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  • 8 finally klnw the last one

    Bhagwant PaddaBhagwant Padda33 minutter siden
  • Guys guys

    Bhagwant PaddaBhagwant Padda34 minutter siden

    Kat HoughtonKat Houghton4 timer siden
  • Hi silly and sanna i like silly and sanna youtubers i love your youtubers i like when u playing SILLY WITH YOU SANNA !! BUT IS HAVE NEW HOUSE THREE AND A SMALL STUF AND BYE SILLY AND SANNA I LOVE NOworldR IS MY FAN !!❤

    Aszeriane ZakariaAszeriane Zakaria7 timer siden
  • I l'm sama l'm sorry but I have to tell you banana

    Charlotte Margarette FerrerCharlotte Margarette Ferrer10 timer siden
  • There is new car’s

    Raul NavarreteRaul Navarrete20 timer siden
  • 👰🤵Sli Ante and Bakr

    سعدا عيادسعدا عيادDag siden
  • yessssssss a secret yesssssss yesssss yessssss OMG YESSSSSSSS I PROMIS

    Laura PooleLaura PooleDag siden
  • Me ro

    Lety VazquezLety VazquezDag siden

    Jetmire SpahiuJetmire SpahiuDag siden
  • sanna

    luis garcialuis garciaDag siden
  • me who thought the haunted house was just a cool house with LED lights lol

    Sim ASim ADag siden
  • Big houses with rich rich rich rich I can probably get $100 cash for that

    Laurie HamiltonLaurie HamiltonDag siden
  • Sanna silly on the bed on the left one theres a super creepy scary place u fall there

    Suhendi TjokroSuhendi TjokroDag siden
  • Sanna u forgot to look out side in the pool area there is a grave yard

    Tanni plays RobloxTanni plays RobloxDag siden
  • omggg ay pee in davpoll 6 times 🤣

    Gerald LosanesGerald LosanesDag siden
  • I love her so ooooooooo much but she yells pretty often but that's OK

    Lily BroughtonLily BroughtonDag siden
  • I'm so sad I don't have rubox I wish I can have but can I be in your houses plz

    hashem_bawdy_abdelalrahmanhashem_bawdy_abdelalrahmanDag siden
  • Can you please do more flee the facilityy

    Danial LambDanial LambDag siden
  • OMG!!there's a secret in the black house go to the up stairs bedroom on the right go near the bed go to the left and go front and there's a secret room

    Weird GamerWeird GamerDag siden
  • of course the new house the premium house there house of course

    Ching PalecChing PalecDag siden
  • Can you play Brookhaven with me tomorrow

    Kevin RuckerKevin Rucker2 dager siden
  • The haunted house has a secret

    Spence Family-HomeSpence Family-Home2 dager siden
  • You are not good 😂😂😂😂😂

    Bdd BddBdd Bdd2 dager siden
  • Theres a secret behind the safe in the premium house

    Noora AlRaisiNoora AlRaisi2 dager siden
  • she looks like mary kate and ashley olsen

    Vakia JonesVakia Jones2 dager siden
  • Can Moody have a face reveal

    StrawberryMarsStrawberryMars2 dager siden
  • Hi

    Nicole RobinsonNicole Robinson2 dager siden
  • Theres a secret by in 1house by the safe brw

    Ann TzoumasAnn Tzoumas2 dager siden
    • Btw

      Ann TzoumasAnn Tzoumas2 dager siden
  • *Sanna: dont pee in the pool guys •w•* *Me 2 years ago...* *Me: pee in the pool 😳*

    Joel SingsonJoel Singson2 dager siden
    • I do lol

      Bella SchieblerBella Schiebler22 timer siden
  • and sannas color ies so cool color

    Alyssa Monique M PanedaAlyssa Monique M Paneda2 dager siden
  • You can make the new premium house to hotel

    Miksu MakunenMiksu Makunen2 dager siden
  • One is horror and rich I don't have robux I have 0

    Alyanna Louise SaraAlyanna Louise Sara2 dager siden
  • Shut the living room and if you just click it hit the white one then it’s back to normal lighting

