Toyota Plans Revolutionary Solid State Battery for 2021

27. jan.. 2021
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  • Still dependant on lithium? Sorry, no go, regardless of how impressive this is.

    Piotr DudałaPiotr Dudała3 timer siden
  • What about graphene in the future when it becomes more cheaper and less time to manufature would be possible right?

    Ewald AtokEwald Atok4 timer siden
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    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes15 timer siden
  • If I had a dollar for every revolutionary battery technology I've learned about I'd probably be able to afford to develop a revolutionary battery technology.

    Andrew AscheAndrew Asche19 timer siden
  • I am excited for electric vehicles !

    Matt HalpainMatt HalpainDag siden
  • Interesting choice of words....."all with MINIMAL safety concerns". They lack confidence, didn't say " NO safety concerns". Obviously lawyered up before the press conference? It is so ridiculous that people are so gullible to whatever Toyota (or Tesla) say about these vehicles. Fact is EV's have plenty of safety concerns, even the risk one will burn down your house! Keep your gas engine car or the long run it will be your best decision.

    Ray RussellRay RussellDag siden
  • Still a simple question unsolved. Where is the charging power from? coal power plants? nuclear power plants? From my point of view, it just move CO2 from petro-engines to power plants. And we have to build more new power plants to fulfill the future electric cars growth.

    Hung-Sen HuangHung-Sen HuangDag siden
  • I've nursed my ice car through almost 20 years of life. I suppose nursing it through another 10 years service is an acceptable wait for a functioning AFFORDABLE solid state EV CAR. That's the part of electrification they really need to work on, making it affordable to EVERYONE, not just the well to do. Here in Canada, a lousy, stinking, chinese built, homely Chevy Bolt is almost $45,000. Forty five thousand dollars.... for that little piece of crap. I'd love an EV but financially, it just isn't possible now, so fine, I'll give it 10 more years and wait for solid state to change the game.

    Patrick ChubeyPatrick ChubeyDag siden
  • My home electricity supply is limited to 60A, at 230V, which means that it can't supply enough power to recharge any 40kWh battery faster than 2 1/2 hours. Only superchargers could manage these fast recharge times quoted in the video

    Chris BarronChris BarronDag siden
  • whats wrong with hydrogen Hyundai Nexo'

    pete hirapete hira2 dager siden
  • Batteries are a poor store of energy at this scale.

    JohnJohn2 dager siden
  • 1000 cicles! So if I use my car daily I'd need to change the batt in 3 years. Great improvement.

    hermes63hermes632 dager siden
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    Widline BaptisteWidline Baptiste2 dager siden
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    Widline BaptisteWidline Baptiste2 dager siden
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    Widline BaptisteWidline Baptiste2 dager siden
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    Demetre EllisonDemetre Ellison2 dager siden
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    charlene aguirrecharlene aguirre2 dager siden
  • who wants to bet that even with this battery people will still be too lazy to charge their phones when it hits 10% charge left

    J-daydayJ-dayday2 dager siden
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    William GrayWilliam Gray2 dager siden
    • I was thinking the exact same thing.

      LuSirenLuSirenDag siden
  • Sometimes, it's not a question of whether legacy automakers have a technology but more of a question on whether they will use the next big 'thing.' They have been ultra-invested in the petroleum industry/ICE forever. Can they really change NOW? Do they want to change? I think "...the spirit is willing BUT the flesh is WEAK." And, what is their motivation for producing a solid-state battery/capacitor? To preserve the environment or stay in business? I think to stay in business. This saddens me because that motivation has a high-probability of making the same mistakes of the ICE age over again...such as being committed to driving down costs and truly thinking of the consumer's needs vs corporate desires. Some of these companies are touting a new power source but announce zero about the infrastructure for recharging the battery. I guess they figure the government will just take that on and 'make it happen'...somehow. Overall, it sounds like half a plan to me.

    xrayaiz74xrayaiz742 dager siden
  • It's a plan... like Nikola's plan...

    yootoober2009yootoober20093 dager siden
  • Hey! One question, please: for my future Rav4 prime 2021 is there any chance to replace the present standard battery with one of this type within the same volume, and no other item more in the next 5-10 years, for double or more capacity? Thanks!

    Ionut NitulescuIonut Nitulescu3 dager siden
  • 3:14 do they come with built in sushi as well?

    ivan goubaivan gouba3 dager siden
  • "A phone battery that lasts three days." - My Nokia 5110 calling which I forgot in a drawer in 2007.

