TikTok Health + Fitness is Completely WILD

6. april. 2021
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Our little expedition through the world of health, fitness, diet and exercises on TikTok!! 🌍🌎💦 Fasten your seatbelts and hold on…
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  • Strap yourselves in and hold on!! 🎢🎢 I really tried to shorten this one but hey there was just WAY too much to react to 😂 Love you all, stay smiley! 😄

    Natacha OcéaneNatacha Océane11 dager siden
    • Would have been fine for me if it was an hour:P Love your videos!!

      Linde StaalsLinde Staals10 dager siden
    • You could literally make an one hour video about anything and it would still be too short😘

      hannah matterhannah matter10 dager siden
    • So great! 😂 Thank you! 😀❤️😀

      LukefishLukefish11 dager siden
    • I already liked the vid before watching it

      Mannat KaurMannat Kaur11 dager siden
    • that was so entertaining and educating to watch, like all your videos !! thank you so much for your work natachan, you are helping so many people

      Enya KellermannEnya Kellermann11 dager siden
  • could you do a video about how women can be strong but not have huge trap muscles?

    Alyssa BrandonAlyssa Brandon6 timer siden
  • ✨✨Love your videos as always!!✨✨ Lately I’ve seen some content thrown around that people under 5’4 need to workout differently than those taller. The claims are that shorter people naturally have a slower metabolism(and less mass obviously). But I’m trying to understand how that affects a workout routine. 🤔🤔🤔 anyway, I’m on my 3rd attempt at week 2 on HOME.reload!! Not giving up!!

    Alexandria StipeAlexandria StipeDag siden
  • I like it when you’re videos are more educational and you share content related to science. I didn’t watch this video at all maybe only less than a min. I think you have more to offer and more value when you post articles or abstracts you share on your channel. I also all your video with you and Mario. You’re both a package. Sending you good vibes! ✨💛

    Eva GalvezEva GalvezDag siden
  • Alan Silva was on America’s Got Talent.

    Mike HonchoMike HonchoDag siden
  • can u do a video rating other fitness youtubers workouts to see if they’re actually effective they’ll be so helpful😭

    Sonia TanSonia TanDag siden
  • I thought TikTok was for teens and kids? What in the explicit hell?

    RatbirdChampionRatbirdChampion2 dager siden
  • I still wasn't prepared 😪

    rachel snookrachel snook2 dager siden
  • I’ve been watching you for years I am not sure why you have started to become so hateful about certain things lately. Everyone’s journey is completely different. Everyone’s metabolism is different. Diets work differently for different people. So don’t hate on certain things that will work for others if it doesn’t work for you. You have this platform to be encouraging to others.

    Michelle LMichelle L2 dager siden
  • The cactus in the background anyone? 👀👀

    Kyla Te HikoKyla Te Hiko2 dager siden
  • for the towel one, I like to do that after my workout because it helps stretch out the entire body! I noticed I tend to get less sore after I finish doing that

    Anu ShaAnu Sha3 dager siden
  • ...Wow

    adorablebelleadorablebelle3 dager siden
  • Omg I love you 😍😍😍

    Ben BBen B3 dager siden
  • omg i'm actually crying of laughter, the girl that farted had me dead😂😂

    Marissa BrubakerMarissa Brubaker3 dager siden
  • I downloaded tiktok and they instantly put me on lesbian viking and bisexual pirate tiktok, which I a)didn't know was a thing and b)definitely enjoy.

    Gwyneth DefriezGwyneth Defriez4 dager siden
  • I loveeeeee nutritionalsarah!!!

    Taylor LeTourneauTaylor LeTourneau4 dager siden
  • I was eating during this video and #2 came as a surprise. LOL These people are creative for sure. I'd say I want to be as flexible as the first girl. That's amazing! I Laughed about the 5 minute towel workout - so lazy. -.-

    Sara KjeldsenSara Kjeldsen4 dager siden
  • The first tiktok video and I just realised how unprepared I was for this.

    Farid NFarid N4 dager siden
  • The first tiktok video and I just realised how unprepared I was for this.