    Rosie BeeRosie Bee2 dager siden
  • god loveѕ everyone

    Adegbemisola LawalAdegbemisola Lawal2 dager siden
  • I found a secret place in the last house I'l tag you in tiktok to see it

    Ειρηνη ΞανθόπουλουΕιρηνη Ξανθόπουλου2 dager siden
  • She has a boyfriend now

    Syamsir SaputraSyamsir Saputra2 dager siden
  • Firts time im a baby and may sis just wanna pie and pop and shes in the pool and she has an idea she just pop in the pool and pie and hes groundded 🤣

    Syamsir SaputraSyamsir Saputra2 dager siden
  • you and silly missed a hiding spot if you go to the safe and the cabinet next to the safe if you stand on it and push it there is a hiding spot. I love you and silly's videos. stay safe!!!!!!

    Kenlee OrrKenlee Orr2 dager siden
  • I'll pick......

    Pamela BejarascoPamela Bejarasco2 dager siden
  • How can you get a pool in Brookhaven?

    Jaz Princess Samantha C. FerrerJaz Princess Samantha C. Ferrer2 dager siden
  • Yay

    Sebastien LiewSebastien Liew2 dager siden
  • ? Silly's videos so Sarah can you please make more silly videos

    Aria 1325Aria 13252 dager siden
  • There's a secret in the top bedroom close to the safe it's beside it you'll be on the roof

    Faith RochiliFaith Rochili2 dager siden
  • 😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🤱🏻

    Althea Reign's Music & Video'sAlthea Reign's Music & Video's2 dager siden
  • How do you put the pool in

    Michael EdvalsonMichael Edvalson2 dager siden
  • :Sanna: I WANT THE TOP WON! :silly: ok ok! :sanna: Because I always pee and it drips ;-;

    Ottie Unicorn!Ottie Unicorn!2 dager siden
  • sanna: 3 new houses me: 30 new houses!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? everyone else: no

    Khanh NgoKhanh Ngo3 dager siden
  • There is a secret hole in the master bedroom near the bed and it is real cool

    xx Ocean Wolfxx Ocean Wolf3 dager siden
  • In the star house

    studlyhankstudlyhank3 dager siden
  • In the closet their is a secret room

    studlyhankstudlyhank3 dager siden
  • My username is joeshaun6

    Mark JacobMark Jacob3 dager siden
  • Can you please send me robux

    Mark JacobMark Jacob3 dager siden
  • How did you put the pool

    Enora Sol SleimanEnora Sol Sleiman3 dager siden
  • How much robux do u need for the house or pool i love ur videos

    Lily HolmanLily Holman3 dager siden
  • can we just appreciate the quality of the screen like- it's beyutiful

    kathIeen-gamingYTkathIeen-gamingYT3 dager siden
    • I'm apple

      Ethan Kenji PetallarEthan Kenji PetallarDag siden
  • Woooooooow😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Jessica HarveyJessica Harvey3 dager siden
  • there is a secet room in hunted house its in master bedroom in coner of bed its a kidnaper place

    n vn v3 dager siden
  • Look in the pool

    Sophie AndrewsSophie Andrews3 dager siden
  • Look into the pool

    Sophie AndrewsSophie Andrews3 dager siden
  • I have no clue where the game

    Isabella IssaIsabella Issa3 dager siden
  • Yellow is my favorite color

    MrCrainer 2000MrCrainer 20003 dager siden
  • I’m silly’s hpuse the master bedroom near the vault go on one of the corners it’s swcret

    Peiman Mozaffari FardPeiman Mozaffari Fard3 dager siden
  • Premium house

    Caroline FinlayCaroline Finlay3 dager siden
  • Sanna did u know that there is a secret room at the main bedroom the secret room is beside the bed

    inot_bxrryofficialinot_bxrryofficial3 dager siden
  • My favorite house is the premium one but I don't have premium because hackers can hack you so I need turn 18 but I'm 8😔😢

    Rihanna VerapatrenRihanna Verapatren3 dager siden
  • Why.d moody didnt want to hold your lovely mushroom hand

    Kasie's HappyWorldKasie's HappyWorld3 dager siden
  • Sanna

    Kasie's HappyWorldKasie's HappyWorld3 dager siden
  • Moody hold sannas hand

    Kasie's HappyWorldKasie's HappyWorld3 dager siden
  • My love is moody and sanna

    Kasie's HappyWorldKasie's HappyWorld3 dager siden
  • Are you Muslim

    Mayser TahirbdbcbdbMayser Tahirbdbcbdb3 dager siden
  • Me at my hotel last time i baby peed at the pool when i was there 😭😭

    Yannie SmileyYannie Smiley3 dager siden
  • Just to tell you I saw a banana subscrib to sanna and silly love you guys!!

