This Might Be A Gamechanger

19. feb.. 2021
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Marble Machine X Daily #23
Video edited by Hannes Knutsson
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  • dont worry to much about the temporary delay time, covid is going to give you plenty of time.

    xxxxCronoxxxxxxxxCronoxxxx6 dager siden
  • Could you... Not use the rotation from the core as a vibrator? If you just had a small weight that shook those pieces, if would pretty much remove any chance of a ball getting stuck...

    Nick VienneauNick Vienneau6 dager siden
  • You're doing great from a viewers standpoint, hope you get your spirits back!

    Pug CommanderPug Commander9 dager siden
  • "A small Asterix" made me grin, it's such a nice honest mistake

    Maurice MeyerMaurice Meyer9 dager siden
  • Normalising all marble gates is a very good Idea. This will simplify production and développement. But i think you should push normalisation further. Having the marble gates tilted, and at différant angles will make the normalisation of the gates impossible. If i were you, i would try to set all the gates at the same angle.

    David EstevesDavid Esteves9 dager siden
  • I'm glad i got to watch a few hours of this being made. It occurred to me that when Marble Machine X is finished it will actually have turned into a time machine which will be used to go back in time, drop a marble on the floor behind Martin and when he hears it is when the seed for Marble Machine X is planted, ensuring the creation of the time machine.

    Stevo1361Stevo13619 dager siden
  • You could split the middle part into two parts, enabling machining with one setup. Only apparent drawback is you have to make mirrored pieces.

    Per NormannPer Normann9 dager siden
  • Open question to Wintergatan 2, et. al. Is it possible to funnel or feed football shaped objects?

    Bac TranBac Tran9 dager siden
  • add a small metal tab in between the layers that adds pressure onto the balls. kind of like a card on a bicycle wheel. try thin metal it only needs to have a small amount of pressure.

    Brendan CunningtonBrendan Cunnington9 dager siden
  • A shame, it seems that everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. Maybe there's a "design smell" here. The piece seems a little finicky, because there's a blockage. It seems like you fixed one design problem only to introduce another. A mole is taking up residence in that new design of yours. My overall impression is that things seem much more difficult than they "ought" to be. Perhaps Martin should limit the scope of the machine and at least get SOMETHING working. A week or so ago, someone said something that sounded really profound: "if you can't make it perfect, then make it adjustable". Well, what about this for an idea: instead of keep building this zig-zag thing again and again, drill a hole in it in a strategic location. Put a screw in the whole that juts into the slot. That way, you can precisely adjust how far away the marble comes in contact with the offending wall. See if that works first. It saves you having to keep redesigning and making new parts every time something goes wrong. This machine's problems is like pushing peas around a plate. As soon as you solve one problem you then introduce another. And around and around the plate the peas are pushed. I also think that a CAD package might be part of the problem. Most guys that make marble machine just seem to knock something together. The CAD package might be giving you a false sense of precision. I really wish Martin all the best, as he seems such a nice guy and I want him to succeed. I probably would have given up long long ago.

    Zeta ConvexZeta Convex10 dager siden
  • You should look at how paintball gun loader works, may help

    OM MachiningOM Machining10 dager siden
  • Daily update channel where we don't get daily updates.. you should not have made a new channel.. I understand it's very difficult to make videos daily and work on machine.. hence one should not have committed to same..

    Tushar KathuriaTushar Kathuria10 dager siden
  • never ending storry......

    peret anderssonperet andersson10 dager siden
  • Why use multiple steps? Limiting the design to two loaded surfaces would improve consistency.

    Henning KlavenessHenning Klaveness10 dager siden
  • I know how hard it is to scrap something you tried so hard to make work, but Martin you must realize the true game changer is the constant-radius marble divider. From one engineer to another, try try to remember that sometimes replacement is better than revision.

    RoguekrigerRoguekriger10 dager siden
  • I don’t know much but if you cut a slot for a metal tab insert that you would screw through then you wouldn’t be having your screws hold on in an area that is split in it’s construction. Then it could be screwed together knowing that the 2 gaps between the 3 pieces aren’t being tested by the screws, holding on your pipe collar.

