This RETRO Gaming PC is Stunning!

20. nov.. 2020
333 314 Ganger

I built a custom gaming PC with a futuristic Retro theme and it turned out stunning!
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▶US Parts◀
Ryzen 9 3900:
Gigabyte RTX 3080 OC:
V1tech Custom Backplate:
Aorus X570 Extreme:
Aorus B550 Elite:
Aorus Nvme Gen4 M.2 SSD 2TB:
Aorus RGB Memory 32GB (3600Mhz):
Gigabyte P750GM:
Aorus Liquid Cooler 240mm:
Gigabyte C200 Glass:
Lian Li Uni Fans x6:
Retro PSU Cable Extensions:
Phanteks NEON RGB Strips:
Pink Vinyl Skin:
Sky Blue Vinyl Skin:
▶UK Parts◀
Ryzen 9 3900:
Gigabyte RTX 3080 OC:
V1tech Custom Backplate:
Aorus X570 Extreme:
Aorus B550 Elite:
Aorus Nvme Gen4 M.2 SSD 2TB: /
Aorus RGB Memory 32GB (3600Mhz):
Gigabyte P750GM: /
Aorus Liquid Cooler 240mm:
Gigabyte C200 Glass:
Lian Li Uni Fans x6:
Retro PSU Cable Extensions:
Pink Vinyl Skin:
Sky Blue Vinyl Skin:
▶CANADA parts◀
Ryzen 9 3900: /
Gigabyte RTX 3080 OC:
V1tech Custom Backplate:
Aorus X570 Extreme:
Aorus B550 Elite:
Aorus Nvme Gen4 M.2 SSD 2TB:
Aorus RGB Memory 32GB (3600Mhz):
Gigabyte P750GM: /
Aorus Liquid Cooler 240mm:
Gigabyte C200 Glass:
Lian Li Uni Fans x6:
Retro PSU Cable Extensions:
Pink Vinyl Skin:
Sky Blue Vinyl Skin:

  • What other themes would you guys want to see next?

    TechSourceTechSource15 dager siden
    • No no no Pink, white Orange, white Blue, white Brown

      DadDad9 timer siden
    • Full white

      DadDad9 timer siden
    • Maybe redo this one with the right color pink. The first one was correct.

      Thomas PickensThomas Pickens12 timer siden
    • cyberpunk? i mean i like blue and yellow combo

      pandaginspandagins18 timer siden
    • whats that called on top of the gpu? and can you show me the link so where i can get it from. plz

      HWHWDag siden
  • trans pc

    MikeyMikeyTime siden
  • This is awesome but how much does this build cost

    ツTypsyツTypsy3 timer siden
  • it would honestly make my christmas if this was given to me, im a console andy and have been saving forever

    Luke TKCLuke TKC6 timer siden
  • Baby reveal PC

    Hamza GilaniHamza Gilani7 timer siden
  • Dope

    Aaron PowellAaron Powell7 timer siden
  • I want to build this if I can make one

    DadDad7 timer siden
  • How is the 750W PSU "more than enough, for overclocking"?

    SlepziSlepzi9 timer siden
  • The hot pink matched almost perfectly. Are you colorblind?!

    Thomas PickensThomas Pickens12 timer siden
  • ME: *Trying to find a video at 5 am to forget my anxiety* NOworld: *Have you noticed how poor you are?*

    Ιlias Theodore SkordasΙlias Theodore Skordas18 timer siden
    • A normal job would have been enough

      DadDad8 timer siden
    • Is Lund nice this time of year? How about Copenhagen?

      Thomas PickensThomas Pickens12 timer siden
    • Because I don't really think you understand what "poor" is.

      Thomas PickensThomas Pickens12 timer siden
    • Maybe don't buy a motorcycle next time you have cash?

      Thomas PickensThomas Pickens12 timer siden
  • anyone know what the custom cable extensions he used are called?

    vyceskivyceski20 timer siden
  • I like how when I finally get the money to buy a gpu, no gpu available.

    DudeDudeDag siden
  • im from philippines and i love that retro build.. tnx for the idea ! :D :D

    Akihiro BAkihiro BDag siden
  • I literally was making my room color code these colors with my light strips and my background but I don’t have a pc, I use a cromebook and a monitor. This would be so cool in my room

    Paradox KingParadox KingDag siden
  • Can u make it clear how expensive these pc builds are

    SozsaSozsaDag siden
  • I’d love to see a custom black and white (mostly white) colored rgb “budget” pc like $1000

    Alana RodriguezAlana RodriguezDag siden
  • TechSource is the type of guy to cable manage his pubes

    Mustafiz KhanMustafiz KhanDag siden
  • 8:01 excited to use his electric "toothbrush"

    SirHabibiSirHabibi2 dager siden
  • cool

    Matthew CuevasMatthew Cuevas2 dager siden
  • ez nem retro, ez inkább "szivárvány"...olyan "meleges"... :-))) it's not retro, it's more like a "rainbow" ... so "hot" ... :-)))

    Attila BagotaAttila Bagota2 dager siden
  • ebbe mi a retro??? :-) what is retro ??? :-)

    Attila BagotaAttila Bagota2 dager siden
  • How much was this?

