Trisha & Ethan Have a Huge Fight & She Storms Out - Frenemies #5

13. okt.. 2020
1 703 977 Ganger

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  • Not gonna lie...they’re both super unlikable, just in vastly different ways.

    Mythic ApricityMythic Apricity6 minutter siden
  • why is this whole podcast just the concept of an SNL skit

    Mikaela _Mikaela _15 minutter siden
  • 18:15 how does she go from bubbly and friendly seeming, to admitting she hates you just minutes later? that's very psychopathic.

    Luigi W. MGTOWLuigi W. MGTOW45 minutter siden
  • I hate them both

    camila Ncamila N47 minutter siden
  • As much as I find this extremely entertaining, I'm pretty sure Trisha is a narcissistic pervert. Someone who emotionaly manipulates people. I think you should be very careful with your relationship with her.

    ChaManZChaManZTime siden
  • Trisha you need to take a xanax before EVERY podcast lol just for future references

    Shay BaeShay BaeTime siden

    Shay BaeShay BaeTime siden
  • LOL Ethan 😂 “eat my asshole, it doesn’t even have toilet paper in it” 😭 I can’t stop laughing fr ... you must’ve struck a nerve when you said she’s crazy 😭 ... she knows she’s crazy, look at your track record hunnnay ... your famous because you type crazy

    Shay BaeShay BaeTime siden
  • Trisha your crazy lol GURL STOP 😂

    Shay BaeShay BaeTime siden
  • Hearing trisha talk about kids and the responsibilities of them shows shes far from ready for kids

    megan skalerismegan skalerisTime siden
  • As apart of the girl community, I would gladly pass Trisha to the boy community 👋

    xoxyamiiixoxyamiii2 timer siden
  • It’s her playing with her hair for me 🙄

    Queen VanessaQueen Vanessa2 timer siden
  • used to being a public spectacle that she doesn’t allow herself to be an actual person.

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty3 timer siden
  • Ethan is so politically correct sjw. What happend to him?

    EllirkosEllirkos3 timer siden
  • People, like Trisha, who collect personal information about others to use like currency when it suits them are a greedy type and end up lonely. She's blatantly manipulative, and either doesn't care to hide it or lacks self awareness.

    Oh dearOh dear3 timer siden
  • i love your dynamics and please do these episodes more

    Anita KotevskaAnita Kotevska4 timer siden
    • the episode is amazing without the fight but the fight reveals their true characters

      Anita KotevskaAnita Kotevska3 timer siden
    • I can’t watch this anymore

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty3 timer siden
  • When Trisha learns a new word

    Lora SherroddLora Sherrodd4 timer siden
  • She gets offended so easily jesus piss of

    Harry De jesusHarry De jesus4 timer siden
  • I'm not a huge fan of Ethan, but holy shit Trisha is so nasty here. She reminds me of family members who have gaslit me lmao

    LauraLaura4 timer siden
  • You could see the physical wall go up over Trisha's face

    amandaamanda4 timer siden
  • Megan fox really went down the toilet after the meth addiction

    Na MeNa Me4 timer siden
  • Ethan is genuine and he clearly has accountability and good people around him. I agree Trisha needs a friend like him!

    KeyKey6 timer siden
  • “Have fun with the baby making” she do be jealous tho 😳

    Lili NeenanLili Neenan6 timer siden
  • Anyone else here from TikTok 👀

    Jessica LeighJessica Leigh6 timer siden
  • If she's been like this in all relationships you can see why so many people leave her.

    Sarah AnneSarah Anne7 timer siden
  • I have been a fan of Trisha but you made a fool of yourself here. You were nasty and malicious and owe Ethan an apology.

    Sarah AnneSarah Anne7 timer siden
  • Jennifer isn’t a cheerleader also not really a zombie.

    maria moncadamaria moncada7 timer siden
  • She projected so hard.

    Sarah AnneSarah Anne7 timer siden
  • She projected so hard.