    Michael RenperMichael Renper3 dager siden
  • Class action lawsuit was filed against Quantumscape. Seems like they lied about the success of their solid state battery.

    Phil YuupPhil Yuup4 dager siden
  • Good deal. Just too late.

    Bbob5810Bbob58104 dager siden
  • Legacy car makers are not going to kill their baby (ICE engine).

    Deborah St ClairDeborah St Clair4 dager siden
  • The recent cold temperature drop in Texas is a big problem for battery run vehicles. A battery could lose 30 percent of its power in very cold temperature to start and run the engine. Not only that, with the lost of electricity, electric vehicles can't be charged. Hybrid vehicles are better because gasoline does not freeze and charges the battery as well.

    Orlando IgnacioOrlando Ignacio4 dager siden
    • You act like EV's don't exist in places where it is normally cold.

      M NM N3 dager siden

    A. Schulz AlbrechtA. Schulz Albrecht5 dager siden
  • We will reverse engineer it in no time.

    Bioinformatics OnlineBioinformatics Online5 dager siden
  • I heard about this 3 years before i went to japan to get my engineering degree. Now 6 years after graduating and came back from japan... still the same thing.

    one eyed manone eyed man6 dager siden
  • norway future be like, I have to go to work, car is software updating..... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

    Yukito YukazaYukito Yukaza6 dager siden
  • Increasing popularity of electric cars = Nuclear power plants smiling back at us from being left aside for a while.

    Baybars HanBaybars Han6 dager siden
  • I thought Samsung was working on Graphene batteries.

    Baybars HanBaybars Han6 dager siden
  • Scam just like Tesla. They're pumping stock like Elon.

    dacealksnedacealksne6 dager siden
    • I have absolutely no doubt about it. Did you watch this guys video on Intel? Have you heard about Volkswagen dieselgate or Boeing 737 software problem as a result of competition with Airbus? Big companies do scams all the time. Anything to make a penny.

      dacealksnedacealksne5 dager siden
    • @dacealksne you seriously think a company like toyota does scams like that?

      CH KiranmaiCH Kiranmai5 dager siden
    • 4:25 So you think they got price down 1000 times? So now one car would cost 100k instead of 100mil? (which is still crazy, btw) No, they didn't. Maybe 10 times. Maybe even 100. It would still cost a million then. They'll just make 3 or 4 prototypes (maybe not even that, just CGI presentation). Lefty press will jump all over it and stock goes up. That's it. That's what Musk does all the time with Hyperloops and Starships.

      dacealksnedacealksne5 dager siden
    • Huh? I don't think so.

      CH KiranmaiCH Kiranmai5 dager siden
  • Looks like a Pick-Two situation to me: Comes to market on time | Performs as promised | Priced as promised - you can only have two!

    Bobcat665Bobcat6656 dager siden
  • This got me excited about the future

    Recklvss RockRecklvss Rock6 dager siden
    • @Recklvss Rock It is indeed. I actually think that the SSB will become commercial in about 5 years because now even jaguar is going full electric 5 years from now.

      ArgentumArgentum5 dager siden
    • Is it not a great thing that technology kept advancing? Atleast some people are fighting for the better future.

      Recklvss RockRecklvss Rock5 dager siden
    • Someone said that 10 years ago

      ArgentumArgentum5 dager siden
  • I expect Toyota to deliver their cars with this e battery , skipping the Li ion route and become the world leader. Watch . Do not go by what Mr.Toyoda says about e cars. They are working like hell to deliver safe ,quick charging cars.

    SethuSethu6 dager siden
  • Good the research is making some progress but still early stages, solid state battery has its benefits that we go for: Carry capacity, easier to manufacture, no rare elements aside from lithium itself (carbon and such are common elements), potential for lower cost, that high price in the video is due to the lack of mass production and only a small team making the battery "by hand" but otherwise should become affordable. The bad, yes those annoying dendrites need to be dealt with for maximizing battery safety and avoiding the swollen battery "disease". Would like a job in this area as I don't have a job yet after college.

    hbarudihbarudi6 dager siden
  • 20-30yrs away, if ever from mainstream take up

    Billy BoultonBilly Boulton6 dager siden
  • SS batteries coated in graphene? Is that being explored?

    nv2k11nv2k117 dager siden
  • Hopefully there be better battery technology soon, for everything.

