Time Traveler Explains Roseanne Cancellation - THE FUTURE IS DUMB

31. mai. 2018
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What if you had to explain the cancellation of Roseanne to someone from the 90s?
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Roseanne was just cancelled because of racist remarks made on Twitter- and explaining to that to someone from 1995 is probably harder than it sounds. You'd have to explain what Twitter is, what a TV show revival is, that Donald Trump is the president -- it's a whole bag of stuff. Here's my Amazon "Influencer" link where you'll find all the equipment I use to make these videos! If you buy anything on Amazon through this link (not just items from this equipment list) Amazon gives me a little bit of money! And that lets me buy food for my cats!

  • Genius.

    Erick GallagherErick Gallagher4 timer siden
  • All i can say is the company that made ambian is a pos and i wont ever buy there products. Really. They did not have to get involve.

    Alex HutchinsAlex Hutchins7 timer siden
  • Wow this 2018 year is soo crazy, I hope I don't play with this twiter thing, it must be really dangerous...

    MrLuiggeMrLuigge12 timer siden
  • You voted Biden,...didn't ya?

    walter hickswalter hicks13 timer siden
  • DO 2020!!!!

    Krod KrodKrod KrodDag siden
  • What's his twitter handle? I want to follow the twitter account for his foot

    Shadz GamezShadz GamezDag siden
  • Maybe time traveler can explain blatant hypocrisy and how you can get away with anything if you are woke enough and on the correct “side”

    JordanJordanDag siden
  • So OJ Simpson has a Twitter, and Donald Trump was kicked off. I get a feeling, though, that Trump will "write" a book called "If I Lied To My Supporters" in a few years.

    AaronAaron2 dager siden
  • “I hope they bring back The Cosby Show... He could do no harm.” 😂 At one time, I thought the same! 😳

    Crow29803Crow298032 dager siden
  • 2018 is crazy! (2020): Hold my beer 🍺

    ieat caribouieat caribou2 dager siden
  • Trump Supporters unlinked this video

    SinkiSinki2 dager siden
    • If Trump supporters are racist then considering what Roseanne got in trouble for, and not many peeps defending her I don't think Trump fans actually followed her 😂, because I am sure there aren't groups of peeps that purposely follow stars they don't like waiting and/or hoping for them to mess up so they can ruin them, that would be borderline insanity... 🤔

      ZauchiZauchi2 dager siden
  • These are some amazing skits. I hope you do more

    SMSFF7SMSFF73 dager siden
  • Anybody could have beaten Hillary Clinton in 2016 for your information… LOL

    David JordanDavid Jordan3 dager siden
  • footshadowing?

    Hámori BernátHámori Bernát4 dager siden
  • 0:55 haha, not anymore.

    #One Gamer#One Gamer5 dager siden
  • Should Do one about.peacefull riot in the States .all Summer .

    Donald ClémentDonald Clément5 dager siden
    • yea

      Cucumber CowCucumber Cow5 dager siden
  • Seems dated, the president hasn't sent any "twitters" in days.

    J AJ A6 dager siden
  • If only he knew

    Stupidity&Salt ._.Stupidity&Salt ._.6 dager siden
  • How have I only discovered this channel now, this shit is hilarious 😂

    Red’s WastedRed’s Wasted6 dager siden
  • Imagine how the time traveler would explain 2020!?

    Rebeccawood1980 music and games ShortsRebeccawood1980 music and games Shorts6 dager siden
  • I’ve binged watched like your entire channel for the 5th time, and I’ve realized, the most powerful words are “I’ve decided” and 80% of the videos end with “holy shii”

    matthew cozzolinomatthew cozzolino7 dager siden
  • I really miss this series

    Kaiju MasterKaiju Master7 dager siden
  • A racist twitter... president hmhmm

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez8 dager siden
  • Do more of this it's good stuff.

    Christopher Hodson-WalkerChristopher Hodson-Walker8 dager siden
  • "It's the 90s" damn i love that intro lmao

    BeefBeef8 dager siden
  • Trump was better then Hillary

    Daniel HernandezDaniel Hernandez8 dager siden
  • Hillary-ous!