    KaiserKaiser2 dager siden
  • Just as intel there's an aorus gen4 ssd that's exactly the same just without the heatsink. It's much cheaper too XD

    Tibeau Van HekkenTibeau Van Hekken3 dager siden
  • I’ve had this question ever since I’ve started watching your channel. What do you do with the PCs after building them?

    Aynonamys GuyAynonamys Guy3 dager siden
  • That motherboard is only 169 days old, nice, I think that is illegal big daddy. FBI we need you here to arrest him Btw I checked the release date was 169 days ago

  • do you do give away's

    SusKingSusKing3 dager siden
  • What is the thing you put in at 24:04 im building a pc and that would help so much

    EX FlaapzEX Flaapz3 dager siden
  • Tech source one day try giveaway a high end pc. Huge fan!

    Mog DinMog Din3 dager siden
  • Cool

    Cihat AltunbaşCihat Altunbaş3 dager siden
  • Ed with the drip :D

    KodtldKodtld3 dager siden
  • This is a gender reveal pc bro

    Toxic MintToxic Mint3 dager siden
  • 16:00 Lmao "Unfortunately i Cant Say For myself"

    Karam MarjiKaram Marji4 dager siden
  • Green and pink theme would be nice too

    AeronツAeronツ4 dager siden
  • instead of retro pc name it Mr.beast pc

    BraveAndrisBraveAndris4 dager siden
  • Where is that background from

    Dasyan NaidooDasyan Naidoo4 dager siden
  • What screwdriver is it?

    Julian VillaJulian Villa4 dager siden
  • The Asus GTX 1660 GPU has a light on it that is the EXACT same color scheme as this PC build but I can definatly see why you'd want a more powerfull GPU.

    Kboomboom BloomKboomboom Bloom4 dager siden
  • vinyl wrap is underrated you can change the look drastically with such a cheap item

    Sako KeoshgerianSako Keoshgerian5 dager siden
  • what are you going to do with this build? You cant just rip this beauty apart and store it in boxes!! definitely put this pc to good use

    Trenton KettererTrenton Ketterer5 dager siden
  • what do you do with the pc u build? Does it just sit there or something

    Fetus LettuceFetus Lettuce5 dager siden
  • What did the overall price come out to

    Roshan SRoshan S5 dager siden
  • Ive been watching you for months or years on my phone😂😂😂

    Funny VideosFunny Videos5 dager siden
  • I really love watching PC's I don't know why I love tech's

    KIAN DRKIAN DR5 dager siden
  • can you do a old brocken down theme where you just throw the pc with the most expensive stuff in it down a bridge into water and then end the video

    RiggyRiggy5 dager siden
  • to be serius the pc is kinda shit and thats why firts the case looks cheap and is very shit overall second the sagbracket is just unnersesery and third the cable managment isnt that good in this case too

    LeyticLeytic5 dager siden
  • I don't like the one hand videos. It looks unprofessional and pretty bad.

    John RupeshJohn Rupesh5 dager siden
  • I like it. Give it to me 🤠

    Norbert KerváricsNorbert Kervárics5 dager siden
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    Christopher PhamChristopher Pham5 dager siden
  • who isnt a retro theme everything fan...i entire channel is themed around that XD...dope build bro

    KaziX_GamingKaziX_Gaming5 dager siden
  • You should do PC giveaways with all the PC's you have and the many, many people who are in need of one,

    Sourlean bruSourlean bru5 dager siden
  • "Retro pc"? 🏳️‍⚧️

    SnuzzleSnuzzle5 dager siden
  • At the start, this build stressed me out to no end.

    CecintallyCecintally5 dager siden
  • That is a Electronic screwdriver not a thootbrush

    DenisDenis6 dager siden
  • I quite often see this exact cpu cooler mounted upside down in different videos, an easy rule of thumb when installing these is the water tubes are always on the side your ram is am

    JayJay6 dager siden
  • omg my ears tingled when I put on my earphones 20:09

    LucidzLucidz6 dager siden
  • I don't see ANYTHING even hinting at retro about it. Not even the color scheme is retro. It's still a great build though.

    TixbomberTixbomber6 dager siden
    • maybe this google search will help clear things up:

      TechSourceTechSource6 dager siden
  • Looks really nice, great job. I do wonder though how pink and blue is retro?

    john mazzelljohn mazzell6 dager siden
    • Retro Futuristic

      TechSourceTechSource6 dager siden
  • Bruh why is the aio mounted like that 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    ElevenEleven6 dager siden
  • Linus tech tips would get it

    Ripu DhamanRipu Dhaman6 dager siden
  • whats the machine screw driver he is using ?

