Tiny Baby Stoat Has The Best Reaction When She Meets Someone Like Her | The Dodo Little But Fierce

22. feb.. 2021
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At less than 4 weeks old, Whisper was abandoned by her mom. Robert cared for her around the clock, but what she really needed was a friend like her. Then another baby stoat named Stuart came along. Watch the moment they meet!
Check out more of Robert E Fuller's work on NOworld: thedo.do/fuller527.

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  • Well done mate!That was such a brilliant animal wild sucess story.

    Dennis BurtonDennis Burton2 minutter siden
  • It's really awesome that they are released right from the enclosure and have the option to leave when they're ready. I've not seen that before. It's great.

    Epi WildesEpi Wildes3 minutter siden
  • noodles

    qwop123qwopertyqwop123qwoperty5 minutter siden
  • And all this time I though they only went “pop!”

    Bruce GabalaBruce Gabala5 minutter siden
  • This made my morning :)

    Dragan KajtezDragan Kajtez6 minutter siden
  • Ffffffd 💙!!!

    Dr DoofendoucheDr Doofendouche8 minutter siden
  • It’s a cute hand sized snack

    Im 2 Fresh 4 UIm 2 Fresh 4 U12 minutter siden
  • What is it a weasel?

    Lesley SearsLesley Sears15 minutter siden
  • I love them but I cant forget these are the animals that chase rabbits and tear out their throats. Just imagine the :D face after its had a meal.

    Dylan AtkinsDylan Atkins17 minutter siden
  • Its so adorable

    Muhsin Selim OdabaşıMuhsin Selim Odabaşı21 minutt siden
  • is it just me or the baby stoat looks like pogchamp emote in the thumbnail

    morgana playsmorgana plays35 minutter siden
  • These are the psychopaths of the animal kingdom they kill for sport

    V6ixV6ix40 minutter siden
  • Stoats are adorable, but being a weasel, you might be shocked at how ferocious they are! They are carnivores and rabbits and squirrels are taken with lightning speed and a bite through the skull. Yup, cute as heck, but ferocious!

    Red PineRed Pine45 minutter siden
  • You think they might come back

    Roberta WalkerRoberta Walker46 minutter siden
  • Awwwwwww......lovely job taking care of them. I’ve got a big smile on my face ☺️

    Kimmi RiskKimmi Risk46 minutter siden
  • Cute creatures.

    David AndersonDavid Anderson49 minutter siden
  • So these thingsare the ones that hunt rabbits many times their size?

    A_Wild_ClownA_Wild_Clown53 minutter siden
  • Ahhh this was a really bad idea. You should’ve taken them to a rehab center. They have no experience with the outside world. They’re gonna be killed.

    Gracie TravisGracie Travis58 minutter siden
  • Never put two stoats in the same enclosure until it’s been fully cleaned. The stoat that was in there first will get defensive

    Gracie TravisGracie TravisTime siden
  • Damn that’s cute

    Gracie TravisGracie TravisTime siden
  • Robert E Fuller, you are a beautiful man with pleasantness to your voice and actions. I am attracted to you even if I see so little of you in this video-great job in helping these creatures to live in their natural habitat.

    therasunpytherasunpyTime siden
  • To me, they look like miniature weasels .

    sad3 sadsad3sad3 sadsad3Time siden
  • Somewhere between a ferret and mongoose, I suppose, cute lil animal anyways 👍

    Tim SearsTim SearsTime siden
  • Why is the video tag "dog"?

    Nikolaj HartmannNikolaj HartmannTime siden
  • Nuclear levels of cute.

    Ethan VillaEthan VillaTime siden
  • they were literally fighting when they were introduced. They have to be introduced in an open space.

    AbsyAbsyTime siden
  • my grandma and i just watched this guy on tv today, it was an episode about mustelids and my cat was watching from her bed.

    Sailor Capricorn _Sailor Capricorn _Time siden
  • Never saw a short before, but what little cuties. I love people like this. They know what wild animals need and give it to them.

    Sharon SparksSharon SparksTime siden
  • Love the last line: "I look forward to catching up with them in the future" Like they're gonna pop in for tea in a few years with a litter of stoatlings

    HokeyBugleHokeyBugleTime siden
  • They are adorable,hope they have a happy life in the wild

    joanne cannonjoanne cannonTime siden
  • AND THEY'RE GOING BACK TO THE WILD?????? I hope they survive!

