Trying The VIRAL "Selkie" Puff Dresses !! *is it as cute in person*

2. mai. 2021
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Trying the VIRAL "Selkie" Puff dresses!!
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  • omg where is the green top from 😩😩😩

    Angelo MarajAngelo Maraj4 timer siden
  • You people in these comments are so annoying. Its not your style we get it damn

    josh _josh _4 timer siden
  • Reminds me of maternity tops from the 50’s and 60’s......complete with a jacket. ❤️

    Sue HornSue Horn6 timer siden
  • Arent these called the puff sleeved baby doll dress?

    Enrish CakesEnrish Cakes8 timer siden
  • Can you please try dresses from LightInTheBox? I actually want to purchase some of their products for my ubcoming prom, but not too sure if they're good quality or not.

    Fαlling SταrFαlling Sταr11 timer siden
  • I like the pink puffy dress. but I'm like 4'11 and maybe those clothes will look weird on me haha.

    Raenielle TanRaenielle Tan13 timer siden
  • I'm not a big fan of the silhouette of the short ones but the long pink one is absolutely beautiful! I love it!

    Victoria BVictoria B13 timer siden
  • The style is called an empire cut waistline. It popular during the Regency period

    Gregory larsonGregory larson15 timer siden
  • Baby doll dress is the style of dress

    Buffy TargaryanBuffy Targaryan18 timer siden
  • sighhh i wanted a dress like this, but seeing the negative comments idk anymore LOL i dont wannna seem like a pregnant young teen... but also the dresses are very cute to me. giving me ariana grande vibes. anyone else?

    Khanh VuKhanh Vu19 timer siden
  • “It’s literally getting nice out right now” me living in FL dying in 80-90 degree weather since March. 🙃

    JessJess19 timer siden
  • Have you thought about auctioning off the dresses and donate the money to charity...I remember you mentioning donating dresses to charity before and if you even sold them off for highly discounted prices places would welcome the donations.....the first dress you showed off is very similar to peasant dresses from many years ago...

    Jacqueline TurbittJacqueline Turbitt20 timer siden
  • In the dress after the red coat, I feel like a pair of Mary Janes and she would be ready for church. I don't know why but it gives me spring, church vibes. 😁

    Absolutely TiffanyAbsolutely TiffanyDag siden
  • You look sooo effiinnn kaa-yuut ❤❤❤ This style will definitely not suit every body type, for sure. But slim/petite/skinny people will absolutely rock it.

    Yashti RajYashti RajDag siden
  • I love the red jacket!!

    Carleigh LynneCarleigh LynneDag siden
  • 😶 I gotta be honest with you, Mia because it doesn't seem like anyone else here has the heart to come out & say it: These dresses make you look SUPER short and pregnant. You should stick with the Matoshi dresses- they are sooooo flattering on you 🥰

    Candy OlveraCandy OlveraDag siden
  • 😶 I gotta be honest with you, Mia because it doesn't seem like anyone else here has the heart to come out & say it: These dresses make you look SUPER short and pregnant. You should stick with the Matoshi dresses- they are sooooo flattering on you 🥰

    Candy OlveraCandy OlveraDag siden
  • 😶 I gotta be honest with you, Mia because it doesn't seem like anyone else here has the heart to come out & say it: These dresses make you look SUPER short and pregnant. You should stick with the Matoshi dresses- they are sooooo flattering on you 🥰

    Candy OlveraCandy OlveraDag siden
  • 😶 I gotta be honest with you, Mia because it doesn't seem like anyone else here has the heart to come out & say it: These dresses make you look SUPER short and pregnant. You should stick with the Matoshi dresses- they are sooooo flattering on you 🥰

    Candy OlveraCandy OlveraDag siden
  • The red jacket needs a white muff!!

    Abbey ShaferAbbey ShaferDag siden
  • The style is called baby doll style

    Abbey ShaferAbbey ShaferDag siden
  • Hi❤😀

    Lavin SabahLavin SabahDag siden
  • Love the red coat. Thx&see ya😁

    Reb RucReb RucDag siden
  • Can u try Berta’s dresses??

    Shani AsifShani AsifDag siden
  • The word you are looking for on the style for the pink dress is called "maternity". You look like a teddy bear in the red coat. Or like you are in a bath robe. The blue flowered print is the first one that looks really good.

