Thomas Tuchel Live Press Conference: Atletico Madrid v Chelsea | Champions League

22. feb.. 2021
185 236 Ganger

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

  • How can this stupid coach sit in the reserve and deprive the Chelsea team of his service and include his failed countryman as my official in the matches and all the officials are not exaggerating with this, so the management has become a failure

    nettoyage et polissage professionnel du verrenettoyage et polissage professionnel du verre4 dager siden
  • Fan Chelsea 💙🔵

    An Nguyễn vănAn Nguyễn văn4 dager siden
  • Stephanie says Aaron I was fight against you Stephanie 👊👊👊👊👊👊💪💪💪

    Aaron WhittingtonAaron Whittington7 dager siden
  • Stephanie says Aaron Michael Noel says kiss 💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Aaron WhittingtonAaron Whittington7 dager siden
  • Stephanie says Aaron Kevin kiss your neck 😂

    Aaron WhittingtonAaron Whittington7 dager siden
  • u r making your decisions and your choices to get fans sympathy ! !that's selfish that's unjust for players that actually deserving to play and for chealsea fans that seek resultes!!

    Hamza HminaHamza Hmina7 dager siden
  • add official subtitles

    DomoBezPestkiDomoBezPestki7 dager siden
  • Big UP to U Thomas for the Victory vs ATHLETICO MADRID, you 're in a Big club, now, All my congratulation to U and your Team

    Zino DjezzyZino Djezzy7 dager siden
  • if frank lampard here will be gg,tuchel in last season help psg go through final

    lion llion l7 dager siden
  • Thank you chelsea boots and you strength and wisdom teeth

    Samuel Yahanns Kwaku SekyiSamuel Yahanns Kwaku Sekyi7 dager siden
  • Ziyech

    Jamal HamzaJamal Hamza7 dager siden
  • As a Barcelona fan chelsea is my favorite second club. Lets go tuchel

    SAQR NiteSAQR Nite8 dager siden
  • In my old parisian coach Tuchel, we trust , my pleasure to see him differently . GO CHELSEA 🔵⚪🔵🔴

    Hammady KebeHammady Kebe8 dager siden
  • Let’s win this

    Chelsea Fc fanChelsea Fc fan8 dager siden
  • I have two score predictions. Either 1-0 to Atleti or 0-0. Still I hope for the best KTBFFH🔵⚪️

    Johnny FreeSpeechJohnny FreeSpeech8 dager siden
    • Have more trust :D

      Unknown UserUnknown User7 dager siden
  • 0000000

    كل واحد يبقي في مكانهكل واحد يبقي في مكانه8 dager siden
  • Chelsea 00000

    كل واحد يبقي في مكانهكل واحد يبقي في مكانه8 dager siden
  • I am from 🇹🇹 and sends best wishes to you guys ,go well 🙏🏿

    Dexter McCarthyDexter McCarthy8 dager siden
  • chelsea give new era for this season please . ameen . from malaysia 😘 ilovechelsea forever even lose and win . sorry if my english not good 🙏

    Nrhidayu 23Nrhidayu 238 dager siden
  • Best wishes for Chelsea from psg fan.

    Delwar HossainDelwar Hossain8 dager siden
  • Best wishes for Chelsea from psg fan.

    Delwar HossainDelwar Hossain8 dager siden
  • We need to win this match, I really love the new coach approach to game.

    Shittu MohammedShittu Mohammed8 dager siden
  • Away Goals should be very good desposit for the blues

    The HypermanThe Hyperman8 dager siden
  • We can easily beat atletico kai in the middle pulisic with his pace on the left CHO on the right with his pace to mount behind kai with kova

    Timo WernerTimo Werner8 dager siden
  • We must play reece James hes are only right back with pace.....ZIGGA ZAGGA ZIGGA ZAGGA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA

    mr Portsmouthmr Portsmouth8 dager siden
  • Can someone help, why are they playing the game in Bucharest?

