Toyota 2JZ Engine Build - Full Start to Finish

3. mars. 2019
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Watch this engine's teardown video:
Measuring main bearing clearance video:
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The Papadakis Racing team began drifting in 2004 and is the most winning team in Formula Drift history, earning the 2015 title with driver Fredric Aasbo, as well as back­to­ back championship titles with driver Tanner Foust in 2007 and 2008. The Rockstar Energy Drink / Nexen Tire Toyota Corolla Hatchback is the latest competition build from the Hawthorne, California, based team.
Team owner Stephan Papadakis is a legend of sport­ compact racing who began building his reputation in the 1990s with the first front-wheel ­drive, tube­-chassis drag car in the U.S. The team earned multiple records and championships in the discipline, turning in elapsed times and trap speeds previously thought unattainable in front­-drive drag cars. Papadakis' successes in front­-wheel drive were matched by his efforts in rear­-wheel drive when he campaigned a Honda Civic that became just the fifth car to join the NHRA's Sport Compact 200 MPH club

  • how much money this motor

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  • Ok so now I know how to build one, just need the parts, does AliExpress have 'em?

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  • This dude just put an engine together in 14 minutes and 25 seconds I’m blown 🤯

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  • What’s the name of that tool u used to tighten those bolts (the small one) with the dial in the center

    Jesse BollesJesse BollesDag siden
  • Does anyone know how much hp can a 3.4 2jz make with a g35 900 turbo at 30 psi boost?

    1B Caleb Singh1B Caleb Singh2 dager siden
  • I really wanted to see that engine running

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  • what about the piston return springs?

    ara.ara.6 dager siden
  • So awesome. I don't understand the uses of those pieces, but it's so cool to see what's an engine : pieces of metal and silicones.

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  • I love how your videos are ''no bullshit straight into it''

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  • The startup :(

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  • I like that you follow all the specs and explained everything clearly. I’m not building a 2jz for now but I enjoy watching it.

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  • Nice job, thanks for sharing.

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  • You do a great job Bro !

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  • That is a good work. I like it.

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  • what about the valve gaps adjustment?...

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  • It’s just so damn sad that all these components, engineering just to get smoked by a small Tesla electronic motor on launch.

    John PimentelJohn Pimentel15 dager siden
  • Love this channel and video, helped me put together my 1jz, only shitty thing is I used your method with the flywheel bolts and crowbar to torque the pulley bolt and snapped the flywheel bolt in the threads :(

    Charles JohnCharles John15 dager siden
  • How that plastic belt on cranckshaft and camshaft hold that power 2jz make ?

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  • I’m no professional engine builder but isn’t a theist washer for the crank just to keep the crank in place preventing any excessive end play?? And not for when you push the clutch in?

    K FK F21 dag siden
  • good evening my friend very nice video continued so are you Greek? 

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  • Hey I know this is an old video but just a question. How come you use a factory head gasket if you bore out the cylinders? Would the gasket possibly overhang slightly into the cylinder?

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  • The Johnny sins of the car world

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  • Ngl good vid, but this shit scared me from rebuilding my vvti ge to gte. I just wanna buy a gte now 💀 this is a lot and I’ve never in my life rebuilt an engine

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  • A visceral treat and no annoying fact Dodge used Inconel exhaust valves in 1985 and later turbo engines.

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    • lol, just mark the gears on the engine and on the belt or chain aswel... Copy the marks on to the new belt and you are 💯 all the time😎👍

      SamSungS9SamSungS9Måned siden
  • putting oil on the head bolts thread is tricky.... Oil expanse during heat it can break a chuck of the block have seen it before. I think the workplace manual of toyota saying this also. As for the rest of the engine build is spot on very nice.

    Reynier R.AReynier R.AMåned siden
  • Will this fit into my De Sol Engine Bay? I'm Looking to add a few HP's to her to GoFast! 🐹

    Mike Kollin Conscious PowerMike Kollin Conscious PowerMåned siden
    • @Mike Kollin Conscious Power Im not even in America lol, im from Holland🤣👍 B series when good maintained are hella strong... my b series has 14,7 bar compression average while being half a million km old (summer)daily driver.. But i dont know prices in usa tbh 🤔 and what is best in that case.. You could bore the cillinders + 1st oversize pistons, clean/rebuild the cillinder head and be done 🤔 maybe put a turbo on it with like 0.5/0.6 bar safe = +- 160/180hp... That way you know what you got👆 instead of buying a possible moneypit.. But for the same money you could probably buy a b series aswel, but on the other hand... what if the b series also needs work🤔 I think you should make a decision on what you want in the end.. if you want a B series and tune it, just go for a b series.. If you just want it to run properly for now and maybe in the future want a 180hp setup, i would rebuild the current engine from a to z and make that fresh asf so you know what you got💯🤔

      SamSungS9SamSungS9Måned siden
    • @SamSungS9 I take it your not in California? by the 200 km/h on mph. Right now My head gasket is blown engine is 341,000 and already rebuilt top have, new piston rings, 6 years ago. So I am looking to just get another engine in it to get it running... then down the road get a better Engine like the B16A2 etc or possibly B20 etc. I've been looking hard and ready to make a decision. Any chance you know anyone in the Bay Area with an engine to sell? Right now it has a D15B7 OBD-1. Really want to put a D15Z6 in it for now, it has VTEC ... I've heard they're fun and it would be an easy drop in, both OBD-1. Then later buy another engine and build it up, make it solid!

      Mike Kollin Conscious PowerMike Kollin Conscious PowerMåned siden
    • @Mike Kollin Conscious Power Wel you found the right person🤣 I worked at a Honda dealership for 5 years and ALL my cars were/are Delsol's(exept my current daily driver) I started with a original SIR+E-roof, after that a 92 SI delsol with D16 wich i swapped to B16 again 😁 Best plug and play engine is b series.. B16A2+y21 gearbox. My SIR does exactly 200km/h in 4th gear while spanking the limiter and 5th gear aswel. If you want K20 swap but dont want to do all the work, why not look into building a B20"SIR Frankenstein" Vtec? 👀🤔 Just get a b20 block from a 1st gen CRV, put a B16a2 cill-head + external oil line for the vtec on the b20 and voila! 🤷🏼‍♂️ B20's can be beast's aswel 👌 "stock" 190hp easy, iv seen 240/260 hp N/A setups aswel with only bolt-ons👀 You could even use the CRV 4x4 drivetrain if you really wanna go all out🤣🤷🏼‍♂️

      SamSungS9SamSungS9Måned siden
    • @SamSungS9 Sorry, I was just being Funny! But I am looking for an engine for my Del Sol... Looking at everything from a D16Z6 to a B16A2 etc... I've looked at the K20. It would take a complete engine bay change to put one of those in...

      Mike Kollin Conscious PowerMike Kollin Conscious PowerMåned siden
    • @Mike Kollin Conscious Power But why not go for a k20swap, boost it and make a mid engined rwd delsol 👀 Like a better, faster version MR2🤔

      SamSungS9SamSungS9Måned siden
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