    Sarah AnneSarah Anne7 timer siden
  • Trisha was so hard to follow in this. I've been her in situations before and it's sad to see her spiral so fast. She was way over her head.

    Sarah AnneSarah Anne7 timer siden
  • I can’t watch this anymore

    Anna BortionAnna Bortion7 timer siden
  • Trisha is mega cringe she does project hard af Ethan is right.

    Katherine GraceKatherine Grace8 timer siden
  • I feel so bad for Trisha.

    Mg110929Mg1109299 timer siden
  • i’m here cuz of tiktok 😌

    Abby PortilloAbby Portillo9 timer siden
  • Like literally everything he said, was not only calm as hell considering the conversation but very well put, he very clearly never had bad intentions and trisha is a mormon for not understanding his point about fucking weaponizing information. Shes an incredibly toxic person its disgusting

    amber Housleyamber Housley9 timer siden
  • I’m not defending what Trish said but I think he would edit things out or not upload the podcast if she was really revealing things he really didn’t want anyone to know

    horr0rbabyhorr0rbaby9 timer siden
    • @TheAnonyme222 like obviously it’s not ok to use things someone has told u in private to attack them

      horr0rbabyhorr0rbaby9 timer siden
    • @TheAnonyme222 no I know! I’m just saying like if he really didn’t want people to know he wouldn’t upload it.

      horr0rbabyhorr0rbaby9 timer siden
    • That wasn't his point

      TheAnonyme222TheAnonyme2229 timer siden
  • Damn Trisha is such a sad person, she absolutely cannot take criticism but she acts like she can by talking bad about herself but it just makes her feel worse and then she corners herself and feels like attacking is the only solution, it's really pathetic and he tried so hard to be real with her. Her walking away, not accepting the apology, and calling him names and talking shit about his life just proves how horrible of a person she is.

    amber Housleyamber Housley9 timer siden
  • “Schindler’s list should have really graphic violence, you’re right” I’m fucking crying

    Maya BoniMaya Boni9 timer siden
  • Trisha, you are way out of line on

    Christina FreemanChristina Freeman9 timer siden
  • For the people like me that came to the comments for the time stamp: Fight starts right after the 1:00:00 mark.

    Sabrina641Sabrina6419 timer siden
  • Trish is right about her onlyfans he's kinda close mind and litteraly doesent understand the differences

    Esmeralda CorradazziEsmeralda Corradazzi10 timer siden
  • Trish is trash

    BB10 timer siden
  • can someone time stamp when they start fighting?

    Logan WatkinsLogan Watkins10 timer siden
  • *Names biggest names of comedy* “Those people are nobody”

    Cole MeierCole Meier11 timer siden
  • Horrible horrible horrible and immature attitude... this guy didn’t deserve to be attacked this way. I see why he’s podcast is so successful because he knows how to keep his cool would’ve of slapped her 🙄

    Maria PerezMaria Perez11 timer siden
  • Lol Why did he apologise for calling her crazy... When she is in fact batshit crazy

    123 G123 G11 timer siden
  • ....... Well.... I lost any respect I had left for her. Lol

    Pink KatPink Kat11 timer siden
  • What was Ethans point in asking who won World War 2?

    Britny SnyderBritny Snyder12 timer siden
  • Ethan took her on this show for her to act like trash. She did act like trash. Now everyone's all pikachu face

    123 G123 G12 timer siden
  • Interview Zach

    we snawwe snaw12 timer siden
  • Trisha is a good woman. I like her.

    Rik Von HimmlickRik Von Himmlick12 timer siden
  • why on EARTH would anyone agree to work with Trish. what an immature brat. she’s so self conscious it’s so obvious

    Taylor RossTaylor Ross12 timer siden
  • Ew Trish no. Cut her out now

    Karissa BishopKarissa Bishop12 timer siden
  • So in Trishas mind Jaclyn is horrible for cheating on Jon, but when Jon cheats on someone with her hes just broken?!