    Vincent NnamdiVincent Nnamdi8 dager siden
    • @Amal joseph, oh, thank you.

      Vincent NnamdiVincent Nnamdi8 dager siden
    • Coz they cant fly to madrid cos of spanish gvt restrictions

      Amal josephAmal joseph8 dager siden
  • Atletico will beat Chelsea tonight ? 18:25 - ...

    Syrgak OmuralievSyrgak Omuraliev8 dager siden
  • I am sure we will win 2:1 .......

    መኑ የሃድገነ ፍቅሮ ለክርስቶስመኑ የሃድገነ ፍቅሮ ለክርስቶስ8 dager siden
  • FOR THOMAS TUCHEL, please dont use tamy and reece james, he so fukcing poor

    Imam MusyafarImam Musyafar8 dager siden
  • With every interview his English improves haha

    Syrgak OmuralievSyrgak Omuraliev8 dager siden
  • Atletico is going down today!!!

    Shepherd ChitedzeShepherd Chitedze8 dager siden
  • This guy is a bum we are getting slapped by athletico

    Li WliLi Wli8 dager siden
  • 0-1 Chelsea

    Mark GMark G8 dager siden
  • Vamos Chelsea Atlético Madrid son muy malos jjj

    Luis Escotet hurtadoLuis Escotet hurtado8 dager siden
  • Chelsea lacks confidence

    Kato ChelseaKato Chelsea8 dager siden
  • ATM will bantai Chelsea the score my predict is 4-1 for ATM

    Ɖɛvιαƞ αяvɛƉɛvιαƞ αяvɛ8 dager siden
  • This guy has the most attacking team in Europe but is playing the most defensive way

    Tapiwa JamesTapiwa James8 dager siden
  • Thank you for your views coach as always. It's a pleasure listening in.

    Andiswa Dennis SifundaAndiswa Dennis Sifunda8 dager siden
  • Good luck ⚽️

    Muôn màu V-leagueMuôn màu V-league8 dager siden
  • Atletico 3 -0 Chelsea

    Sungging MSungging M8 dager siden
  • Believe Jesus Christ. Be repent. Heaven and hell exist.

    나다가나다가8 dager siden
  • Genius..

    ian jimmyian jimmy8 dager siden
  • I will say good luck Chelsea because they are trying everything to win things, how can you Support arsenal when they're not having any ambitions to actually have the best

    king kongking kong8 dager siden
  • Tuchel an Chelsea get big respect coming to play Atletico an setting out to win Chelsea are top club but arsenal now is a joke have no idea what is going iv heard so mant ppl say arsenal should be happy the only lost 1 nill with 0 shots at goals

    king kongking kong8 dager siden
  • chelsea players must understand Tuchel and follow his direction.. he can make them champions league winner.. he is capable of that

    ian jimmyian jimmy8 dager siden
  • All the great things about tuchel his players are 10000 back him arsenals arteta no1 is behind him

    king kongking kong8 dager siden
  • Arsenal should have got tuchel so gutted

    king kongking kong8 dager siden
  • Im an arsenal fan im so gutted Chelsea got tuchel

    king kongking kong8 dager siden
  • It's probably going to be "One of those games" "Wind ups" from the other team "Complaining if/when decisions etc don't go Chelsea's way Resulting in "Loss of focus" "Composure" The same applies since you/we were "Children" PLAY THE WHISTLE/DON'T GET INVOLVED IN NONSENSE I'm gonna say 16 nil to Chelsea in this one🤣🤣 You see how easy it is to lose focus/get caught up in "The Nonsense" Anyway....Up The Blues All the best to Atletico👍

    Cliff BCliff B8 dager siden
  • I'm worried about Christensen He can be a baby and we know how Suarez is like

    zipho venazipho vena8 dager siden
  • Come one Chelsea!!!!!