    Farid NFarid N4 dager siden
  • I'm looking at that cacti in the intros background on the left. .... is that... that is a p3nis!

    snwtsnwt4 dager siden
  • "have you tried cutting out carbs and making it your entire personality" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Connah BrettellConnah Brettell4 dager siden
  • Natacha would you ever consider making a video about academic research? Like what you look for in journal articles, how you approach them, how you test their validity, red flags etc? I really struggle with them (and you present information in a way that my ADHD brain actually acknowledges and processes - a rare treasure!). Also, currently doing Cut Reload and I’ve never been more excited to go to the gym before 😻 big love to you, hope you’re well x

    Emily ChapmanEmily Chapman4 dager siden
  • Your humor matches tiktok. A shame its not for you 😭 Maybe your fyp needs som refining

    Tia AlyssaTia Alyssa4 dager siden
  • nope.

    Dawn FiegenDawn Fiegen4 dager siden
  • Kylie running like she's never run before in her life... girl, LMFAO

    hcope28hcope285 dager siden
  • My future wife, a woman who can see in between the lines😎

    Tyler KendallTyler Kendall5 dager siden
  • You Are truly my favourite! All of this is so on point. Love your videos! 🔥

    Anita SadowskaAnita Sadowska5 dager siden
  • Don’t mind me once again just liking Natacha’s videos before even watching them 😘❤️

    Charlotte KloosCharlotte Kloos5 dager siden
  • I really enjoy AsapMonny on Tiktok. She’s really been educational on fitness bs

    NadineZed StyleNadineZed Style5 dager siden
  • 🤣 Your sense of humor just makes everything better. Love this video.

    Candice ReddyCandice Reddy5 dager siden
  • My dietician told me to not eat in the hour before bed though :'(

    WillemijnWillemijn5 dager siden
  • I'd love your opinion on shredded sports science channel 😍

    Irena MiseviciuteIrena Miseviciute5 dager siden
  • You're like the Sohla of youtube fitness

    Alladin JaafarAlladin Jaafar5 dager siden
  • It’s no wonder people are confused about what works and what doesn’t. The obsession about having abs is also ridiculous. People need to understand function rather than aesthetics. Aesthetics is the outcome of practicing and perfecting the fundamental elements of health & fitness.

    ItWasALLaDREAMItWasALLaDREAM6 dager siden
  • period blood face mask 🥰

    Vera Rey HoodVera Rey Hood6 dager siden
  • Definitely here for a part 2!!!! ❤️😊

    Meagan KominczakMeagan Kominczak6 dager siden
  • TIKTOK has a lot of wrong information about fitness. I generally prefer NOworld for my fitness journey

    The Health and Fitness TVThe Health and Fitness TV6 dager siden
  • I once fell asleep after the shower and forgot to take my towel off my head. Imma do it every night if that’s what’s going to help me lose belly fat! Truly genius!

    MarebearsmagicalmilesMarebearsmagicalmiles6 dager siden
  • I wonder if the abs girl is getting those “results” just because training abs causes water retention and makes your stomach stick out more/lose definition (why bodybuilders never try to get an abs pump before a show). My abs look best when I haven’t trained them for a week... But yes, a lot of those videos definitely test my faith in humanity 😂

    Ellie GraceEllie Grace6 dager siden
  • I think the Japanese "exercise" teaches the body to have a flexed spine posture (like lumbar lordosis or something) and therefore if you have that posture when you stand up you'll have what seems to be, a flatter stomach. Not that anyone should do it, but I think that's the logic behind it.

    Joe SephJoe Seph6 dager siden
  • I think I love you.

    Alessandra Andrea TondiAlessandra Andrea Tondi6 dager siden
  • Liked before this vid even finishes cos I believe in quality content

    TheSlained95TheSlained956 dager siden
  • commenting for the algorithm!!