    Britny SnyderBritny Snyder13 timer siden
  • this is so annoying. that's what you get for bringing her back to the show.

    Zag ZugZag Zug13 timer siden
  • She truly is dangerous to be around... geez! I was starting to like the dynamic, but man is she a ticking time bomb.

    samysnessamysnes13 timer siden
  • You can never defend Trisha but... honestly... after calling you crazy, crazier than me, ‘your relationship is not gonna work’, ‘you shouldn’t have kids’... of course she will hit you with whatever she has. She was super cornered if you rewatch the pre-fight. Just. My. Opinion. (Of course at the end Ethan tried to make amends and Trisha just went full child)

    Mario R.Mario R.13 timer siden
  • She calls herself crazy, she does crazy things, everybody calls her crazy, she is indeed crazy and now when they were calling eachother crazy then she goes insane, how dare you call me crazy?, wow Trisha You are more than crazy in another level, in worst level possible. Ethan is such a good friend, he is so understanding even he is in committed relationship like a normal ordinary people nothing crazy about it and living normal life but he understands people\ his friend´s crazyness, their life style. You need to stop victimizing urself Trisha. Oneday you are gonna be alone if you keep on doing this. I feel sad for Moses. He is already planning house, family with this girl. Later when they break up she´s gonna do everything to keep the house to herself, waste all his money and leave him broke and alone. Sorry Trisha if Im being harsh. Dont hate on Moses or Ethan if you see people supporting him\them not you. Best of wish to you Trish. Hope and wish ur relationship to work out well with Moses and his family. All the best

    moonnu chamlingmoonnu chamling14 timer siden
  • The way she tries to talk ab him being misogynistic but she’s literally outwardly racist like what in the hypocrisy

    kylea tannerkylea tanner14 timer siden
  • She literally admitted that she was fake she’s like oh I actually never liked u

    kylea tannerkylea tanner14 timer siden
  • Ok at the end of the podcast Trisha went a little over the edge

    Green WitchGreen Witch14 timer siden
  • No

    Rabeccah BaskinRabeccah Baskin14 timer siden
  • We have a large population of Native Americans in Alberta. It’s a wild thought to me that others have problem seeing two Native Americans together because of how small of a population there are. Their culture is so beautiful & sacred here. Hella grateful to be able to experience it. 💕

    Erin BridgerErin Bridger14 timer siden
  • this is sad, trisha really needs help. :(

    ꧁sleepyfairie꧂꧁sleepyfairie꧂14 timer siden
  • ahhhhh. she got her feelings hurt. dang.. you are drama, you are extreme, you are hunting clout. Just be a good person. it is you.

    Andrew DalzellAndrew Dalzell14 timer siden
  • i dont like when mom and dad fight

    cromslumcromslum15 timer siden
  • Had she everrr had a history class in her life!!! 😳 it’s literally painful to listen to her talk. 😖

    Alisa ShebielAlisa Shebiel15 timer siden
  • I wished they’d left this scene in Addams family values😔

    Daisy RoseDaisy Rose15 timer siden
  • She’s f***ing crazy bro

    Ally RenèAlly Renè15 timer siden
  • LOL why is she so dumb

    YanizzleYanizzle15 timer siden
  • I am terrified for TERRIFIED

    Em CatherineEm Catherine15 timer siden
  • He was really trying to help he after she did something AWFUL. Patients of a SAINT I swear.

    Drama SeshDrama Sesh15 timer siden
  • Ethan sounds cool, calm, collected. Trisha ...sounds like an awful human.

    Em CatherineEm Catherine15 timer siden
  • 23:25 is my favorite moment lol

    Howdy Y'allHowdy Y'all16 timer siden
  • Regardless of everything he's just a really good friend omg

    DominikaDominika16 timer siden
  • I’m sorry but Trisha will never have genuine love in her life because of her MANY issues. It seems like every relationship she’s been in was forced to be there/wanted the attention. Trisha doesn’t have a problem with commitment it’s just no one wants to be with her long term. Edit: Fester is just trying to keep homeboy from being trapped lmao.