    Grim AffiliationsGrim Affiliations8 dager siden
  • no ziyech no attack no opportunities in the last 20 metres.i understand you r very good at the first 80 metres but the last 20 metres is not bad but ll never be as if ziyech playing .for the last 20 metres you need top top a player like ziyech .but for now without ziyech i do not see chealsea scoring easily with ziyech playing chealsea tuchel and the players can win everything .good luck

    Hamza HminaHamza Hmina8 dager siden
  • Ziyech+zouma+Giroux

    Taxi 78Taxi 788 dager siden
  • Lets go Chelsea 💙💙

    VentmusVentmus8 dager siden
  • This guy talks like a Russian lord! Love him!

    Ayodeji OlumoseAyodeji Olumose8 dager siden
  • All we want is to see that hunger to play everyday.

    Uwe SaundersUwe Saunders8 dager siden
  • I'll tell you exactly what's gonna happen , this clown will play Alonso, Jorginho in midfield instead of kante and Atletico will run Chelsea out , just see tommorow

    Nivin SyjuNivin Syju8 dager siden
  • Me predictions is 3-2 atletico would win the first leg

    panda gaming 123panda gaming 1238 dager siden
    • Maybe, but don't underestimate Chelsea ,because miracle can happen.Honestly, at least Chelsea must get a draw against Atletico so, that in the second-leg Chelsea gains the confidence playing Home side.

      Hareen JuniorHareen Junior8 dager siden
  • The focus is on us 🙌💙💙💙

    Dopehead GadDopehead Gad8 dager siden
  • Jammie carrager and Liverpool are crying

    Renjith HaridasRenjith Haridas8 dager siden
  • My priority is always the GAME WE PLAY 💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Double_HDouble_H8 dager siden
  • 💙👏🏻

    Kobe CampbellKobe Campbell8 dager siden
  • Jorginhi-kOVA duo. PLEASE

    I Didnt AskI Didnt Ask8 dager siden
  • E. Mendy or Kepa? Make your Choice...

    HeartbeatHeartbeat8 dager siden
  • Chelsea are gonna win the Champions League again

    Jan OctJan Oct8 dager siden
  • please use ziyech in the squad to win the match

    Bun RongBun Rong8 dager siden

    Praneel MadhuvaneshPraneel Madhuvanesh8 dager siden
  • 100% we will lose against atletico Madrid tomorrow early pressure will start on tuchel

    Mo YoMo Yo8 dager siden
  • Don’t start Abraham ,Alonso , Havertz and criestisen

    Xaliye AhmedXaliye Ahmed8 dager siden
    • lol

      AL KudusAL Kudus8 dager siden
  • Start chelwel and ziyech

    Xaliye AhmedXaliye Ahmed8 dager siden
  • 1-0 hard fought win - Giroud goal in the first half. Defence to be rock solid tommorow

    Alex PhilipAlex Philip8 dager siden
    • Pretty accurate 👌🏻😄

      Joschi StrikesJoschi Strikes7 dager siden
  • Love TTs mentality

    molly rotondomolly rotondo8 dager siden
  • COYB!

    molly rotondomolly rotondo8 dager siden
  • Can i join to starting 11 against atletico madrid

    Kepa ArrizabalagaKepa Arrizabalaga8 dager siden
  • The Germans are just the best

    MrmaxMrmax8 dager siden
  • With 433 plan Chelsea will do a good result if not its not going to be easy

    Tarik TarikTarik Tarik8 dager siden
  • I pray Tuchel never loses the good vibes here in Chelsea

    El. RinhoEl. Rinho8 dager siden
  • Ironically the Germans journalists called him the WIZZARD first after the game BAYERN VS AJAX CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and now this German doesn't recognize his talent to win games for him. I'm a say this again show him the love and trust i bet they are going far in UCL and the premier league just ask Frankie that's why he bought him.