    Gary JacobsGary Jacobs7 dager siden
  • Republicans bankrupted our country

    Airroll TangeeonAirroll Tangeeon7 dager siden
  • lol @8:37 You could win 1mil cash OR A HOUSE IN FLORIDA... Like wow what a gamble... Especially as a Canadian... Financial independence? Or move to a croc-infested god-forsaken meth swamp inhabited by the world's most famously stupid men. Who's feelin lucky??

    Matt BridgesMatt Bridges7 dager siden
  • Solid state is not more expensive. It uses less material. No anode needed. No heating system, and some other benefits. I keeps its charger and charges better in winter.

    PartureParture7 dager siden
  • Toyota continues to pursue hydrogen technology for good reason. It will eventually win because of superior energy density and weight. The production cost and delivery issues will soon be resolved. The possibility of electric aircraft will need hydrogen to succeed.

    Donald EspeutDonald Espeut8 dager siden
  • Takes a lot of fossil fuel and materials to make. Oil will still be king for our lifetimes. Solar is a joke away from the equator.

    Grandstand VideoGrandstand Video8 dager siden
  • Regarding your battery swapping article, I fully agree with it, and with a very good reason. I am an independent inventor with an expired US Patent 8256553 an abandoned site and a provisional one that just came out protecting an Instant-swapping concept that would kill range anxiety, and encourage EV widespread adoption if materialized. Please send your thoughts.

    Roberto DePaschoalRoberto DePaschoal8 dager siden
  • It's a real torture to listen to Australian. Can you make an English version of this video? You can hire human narrators as cheap as a few $ per hour (just google "narrator voice over") or use synthetic voice. If you hate American accent, hire someone who speaks British English or its more neutral European variant.

    hr6134hr61348 dager siden
  • Promising technology long overdue! Let us hope that change is around the corner.

    old wrenchold wrench8 dager siden
  • Toyota said these will be available in 2021. We will see. Tesla has their leading 4680 available in 2021 too. This will be a great race to market.

    Phoenix EAAPhoenix EAA8 dager siden
  • Tesla is gonna crush this thing...

    McFriskoMcFrisko9 dager siden
  • Tired of ICE Car-companies talking, smoke and mirrors and never deliver.

    Nerd DrenNerd Dren9 dager siden
  • Toyota, like GM, Ford, and so many others, is badly addicted to a service-centric business model that surrounds the internal combustion engine. They have proven time and again that they have little interest in adopting electric vehicles, and Toyota in particular, focused years of effort around the idiotic hydrogen fuel cell, which is going absolutely nowhere. When Toyota introduced the Prius, they were seen as leaders. Now they just look stupid, and this video is more of their off-in-the-future smoke & mirrors shit. I will happily watch Tesla eat their lunch.

    Glen MacDonaldGlen MacDonald9 dager siden
  • A REVOLUTIONARY Battery is COMING!!! .. from someone, from somewhere, at some time ... YAWN!!!

    BigCooter.comBigCooter.com9 dager siden
  • The terrible low arespectively box because raft bodily crack opposite a deafening iran. labored, simplistic visitor

    Kevin BudzischKevin Budzisch10 dager siden
    • This is just a selection of words. Perhaps you could put them in order.

      EastOfBourneEastOfBourne7 dager siden
  • Make me a toy version first.

    Your FanYour Fan10 dager siden
  • I won't hold my breath. Toyota were miles ahead of the game with the Prius, but now we could see them disappear.

    Graham WatheyGraham Wathey10 dager siden
  • Let's get on it! I want my next Camry Hybrid 25 or 26 to have a Solid State Battery! This can't just be mini vans and crap. I want my Monkey Man! I mean my future Toyota Camry with a sweet Solid State built in!

    Kenny StronerKenny Stroner10 dager siden
  • I find it comical that Toyota is claiming 500Km of range which supposedly provides "double the range of what would be possible with traditional Lithium Ion batteries 3:12 ". Never mind that Tesla is about to offer a battery of 520 miles, or 837Km of range in their upcoming Tesla Model S Plaid+....

    Red BaronRed Baron11 dager siden
    • @CH Kiranmai We'll wait until they release something. Too much vaporware floating around...

      Red BaronRed Baron5 dager siden
    • It says double the range for same size.

      CH KiranmaiCH Kiranmai5 dager siden
  • Great Click Bait! Someday maybe, but I don't see this in 2021 or 22 or 23... Hope I am wrong.

    DWDW11 dager siden
  • Any chance you could share the mic you use?

    MustafaMustafa11 dager siden
  • I'm thinking that Elon had better step up his buying at the dispensary; he's gonna need it to escape his bleak future once the crapstorm of competition starts coming his way.