    XavierKatzoneXavierKatzone9 dager siden
  • This dude is so fucking funny

    Andy ChaumontAndy Chaumont9 dager siden
  • Hey, this video seems even more hallarious yet suspiciously bleek and sad in 2021. I had a rough childhood in the 90's; glad to know the adult portion of my life isn't any better 😅😅🥺🥺

    laddy moneyladdy money10 dager siden
  • And then in 2021 Donald Trump's Twitter fans dressed in animal pelts white supremacist shirts and raided the Capital building because he lost reelection and they thought they could overthrow the government and keep him President of the country.

    DuckHouseDuckHouse10 dager siden
    • That was ANTIFA dressed up in MAGA gear. Total false flag.

      Jay QuinnJay Quinn3 dager siden
    • Spoilers! 😆

      TotallyNotRedneckYallTotallyNotRedneckYall9 dager siden
  • Obviously his arms are tired from carrying the entire NOworld Comedy section above his head like the sexy Atlas he is. I love you Ryan.

    TehRoyalShitHeadTehRoyalShitHead10 dager siden
  • Julie Nolke sent me down a rabbit hole and now I'm regretting not finding you guys sooner. You're all the true spirit of NOworld.

    Lost Scrolls SketchbookLost Scrolls Sketchbook11 dager siden
  • I was very disappointed that there is no @RyanGeorgesFoot twitter account.

    The Rockin' DonkeyThe Rockin' Donkey12 dager siden
  • No more twitters from the president anymore

    aCrazyDrummeraCrazyDrummer12 dager siden
  • It's called th dumbing down of America and an elitist AGENDA and POPULATION CONTROL...

    Juan MirandaJuan Miranda12 dager siden
  • Yeah, It's even better in 2021. We started off with a failed coup (up for debate) attempt. These buffoons looked more like the village people fans celebrating Independence day instead of attempting to take over the country, they rummaged around for artifacts and took selfies then left to eat funnel cake and take naps. 4 did die during this "coup" though. One of the unarmed "terrorist" moms was shot in the neck by a cop. People think it's because he hated white women. Oh yeah, it's no longer acceptable to not just be a racist, you have to call people who do not agree with you a racist until they do agree with you. It's kind of a thing. One Trumper (the new term for Natzi)fell down and died. Two other names have not been released because they are not sure about gender. BTW, there are more than two genders. We have over 60 and if you misgender someone they cancel you. That means they call your work, family, friends, neighbors anyone that knows them and yell "Fire _____ for being a racist, bigot, homophobe, pervert, Natzi" until they finally get worn out, lose money for jacking with theses SJW (another day to explain) and fear they to will get called names so they cancel people. Looking forward to 2022

    Greg KinneyGreg Kinney13 dager siden
    • "Natzi"

      Jonah ClementsJonah Clements8 dager siden
  • More of these videos, please!

    Pscdub72Pscdub7213 dager siden
  • Congrats on 800k

    AndrewAndrew14 dager siden
    • Was some of the first 30 people to see that😊

      AndrewAndrew14 dager siden
  • Honestly thought I’d hear from the adstranaut at the end here...

    Chris gChris g14 dager siden
  • Donald Trump is the President in 2018. What? It was just a stuffed crust pizza commercial. Now he's the president of Pizza Hut?

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV15 dager siden
  • ah 2018

    Epic MSprinkleEpic MSprinkle15 dager siden
  • 😭

    olanmills64olanmills6416 dager siden
  • lel 2021 should be better ( I hope)

    Wolf Fangs Cute CatsWolf Fangs Cute Cats17 dager siden
  • Oh 2018. We were so young

    RickL AwrenceRickL Awrence21 dag siden
  • Trump 2020 😁😁😁❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Jada WilsonJada Wilson21 dag siden
  • It’s the 90‘s ! 80s vibe incoming

    VictoryVictory21 dag siden
  • I now this would take place in the 2010s but I think you should also do time traveler discovers the clone wars being brought back for season seven

    Kingdom Of winterKingdom Of winter21 dag siden
  • Calling everything unoriginal and sad is unoriginal and sad.