    The drummerThe drummerTime siden
  • Thank you this is precious

    thomas callahanthomas callahanTime siden
  • You have no right being this cute.

    Dayton HuthDayton HuthTime siden
  • What a marvelous story ☺️

    Roadrunner GirlRoadrunner GirlTime siden
  • Aw

    Jane JinJane JinTime siden
  • That is the cutest little thing I have ever seen.

    Michael KilgoreMichael KilgoreTime siden
  • I've never heard of a stoat. But they are adorable!!

    Lipstick LullabiesLipstick LullabiesTime siden
  • Do they know how to find food in the wild? Do they know who their predators are and how to avoid them?

  • Adorable

    Debra BaronDebra Baron2 timer siden
  • Thanks, NOworld Algorithm. I just looked them up: Illegal to keep as pets in the U.S. Smaller than a ferret; bigger than a weasel. All in the same family.

    Sola ScripturaSola Scriptura2 timer siden
  • You big dummy, you don’t throw two animals together like that. You have to introduce their scent to each other first.

    shayne sabalashayne sabala2 timer siden
  • Gah! These little ones are adorable!

    Kim MillerKim Miller2 timer siden
  • Sorry but i hate stoats they kill the native birds to extinction in new zealand don’t care if they cute.

    Baxtinator 21Baxtinator 212 timer siden
  • You are a lifesaver

    Angel SylfeonAngel Sylfeon2 timer siden
  • It's like a tiny land otter.

    TheJadeFistTheJadeFist2 timer siden
  • This is so wholesome

    Nomon MunirNomon Munir2 timer siden
  • Over here in the US, stoats and weasels are basically the same things. In the wintertime when the weasels coat turns white, it is called an ermine. I live in Alaska, and used to live in a 'not so tightly built barn.I had a weasel that actually came into a certain room with regularity. The man who devised the toy and song "Pop Goes the Weasel" really knew how weasels act. I would step into the room and my little friend would pop up from a gap in the floor and 'beep' at me then disappear, only to do it again! In the winter after it had changed to a white coat, all I would see hopping across the snow was the black nose and eyes. He regularly went into my chicken house, but never bothered the chickens, probably because there were plenty of mice in the straw piles. Oh, how those days were so enjoyable with not just the weasel, but lots of other critters that either lived right in my yard, or were regular visitors. I really miss that life!!!!!

    Gerald AustinGerald Austin2 timer siden
  • This was put under as indie music

    KomodoFlowerKomodoFlower2 timer siden
  • They grow up so fast. *tear*

    cfjlkfsjfcfjlkfsjf2 timer siden
  • That's crazy that they were able to be released into the wild without ever being taught how to survive in the wild. Most animals raised in captivity usually have to stay domestic because they never learned how to hunt or survive.

    Tristan TranTristan Tran2 timer siden
  • They are so darn cute!!

    Stephanie GarciaStephanie Garcia2 timer siden
  • Great how you gradually transitioned them to the wild.

    edward rossmanedward rossman2 timer siden
  • Never heard of a stoat before now...they remind me of a cross between a weasel and a ferret..I'm certain they're all from the same family of animal. Super cute, these ones.

    melissa nicholsonmelissa nicholson2 timer siden
  • I'd love to see the pond clear and them swimming init

    Zack TDWZack TDW2 timer siden
  • Her own sleeping bag. I need a new bed.☺️

    THEREALDEAL2014THEREALDEAL20142 timer siden
  • It looks like a cute weasel

    ERIC JAMESERIC JAMES3 timer siden
  • I've just overdosed on cuteness!!

    D MD M3 timer siden
  • "Stuart is a girl." Wait what?

    Pheonix SoldierPheonix Soldier3 timer siden
  • I wonder if they stuck together after leaving the enclosure

    V838 MonocerotisV838 Monocerotis3 timer siden
  • just watched this guy on pbs nature series about weasels.. and here's another vid of it...just amazing creatures

    Niraj DaveNiraj Dave3 timer siden

    _JACQ__JACQ_3 timer siden
  • Great job Mate!

    Bob JamesBob James3 timer siden
  • HAWK FOOD..........................................."cheers!"