    John SmithJohn Smith11 dager siden
  • Prototypes are easy. Toyota should have no excuse not to deliver this year.

    R DOTTINR DOTTIN11 dager siden
  • 2023 or 2024? And then they will just magically appear? Where are the factories under construction? What will Toyota sell between now and then while the competition gets years of head start? Even with magic instant factories, these batteries will be expensive at first. How will Toyota compete? Clearly I am not convinced of this plan.

    R DOTTINR DOTTIN11 dager siden
  • i hope so ...solid state batteries or super/ultra capacitors plus battery combination....

    Tesla-Trev dominic-tripperTesla-Trev dominic-tripper11 dager siden
  • Recently the president of Toyota outlined two major issues with electric cars. Here they are, vehicle cost and electrical insufficient generating capacity.

    David McLayDavid McLay11 dager siden
  • What happened to "Fuel cell battery" and the Toyota Mirai"?

    Crazy Candy CrushCrazy Candy Crush12 dager siden
    • It'll eventually get phased out

      Sy TranSy Tran11 dager siden
  • Wow. So many guys bought Tesla's shares already. They are now scared to death thinking the shares stumbling.

    Idius ConfusIdius Confus12 dager siden
  • 500 kms at Japanese cycle so 300 kms at 80-90 Km/hr so maybe 300 Kms range in reality and we're there already with current tech, the only real issue today is poor batter temperature control in cold weather or lack of entirely when it comes to Nissan so the result of that is much slower DC charge times. But a 100 Kwh EV would be nicc with 300 Kw charging Winter/Summer. It's amazing that Toyota are still churning out Hybrids with NiMh batteries.

    o00scorpion00oo00scorpion00o12 dager siden
  • As far as Omaze is concerned... if you're going to donate, then donate directly to the charity. If you want a chance to win something big, buy a lotto ticket. Don't pad the pockets of middle-men just for the convenience of doing both at the same time. The charity gets less, you win less back or less often and some middle-man laughs all the way to the bank.

    Cats PajamasCats Pajamas13 dager siden
  • It's slightly disingenuous to mention Norway's EV sales without mentioning the 30% tax on ICE cars.....

    R AlexanderR Alexander13 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
  • $300 million in research and development . ? China will steal that in a heart beat . Then make it for pennies with slave labor .

    ThomasTheSailor ChubbyThomasTheSailor Chubby13 dager siden
  • "Is more fire resistant..." *is made from lithium metal which spontaneous combusts with a extreme white hot slame when exposed to ANY water or air with even tiny amounts of humidity.

    Richard VaughnRichard Vaughn13 dager siden
    • WRONG. Even current more dangerous Lithium Ion do not use raw Lithium Metal. The lithium is also used in tiny fraction of the density less than 5% of a large cell array. Majority of the burnable fuel in a dangerous Lithium Ion is Not lithium.

      NeojhunNeojhun10 dager siden
  • I'm sorry to tell you this but I am unsubscribing it is not to do with your content it is to do with this platform I totally disagree with its political censorship and it's control of the narrative with news would be fantastic if you would look at other platforms to upload your content to and that isn't controlled by big Tech. Thank you for all your many videos that you have made they have given me great pleasure. All the best of your future and perhaps we will meet again on a new platform cheers.

    ray rayzray rayz13 dager siden
  • Thank you for informing of the battery has a new beginning

    Pk BensonPk Benson13 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden

    LeoLeo14 dager siden
  • Learn the difference between less and fewer please

    Robert RiquelmyRobert Riquelmy14 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
  • Another breakthrough that's just 5 years away........

    Mike EmersonMike Emerson14 dager siden
    • plenty of time to make some good investments

      huricane threeonesixhuricane threeonesix6 dager siden
  • Good work

    LannyLanny14 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
  • Bateries are always degrading, which means the original manufacturer will have at least some monopoly over out cars after they're sold.