    Robert KellyRobert Kelly10 dager siden
  • 8:40 I'm not sure I understand why it isn't possible to sweep a sphere along the path there? Or can the software only sweep two-dimensional shapes?

    Aranaya IlyarisAranaya Ilyaris10 dager siden
  • I love your channel :) I’m an engineer by trade and I constantly live everything feel in making something work reliably. Saying that, I am not sure why you aren’t making beautiful music as an artist rather than wasting time learning to be an engineer. You can mesmerise us with a typewriter..

    Stephen EvansStephen Evans10 dager siden
  • perhaps you can soften the corners it goes around by lessening the attack. I mean by increasing the downward angle just slightly. I believe that even 1-2 degrees decline will help drastically without increasing the pressure, if at all.

    Chris StorerChris Storer10 dager siden
  • For some reason the marbles getting stuck reminded of a scene in the Simpsons when Marge and Lisa visited the Malibu Stacy factory.

    Niccolo MorandiNiccolo Morandi11 dager siden
    • @Niccolo Morandi Lol

      BlindedBlinded9 dager siden
    • @Blinded There's a scene where a shoot gets clogged with torso parts, and a worker tells a janitor to “...get his ass in gear...” to unclog it.

      Niccolo MorandiNiccolo Morandi9 dager siden
    • And why so?

      BlindedBlinded10 dager siden
  • Don't feel too bad about the rate of progress. At least you are smacking some moles, and working on plugging their tunnels. I have spent the last 2 months trying to smack one mole in my project, one that if left unsolved invalidates the entire project. How do complete a VR multiplayer videogame, if multiplayer does not work... But the latest tests have finally shown progress.

    Bryan HinzeBryan Hinze11 dager siden
  • The vibration won't let it stik, I think...

    Eduardo MalvaciniEduardo Malvacini11 dager siden
  • Contrary to your opening comment... One day I think you are doing a master piece, the next day I still think you are doing a master piece.ç

    Luis Felipe Trigo BoixLuis Felipe Trigo Boix11 dager siden
  • so the slotting in the face of the gate is allowing the marble to roll past it set point in CAD because its is no longer running in the the wall at its outer edge it is now hitting the sides of the opening you left and using the over rotation points on the out side of the marble letting it shit right from its CAD positions

    John SmithJohn Smith11 dager siden
  • No idea what am i watching or what is this for, but cool i quess

    Veeti SainioVeeti Sainio11 dager siden
  • WTF' is this all about ??

    leso204leso20411 dager siden
  • just finish the game

    Misa VelbaumMisa Velbaum11 dager siden
  • Yes I am the 1000. Comment

    AllcrafterAllcrafter11 dager siden
  • Never say never my friend. You'll get it. I have faith in you as do we all.

    Tomoko's EnterprizeTomoko's Enterprize11 dager siden
  • You are an inspiration! I believe in you and marble machine X!!! Youve made such unbelievable progress. Dont let the frustration of fine tuning blind you to the mountain of your accomplishments.

    Danny CollinsDanny Collins11 dager siden
  • I am just going to leave this here, this might be a part you would prefer to try to make in metal since wood has a lower hardness, it is likely to bind. (kinda like how a wedge works.) now if you are really against using metals try using hardwoods, something like hard maple or hickory. even if you want to push it further try purple hearth

    Nicholas GionetNicholas Gionet11 dager siden
  • I’m worried this design is going to be too loud. Your curved path gates made much less noise. Focusing instead on a marble divider solution that doesn’t care about marble height, like the one you showed in the design montage last time, would solve so much of this all at once

    Todd CamnitzTodd Camnitz11 dager siden
  • at this point, the only imperfect aspect of MMX will be the human operator.

    jerry limjerry lim11 dager siden
  • Martin, your machine is designed to work under very clean circumstances, and probably at an average humidity, too. But how can you keep the machine clean during a performance? You are working with SUCH tight tolerances, that a bit of dust may stop some marbles from rolling any further. How are you going to keep the marbles free of dust and grime ?

    telescopereplicatortelescopereplicator11 dager siden
  • I think the design was good, but that screw holes and other tolerances prevent it from working correctly. Can't you just build the thing out of PVC and move the screw hole elsewhere? Also I think it's better to have vertical marble pressure, as as others mentioned. The original design looked good.