    XXYellowFlashXX1XXYellowFlashXX16 dager siden
  • he should build a custom retro setup using the pc that he just built

    Floodzy FCFloodzy FC6 dager siden
  • The question we all ask when we finish a build 🤪

    Karam MarjiKaram Marji6 dager siden
  • we are 23:06

    Vasu bhattVasu bhatt7 dager siden
  • 3080 designer: let’s put a vent in the top, to help with cooling and ensure safe temps Ed: backplate 😁

    Karam MarjiKaram Marji7 dager siden
  • WOW!

    zakizaki7 dager siden
  • Leave Bank, We Need To Rob This Guy Let me know If You Wanna Join😂

    Pratham ChaudharyPratham Chaudhary7 dager siden
  • dream theme set up

    Grant AcevedoGrant Acevedo7 dager siden
  • WOooowWWW

    Paolo De JesusPaolo De Jesus7 dager siden
  • hello may I ask what do you do on amd wraith prism cooler? thus you use it on other project?

    Fiel PalesFiel Pales7 dager siden
  • Hey @TechSource, what is the background you are using at 3:00? Is it a mousepad? It looks sick

    BlockScienceBlockScience7 dager siden
  • Hey I have aorus b550 elite !!!! I have the same one!!!!! YEAHHHHHH

    Zmanu252Zmanu2527 dager siden
  • Man you’ve been watching way too much Yianimize.

    Tomas TavaresTomas Tavares7 dager siden
  • What brand is the 'electric toothbrush' lol, please?

    FemsszFemssz7 dager siden
  • Now i want to build a moded pc

    grumpy kittengrumpy kitten7 dager siden
  • This one is legit the best one ive seen, omg I love it!

    KoyliiKoylii8 dager siden
  • thats cyberpunk my G

    Jonas RaderechtJonas Raderecht8 dager siden
  • your builds are always incredibly aesthetic

    AlessandroAlessandro8 dager siden
  • Ok that backplate is dope as fuck

    Kiyoko3Kiyoko38 dager siden
  • What screwdriver is that? Need me one of those

    Kiyoko3Kiyoko38 dager siden
  • imagine having this gorgeous pc in your setup

    cade allancade allan8 dager siden
  • Cyberpunk 2077

    loko lokoloko loko8 dager siden
  • you should have used a white case with your color pattern

    H SH S8 dager siden
  • Hey I use the custom uno card and demand this pc for me and the Bois!

    RyZerPlayZ TMRyZerPlayZ TM8 dager siden
  • this guy is making his own custom pc just for the asthetics and i game on a fricking chrombook

    CHAOS_refykCHAOS_refyk8 dager siden
  • Work of art 😗🤏

    Max ConnerMax Conner8 dager siden
  • Definitely think hot pink was the choice.

    Phil HPhil H8 dager siden
  • awesome work bro, looks great

    BeardrunnerajBeardrunneraj8 dager siden
  • Bro ur my favorite pc BUILDER out of all

    Gleb VaytmanGleb Vaytman8 dager siden
  • Legit can i actually get a pc you have a billion like the hell i cant even afford the damn cpu

    DhishaalDhishaal8 dager siden
  • Serious question: Do Ed manage his spaghetti?

    A KA K8 dager siden
  • Everyone: Wow what a build! My OCD: Arggggg those AIO tubes!!!

    TriadTriad8 dager siden
  • This pc is so beautiful I'm going to cry

    Nawaf GumagaNawaf Gumaga8 dager siden

    Zippy__Zippy__8 dager siden
  • How much are your PCs? Bc I told my mom that I would like to have a prebuilt pc from a youtuber or buy the parts from the vids of a famous NOworldr and then I can build it she said well see she doesn’t wanna spend more than 300 for Christmas

    Zippy__Zippy__8 dager siden
  • Does anybody know we’re I can get that Electric screwdriver? That shit looks clean as fuck!

    OscarOscar8 dager siden
  • colors were a little pastelly and like candy or a girls bedroom but in the ddark its great

    CadetSparklezCadetSparklez8 dager siden
  • these are my favourite colours, almost annoyed its common now lol

    CadetSparklezCadetSparklez8 dager siden
  • I've been trying to have a blue pink build in my PC for a while now. After watching this I ordered a new AIO, GPU backplate, and corsair commander to finally get my fans to match my ram and GPU LED. Thanks for the inspiration to finally go ahead with it.

    Usama MuhammadUsama Muhammad8 dager siden
  • does anybody see the glitter in his hair when he looks to the right

    Gray SkinGray Skin8 dager siden
  • Can you build me one for i dont know... FREE

    Jerusalem AlabiJerusalem Alabi8 dager siden