    Noone of ConsequenceNoone of Consequence21 dag siden
  • Please make more of these!

    Jess ¿Jess ¿22 dager siden
  • Mooooore!

    fairyisafairyisa23 dager siden
  • Hilary Clinton. You compare him to Hilary Clinton: Leaking Classified emails, Murder, Pedophilia cover up. Bill Clinton is on record going to Epstein island over twenty times, on record; again that is on record. Trump, before he became president literally helped rebuild New York and gave loans to people that at the time banks would not. I am talking about black businesses. Trump is not perfect, but he has helped many people over the years as long as they are willing to help themselves and as president did more than any other president in my lifetime. Do your research. Emotion and mainstream narratives don't matter, just facts. This is many of examples where people should stick to what they know and stay out of politics, but by hating Trump, you will get more money and advertising so as we all know these leftists sure love their money and have no souls so I guess I get it

    Kevin HagenKevin Hagen23 dager siden
    • You know he was more doing Trump because it just is weird that he became the president right? It's like when Reagan became president. And I don't think you can use Epstein as ammo against other people if you support Trump. You think he hasn't been there?

      Jonah ClementsJonah Clements8 dager siden
  • Donald Trump is the President in the future. Please stop making things up 😂😂😄😮😳😢 2020 Donald Trump is no longer the president in the future. 🎉🎉🎊🎊

    Kenny BrooksKenny Brooks24 dager siden
  • the song at the end sounds like dynamite by BTS

    Milly M.Milly M.24 dager siden
  • Literally the end of every episode oh holy shi-

    DustyDootsDustyDoots24 dager siden
  • That last bit before the holy sh*t 😂😂😂

    GenevieveGenevieve25 dager siden
  • First ever RGCU (Ryan George Cinamatic Universe) feature video!

  • "Actually Bill Cosby bets convicted of sexual assault" "OH HOLY SHI-"

    NintendoNintendo28 dager siden
  • Whoops. Whoopsie!

    RandiPoitrasRandiPoitrasMåned siden
  • Very

    Matthew DunhamMatthew DunhamMåned siden
  • Love the future is dumb series

    Robo WealthyRobo WealthyMåned siden
  • I love the political humor without actually getting political.

    Neon GreenEllipticalNeon GreenEllipticalMåned siden
  • And there is a youtuber who makes fun of 2020 in form of a 90s news perspective

    RangoRangoMåned siden
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! 🤣 a twitter for your foot

    The leprechaun PlaysThe leprechaun PlaysMåned siden
  • Please make a new one. No one in the 90's would believe that people are stupid enough to vote for people who want to lock them up and destroy their businesses.

    Stacy FordhamStacy FordhamMåned siden
  • To be fair, for all the unoriginal content in the movie theaters, there was a lot of original content on TV. And of course on the interwebs, with Ryan George as the shining counter-example.

    flippert0flippert0Måned siden
  • I came back from 2020, future is even more nonsense

    Leandro CuccoLeandro CuccoMåned siden
  • If someone ran on a platform of stuffed crust pizza I’d vote for them. The 2020 we deserved but didn’t get. 😔

    random pensamientosrandom pensamientosMåned siden
  • “Oh no I have a bad case of the racisms.”

    Ben BayneBen BayneMåned siden
  • Ok, it it terrifying that I always eat pizza crust first?

    Why hello thereWhy hello thereMåned siden
    • No

      TristAnimationsTristAnimationsMåned siden
  • I don't care if he sounds kinda disrespectful to Donald Trump or what, no matter what party you are, this is hilarious.

    NoOrdinaryStixNoOrdinaryStixMåned siden
    • Thank you, this is true.

      TristAnimationsTristAnimationsMåned siden
  • Damn, this was two years ago?

