This Video Will Age Terribly

8. des.. 2020
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  • omgs gta 6 im dying

    JacksavageJacksavageTime siden
  • January 21,2021 1. Donald Trump hasn't tweeted in ages because he's banned 2. Quibi is returning via Roku. 3. The U.S. just reentered the Paris Climate Accord Maybe Ryan is unintentionally manifesting and making these things come true.

    C.I.T.Y EnglishC.I.T.Y English2 timer siden
  • donald ✔️ gta 6✔️ me waiting for more ✔️

    OasysOasys2 timer siden
  • Ryan says teleportation will be invented..and aliens have been said to be real....and helping us with technology... he might be onto something

    SupaSupa3 timer siden
  • Yeah its has alredy aged badly

    Luis Diego Mesén RLuis Diego Mesén R4 timer siden
  • “We havent had any celebrity deaths in 2021” mark my words someone importants gonna die

  • Well um 1 month and well I'll let you think

    Super Plushie SeanSuper Plushie Sean5 timer siden
  • Unity, I don't think that'll exist under Biden.

    ScettiGamingScettiGaming5 timer siden
  • Damn you got Trump right.

    TheStar 07TheStar 076 timer siden
  • 2:27 I'm Montrealer and I'm dead lol

    TheStar 07TheStar 076 timer siden
  • Well, so far you got the Trump not tweeting right 🤷😂

    Brendan LockhartBrendan Lockhart6 timer siden
  • 0:43 well

    Mohammed AbdMohammed Abd7 timer siden
  • In one month this video will be horribly aged

    A random humanA random human8 timer siden
  • I want that year.

    Dan WebsterDan Webster9 timer siden
  • Oh it did age very badly. VERY BADLY.

    Mutated IceMutated Ice10 timer siden
  • how would there be racism if everyone has the same face??

    PhilippPhilipp10 timer siden
  • Well. You got racism right

    Ivan MedinaIvan Medina11 timer siden
  • It's no longer early January. First goal failed.

    Synthetic HumanSynthetic Human11 timer siden
  • A little too much to ask for in a year, just a bit

    Mei WuMei Wu12 timer siden
  • This video is gonna be like a monkey’s paw sort of Simpsons prediction

    GalacticGalactic12 timer siden
  • Please Don’t jinxed it

    Maria KoalaMaria Koala13 timer siden
  • I'm pretty sure that covid is still pretty big and Gta 6 is not coming this year

    RetzyRetzy14 timer siden
  • This may actually happen now because Trump was banned off of social media and lost the election. This isn’t a joke, it’s a prophecy.

    DigitegDigiteg14 timer siden
  • well they got the trump part right

    Red Ruby GamingRed Ruby Gaming14 timer siden
  • it already didn't age well: January 6, 2021- raid of the Capital Building

    KingUman30KingUman3015 timer siden
  • Does it protect you from wetting the bed seriously just stop you from peeing the bed

    Rhys CorcoranRhys Corcoran15 timer siden
  • Disappointed you didn't give the Cup to the Leafs. :)

    Joe HillJoe Hill16 timer siden
  • The fact that pogchamp hot removed means this year is worse

    Alen KericAlen Keric16 timer siden
  • Soooo, how did you solve racism? Did you just give everyone the same color or what?

    Oliver Evans SvenssonOliver Evans Svensson17 timer siden
  • "You dont hear much from that trump guy anymore do ya?" Trumps supporters sieging the capital: *angry noises*

    FlutoFluto17 timer siden
  • 20th January Check: I give it a B on the Aging Badly scale.

    The Wandering GamerThe Wandering Gamer18 timer siden
  • The dumbest time line finally figured out teleportation

    obada Khalidobada Khalid19 timer siden
  • PLOT TWIST: Everything in this video comes true, and the video actually does age terribly.

    bibasik7bibasik719 timer siden
  • Already has haha

    Katherine MinorKatherine Minor22 timer siden
  • The one video that claims to age poorly: “Yeah that guy hasn’t tweeted in ages” Aged like fine wine.

