 😂

    Korbin BrashearsKorbin Brashears5 timer siden
  • nerd

    Miller MosuraMiller Mosura5 timer siden
  • when saitama playing baseball

    KEN KANEKIKEN KANEKI5 timer siden
  • Eu amo seus vídeos ,são simplesmente demais kkkkkkkkk e é muito bacana que eles tenham legendas para o português ,assim os vídeos ficam mais interessantes ,consigo aprender bastantes coisas , tô ansioso pra ver você gravando um vídeo mostrando o quão longe esse canhão consegue lança uma bola de baseball kkkkkkkkkk , simplesmente um ótimo canal ,você é incrível 😎🤏🏼

    Gustavo PetrinGustavo Petrin6 timer siden
  • Hi Dustin. Will you come to see the eclipse in Chile this year. If so, would you like to meet? Hope you the best!

    camilo hurtado acerocamilo hurtado acero6 timer siden
  • Man that was one of the most amazing shooting tests I ever witnessed... proper cool.

    Balaji PerumalBalaji Perumal6 timer siden
  • Actually, I'm very surprised the baseballs didn't disintegrate due to the frictional force of air resistance. Time to break out the high speed schlieren setup. [edit update] I just discovered they already did. (World's Fastest Pitch - Supersonic Baseball Cannon) Good job guys!

    ynotawoodyynotawoody6 timer siden
  • Dude. That was absolutely bonkers. Can’t believe Trent was right at the end.

    Kush NiggaKush Nigga6 timer siden
  • Machine goes: BRRRRRRR Dummy goes: Woooshhhh

    Kent EledaKent Eleda6 timer siden
  • just watch ya'll put enough gloves theres gon be an explotion

    Dreadhead ziyahDreadhead ziyah6 timer siden
  • Omg fire ?

    Mr CaseMr Case7 timer siden
  • Poor Bob

    BG and CGBG and CG7 timer siden
  • “There’s fire!”

    Michael W.Michael W.7 timer siden
  • 10:52, pause it. What is that orange dot behind the baseball, encapsulated by the vapor wave? If you go to 9:47 it's not there from the prior glove experiment. Is that orange dot possibly the fire we saw once it ripped through the basketweave glove? Is it possible for a small flame to exist in that pressure zone at that speed?

    Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot7 timer siden
  • Trust me, that basket weave glove is not strong I’ve had some bad experiences with them

    __________________7 timer siden
  • If you wanna catch the ball, you could try to redirect the 1000 mph force by moving the glove. My idea is a machine that rotates an axis parallel to the ground at around 1000 mph in the direction that the ball is being shot. Depending on how you mount the glove, you can try to actually make the glove go faster than the ball and try to catch it out of the air as opposed to absorbing the force. This method might produce more friction and therefor fire if you're into that. This might be a hard stunt to pull off but you could collaborate with the SlowMoGuys because they did a video on the syncing technology of plane propellers and machine guns from WW2 planes. Be sure to test the machine with an axis end pointing towards you and good luck trying to secure the baseballs gloves!

    Parker BrennanParker Brennan7 timer siden
  • I calculated that the baseball has an Kinetic Energy of ~ 15.000 - 16.000 Joule. That's the Energy of an .50 BMG Bullet.

    A. W.A. W.7 timer siden
  • Well DUH!

    Derek GDerek G7 timer siden
  • It would be neat to see a video on the engineering process and how to identify problems to fix in engineering.

    Grant CelleyGrant Celley7 timer siden
  • imagine you have that power

    MARONSMARONS8 timer siden
  • “Bobs gonna die”

    Jordanthegamer8 Jtg8Jordanthegamer8 Jtg88 timer siden
  • WOW!

    Luis Carlo Ayala LuceroLuis Carlo Ayala Lucero8 timer siden
  • Who else was hoping they would shoot the baseball through the tractor?

    Ezekiel TonksEzekiel Tonks8 timer siden
  • Fire maybe from compression of the air between the mit and ball? Like a diesel engine kinda, compression ignition.