    ShapelessShapeless15 dager siden
  • I know it's impossible, but why don't the various auto companies agree on a standard battery size? Then it could be like the battery powered fork lifts in the auto plants! When the battery in your vehicle is drained, you pull into a charging station and exchange a depleted battery for one that is fully charged! Designed right, it would take no longer than it does to fill your gas tank with fossil fuel! Like the battery powered fork lifts, just unplug the old one and plug in the new one! The depleted battery is charged and ready for the next customer! Not enough profit I guess. Too bad for us.

    enigman44enigman4415 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
  • It is soo unfortunate that theres always that stupid sound in the background, some might call it music, that makes it impossible for me to listen to this for more than a minute... I´m really interested in the topic, but not enough to go through that pain. Please, please, please consider going without that in the future

    Hinz KunzingerHinz Kunzinger15 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
  • Hey buddy....they keep talking up ssb and graphite batteries apparently 300% more capacity and and and.... Why are they all talking about it but not delivering 😁 I stay highly sceptical until we see working battery’s to prove it😂

    Samir Ould-AliSamir Ould-Ali15 dager siden
  • Wait... what happened to "kleen koal, kleen, beautiful koal... they kleen it, so kleen. kleen beutiful koal. kleen koal folks, believe me"

    Todd WertherTodd Werther15 dager siden
  • They keep saying a lot of stories? But the truth! They regret what they did to there share from tesla years back. Reality, it would take years and years to make a good set up! For mass production to vehicles. Which Tesla did! Minimum of 10 tears at least, not to mention the amount of money needed which, i doubt toyota has?

    Gilbert GonzalesGilbert Gonzales16 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
  • So much information in one vid, I was wondering why their share prices have gone up

    allen romelallen romel16 dager siden
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      ColdFusionColdFusion12 dager siden
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  • Ticker TM....other ticker?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    putheflamesout yahooputheflamesout yahoo16 dager siden
  • Storing electricity on an efficient way is only one thing. Producing it to have enough when more and more people shift to this model is another.

    Gomez VasquezGomez Vasquez16 dager siden
  • One of solid state batteries main problem is the speed of charge, how a solid state battery could solve the fast charging problem for other batteries? Nobody cares about the energy density, what's important is the specific energy or the gravimetric energy density. One of main advantage of solid state batteries are the quasi absence of dentrite formation, that's why they have a long cycle life. Your video is completely wrong, completely false!!!

    Benoit AvrilBenoit Avril16 dager siden
  • Can't wait for this tech to become mainstream and for electric cars to become more accessible. Sure, it won't happen over night, but, damn, I'm getting tired of these constant oil change services that have to be done on ICE cars. Not to mention timing chains and other major stuff! Ever had to replace a turbo or a transfer case? It's painful!!! Luckily these are things you don't need to worry about on electric cars!

    Felix HinzeFelix Hinze16 dager siden
  • I think the final pieces of the puzzle will be standardizing the batteries so that battery stations can replace gas stations - you pull up and swap batteries - and getting the electricity from somewhere else than where we get it now. Without those two things, supply chains cannot go all electric nor will it make any difference. we'll still be burning dino goo. Just upstream.

    Sean ParkerSean Parker17 dager siden
  • Warning to anyone who isn't well versed in nrcg storage: energy density as expressed in what hours per liter is a useless metric. Electric vehicles are weight constrained not volume constrained. This video is very misleading because it focuses on volume instead of weight. The manufacturing costs are also enormous roadblocks. Toyota's been wasting its time with hydrogen fool cells for the last decade and going nowhere. Now they want to waste more time and money chasing after solid state batteries instead of just going with the existing, perfectly usable technology.

    benjamin crandallbenjamin crandall17 dager siden
  • Let's hope so...I won't by an ev that takes 8 hours to charge and lasts for 200 miles.......or less.

    lmw lmwlmw lmw17 dager siden
  • The ultimate weight-saving battery car would have the frame itself made of battery materials. However, this would make repairs prohibitive, perhaps impossible. In the end, we started with the 'carbon' battery circa 1900 and we will conclude battery fueled cars with more advanced Bucky-ball carbon batteries.

    thomas aquinasthomas aquinas17 dager siden
  • we need another SPAC selling an untested idea from a fake mailing address... ASAP.

    NoSunBeachNoSunBeach17 dager siden
  • Such a bouncy and irritating voice. What kind of a microphone do you use?

    Ιάσονας ζωήΙάσονας ζωή17 dager siden
  • yang ke sini karena ngelihat dapid gadget in ngeriviuw tipi tcl nyobain ok google mana suaranga...?? ngacung..

    San SanSan San17 dager siden
  • Your title is misleading. Your title to me implies Toyota will be coming out with cars for people to purchase; NOT a prototype. The prototypes of this sort are just like Vaporware.

    edbrackinedbrackin17 dager siden
  • Batteries are only a stop-gap and not the solution and create way too many problems. They need materials which are hard to get and just assembling those batteries creates a gigantic carbon footprint and there is the whole thing regarding recyclability. Hydrogen is the way forward.

    huntressvideoshuntressvideos17 dager siden