    Mason GaliothMason Galioth23 timer siden
  • You make it sound like a bunch of commies ignoring horrible atrocities. XD

    AirBorN GamingAirBorN Gaming23 timer siden
  • 2021 will not be better. Politics will still go on. Racism will never go away, it will stick to us FOREVER. 2021 will not solve all our problems because most people don’t want to do anything.

    Aidan FuAidan FuDag siden
  • It’s been confirmed, in a record 42 days this video has officially aged horribly.

    Unus AnnusUnus AnnusDag siden
  • Yes sure covid gone

    The gaming rex 2The gaming rex 2Dag siden
  • You had me up until GTA6. Was sounding realistic up until that point.

    QthesorrowQthesorrowDag siden
  • Plot twist: Dictators took over the world in 2021 and the only reason they're speaking positively is to not be incarcerated.

    OmegaAlphaDelta 123OmegaAlphaDelta 123Dag siden
  • Oh boy....

    Cool dude ShadesCool dude ShadesDag siden
  • Well, you got “hasn’t tweeted in ages” right

    Lilah CampbellLilah CampbellDag siden
  • I want him to react to this in 1 year

    Nato Potato72Nato Potato72Dag siden
  • It's still January and it already aged terribly Lmao

    Julian HoyleJulian HoyleDag siden
  • Only 19 days in and has already aged terribly

    Jacob YauJacob YauDag siden

    Paddy's PianoPaddy's PianoDag siden
  • Be watching this in 2021 👎 you were WRONG except for the trump tweets thing he got banned 😀

    Lilly The Pastel KittyLilly The Pastel KittyDag siden
  • not even a month in, and this is already going poorly

    AweStr1keAweStr1keDag siden
  • Hey the trump getting off twitter thing is true

    basically NAICbasically NAICDag siden
  • Huh...He was right

    Ghosthelix68 X_XGhosthelix68 X_XDag siden
  • wow this has aged terribly and it's been like 3 weeks

    liversonliversonDag siden
  • HAH Donald Trump can't tweet cause he got banned from twitter.

    RedPugRedPugDag siden
  • can confirm

    RedPugRedPugDag siden
  • Ryan: "2021 was the best year ever!" Me: 2021 makes me super uneasy, quite an inconveince

    AshGamer_WolfAshGamer_WolfDag siden
  • Knock on wood RIGHT NOW!!

    sparxtheknightsparxtheknightDag siden
  • holy cow this aged terribly

    Dominic DuncanDominic DuncanDag siden
  • Already. Wrong. 20 days in. Wrong

    Io KeehuIo KeehuDag siden
  • This video aged horrendously.

    Aryan DagaAryan DagaDag siden
  • hello there from January 2021 so uh... Covid-19 have 6 more variants now and the Capitol was been raid by idiots

    PainPainDag siden
  • Welp, it's 19th January and well... We aren't hearing much from that trump guy are we... Just waiting for midday tomorrow to roll around and see what happens with the first non peaceful transition of power in 100 years.

    jennivamp5jennivamp5Dag siden
  • Plot twist: 2021 will actually be pretty chill

    Kobe-Wan KenobiKobe-Wan KenobiDag siden
  • Pffffttt I hope !

    Amina amel HabakAmina amel HabakDag siden
  • Making everyone a clone of one guy would end racism.

    Hondanumber9Hondanumber9Dag siden
  • This aged like a fine milk

    Mohammed LuluMohammed LuluDag siden
  • This might be the best satire for 2020 made all year.

    SilasSilasDag siden
  • You don't you don't you don't you don't talk about GTA 6.

    Ganizani MwaleGanizani MwaleDag siden
  • That Donald Trump one proves there’s hope for us

    TheCrazyfighter19TheCrazyfighter19Dag siden
  • This kinda makes me happy but like fake happy

    5Cents5CentsDag siden
  • me in 2021 : HELP

    شذى الزهرانيشذى الزهرانيDag siden
  • From tonight - I'm moving my blog across to the Salon at Town, USA (Aka Dad's discord server).