    Susan TescioneSusan TescioneDag siden
  • I'm glad that everyone agrees that these dresses don't suit Mia at all

    DimiDimiDag siden
  • besides the one that was curtain material, they just were not flattering at ALL 😭 sorry

    Melina GarciaMelina GarciaDag siden
  • Oh my God these are horrible.. Looks like ur wearing ur 5 years old dress 😂😂😂😂😂

    Lisa SuttonLisa SuttonDag siden
  • You always make me smile and laugh when i watch your videos. Love you girl !

    Nicole FernandoNicole Fernando2 dager siden
  • Optical illusion gives off serious oompa loompa vibes

    Jane GohJane Goh2 dager siden
  • The dresses look like doll dresses

    Susana HoriaSusana Horia2 dager siden
  • Green is your color, mint, teal ALL OF IT

    Amani MorriosnAmani Morriosn2 dager siden
  • I'm sorry. But the short tuille dresses makes you look like your legs starts just under your armpits... :/ It is like someone cropped the entire torso out of the video. I can't stop thinking of toddlers drawings of humans where they draw a circle for the head and then puts the stick arms and legs directly to the head... I really want to like these dresses but I can't. The only one that was flattering was the cotton dress. And that one WAS cute on you :)

    Simply MedievalSimply Medieval2 dager siden
  • I think they just need some good tailoring ☺️

    Maryssa GregorioMaryssa Gregorio2 dager siden
  • How do you guys think this would look on a very short woman? I think it would be better lengths... But I might look more like a child?

    ozzieozzie2 dager siden
  • Mia said "IN GOOD WAY" thousand times in this video

    Fatima FalakFatima Falak2 dager siden
  • I think the word you are looking for is empire waist not cupcake ❤

    Nisha BeharryNisha Beharry2 dager siden
  • I'm dying to find out where Mia donates those dresses and clothes so I can run there immediately after a video.

    Rayanna ribeiroRayanna ribeiro2 dager siden
  • yeah...noooo. i think all these, except your favorite ( the least puffy dress) look so big on you. you look lost in them. the clothes are hanging on you. you do not wear them. they are nice... but not for you.

    The favorite auntThe favorite aunt2 dager siden
  • Love your videos! I would love to see you recreate some of the selling photos of the dresses and other clothing you have brought. Just like you sat down because the dress reminded you of a specific photo

    Megan FyhnMegan Fyhn2 dager siden
  • Hey Mia! Could you try these brands; Dear José and Stolen Stores? I've always had my eye on their clothing pieces. They all look so cute! But they're pretty pricey. So I wanna know if it's worth investing on them? Thanks loads! Love your videos❤

    Diyanah A.Diyanah A.2 dager siden
  • PLEASE do a light in the box review I brought a dress for $300! For formal and I’m scared it’s not going to be what I expect 🥺

    Melita SavonaMelita Savona2 dager siden
  • it's a cocktail dress 🤗♥️

    Jam Andrea PeñaverdeJam Andrea Peñaverde2 dager siden
  • I like third one the best but not as impressed as the teuta dresses for sure

    Zeynep KoralZeynep Koral2 dager siden
  • The last dress made her look like barbie fairytopia

    Marie Jaime CruzMarie Jaime Cruz2 dager siden
  • They look like adults wearing little girl or doll dresses to me... this may be the first thing you have ever tried that I was not obsessed with you wearing it!

    Eden WilliamsEden Williams2 dager siden
  • This is personally kind of ugly lol. I'm glad you love it but it's not for me. The pink one was the cutest one

    Ashley SawyerAshley Sawyer2 dager siden
  • A lot of these dresses give me toddlers and tiaras vibes. Which is weird because it's not the same cupcake shape the kids wear 🤷

    littlemzrainbowz98littlemzrainbowz982 dager siden
  • You should do an EXTRA haul from Akira. They ship international and have some very extra clothing shoes and acccessories!!-

    Robin TaylorRobin Taylor2 dager siden
  • To all the Selkie style haters, if you broke just say that.