    Kris WillemsKris Willems11 dager siden
  • You know Martin, I've been following you for quite a while. What you are doing is amazing and inspiring. I know from my own personal projects that the struggle to get it done and get it right, can be mentally draining, I would even say asphixiating, for creativity, in the long run. I would say it is totally OK, and even beneficial to break from the project to go work on something else, an album or other project, or just force oneself to do nothing. You know deep down you will come back to that project anyway, right ? ;)

    Redgis MTRedgis MT11 dager siden
  • At some point, you are bound to realize that you are trying to do precision machining in a material which simply is not suitable.

    Me NowMe Now11 dager siden
  • The journey IS the destination. While I'm sure I'll enjoy the end result for some time, I've been continuously inspired by your thorough research and ingenious engineering!

    101011101010110011010111010101100111 dager siden
  • From musician to accomplished engineer in only 5000 easy steps ;) .

    CNCmachiningisfunCNCmachiningisfun11 dager siden
  • Love the project Martin!

    Daye JungDaye Jung11 dager siden
  • Thank you Martin for this video! För me its the same does this project take a step forward or backward. The main thing is that something is happening with the project! And somehow I love these vids! Tuet are si fresh and real! I wait them appeare like a dog waiting its meal. Dont forget what you said on video #1! "I am not going to survive this on my own, and I know there are lots of engineers who wants to help." Ao net them help! You have shader the mainstructure of the marblefeeder - it needs only a bit of tweaking - the engineergroup will have the knowledge and hunger to fi the tweaking. Let them do it with few versions and move on to the next mole or step."

    Jyri SimiläJyri Similä11 dager siden
  • There will always be a mole somewhere. This machine will never play music.

    Daniel DaringDaniel Daring11 dager siden
  • A vertical approach may help but the weight may go up......instead of coming in from the back, come in from the top an add a zig zag if necessary to spread the weight out again

    Buddy MartinBuddy Martin12 dager siden
  • I feel like the rotation of Roserro's original design may be adding some issues that weren't originally present.

    Chris KauChris Kau12 dager siden
  • Rossero's design had the first redirection as marble coming from the top on a surface angled to the side. You added a new zigzag, have marbles coming from the side on a straight down surface. I think the "trick" was to have at all times each marble pushing against a surface that's slanted in the right direction. Your design does not follow that principle, hence it failed.

    NFSHeldNFSHeld12 dager siden
  • Love your work but you seriously need to simplify designs that don't need to be complicated. For example: Adding 2 extra turns to this marble dropper

    WeldermanWelderman12 dager siden
  • Martin: stop beating yourself up. Your journey is incredibly entertaining, including every two steps forward, one step back, eight steps sideways, and fifteen steps upside-down. Many of us have been watching your struggles and accomplishments for years and it’s been more entertaining and enlightening than you’ll probably ever know. Don’t feel pressure from us-we all know that it will be bittersweet to see you and your band on a world tour one day with this incredible machine you’ve built and the incredible music it inspires because it will be the end of this fascinating journey. And hopefully the beginning of another. Chill bro ;)

    Jeremy MayesJeremy Mayes12 dager siden
  • With everything going on in the world right now I think you are going at the perfect pace, sure you might not be where you wanted to be by now but imagine if a year ago you decided you were going to take shortcuts in the project just to get it done and finished it already. you would now be still at home grounded from public events staring at a "completed" machine in a field of marbles surrounding you. You are creating something truly awesome here and it's not only in the MMX the community you have built around yourself is understanding, devoted, and from my perspective brilliant. With anything that you devote so much of your life to your going to feel pressure and with so many people behind it's going to feel more intense. But if you think about all the people in the background helping the MMX move along as the same as the pressure relief that you just created, with each person another zig in the weight on your shoulders redirecting what you need to deal with. All in all the people you cultivated with this project are just as cool as the finished project and are more than willing to wait longer especially if it means a more innovative and robust final project. Keep with it and good luck!