    Sam GowSam GowDag siden
  • Hey Ryan, after last night's 5-2 L vs CGY...will you guys accept me on the Habs Bandwagon?

    Joshs1122Joshs1122Dag siden
  • half way through January and this has already aged very horribly. a really stupid large scale attempt at sedition by Trump supporters resulting in DC under full military lock down. reports of a new strain of super COVID that spreads much more quickly.

    blinkinblinkin2 dager siden
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it's January and Donald Trump part s already hilarious!

    Gabriel gómezGabriel gómez2 dager siden
  • 2020, the worst year yet

    the magic squidthe magic squid2 dager siden
    • What about 1939 when WW2 started?

      TheDark&EmptyVoidTheDark&EmptyVoid2 dager siden
  • Everyone is saying how 2021 is already really bad, but I honestly haven’t seen anything bad happen this year. So for me, this video is pretty accurate so far.

    ThatOneLittleKidThatOneLittleKid2 dager siden
    • @obada Khalid I don’t know what that is

      ThatOneLittleKidThatOneLittleKid15 timer siden
    • The Capitol siege But that only matters if you live in America so good luck suckars

      obada Khalidobada Khalid19 timer siden
  • Donald trump not tweeting was pretty spot on! 😂

    SteffSteff2 dager siden
  • i have hope

    Kaylab KingstonKaylab Kingston2 dager siden
  • It’s January and this already agreed horribly

    Joey AltieriJoey Altieri2 dager siden
  • i hope this video doesn't see 2021 because uuuhhhhhh......

    Idalia MayIdalia May2 dager siden
  • well the january thing and the donald trump thing did NOT happen

    Dragon king King of lingDragon king King of ling2 dager siden
  • The video aside, this is the only channel I watch whereI don’t skip the ads

    Jess Reed - formerly dba Nadira JamalJess Reed - formerly dba Nadira Jamal2 dager siden
  • It did. It sure did.

    Jacob GardnerJacob Gardner2 dager siden
  • Immediately proven wrong, thanks america

    Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli2 dager siden
  • I loved how this didn't age well even a week into the new year.

    aperture AI#2020aperture AI#20202 dager siden
  • -planning to watch this 15 minutes before 2022-

    Arangela GArangela G2 dager siden
  • Omg this skit was hilarious! I totally lost it during the North Korea part 😂

    Miss MelMiss Mel2 dager siden
  • January 18th and this video already aged bad

    Lucifer 1994Lucifer 19942 dager siden
  • "He hasn't tweeted in ages!" You got that right

    OD-JakeOD-Jake2 dager siden
  • six days, we didn't even make it a week into the year before this video was completely proven wrong.

    BobTheT-rexBobTheT-rex2 dager siden
  • I'm genuinely sad listening to this. What we could've had...

    Eva KonopkaEva Konopka2 dager siden
  • Some where in other multiverse

    SuperMushroomBros ProductionsSuperMushroomBros Productions2 dager siden
  • This video has already aged horribly and it's not even February yet.

    HerogameplayzHerogameplayz2 dager siden
  • I love how this didn't even survive January lol...

    Zen DaneZen Dane2 dager siden
  • imagine if this happens

    daryn collinsdaryn collins2 dager siden
  • First week of January and already America is at war with itself

    DallyLamaDallyLama2 dager siden
    • Not yet but pretty close

      Don’t worry I have a bombDon’t worry I have a bomb2 dager siden
  • Speaking of games, I'm so happy GRRM finally completed the ASOIAF series in 2021. And Elder Scrolls 6 came out in late January, to wide acclaim!

    Uzoaku AmadiUzoaku Amadi2 dager siden
  • Don't give us false things

    Ga14ctic sGa14ctic s2 dager siden

    Blake Travis AyingBlake Travis Aying2 dager siden
  • Riots are bad why don't you remember that

    Sub Bot 1,000Sub Bot 1,0002 dager siden