    Massie BlockMassie Block2 dager siden
  • I'm gonna say you got the wrong size for these dresses. The fashions are very 'no waist' so you are supposed to go by bust. You want the dresses tight on the bust.

    Massie BlockMassie Block2 dager siden
  • Replace "Puff" with "Maternity" But, hey they'd make really great Maternity shoot dresses!

    Radio ChickenRadio Chicken2 dager siden
  • I am not a big fan of this type of dress, but the blue one was the best one out of them all.

    Marlene WalkerMarlene Walker2 dager siden
  • As alwaya you are very pretty but...Ouf im sorry but this is not cute especially the brown and rainbow ones. They make you look like a child and its not flattering for the body. I dont get the hype..

    Jade TLJade TL2 dager siden
  • I really really don't like the cut of the dress...Very unflattering

    Zeineb AmorriZeineb Amorri3 dager siden
  • I love that she has on Bobby socks! They go so well with this whole baby doll vibe! 😃

    BombBeautyBombBeauty3 dager siden
  • This looks horrendous

    G GG G3 dager siden
  • Can you please please make a needle & thread haul? Their dresses look so cute and I'm currious if it's worth it's money and if they look that cute irl

    VsahneVsahne3 dager siden
  • I don't like that style... Looks kind of creepy... The shape is like childish... Gross

    Gina HobartGina Hobart3 dager siden
  • my cat came to watch the video when I clicked on it and my cats name is selkie 😺

    Helena PearsonHelena Pearson3 dager siden
  • Hey I found this website diorbella definitely think you should take a look and order some clothes from them!

    Jordan FigueroaJordan Figueroa3 dager siden
  • I liked the coat and the "Unpuffy " blue dress. The others made you look pregnant. I am enjoying these try on videos.

    vwdaphnevwdaphne3 dager siden
  • They give me a baby doll dress vibe

    Brianna ReillyBrianna Reilly3 dager siden
  • I think the first longer one was the coolest. I would wear ruffled petti pants underneath the short ones to make it even more fun. I think the term you were looking for was empire waist

    Mary HinckleyMary Hinckley3 dager siden
  • First dress reminds me of maternity or jelly fish. Not a fan

    Alexis GoldAlexis Gold3 dager siden
  • ✨💕you should make a shein haul with their new festival clothes since festival season is back! 💕✨

    Genesis FigueroaGenesis Figueroa3 dager siden
  • After watching many videos... one thing is for sure Mia: if we are in the same room and there are 2 dresses, possibly we will get one each without fighting. 😂😘

    Daniela MiszezunDaniela Miszezun3 dager siden
  • Mia, all the dresses were so cute and you looked so cute in them. My favorite was the blue floral.

    Lisa TooleLisa Toole3 dager siden
  • Mia you look short in these dresses 😅 based on what I see that’s my opinion, but still enjoy watching your videos! ♥️

    Zulaikha IlhamZulaikha Ilham3 dager siden
  • this first pink dress is poorly made. you can see the seams are all crooked. no lining in the boob area. the itchy (and therefore probably cheap) fabric. is it worth the price tag? definitely not. you were robbed.

    Tina KevicTina Kevic3 dager siden
  • I've seen shorter dresses in that cut called 'babydoll' dresses, that leaopard dress was very ariana grande when she went thru her babydoll dress phase. The longer ones have the empire waist which I would just call empire cut but that's probably wrong lol

    K MacdonaldK Macdonald3 dager siden
  • Please steam not iron any puff will be gone would look great with a collared blouse

    krystina belfordkrystina belford3 dager siden
  • i dont like them think they are to short but u look great in them

    julia larsonjulia larson3 dager siden
  • I am NOT a fan of the silhouette of these dresses. I don't think they're attractive on anyone.

    AM BAM B3 dager siden
  • Okay Mia, it is time for you to finally do a fairy photoshoot, with some of these dresses and Matoshi ones. ❤❤❤😊

    Ani SmoAni Smo3 dager siden
  • I really don't like that cut , it just makes everybody look do fat wearing it, it's very unflattering

    Lily arwa HartLily arwa Hart3 dager siden
  • Uff it's too lolita for me. I don't like the..vibe. :D

    bla blubbbla blubb3 dager siden
  • As a woman in her early 30's I would say: enjoy your 20-something slim hips and waist as long as you can. Don't hide yourself under dresses like these! Mia has such a slim figure and these dresses make her proportions all wrong. Honestly these seem like cutesy dresses for women younger than 20, or for Instagram purposes only...