    Kate Willis-FisherKate Willis-Fisher6 dager siden
  • The upside down twerk 😂 crying at this video

    Jessica WalkerJessica Walker6 dager siden
  • Credible. Funny. Scientific. Digestable. Natasha bringing the goods again 🙌

    Josie HullJosie Hull6 dager siden
  • I laughed so hard during the whole video - thank you 🤣🤣🤣

    anamariaOanamariaO6 dager siden
  • omg this was so good and you always blow me away with your knowledge! ilysm

    rebecca grebecca g7 dager siden
  • This is God's work. You are just the best.

    ladebrouillardeladebrouillarde7 dager siden
  • The abs before bed is the most stupid thing.. I CANT

    Emily JoEmily Jo7 dager siden
  • I've seen that towel thing on BrightSide, which we all know is a clickbait channel like TroomTroom. I think it's supposed to be a stretch or something.

    accidentalpsychosquaredaccidentalpsychosquared7 dager siden
  • Natasha is the only voice of reason when it comes to health on the internet

    Sarah PorterSarah Porter7 dager siden
  • First off, always love your commentary on fake science & the straight up not-even-trying-to-be-science-just-full-of-lies-garbage people post 😂 secondly love the cheeky cactus in the background. He appears to be...quite excited to be in the video 😂😂

    a cat on a bikea cat on a bike7 dager siden
  • I could actually use some elaboration on this guy's 4 flat stomach tips, i.e. your views/scientific explanation on his tips :) (especially with the gum-chewing bc I frequently chew to help my digestion and the drinking while eating bc I always get thirsty while eating)

    Emmie VHEmmie VH7 dager siden
  • the queen of fitness strikes again!! can always count on you Natacha for genuine credited content that's still so so fun and lighthearted 🌟

    Brooke BrownBrooke Brown7 dager siden
  • So nobody noticed THAT cactus in the background? Just me? Oops, ok...

    Sartorius VastusSartorius Vastus7 dager siden
  • So, I actually do sweat in the belly, though inly when I do hard cardio workouts

    Juana VarelaJuana Varela7 dager siden
  • Oh my, just another reason why I will not go on tic tic 😱 xoxo to you and Mario!

    Danielle WingerdenDanielle Wingerden7 dager siden
  • This is the funniest video I've seen in a long while (apart from Foil, Arms and Hog)! If ever I was tempted to sign up for TikTok, that temptation has definitely passed. :D

    vyviennvyvienn7 dager siden
  • I screamed in anger when I heard the lemon water 🙂😭

    Chrissie SparrowChrissie Sparrow7 dager siden
  • The like to dislike ratio says it all 💯

    John O'ConnorJohn O'Connor7 dager siden
  • It is really crazy the pattern we see: do as little amount of work possible to have the best body (specifically abs in this video!!)

    Daniella SandovalDaniella Sandoval7 dager siden
  • The penis workout had me CRYINGGG - bless her little cotton socks thinking it was for sanitary reasons 😂😂😂😂

    Lauren MoretonLauren Moreton8 dager siden
  • i laughed so hard at the gwyneth paltrow joke omg

    suisui8 dager siden
  • he's not working out his dick, lol it's a viral trend that was going around where someone falls and then does something funny like playing guitar or whatever with their privates lol

    Kelli BKelli B8 dager siden
  • absolutely lost it when you referred to likes as "peer reviews"

    Rachael SchwartzRachael Schwartz8 dager siden
  • Here's the issue- TikTok is known to be the most toxic social media app (and that's a BOLD statement), considering that claim, the toxicity bleeds into every community on TikTok, especially the health/wellness/fitness realm. Despite the few funny videos to keep fitness fun-IMO, it's a breeding ground for disordered exercise/eating habits as well as being full of misinformation and comparison. Do y'all agree?

    Lina OrtmannLina Ortmann8 dager siden
  • Aweeeesoooooomeeeee vid girlie!! 💕💕💕💕

    Healthy EmmieHealthy Emmie8 dager siden
  • Natasha I love ❤️ you but plz don’t think little children can’t train their but off because I’m 10 and I am obese and I try to lose weight and love my body at the same time.

    A'navia MantockA'navia Mantock8 dager siden
  • I like how you beeped out s**t like three times but bulls**t stayed hahahah

    Samantha LloydSamantha Lloyd8 dager siden
  • 8:55 this thing is actually very popular and allegedly made up by a Japanese scientist or anything I tried and it didn't do nothing for me, I wish someone could officially debunk it 😤

    TheFuschiaDragonflyTheFuschiaDragonfly8 dager siden
  • I'm a few mins in the beginning and I thought this was about the trash diet culture on that cursed app I didn't sign up for laughing this much 😂

    TheFuschiaDragonflyTheFuschiaDragonfly8 dager siden
  • 3 min in 😳. I was warned....