    benben12 dager siden
  • you‘ll be done whenever you are done. Rome wasn‘t built in a day. The machine will be epic, no matter if its done in a week or 10 years. Following such a unique project in such detail is just great. Please whatever you do, don‘t quit. Take vaccations whenever u feel truly stuck and beat down. Dont work so hard, enjoy the journey

    FuzzmanMrFuzzmanMr12 dager siden
  • "World tour starts in march" - The few seconds after this sentence were the funniest for a while ^^

    Schn33W0lfSchn33W0lf12 dager siden
  • Awesome

    The BomoThe Bomo12 dager siden
  • Hey Martin. Woodworker here. Have you tried using paste wax on your plywood components? It reduces friction significantly, and protects the wood. Stoked on your progress! Keep at it, you are an inspiration.

    Tyler FrankeTyler Franke12 dager siden
  • I think the newly designed marble gates might require being close to level in order to work. because in the clip the gate was angled slightly downwards the marble was getting caught on something that was supposed to be a vertical wall

    David GauchDavid Gauch12 dager siden
  • keep going! don't give up

    David91David9112 dager siden
  • Why haven't you put a video or notification out on your main channel ?? you've got 2,000,000+ subs wondering why there hasn't been a video for nearly 2 months !! why even have a second channel ??

    Kenson KermanKenson Kerman12 dager siden
  • Love your videos and am really enjoying the new channel with more updates! I have a question regarding using plywood: Do you plan on sealing all of the plywood components after it’s all done? There is expansion and contraction in all materials, but wood is especially susceptible to changes with humidity and temperature. If you plan on touring with this machine you will be going through lots of different climates and putting the machine through lots of changes. I’m guessing this has been brought up at some point, but with all of the pieces with tight tolerances it would suck to have to deal with issues on the road. I hope this helps if it hasn’t been considered yet. Thanks again for all you do. Your truly an inspiration!

    Art of DoorsArt of Doors12 dager siden
  • The video series might just be the main product here. We'd all be very disappointed once it's done and we are not getting any more build videos. You really meant a lot to many of us getting us through Covid years. Not referring to Covid in any of the videos helps too.

    RuleKRuleK12 dager siden
  • Wouldn’t it be less likely to get stuck if it fell strait?

    zorodzorod12 dager siden
  • it looks like the problem at 5:51 could be that the piece isnt parallel to the floor, but tilted to the front making the marble to press harder to the wall

    Rodrigo DiazRodrigo Diaz12 dager siden
  • Martin, please explain in next video why did you make steps instead of zig-zag, as it clearly has diferent angles so it must have diferent force distribution, and it seams that the path in "steps" has place/s where there is more space for the marble than it needs ..... please explain .... much love ..... (similar to how you went in depht with the angles and paths for lanes)

    Aleksandar SekulicAleksandar Sekulic12 dager siden
  • Isn't there a software which could model the behavior of marbles, and allow you to simulate it without building ? That would allow you to find the optimal design by iterating more time than you could ever iterate on the MMX in your lifespan :D

    OlfairnnnOlfairnnn12 dager siden
  • Take all the time you need. The world tour can't happen until this pandemic is over anyway right?

    SirenHoundSirenHound12 dager siden
  • I feel bad for you being in this position, but also super impressed by your great perseverance, machine thinking, and grateful for your ability to share your experience with us!