    Yummy Sp0ng3Yummy Sp0ng33 dager siden
  • Bring back the puff bloomers which could be very short or above the knee or below the knee..?

    Karen DixonKaren Dixon3 dager siden
  • Anyone remember the film 'The Stupids' from 1996? I'm getting strong Petunia Stupid vibes from all these dresses.

    MakeItHungrishMakeItHungrish3 dager siden
  • My favorite was definitely the "tablecloth " one

    Nikki MerschmanNikki Merschman3 dager siden
  • I think the rainbow one was the cutest.

    Lynn WallaceLynn Wallace3 dager siden
  • I love watching the try on videos but it makes me want to buy a whole new closet full of expensive dresses.

    Katie McDuffieKatie McDuffie3 dager siden
  • I love you and your videos! I remember another video you asked us about what we think about the audio on your videos and I think your sound/music can be pretty loud. I only say this because usually my tv is at a comfortable volume for most shows/videos I watch and barely change it but everytime a video of yours pops us its super surprising because its SO loud. besides that I love your videos girl!! :)

    Deanna BDeanna B3 dager siden
  • 8:37 “I’m Santa’s kid what up” 😂😂 I’m dead!!!!

    Katherine StewartKatherine Stewart3 dager siden
  • You are the finest tiniest young lady, but the dress makes you look 3-5 sizes too big and prego...just my opinion. The coat makes it even worse! No no no! They are awful! I’m sorry! You can rock anything though! AWFUL!!! Love your views. Sorry, just being honest! Love your dress hauls!

    Jennifer MorganJennifer Morgan4 dager siden
  • Forget taking cute pictures in these you need to go on a cute picnic and take pictures in thee strawberry dress 😭💖

    calciumcalcium4 dager siden
  • I just had a vision of brides maids in the puff dresses😄😄😄😄😄😄

    pocket rocketpocket rocket4 dager siden
  • Mia is beautiful but these dresses are horrible....who in the world is the target market for this style ? Pre teens?

    pocket rocketpocket rocket4 dager siden
  • You look like the mouse in Thumbelina

    Holly BHolly B4 dager siden
  • The coat is the only thing I would ever want, but in a different color. I love big, warm coats with pockets!

    Katarina GiselleKatarina Giselle4 dager siden
  • They make you look quite pregnant. Not understanding the love.

    Linda FogartyLinda Fogarty4 dager siden
  • first one reminds me of that one pink dress Villanelle from Killing Eve wore

    KarlaKarla4 dager siden
  • Empire waist is the name you were looking for Mia

    Brit GreyBrit Grey4 dager siden
  • Alice in Wonderland vibes 🎩

    Igna Loves LifeIgna Loves Life4 dager siden
  • If you want to donate any dresses, please consider selling them on depop and donating the money to charity instead! A huge percentage of clothes in thrift stores are thrown away because they don't have space for them, and there's a risk all the beautiful dresses you're giving away could end up in a landfill! Also the processing for clothes in stores costs even more and they often won't sell bc they aren't right for the store's demographic. Giving the money from sales directly to charities cuts out the overheads of stores and means the clothes go directly to people who really really want them ♥ Please consider doing this instead! It would be so much better for the clothes, the designers, and the environment 🌍

    Alex LawsonAlex Lawson4 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who thinks these dresses only look good from a certain angle.

    Huzaifa MushtaqHuzaifa Mushtaq4 dager siden

    Felicity ConklinFelicity Conklin4 dager siden
  • Mia! If you are interested in selling the Cheetah Puff dress, I am an interested buyer! Love the video :D

    Sarah GreeneSarah Greene4 dager siden
  • Okay I haven’t even finished the video but I have to say I’m OBSESSED with the red coat. I know Mia donates a lot of these since they’re not for everyday wear, but I hope she keeps that coat!! With a cute dress and some tights in the winter?? Yes please❣️ Edit: ALSO the pastel “non-fluffy” dress.. super adorable and wearable! LOVE.

    Jessica LongJessica Long4 dager siden