    Badr El khiyariBadr El khiyari8 dager siden
  • only if talking wins you titles in TT we trust

    Naz xNaz x8 dager siden
  • Without Thiago we are in going to be in BIG TROUBLE against athletico

    Peter ChedraouiPeter Chedraoui8 dager siden
  • I predict 1-0 Chelsea who agrees? *Remember this comment when it comes true :)*

    RexzinooRexzinoo8 dager siden
    • Ayy

      RexzinooRexzinoo7 dager siden
    • Pinned

      blue tygar officialblue tygar official7 dager siden
  • Ziyech will go this summer, Chelsea destroyed his career

    hyper80hyper808 dager siden
    • Do you know the role of the playmaker who keeps the ball in your opinion Chelsea passive possession of the ball and without the playmaker

      Abdou Elouargui AbdouAbdou Elouargui Abdou8 dager siden
    • ziyech can’t keep up with the premier league, he is weak and his only strength is putting in crosses.

      SEK 1996SEK 19968 dager siden
    • You understand foot ball

      Abdou Elouargui AbdouAbdou Elouargui Abdou8 dager siden
    • You have a one eye

      Abdou Elouargui AbdouAbdou Elouargui Abdou8 dager siden
    • So you dont know z and you are not watch mutch soccer hhhh

      Abdou Elouargui AbdouAbdou Elouargui Abdou8 dager siden
  • Forza Chelsea

    Thamer TjrThamer Tjr8 dager siden
  • Come on the blues ⚽⚽⚽⚽

    Patrick CarmodyPatrick Carmody8 dager siden
  • I don't expect chelsea to win UCL but they need to win this to gain confidence

  • Feel sorry for the Chelsea defenders playing against such a savage tmoz hopes the scumbag is wearing a muzzle 😂

    Lou StaruoLou Staruo8 dager siden
  • 0.00 - 4.08 Thomas Tuchel is in the toilet..............a little longer than normal due to the tough match ahead.

    danvelgtrdanvelgtr8 dager siden
  • Only MOUNT regularly performs as a Chelsea player should.

    henry boxerhenry boxer8 dager siden
  • Take it easy on us please, we are fragile

    David CartagenaDavid Cartagena8 dager siden
  • Tuchel try your brest

    Niphon SweetyNiphon Sweety8 dager siden
  • Hoffentlich verliert Chelsea das Spiel gegen Atletico Madrid

    Abel OmarAbel Omar9 dager siden
  • Come One Chelsea 🤜💙🔵💙

    Samba ContehSamba Conteh9 dager siden
  • Really the first big test for TT. Be very interesting to see how he sets up the team tomorrow night. But just the manner and way of approaching a game and the way he comes across should give every Chelsea player and fans a positive outlook. The challenge is to get world class players playing like world class players and the start of that journey is to get the players believing they are that good and playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

    Wayne StewartWayne Stewart9 dager siden
  • Let him play Giroud so that we can win athletico Madrid unlike what we did to Sevilla.. I support Giroud starting game 💯🇦🇪

    Stanleymaxzi StanleyStanleymaxzi Stanley9 dager siden
  • Touchel looks very confident. That keep us hopeful as Chelsea. We are going to win against Athletico Madrid.

  • i don’t support chelsea and tuchel has been manager for about 1 month but i’ve heard him say intensity about 200 times

    the coffthe coff9 dager siden
  • Thomas Tuschelt

    Ali Haydar NarAli Haydar Nar9 dager siden
  • Dr. Richthofen over here better be considering some substantial minutes for Pulisic. The longer you hold him down the worse he’ll play. Just the kind of player he is unfortunately.

    lakerchamps100lakerchamps1009 dager siden
  • I think Kai,Mason and Werner are a great combination so they will score a goal in the At Madrid match.

    김어진김어진9 dager siden
  • i hope ziyech plays cuz hees so good in cl matches

    Mohamed AbdullahMohamed Abdullah9 dager siden