    Espen MonsEspen Mons12 dager siden
  • I didn't see a schedule or list of stops for the world tour on your website. When will such information be made available? Hello from Denver Colorado! Keep up the amazing work! - Long time follower and fan

    Doogie LabsDoogie Labs12 dager siden
  • It might be more slow paced, but the videos are still very enjoyable

    Justin LavigneJustin Lavigne12 dager siden
  • been watching for some time - plywood is ok but u need to machine in aluminum with real cnc for tight tolerances - i suspect a lot of issues will dissapper

    Bulldog TechBulldog Tech12 dager siden
  • With the current corona situation, I wouldn't be worried about a little delay in progress...

    faselblaDer3tefaselblaDer3te12 dager siden
  • I can see that increasing the slope of that one step will not create much more pressure on the marble sentinels just by looking at it. Besides, adding that extra horizontal will place most of the pressure on the first wall, not the one marble beneath it.

    Steven MayhewSteven Mayhew12 dager siden
  • Something that I do to get through large projects is to mentally break it up. You keep talking about the time you've been "working on the machine", but that's unreasonable. Look at the first machine. Now look at the MMX. You haven't simply been "working on the machine", you've been learning multiple, whole new, complex skill sets from scratch. Divide your mental landscape of the project into skill acquisition and practical application and it actually comes off as a pretty decent use of your time. Practical application of CADing and CNC machining are worth a couple of years ON THEIR OWN. Now consider the project management aspect, real time product iteration, sub project delegation, and all the other skills you've not only learned, but have had time to internalize them, incorporating them into how you analyse the project and how you balance priorities. You haven't been building a machine all these years, you've been building yourself. The machine just shows the progress you've been making. Look at this part you've just added. Old Martin wouldn't have considered designing a way to screw the parts together from the front. This one consideration takes the future into account. Both for further design iteration and for maintenance. It is not something you have done much in the past, but more and more that kind of consideration has become apparent in your designs. Look at the old machine, look at the new machine, you can see YOUR improvement in it.

    BlackOakBlackOak12 dager siden
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • You took a simple idea and over-engineered it... Why 2 steps? Just do it the way the other guy did... That design worked...

    The TruthThe Truth12 dager siden
  • My flight to the World is booked for march for the world tour!

    Lars StrayLars Stray12 dager siden
  • What if use a 3d printer to print the pieces? You could even use wood pla!

    wim voswim vos12 dager siden
  • If you’ve been working hard don’t feel bad to take a break you deserve ir

    AlternateMusicAddictAlternateMusicAddict12 dager siden
  • You should be admired for sticking with this project i would have put it in the corner of my garage and then use it for fire wood after it sat for 5 years i do enjoy your video's don't get discouraged spring is right around the corner you started this monster i want to see you finish it and think about how good you will feel when you do defeat it you might be 70 but who cares

    kevinkevin12 dager siden
  • Why did you have to make two bends/zigzags instead of following Rosseros idea? I just don't get it

    JohanJohan12 dager siden
  • Don't worry. Every week is a success if you look at all the smiles you and Wilson bring us

    34JohannesHeinz3434JohannesHeinz3412 dager siden
  • I guess you need a automatic or semi automatic toolchanger

    Perlsack HDPerlsack HD12 dager siden
  • I love what you are doing Martin so please forgive me for this nieve comment, would the result not be more accurate going straight from cad to 3d printed, thereby not ruining the tolerances by having to sand the ply post cnc?

    Andy BurdenAndy Burden12 dager siden
  • We definitewly believe in you!!!

    Markus KörnerMarkus Körner12 dager siden
  • Spending time early on making a part that will work for the rest of the machine is never a bad idea. It's like driving a racecar: enter the curve slowly so that you can exit FASTER!

    Michael VerhoefMichael Verhoef12 dager siden
  • Keep calm

    Graeme RiggGraeme Rigg12 dager siden
  • You have a nice weekend as well!

    Jeremy TenorioJeremy Tenorio12 dager siden
  • The original Rossero design had the marbles being fed from the top and this has then being fed from the rear. Could this be the reason or a contributing factor why the marbles keep getting stuck in that particular spot?