    KidPrarchord95KidPrarchord95Måned siden
  • "...Donald trump is president." "...Please report the facts."

    Mitchell AndersonMitchell AndersonMåned siden
  • I love how apolitical this is, even when it is directly political lol

    TheOtherWhiteNerdTheOtherWhiteNerdMåned siden
  • Foot Twitters are *TIGHT*

    ricaardricaardMåned siden
  • "Nothing makes sense in 2018." 2020: Hold my beer!

    Pedro AbreuPedro AbreuMåned siden
  • JESUS - TAP-DANCING - CHRIST!!! And breathe... and breathe... and breathe... OK... Anyhoo, it's December 2020... and breathe... and breathe... and breathe... and breathe... and breathe... and breathe... and breathe... and breathe... and breathe... and breathe...

    Jenifer R.Jenifer R.Måned siden
  • Even the president, especially the president, love it

    William RoseWilliam RoseMåned siden
  • Heres a weird idea. Let's ask everyone when Donald Trump became a racist!! Before he ran for president he was liked by everyone. He was the running joke in a lot of movies like Home Alone and Die Hard 3. He last girlfriend before he got married was black yet somehow he became racist in 2016!

    Enforcement Droid Series 209Enforcement Droid Series 209Måned siden
    • Yeah, ED-209's always had faulty logic units.

      TotallyNotRedneckYallTotallyNotRedneckYall9 dager siden
  • It was funny ... but it also gave me anxiety ... ... and Im speaking from 2 years in the future.

    Jason WoodJason WoodMåned siden
  • "I don't think it means what you think it means anymore" XD

    Jason WoodJason WoodMåned siden
  • My god, he needs to do one for 2020.

    CaptainQuacksCaptainQuacksMåned siden
  • Easily my favorite series on this channel. Please make content forever lol.

    RinxzieRinxzieMåned siden
  • ........................... What

    noisepuppetnoisepuppetMåned siden
  • He should have emphasized that one "tweets" on "Twitter"...in order to emphasize how ridiculous the future is.

    Tflexxx02Tflexxx02Måned siden
  • Stuffed crust pizza is tight!

    tsopmocfultsopmocfulMåned siden
  • Did making a Twitter about your foot cause it to later get stuck in the time machine when you returned to 2020? My God the tapestry of this storytelling

    Gayan LiyanageGayan LiyanageMåned siden
  • For hell’s sake, go to 2020😂

    Can we get 1k subs :DCan we get 1k subs :DMåned siden
  • This entire series and channel is better than the whole of Game of Thrones

    AboodAboodMåned siden
  • Ryan: The future is very sad and un origanal Me: Yes, it is you can time travel eh?

    AshGamer_WolfAshGamer_Wolf2 måneder siden
  • I miss 2018.

    Jonathan MatthewsJonathan Matthews2 måneder siden
  • That rxn to DT being Prez.....😂😂

    Carol VauseCarol Vause2 måneder siden
  • Only discovered this channel last week, but my dude has been putting out fire for years!!!

    TheCamp VerdeKidTheCamp VerdeKid2 måneder siden
  • They're called tweets!

    Yuri DeKhedYuri DeKhed2 måneder siden
  • so funny.

    Andrew BorneAndrew Borne2 måneder siden
  • I'm 2 years late but hell, still actual as fuck

    Alessandro LongoAlessandro Longo2 måneder siden
  • everything is runied. perfect. well done :)

    Mary Elizabeth SullivanMary Elizabeth Sullivan2 måneder siden
  • There should be a 2020 video!!

    Idan ShaharIdan Shahar2 måneder siden
    • There is

      nathan mckenzienathan mckenzie2 måneder siden
  • 2018 WASN'T EVEN A WARMUP FOR 2020!

    bannisherbannisher2 måneder siden
  • Time Traveler explains Trump's Presidency.

    _pheebs_pheebs2 måneder siden
  • Being unoriginal and sad is TIGHT!

    AngryPotatoAngryPotato2 måneder siden