    Bookdiva401Bookdiva4018 dager siden
  • This was hilarious and confirmed why I do not have TikTok.

    Amanda MovesAmanda Moves8 dager siden
  • 30 minutes of Natacha calling out on the bs of tiktok🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Joon's Unshaken HandJoon's Unshaken Hand8 dager siden
  • Like do two waist trainers just cancel each other out????

    Faith BehrensFaith Behrens8 dager siden
  • Currently dying of thirst in the dessert and still feeling in a better situation than strapping a waist trainer on 🤣🤣🤣

    Faith BehrensFaith Behrens8 dager siden
  • as someone who spends hours on tiktok, seeing them out of context is v traumatic lol. also i do have to say that the tiktoks you see depends v heavily on the content you like/share, etc. for me personally i don't have any health and and fitness stuff on my fyp because i don't want to come across anything triggering.

    TheTogaParty22TheTogaParty228 dager siden
  • So much weirdness, I just can't😅 Lemon water still doesn't have science behind it so just leave it🍋👋

    Maiken SolemMaiken Solem8 dager siden
  • Some of these tik toks actually piss me off, people really be out here with no critical thinking skills and they seem happy as fuck.....

    Jamie SchleyJamie Schley8 dager siden
  • TikTok is toxic, without a doubt the dumbest thing ever created online.

    Gerry HGerry H8 dager siden
  • what.is.the.new.company.natacha.tell.us.please.tell.us

    kiukakiuka8 dager siden
  • I don’t understand how tik tok is a thing. At all. Don’t get me started on the tik tok “stars” smh

    AndreaAndrea8 dager siden
  • OMG I don’t believe that there’s someone who would put period blood on their face 🤢🤢🤢

    Amira NAmira N8 dager siden
  • Natacha you’re doing God’s work

    bunnybunny8 dager siden
  • I don't mind if you make this a series. It's so enjoying and good to watch. That guy you wanted papers on I even thought some were proven (because it's said so often)

    eenwieleraareenwieleraar8 dager siden
  • 1:57 👀 haaaaaaaaawwwwwtDAYUM 2:56 🤢🤢🤢.....oh, she’s messing around 😓

    theodore johnsontheodore johnson8 dager siden
  • LOLL it's already been peer reviewed by 8721people 😂 😂

    Janine LeeJanine Lee8 dager siden
  • Genuinely feel like the algorithm in tik tok is the hell child of an AI's plan to kill all humans. By taking away the evolutionary trait that got us this far. REASON!

    Fernando CastroFernando Castro8 dager siden
  • 8:11 my favorite part of the video lol

    ShockWave ZEROShockWave ZERO9 dager siden
  • My mom thought I sent kookoo. Jesus even I would be scared if I hear my laugh. Ilyyyy Nat♥️♥️😂😂

    Shreyansi thakurShreyansi thakur9 dager siden
  • This is what we all need today lol love you hahahaa.

    Wichaya NWichaya N9 dager siden
  • Actually period blood doesn’t have a smell, barely any, the thing that smells is period products with your period on it aka chemicals reacting, switch to menstrual cups peopleee

    Javiera FigueroaJaviera Figueroa9 dager siden
  • I know you said you don't want a paper that talks about the mechanisms that tests that guys flat stomach outcomes, but girl as a stem major, I really want to see what mechanisms he's talking about haha

    Gabby RamirezGabby Ramirez9 dager siden
  • Natacha, you need to just do like an hour long video or reacting to tik tok vids cuz I could watch that all day 😂

    Heidi FriesenHeidi Friesen9 dager siden
  • Thank you for making this video and being such a positive force! You are seriously cool & brilliant

    Taylor RickTaylor Rick9 dager siden
  • hahahahah omg i cant believe that ad thing happened 😂

    María Antonia FrancoMaría Antonia Franco9 dager siden
  • We all should be asking for people to show us the papers! Show me your references!!

    Reda MReda M9 dager siden
  • I love these videos 🤣

    ClaireClaire9 dager siden
  • You were on Obese to Beast again!

    Pippa87Pippa879 dager siden
  • Lemon water hacks are gonna be Natacha’s supervillain origin story

    Fox VagabondFox Vagabond9 dager siden