    Romeo Tango ZuluRomeo Tango Zulu12 dager siden
  • It looks like you are trying to combine 2 of the designs. Very 1st one in last video was a plain double 's' without sliding gate and combining with the single 's' with gate. Looks like this wasn't such a good idea. As commented below sticking with one type maybe the fix. Oh the Joys of prototyping, stuff working 1st time is rare ;) you can do this.

    9crutnacker 99crutnacker 912 dager siden
  • Hey, so if those things are rather precise -- plywood is surely going to screw it up, right? Dimensional changes with temperature, humidity, wear -- but, something like Delrin should do very nicely, eh?

    Tim WilliamsTim Williams12 dager siden
  • Yesterday I already thought that the zigzagger only works when the tolerances are minimal because when the upper marble gives to much force to the back of the machine (instead of only downwards force) it wil stuck everything. But you saw it yourself already. I still think this is the way to go

    Jan MartensJan Martens12 dager siden
  • No matter what, for you COVID means that it's probably going to take till the end of the year before you can even think about doing a world tour. You need content to bridge yourself to that point as losing your fanbase would greatly impact your ability to tour, so a drawn out development process till the "end" of the pandemic (in the western world) is kind of what you want. The worst thing for you would've been to finish the MMX a year and 3 months ago.

    David MulderDavid Mulder12 dager siden
  • This episode gives me a similar feeling to "How to Train Your Dragon" when the phrase "This changes everything" is said.

    Trond Børge KrokliTrond Børge Krokli12 dager siden
  • Have you ever thought to make this critical parts not from rough plywood but from PE-UHMW instread. Thus wilkk be used as a gliding material in all industrial machines, where metal has to glide on

    Peter WiegelPeter Wiegel12 dager siden
  • Plastics in general have a much lower surface friction than plywood. This may make it little more slippy where you need it. Plastics warp when machined which might make it tricky. Some plastics give off harmful/fatal gases when machined such as ptfe, im not a specialist but HDPE might be a good shout. I suspect the 3d print was PMA. Keep at it mate been watching for years.

    Richard KitsonRichard Kitson12 dager siden
  • I wonder if Leonardo da Vinci was alive in modern times with modern technology, what would it be like? Watching the range of talents possessed by Martin, his use of technology to produce art... I wonder if this is what it would be like. Amazing.

    Jason SargeantJason Sargeant12 dager siden
  • can your router machine acrylic?

    Anton KonradAnton Konrad12 dager siden
  • Use parafin in the paths to reduce friction, I bet it will solve your problem with the balls getting stuck ;)

    Christian BaastrupChristian Baastrup12 dager siden
  • To clean up the now Rusty marbles and give them a protective coating you could set up a do-it-yourself anodizing solution and coat the marbles. You'll have to have a metal plate for them to sit on so that you can have a conductive source touching all the marbles in the tub but one little spot without anodized can be corrected by shuffling the marbles around and running them through the batch a second time.

    Joe OliverJoe Oliver12 dager siden
  • why not simply use 3D printing (at least for prototyping)?

    HoldMyBeerHoldMyBeer12 dager siden
  • 2nd channel, better than the first. Just got here and this is exactly what i was hoping for :)

    JDBJDB12 dager siden
  • I think a key factor here is the fact that you are using plywood. I love this material myself but wood will never be as consistent and reliable as plastic. I think you should 3d print these parts ist would cut down machining time a lot and the parts would be way more consistent. Not to mention the friction of the plastic will be much lower then plywood and the chance of marbles getting stuck will be greatly reduced.

    Jakob K.Jakob K.12 dager siden
  • Hint: no references for animal skull trophies...

    Tree PowerTree Power12 dager siden
  • Couldn't the problem whit jamming in the setup be resolved whit moving the stopping point of the marvel. Like a car that parks in a pothole the marvel sticks. When the stopping point makes the marvel stop in the middle of a breaking point. Bye moving the stopping point by a quarter or half of a marvel you should be able to have the marvels be in a acelration point instead of deacelatrion point when stoped and then started again...

    FSaarelaFSaarela12 dager siden