    AngelWhispersAngelWhispers3 dager siden
  • If Moody was here she would meet Silly and she would definitely pick the scary house

    Marta ZylakMarta Zylak3 dager siden
  • you make me much better when im sad today my friend bullyed me and it hurts my feelings and im mad but when i wach your vids i feel clam safe so thats why i like your vids so bye

    Ten HathorTen Hathor3 dager siden
  • Why brookhaven is more popoular than adopt me

    Jullian Dave LadublanJullian Dave Ladublan3 dager siden
  • I’m a fan of you💖💖💖💖

    Jady JadishaJady Jadisha3 dager siden
    • I’m a BIG fan of you sanna...

      Jady JadishaJady Jadisha3 dager siden
    • Please PLEASE sub...

      Jady JadishaJady Jadisha3 dager siden
    • Sub to iamSanna too💖💖💖💖

      Jady JadishaJady Jadisha3 dager siden
  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 this is so fake I used to love your videos. Until I found out they are fake

    Luna WolfLuna Wolf3 dager siden
  • How to get a pool Sanna

    Zayne AmirahZayne Amirah3 dager siden
  • Actually there is a secret place in the haunted house in one of the bedroom beside the bed

    Chrystina GiselleChrystina Giselle3 dager siden
  • Did you realize the floor is pink....?- The third one

    Khriscia Dulcinea MandapatKhriscia Dulcinea Mandapat3 dager siden
  • 😂🤣😅😊

    Krisann Nk00embhardKrisann Nk00embhard3 dager siden
  • Sanna hair is extra blonde today and im here for it 👍😎

    chrqsbarrettchrqsbarrett3 dager siden
  • hi

    kimberly palaioskimberly palaios3 dager siden
  • Yeah but in the haunted house there's a secret place there

    Genesis RamosGenesis Ramos3 dager siden
  • e in the haunted house

    Genesis RamosGenesis Ramos3 dager siden

    Andreas7979Andreas79793 dager siden
  • Hi

    Madie WynessMadie Wyness3 dager siden
  • Premium

    Isabella's Glitter Town MichaelIsabella's Glitter Town Michael3 dager siden
  • Wer the safe is thers a sikret go in the safe

    leonie Ibrahimleonie Ibrahim3 dager siden
  • Sanna can you make me a birthday video for me

    frank brunoefrank brunoe3 dager siden
  • How you you add the pool?

    Palin LentzPalin Lentz4 dager siden
  • My favorite house is tall house because my family is liked to play Brookhaven with me and it's so cute so use star codes if you're buying Roblox and Sana is jelly is your boyfriend? How long your hair is and I like your unicorn hair band it's so cute I wish I went to use it and I watch your old videos like 20 times bye be safe and enjoy be happy

    Barb's vlogs Aka the bestBarb's vlogs Aka the best4 dager siden
  • Hi i only wach silly but I’m going to wach your chanel

    Yosmery rose Jimenez yosmeryYosmery rose Jimenez yosmery4 dager siden
  • he i subed to u and silly

    Gracie EhlersGracie Ehlers4 dager siden
  • the house is so nice and so much space ♥♥❤

    Alyssa Monique M PanedaAlyssa Monique M Paneda4 dager siden
  • i love sanna's house it's very cool

    Tangeni AmaamboTangeni Amaambo4 dager siden
  • my favorite house was silly's house

    Kyra DavidsonKyra Davidson4 dager siden
  • its not a secrit room its a basment dum dum

    carolina coconutcarolina coconut4 dager siden
  • Wat i NEWER pee in te poll Lol

    Patrycja JanowskiPatrycja Janowski4 dager siden