    D.Edward NigglerD.Edward Niggler3 timer siden
  • I hear they taste like squirrel.

    MustangWriterMustangWriter3 timer siden
  • Aw so cute

    Ethereal OriginateEthereal Originate3 timer siden
  • So cute

    Shepherd BiqueShepherd Bique3 timer siden
  • Those are wild to New Zealand??? they cute!!

    Stan GaroneStan Garone3 timer siden
  • Is this a ferret

    TheJarhead133TheJarhead1333 timer siden
  • How is it not illegal to be so cute??

    JinrōSenpaiJinrōSenpai3 timer siden
  • I need one aww it's to adorable

    John IckisJohn Ickis3 timer siden
  • It's Sprinkle!!! Like if you get it. And Bidet

    MrMix1212MrMix12123 timer siden
  • What an awesome video! I didn't even know about Baby stoat. So adorable and lucky to have each other

    BRIANdBRIANd3 timer siden
  • So sweet! Thank you for helping them!

    dynodishdynodish3 timer siden
  • I keep thinking they’re ferrets

    Rain Feels NiceRain Feels Nice3 timer siden
  • They sure know how to tussle and have fun

    HavadHavad3 timer siden
  • 🥰 aww 🥰

    mony avilamony avila4 timer siden
  • oh oh beware theres a new martial arts in town " Stoat kung fu Juijitsu" lol. such beautiful creatures. im happy Whisper met Stuart!

    Sifu Alain Emilio VSifu Alain Emilio V4 timer siden
  • No way I could release the too kidos.

    Tommy SawyerTommy Sawyer4 timer siden
  • So that's what I pulled off my tires a few days ago...

    KjetilstörmKjetilstörm4 timer siden
  • Never heard of a stout.

    Mary McNeillMary McNeill4 timer siden
  • Thank you. I didn't even know that such a creature existed.

    Jojo Mia Funny CatsJojo Mia Funny Cats4 timer siden
  • I have never heard of them before! They are so small and precious! Is that as big as they get? And are they kin to the weasel or ferret by any chance? They are so tiny. I'm so glad you were able to release them. ❤️

    Suzy WrobelSuzy Wrobel4 timer siden
  • Wonderful!!

    Ashley VerrinderAshley Verrinder4 timer siden
  • Stoat is adorable but....they hunt hare/rabbit. I watch it in TV.

    Rian KurniawanRian Kurniawan4 timer siden
  • If Whisper and Stuart aren’t going to stay friends forever and have amazing adventures together in the wild, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know 😢

    Kimberly Old SchoolKimberly Old School4 timer siden
  • If cuteness had a shape, it's a lil stoat!

    Crimson SpiritCrimson Spirit4 timer siden
  • The people who disliked this suck

    Daniel BlakeleyDaniel Blakeley4 timer siden
  • I hope they stay BFF in the wild

    short stACKshort stACK4 timer siden
  • I thought they were ferrets 😔😔 cause i had never heard of a stoat until now

    Tommy NguyenTommy Nguyen4 timer siden
  • Every creaturs are beautiful but not serpent family 🐍🐊🦖🦖🐲🦎

    Yasmine NazarineYasmine Nazarine4 timer siden
  • So cute like little new born poppies or little new born kittens 🧐😳😘

    Yasmine NazarineYasmine Nazarine4 timer siden
  • Stoatally adorable!

    hybbyhybby4 timer siden
  • man if u let those things go in the wild a birds gonna get them so fast :)

    DeuceGeniusDeuceGenius4 timer siden
  • some type of ferret/rodent/chipmunk/mink/mongoose/prairiedog

    DeuceGeniusDeuceGenius4 timer siden
  • whoa what is that thing :)

    DeuceGeniusDeuceGenius4 timer siden
  • Hi

    Xbox LiveXbox Live4 timer siden
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  • I've watched this more than once now, they are so very cute. What a great job the owner did making the enclosure; too bad he has to release them, what wonderful pets they would make long term.

    Kevin SillsKevin Sills4 timer siden
  • You're a Hero for helping those two youngsters....................thanks for your effort.

    Biscuits&GravyBiscuits&Gravy4 timer siden
  • Oh my I loved stoats for months now and I don’t regret a single second of it

    Aubrey ValderramaAubrey Valderrama4 timer siden