    C SC S8 timer siden
  • You can see fire on the ball as it's moving

    Luis PerezLuis Perez8 timer siden
  • Idea: can you do it at a car may you do it

    Dashawn BurnetteDashawn Burnette8 timer siden
  • In case anyone missed it. In the attempt to catch the ball with 9 gloves, there was fire in the air from the friction. Watch closely.

    Chron AldazaarChron Aldazaar9 timer siden
  • Highly entertaining, incredibly interesting, oddly disturbing.

    adaptiveagileadaptiveagile9 timer siden
  • Thanks for the cool video.

    AscendtionArcAscendtionArc9 timer siden
  • Wow, now I see why hypersonic missiles don't need a warhead. Science is amazing!

    Robert MoonRobert Moon9 timer siden
  • 4082 Bobs don't like this

    EL CHINOEL CHINO9 timer siden
  • 6:24 omg the balls air field thing

    Rigel SagradoRigel Sagrado9 timer siden
  • I fell bad fpr flash villans now

    Rex KolmanRex Kolman10 timer siden
  • The flash being beat by a baseball

    Rex KolmanRex Kolman10 timer siden
  • Let's go get smarter every day! ;) A few seconds later drone crashes into the tree. :/

    JDB745JDB74510 timer siden
  • "I doesn't compute"

    Lawrence McCaryLawrence McCary10 timer siden
  • Dear Destin Do you Ever Try Tesla Valve I Hope You'll Try it

    edvardt kivioqedvardt kivioq10 timer siden
  • Hit throws ball: my time skip is unbeatable

    Kalodro RobichauxKalodro Robichaux10 timer siden
  • God bless you!! Coolest experimenting ever!!😱😱

    Colton HendersonColton Henderson10 timer siden
  • The stuff men do for fun, just grownup kids. Cool.

    Scott TilsonScott Tilson11 timer siden
  • Why do i wickedly think of dodgeball all of a sudden. 🤪😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Johan IzerJohan Izer11 timer siden
  • You should get together with Mark and Mr. Beast and start up Team Trees again.

    Koba 101Koba 10111 timer siden

    Will MooneyWill Mooney11 timer siden
  • Americans in there backyards everyday be like:

    Justeen LoraJusteen Lora11 timer siden
  • Yeah this feels like AMERICA

    _ Chris__ Chris_11 timer siden
  • 250mph bat vs 1,000 mph baseball canon

    Jake HajtovikJake Hajtovik12 timer siden
  • Can anybody tell me why it's always Bob

    1RZITCH1RZITCH12 timer siden
  • If you stack all of the gloves together creating one super glove?

    redTVredTV12 timer siden
  • 13:54 is the coolest thing I have ever seen on NOworld.

    Rosie WyattRosie Wyatt13 timer siden
  • 13:29 opera music plays in the background...

    just causejust cause13 timer siden
  • 11:30 - "If leather hits leather fast enough it creates fire." Hmmmmm, so if you have a piece of leather placed against a candle wick can you light a candle with a bullwhip by striking the piece of leather to produce your ignition spark/flame?

    Phoenix T'KarPhoenix T'Kar14 timer siden
  • Next video - Shoot it straight up in the air!!

    Eric AndersonEric Anderson14 timer siden
  • Imagine that thing hitting a person or a tree

    histicallhisticall14 timer siden
  • Bob.

    easy gameeasy game14 timer siden
  • Im getting a knew bike bc my old bike got stolen

    Cebash 1Cebash 114 timer siden
  • I have a hypothesis for the fire that came from the contact of the ball, My thinking is with the supersonic forces being transferred to a small surface area that quickly made the stitching react violently to the friction between the affected leather and the static leather that was stitched. so when the ball hit the netting of the glove the increased friction on the stitches caused them to create enough heat energy to start deteriorating in a quick violent fashion. Compressed oxygen in the pocket of the glove could aid in this reaction from the mach cone.

    SequencedSequenced14 timer siden
  • stack all the gloves tightly together so that they are all touching one another. That'll do it

    filippolo7filippolo714 timer siden
  • Goku le gana

    Armando FlorArmando Flor15 timer siden
  • The fire came from the ball hitting the metal” fingers”

    Aj BraithwaiteAj Braithwaite15 timer siden