    SharonSharon16 timer siden
  • ethan ur so fucking good as uncle fester holy shit

    andrew mckinlayandrew mckinlay16 timer siden
  • Jesus Christ.

    zane noblezane noble16 timer siden
  • trisha "13%" 23 and me report 0.013% hahahahah

    Em CatherineEm Catherine16 timer siden
  • This is officially a h3 h3 classic

    Harry De jesusHarry De jesus16 timer siden
  • I’m literally in shock, her character is so ugly. My goodness.

    Melissa HernandezmMelissa Hernandezm17 timer siden
  • Wow this makes me hate her. What a nasty evil person to use that against him. When she’s blatantly crazy I use to watch her videos I could never watch her again. What a psycho

    K BenstockK Benstock17 timer siden
  • Saying 'good luck on trying for a baby' sarcastically is so low, I dont understand how Ethan managed to keep is his cool with her

    Abby ReseighAbby Reseigh17 timer siden
  • Cant you hear you sound like a SJW yourself? Calling people "Ist" and "Phobe" saying white people cant struggle. Accusing people and cancelling people.

    Redlove❤Redlove❤17 timer siden
  • trishas critique on schindlers list makes me wanna fucking scream

    LukeLuke17 timer siden
  • That bald look sacrificed his hair omg

    David GarciaDavid Garcia17 timer siden
  • Well... that was awkward

    David GarciaDavid Garcia17 timer siden
    • She lost her shit. Hopefully she doesn’t get affected next time

      David GarciaDavid Garcia17 timer siden
  • I generally don't like Trish. But I feel for her. She was triggered the minute family and babies were brought up. Its tough when there are fertility problems, especially when a person might want to actually have a family of their own. She might not be the best person at times, but she deserves to be happy and to get what she wants in life. I hope she gets everything she wants and needs in life, Moses or not. Also I know her reaction here wasn't great, terrible in fact. But it's clear she was acting out of a place of hurt. It escalated so quickly, but I'm glad the podcast is still going.

    Kayte DuffyKayte Duffy17 timer siden
  • I think Trisha is severely damaged and projects her anger towards Ethan in this podcast. There was no need to fight fire with fire and tell the world he took pills, I try to understand and like trish but it’s so difficult.

    Chiara RoseChiara Rose18 timer siden
  • does trisha have BD? because she just switched so fast

    Katerina BazienKaterina Bazien18 timer siden
  • Poor girl, she doesn't realize how Ethan's words she actually looks forward to, so when he called her crazy it hurt her feelings to something she's clearly insecure about. That's what caused her to completely embarrass herself and low blow Ethan for never deserving it. Ethan's acceptance of Trisha, matters to her.

    Kristin BearKristin Bear18 timer siden
  • Dude why tf is he having her on the podcatss like real talk shes so annoying

    Ajay SinghAjay Singh19 timer siden
  • She need meds reall talk

    Harry De jesusHarry De jesus19 timer siden
  • That is what she did with her ex formal friend of David dobrik

    Harry De jesusHarry De jesus19 timer siden
  • trisha is so mean, she is literally so manipulative and would make me cry so fast

    Olivia RuffinOlivia Ruffin19 timer siden
  • Trisha being judgmental about what people do is beyond me

    GzataGzata19 timer siden
  • This is the most stressful thing ive ever seen, but I cant stop watching

    Olivia RuffinOlivia Ruffin19 timer siden
  • I can’t stand her she’s a C U Next Tuesday and a half.. she’s a nobody and acts like she’s gods gift to human kind

    Justin CogginsJustin Coggins19 timer siden
  • This fight was so uncomfortable to watch. Trisha was pulling everything out of her sleeves to hurt him but he stayed so calm and I love him for that.

    Sophie HuftenSophie Huften19 timer siden
  • Trisha’s Broadway knowledge is impressive fr

    Jennifer RoseJennifer Rose20 timer siden